King of Gods Chapter 821

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Chapter 821 - Lifesteal

Under normal situations, the three Kings would find it hard to chase up to Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng. However, they had an ancient flaming chariot that could surpa.s.s normal Void G.o.d Realms when they put their True Yuan into it.

"Thieves, leave behind the Water-elemental treasures and we won't kill you!" the yellow-robed middle-aged male yelled.

Before he even arrived, the image of a muddy-yellow domain formed and caused the area to become heavy. The other two Kings were full of battle-intent as well; no matter how unique these two thieves were, their group only had one King while they had three, and they had three groups of elites still coming as well.

However, unexpectedly, the two ahead suddenly stopped and turned around, waiting for the three Kings.

"Hehe, your flying chariot shall be mine." The purple-eyed youth had a playful expression.

Hearing that, the three Kings paused for a moment before becoming enraged.

"How dare a thief be so arrogant!?"

"A measly Origin Core Realm isn't scared that the wind will cut your tongue?"

The middle-aged male in yellow robes was furious. The Water-elemental treasure that he wanted had been taken by these two thieves, and now they were being arrogant - they wanted his flaming chariot as well.


Three Magnificent Powers descended angrily.

However, the two thieves didn't move at all. The middle-aged male in yellow robes and company were shocked and couldn't believe it.

If it was just Nan Gongsheng, it would be fine. After all, he was a s.p.a.ce-type Domain-level King who had a Spatial Spiritual Body and a Heavenly Spiritual Body, which had a high compatibility with Heaven and Earth. However, the measly Small Origin Core Realm thief was fine as well.

"Go!" Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng turned into two streaks of light and charged toward the three Kings.


Green flames shot out from the shoes on Zhao Feng's feet as he propelled toward the three Kings.

"Hmph!" A smile of mockery appeared on the yellow-robed middle-aged man's face as the nearby muddy-yellow image became more condensed.


Zhao Feng's body became heavy as a strong surge of power descended from the sky.

Normal Origin Core Realms would have coughed out blood already, but Zhao Feng's body was strong and he had the green shoes pus.h.i.+ng him, so he withstood it.

The yellow-robed middle-aged male's expression changed. He remembered how this purple-haired youth's eye-bloodline had directly affected the River Devouring Kun.

"Leave this one to me!" the yellow-robed middle-aged male roared as two s.h.i.+ning yellow dragons appeared behind his back. They roared so loudly that an ordinary person's blood would shake.

Earth-elemental bloodline? Zhao Feng's expression changed slightly; he didn't expect this yellow-robed middle-aged male to have an Earth-elemental bloodline. Unfortunately for him, an Earth bloodline countered his Water bloodline and his Water of Wind Lightning. The only way to defeat an Earth bloodline would be if Zhao Feng could break through to the 7th level of the Wind Lightning Technique and form the Wood of Wind Lightning.

In terms of pure strength, the middle-aged yellow-robed male was only weaker than that of Jiu Wuji.

"Allow me!" A silver-purple image crushed over and clashed with the Earth-elemental domain of the yellow-robed middle-aged male.


Both forces were pushed back from the clash of the domains. Nan Gongsheng's attack was very sudden, and it pushed back the three Kings.


A purple-and-blood-colored symbol flashed on Nan Gongsheng's forehead, giving his True Yuan and his domain a wicked power.

"So strong! This youth also has a terrifying aura within the source of his power…." The middle-aged yellow-robed male's expression was solemn. He originally wanted to finish off the other mysterious purple-eyed youth first, but he was blocked by Nan Gongsheng, who trained in the laws of s.p.a.ce.

Kings that trained in the laws of s.p.a.ce had the ability to do as they pleased; they could dodge and interfere anywhere at any time.

"I have a soul-protecting item on me. Leave that brat to me." One of the other Kings licked his lips as a magnificent red glow radiated from his body, then he charged toward Zhao Feng.

The yellow-robed middle-aged male nodded his head; he could tell that Zhao Feng's eye-bloodline was Soul-based. On the other side, he and the third King teamed up against Nan Gongsheng.


Nan Gongsheng used a spatial technique that shot out wicked silver-purple glows through the air as he clashed with two Kings.

If it was Nan Gongsheng when he first entered the Divine Illusion Dimension, he would find it troublesome to deal with the middle-aged male in yellow, but now, with the help of the Evil G.o.d Crystal and the substandard G.o.d Crystals, his strength had increased rapidly. His spatial laws and the Evil G.o.d Crystal merging had created unthinkable power.

"Nan Gongsheng has great potential." Zhao Feng faintly nodded his head as he circulated his Sacred Lightning Body and charged toward the young King in front of him.

This youth was a new King, and he had an unusual Fire bloodline.

"Fire Cloud Divine Attack!" The youth thrust out continuous palms as a wave of red shot out. Each of his attacks would leave a flaming cloud in its wake. It could be said that this youth's attacks were strong amongst those with the same cultivation.

"Wings of Wind Lightning!" A pair of wings started to form behind Zhao Feng's back, containing a starry blue light.

Peng! Peng! Boom!

The Water of Wind Lightning plus the Sacred Lightning Body allowed Zhao Feng to clash with the youth, and he wasn't much weaker in a head-on exchange.

Peng! Bam!

The wings on Zhao Feng's back fluttered quickly as barrages of physical force crushed toward the youth.

"Why is it like this…?" The young King's body became heavy and his face went red as he felt suppressed and angry.

In terms of pure offense, he had the advantage. However, when facing this purple-haired youth, he felt like he couldn't use all his power, as if he was being countered. It was the same feeling as when he fought Xin Wuheng earlier.

"Ha!" The purple-haired youth roared as a silver-blue glow appeared around him, as if he was made from metal. Zhao Feng's Sacred Lightning Body could unleash its full power at close range.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Zhao Feng started to attack continuously after getting close.

In reality, Zhao Feng was purposely training his close combat abilities. In his previous life, he specialized in long-ranged and soul-based attacks. His close combat skills were just average.

"Let's see how long a measly Origin Core Realm can last…!" The youth snickered coldly as he clashed head-on with Zhao Feng. Although his body wasn't as strong as Zhao Feng's, his True Yuan and bloodline had the advantage, so he wasn't scared of fighting Zhao Feng head-on because he could last longer.

Zhao Feng knew that as well.

On the other hand, Nan Gongsheng was fighting two Kings at once, and that fight wouldn't be decided within a short amount of time. Seeing this, Zhao Feng decided to test his mutated Blood Devil Sun bloodline again. Last time, he experienced a weird warm flow throughout his body, so he felt that he hadn't discovered the full power of his bloodline.

"Open!" Zhao Feng sent out a punch, and a flame started to burn around him. This time, Zhao Feng fully circulated it; he wasn't holding back like last time.


The two palms clashed and two flames interacted, creating a shockwave of fire. The powerful force made the other three Kings look over.

"What a terrifying Fire bloodline…!" The youth retreated as a layer of Blood Devil Sun flames started to extend across his body.

The mutated Blood Devil Sun bloodline was extremely dominating, and it contained the effects of erosion and ignition. Luckily for the young King, he also had a Fire bloodline as well, so he was relatively resilient against the Fire element of the Blood Devil Sun bloodline.

"Hm? Wait…" The youth felt that he had lost some Yuan Qi and energy in the clash just now.

The mutated Blood Devil Sun bloodline wasn't just pure explosive force. It also contained a strong burning sensation.

"Eh?" Zhao Feng felt a warm flow across his body that healed his body. It contained the energy and Yuan Qi of a King.

"Could it be…?"

Zhao Feng felt that his energy and Yuan Qi were being replenished. Even some faint injuries were being healed. This discovery made him feel incredulous.

"Ha!" Zhao Feng circulated his mutated bloodline with excitement as the Blood Devil Sun flames whistled and clashed with the youth.


The youth groaned as he was pushed back. This time, a layer of Blood Devil Sun flames extended across his entire body. This was the igniting effect of the mutated Blood Devil Sun bloodline. Normal people would have been burnt into ashes.

What made the youth feel even worse though was that, in the clash just now, he lost a portion of his energy, while Zhao Feng only became fiercer as time pa.s.sed. It was hard to imagine that the opponent was at the Small Origin Core Realm since he could clash with a King for so long.

"Hahaha…! I didn't expect that this mutated Blood Devil Sun bloodline would have the ability to steal from the Yuan Qi and energy of others and give it to its owner." Zhao Feng was overjoyed.

It could be said that this was the rare "lifesteal" ability. Every time Zhao Feng attacked, he could absorb the lifeforce of the enemy to replenish his own Yuan Qi and heal himself to a certain degree.

Such an ability had appeared on the Emperor of Death before. The Emperor of Death used the Tentacles of Death, which was a forbidden method, to forcefully devour the lifeforce of others and recover his own injuries and Yuan Qi.

The rate of replenishment was faster than Zhao Feng's type of lifesteal, but the Tentacles of Death absorbed impure Yuan Qi, which needed time to refine and would leave behind hidden injuries.

Zhao Feng found that the recovery rate of his mutated bloodline wasn't very high, but the energy absorbed was already refined by the igniting effect. Overall, although it wasn't good to use it forever, using this ability had small repercussion.

Peng! Peng! Boom~~~~!

The wings behind Zhao Feng fluttered as he fought with the youth.

"How is this possible?" The youth felt more and more helpless as time pa.s.sed, and his injuries were only becoming worse. He was starting to feel weak, while Zhao Feng only become fiercer and seemed to want to fight him forever.

That's about it…. The lifesteal effect only works during close combat, and its best when the two bodies are touching, Zhao Feng concluded through real combat.

The ability that this bloodline displayed was comparable to the Mystic Ice Scaled Race bloodline, perhaps even slightly better. More importantly though, this mutated bloodline was perfect for his Sacred Lightning Body.

King of Gods Chapter 821

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