King of Gods Chapter 713

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Chapter 713 - Successfully Merging Techniques

"You know quite a lot. The Heaven's Legacy Race created us, but unfortunately, many powerful races teamed up and attacked the Heaven's Legacy Race, destroying a lot of knowledge and history," the elegant female seemed to remember the past. At the same time, she looked at the child DemiG.o.d. This kid isn't simple.

The child DemiG.o.d was also inspecting the female. She didn't have true life, but she was able to replicate the emotions and expressions of a human. All of this was created by their masters, the Heaven's Legacy Race, ranked 3rd among the Ten Thousand Ancient Races.

"That cat led the way here right?" the elegant female's gaze landed on the little thieving cat.

The child DemiG.o.d paused, and Zhao Feng who was lying in the coffin also revealed a weird look.


The little thieving cat crossed its paws smugly.

The elegant female smiled, "There's a blurry impression of this type of cat in my memories."

Hearing that, Zhao Feng was stunned, but unfortunately it was only a blurry impression so he couldn't get much information out of it.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat harrumphed like it was dissatisfied and waved its paws, symbolizing that it was the only one in the world. Thinking about the little thieving cat's incredible abilities and craftiness, the child DemiG.o.d had to admit that it would be hard to find a cat similar to it.

Time slowly pa.s.sed while Zhao Feng was soaked in the ice-blue water. Incredibly, his body was like a magnet as it quickly absorbed the blue blood. In just half a day's time, the blue blood was fully absorbed by Zhao Feng.

"It went much faster than I imagined. The ancient bloodline in his body is unusual," the elegant female was surprised.

Zhao Feng slowly opened his eyes, and he could feel the blue blood coursing through his body.


A set of brilliant ice-blue dragon scales covered his body. They were extremely delicate and beautiful.

Zhao Feng felt a dominating Ice power inside his bloodline. It was as if his every action and movement could create supreme coldness with effects similar to an Ice Domain.

"So, this is the power of a Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline," Zhao Feng was extremely excited. It was as if he had limitless power of Ice, and his body became far stronger.

The Overwhelming Prodigy G.o.ddess Bing Wei from the Azure Flower Continent, who also had an Ice bloodline, was nothing in comparison to this.

"Let's test it," Zhao Feng slowly got up and took a deep breath as a dominating coldness started to fill the air.


The child DemiG.o.d and the little thieving cat both felt a chilling coldness sweep into their souls.

Under the orders of Zhao Feng, the child DemiG.o.d and the little thieving cat both unleashed attacks.


The child DemiG.o.d's golden fist containing 70% of his strength landed on Zhao Feng.


Zhao Feng's body slightly shook, but there was no mark left behind on his smooth and beautiful scales. The Intent contained in the child DemiG.o.d's fists was extremely strong and it vibrated into Zhao Feng's heart and soul, but it wasn't enough to deal any damage to Zhao Feng.

"What strong defense! My hand…!" ice started to spread across the child DemiG.o.d's fists and attack his body.

Any attack that got close to Zhao Feng would become sealed in ice.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat slashed the Shadow Kill Imperial Dagger toward Zhao Feng.


A thin gash was left behind on Zhao Feng's shoulder, and a numbing sensation started to spread across it. The Shadow Kill Imperial Dagger had the ability to ignore physical defense since its attack was between the physical realm and the realm of shadows.

King of Gods Chapter 713

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