King of Gods Chapter 841-846

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Chapter 841 - Fake Demonic Duo

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

A layer of purple and silver took Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng throughout the bridges, walkways, and other paths in the depths of Xie Yang Palace. The power of Nan Gongsheng's current spatial abilities couldn't be compared to the past; he was like a fish in water in this complex landscape.

"Hmm?" Zhao Feng sensed something, and his expression changed dramatically. A powerful Intent that seemed like it could slash through anything in its path appeared at the location where they just fought moments ago. The aura of this Intent had reached perfection.

"Emperor Intent!" Nan Gongsheng slowed down a bit as shock filled his face.

The duo exchanged glances, and Zhao Feng soon calmed down as he murmured to himself, "As expected of a peerless prodigy from a four-star power…."

"Xuanyuan Wen? He's also formed Emperor Intent?" Nan Gongsheng couldn't hide the shock on his face.

Xuanyuan Wen was only ranked 7th on the Imperial Genius rankings. If he was already so powerful, it was hard to imagine how terrifying the top three would be. Of course, if all the geniuses who entered the Divine Illusion Dimension were able to leave safely, the Imperial Genius rankings would change quite a bit.

"It's not just Emperor Intent - he's become an Emperor already." Zhao Feng sighed.

When they had gathered at the dragon-shaped crater, Zhao Feng inspected Xuanyuan Wen and found that his aura was incredibly close to an Emperor's, and that was with him purposely concealing it.

Void G.o.d Realm Emperor! Nan Gongsheng was somewhat unable to accept it. A twenty-something Emperor was unimaginable in the Cang Ocean.

Even the Left Eyed Heavenly Emperor at his peak had only reached the middle stages of the Void G.o.d Realm. He had formed peak Emperor Intent, but that didn't mean that he had become an actual Emperor.

"Retreat under my directions," Zhao Feng said in a deep tone.

He could feel a powerful aura approaching and tracking them. Zhao Feng didn't want to fight with an Emperor right now. No one would be willing if they couldn't get anything out of it, and Zhao Feng still needed to find out why so many forces hated them and wanted to kill them.

"Who is pretending to be us?" A cold light flashed through Zhao Feng's eyes. This was the first time anger had appeared on his face since he entered the Divine Illusion Dimension. The Jiang Family and Grand Duke Qi's Palace didn't seem to be acting.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

The purple-and-silver light's speed reached another level.

Bam! Bam! Whoos.h.!.+

On the way, Zhao Feng circulated his physical force and Soul Dao techniques to clear some of their remnant auras.

Zhao Feng knew a bit about tracking due to the Pursuit of Death. He was constantly being chased, and then he was the one chasing someone else. Not only did he get rid of their auras, he even created some fake auras.

About the time it took to make tea later, the powerful Emperor aura from behind had disappeared. Nan Gongsheng let out a breath. His partner was indeed worthy of being the Left Eyed Heavenly Emperor who stunned the Cang Ocean; they were able to throw off Xuanyuan Wen so easily.

"The current situation is very bad for us. Almost all of the forces that have entered Xie Yang Palace are now our enemies." Zhao Feng's expression was solemn and showed no signs of being smug.

Thinking about it, Nan Gongsheng's scalp tingled. Every three-star and four-star force in Xie Yang Palace was against them.

"Who dares to pretend to be us? What benefits do they get when we're all still threatened by the Black Serpent Dragon?" Nan Gongsheng couldn't help but think.

Zhao Feng first thought of Jiu Wuji from Nine Darkness Palace, but the enmity between them was only about face and a few treasures. It hadn't reached a stage where one side must die. After all, the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon was their true enemy.

"According to logic, no one should have a motive to do this." Zhao Feng's eyes twinkled.

Nan Gongsheng nodded his head. Even the non-human experts didn't have a motive to do this since internal conflict was no good to anyone at the moment. Only by working together did everyone have a chance of survival against the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon.

"I might know the answer…." Zhao Feng didn't speak since any communication would be sensed by the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon, but his gaze told Nan Gongsheng some information.

Nan Gongsheng started to think.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

The duo landed near a bridge, and there was a green lake below where fish were playing around.

Right at this moment, a group walked over from a building not far away.

"I don't believe Brother Feng would do this…!" The cold voice of a female sounded from the group. Her voice was extremely decisive.

"Zhao Yufei, we all saw it. The Purple-Haired Demonic Duo ambushed us from behind and crippled two disciples of the Duanmu Family. One of them was my brother!" A male in black robes said angrily. Magnificent Power glowed from his body as his emotions boiled. He seemed to have just become a King not long ago.

"Yufei, Duanmu Yu, no matter what happened, we shall not fight amongst ourselves," the elder in green robes said.

This group was from the Duanmu Family, one of the Eight Big Families. In comparison to before they entered the Divine Illusion Dimension, the Duanmu Family had one more King, but the person with the strongest aura was still the G.o.ddess-like Zhao Yufei. Her aura was close to a Peak-tier King.


Under the bridge, Zhao Feng's expression became grim. He couldn't stand this any longer. He didn't think that the fake Purple-Haired Demonic Duo would even ambush the Duanmu Family.


With a flash, Zhao Feng appeared in front of the group from the Duanmu Family with wild purple hair blowing in the wind.

"Zhao Feng!" Nan Gongsheng's expression changed slightly. He didn't think that Zhao Feng would reveal himself, but he quickly followed behind.

One had to know that the Duanmu Family had three Kings, and Zhao Yufei's strength was immeasurable. Furthermore, all of the forces could communicate with each other in the depths of Xie Yang Palace.

"Purple-Haired Demonic Duo!" Those from the Duanmu Family were filled with anger and killing intent. These two were far too arrogant; not only did they just ambush them not long ago, they were now coming out right in front of them?

The green robed elder's first thought was to stall the duo and ask Sky Suspension Palace, the imperials, and the other forces for help.

"Yufei." Zhao Feng slowly sent out a palm toward the group from the Duanmu Family.

The bodies of everyone from the Duanmu Family shook, and their consciousnesses became chaotic. Everything started to blur as they arrived in a misty city of illusions. Most people were unable to properly control their bodies, and their senses were muddled.

Even an older King like the elder in green robes could only barely manage to form a defensive barrier, but the messages he tried to send through the soul-dimension were like stones sinking into the ocean.

In just one palm, everyone from the Duanmu Family fell into Zhao Feng's Illusion Maze Domain.

"What a profound method." Nan Gongsheng couldn't help but admire.

Only Zhao Yufei wasn't affected by the Illusion Maze Domain. Her face was filled with surprise as she glanced at the elites of the Duanmu Family walking around in circles.

"You're the real Brother Feng!" Zhao Yufei said confidently as joy appeared on her face. The purple-haired youth in front of her had one hand raised in the air as he used the Illusion Maze Domain to envelop everyone from the Duanmu Family.

"Yufei, the fake Purple-Haired Demonic Duo also ambushed the Duanmu Family?" Zhao Feng asked.

"En, they look exactly the same as you two," Zhao Yufei nodded and said. When she heard the word "fake," she let out a breath.

"Can you recreate what happened…?" Zhao Feng paused.

When one reached the Void G.o.d Realm, their souls would become extremely strong, and they would be able to recreate something from their memories.

"En." Zhao Yufei waved her hand, and a purple screen appeared in the air.


Images appeared on the purple screen. At the beginning, the Duanmu Family was fighting against a wave of vines, and there were several fruits on the vines. These vines were extremely troublesome, and Zhao Yufei was the main force against it. However, just as they were about to take the fruits:


With a flash of purple and silver, two purple-haired figures leapt out.

"How is that possible!?" Zhao Feng's and Nan Gongsheng's expressions changed dramatically - the duo people in the image were the exact same as Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng. They were extremely fast, and their figures and skills were similar to the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo.

The duo then ambushed them and stole the precious fruits, and they succeeded because Zhao Yufei had to deal with the vines.

"Brother Feng…!" Zhao Yufei revealed a painful expression of disbelief as she watched the "Purple-Haired Demonic Duo" fly away.


A layer of purple and silver light covered the two purple-haired figures as they merged into s.p.a.ce and disappeared.

"So fast! Could one of them specialize in spatial techniques as well?" Nan Gongsheng was shocked.

One couldn't tell the real Purple-Haired Demonic Duo from the fake from images alone, especially given how they managed to fade into s.p.a.ce.

"It's hard to believe…." Zhao Feng murmured.

There were countless unique and special people amongst the geniuses that entered the Divine Illusion Dimension.

They were able to a.n.a.lyze three powers that the fake duo had:

One, a strong copying ability.

Two, spatial techniques similar to Nan Gongsheng's.

Three, a secret technique that could allow them to merge with their surroundings, which might be related to the first or second ability.

"Yufei, did you notice any suspicious points?"

Zhao Yufei thought for a while before answering, "Based on what happened to the other forces, the fake duo only appeared at the critical moment before stealing from them."

"Critical moment?" Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng looked at each other and felt incredulous. When they had stolen from others before, it was extremely hard to grasp the right timing every time.

"I understand." The answer in Zhao Feng's heart was becoming clearer and clearer, and it was just waiting to burst out.

Right at this moment, another group started to come into sight.

"Yufei, we'll meet later." Zhao Feng suddenly released his hand's gesture.

Plop! Plop!

Many of the Duanmu Family elites knelt on the ground or became unstable.


Only then did the elder in green and company leave the Illusion Maze Domain.

"Where did the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo go?" Everyone let out a breath, but they were puzzled.

Only the elder in green and the male in black had shocked expressions. They caught a glimpse of a purple-and-silver streak merge into the buildings of Xie Yang Palace.

Chapter 842 - Oversee

Outside Xie Yang Palace, the enormous black-scaled body of the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon twirled in the air. It occasionally smashed its claw toward the G.o.d's Forbidden Array and caused hundreds and thousands of purple-and-blood-colored beams of light to shoot out.

"Zezeze, the game's only just begun, and my chess pieces have already come into play…." The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon had a playful expression.

It could feel and control the situation and movements of everyone within Xie Yang Palace through the Mark of Destruction. It was like an outsider watching a battle in a cage.

At the same moment, in a certain corner of Xie Yang Palace, two purple-haired figures hid in a large tree in a courtyard.

"The next target to ambush is Sky Sword Pavilion."

"The Little Sword Saint of Sky Sword Pavilion isn't simple. We need to be more careful this time."

The appearances of these two purple-haired figures were exactly the same as Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng.

A cold voice that seemed to gaze down on every living being sounded in the ears of the duo, "Be careful. The true Purple-Haired Demonic Duo may have guessed your ident.i.ties already."

"Understood, Lord Black Serpent Dragon."

The two purple-haired figures had respectful expressions.

At this moment, a group from Sky Sword Pavilion walked into a six-sided metallic building.

The six-sided building was made from a dark red metallic material that gave off a fiery-hot aura before they even got close.

"Building of Refinement." A white-mustached man from Sky Sword Pavilion read the three words on the building with glittering eyes.

Hearing those words, the hearts of several geniuses shook.

"I can feel the summoning of a divine sword…." The Little Sword Saint seemed to have entered a mystic state of the Sword Dao.


His white mustache and white hair suddenly blew in the wind as a surge of divine Sword Intent shot out from his eyes.

"Who's there!?" The Little Sword Saint turned instantly turned around, and a half-transparent streak of dazzling five-colored sword-light pierced toward a large three behind him. This attack travelled through both the physical and mental energy dimensions.


"What a terrifying sword attack!"

The hearts of the two purple-haired figures in the tree shook. In that instant, the sharp expression of the Little Sword Saint seemed to enlarge, and the sword-beams that covered the sky made the duo panic.


The two purple-haired figures groaned as they turned into a streak of purple-and-silver light and sped into a garden in the distance.

"Senior Sword Saint, those two seem to be the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo," a youth in black that seemed to have just broken through said respectfully.

The power of the Sword Dao that the Little Sword Saint unleashed just now was terrifying, and his Sword Intent could travel through both the physical and mental energy dimensions.

"Hmph, they're just two non-human brats. I don't want to waste my energy on them." The Little Sword Saint snickered coldly and led the group from Sky Sword Pavilion toward the six-sided metallic building known as the Building of Refinement.

There were black metallic doors at the front and back of the six-sided building.

"This Building of Refinement definitely contains a peerless weapon. If we get it, we may be able to fight against the Black Serpent Dragon," the Little Sword Saint said in a deep tone, and the elites of Sky Sword Pavilion started to inspect the place.

A while later:

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

Another group landed in front of the Building of Refinement, and their force was stronger than Sky Sword Pavilion.

"Great Gan imperials!" A sword-light seemed to flash through the eyes of the cold female sword cultivator from Sky Sword Pavilion.

Indeed, the figures of the Eighth Prince, the Ninth Prince, the Thirteenth Prince, and company came into sight.

"My Sacred Emperor's Sword sensed a powerful Sword Intent here…." The Thirteenth Prince's eyebrows rose as he inspected the six-sided metallic building.

Zhi! Zhi!

The Spiritual Connection Rat on Luo Zun's shoulder gave off excited sounds.

Looks like this Building of Refinement definitely contains an important treasure of the Sword Dao, the Eighth Prince thought.

The Great Gan imperials also started to inspect the Building of Refinement, and an imperial blacksmith master found that there was a flaw in the G.o.d's Forbidden Array around it.

"Indeed, if the G.o.d's Forbidden Array was complete, we wouldn't have been able to sense the aura of the treasures within." The blacksmith master had a smile on his face.

In a corner of a faraway garden.

"That old man is terrifying…!" Two purple-haired figures looked at each other as solemnness filled their faces.

Shua! Shua!

With a flash, the two purple-haired figures turned into two non-human males. One of them was covered in blue scales and had blue horns, similar to the serpent dragon race. The other non-human male had a pair of earthen-yellow horns and a pair of beady green eyes. He was made up of green muscle.

"That old man is most likely the strongest and scariest of everyone who entered from the outside world," the Blue Serpent King said in a wary tone.

"He's terrifying." The beady green-eyed non-human male hadn't fully recovered yet. "Even Void G.o.d Realm Emperors might not be his match. Even the ability of my Thousand Changes Dragon bloodline didn't escape his eyes."

"There's no need to rush. The Little Sword Saint has weaknesses as well. He used to be a peak Emperor that had a chance to break through to the Mystic Light Realm, but now that he's reached the end of his lifespan, his lifeforce and soul are withering, and his cultivation has dropped. Any powerful move will use up his lifeforce and soul-strength," Wei Jing said.

Wei Jing had heard stories about the white-mustached Little Sword Saint. It was definitely a miracle; when the Little Sword Saint just started cultivating, his talent was extremely normal, and it could even be considered trash. However, his comprehension of the Sword Dao reached a terrifying stage, and he managed to become an Emperor after countless years of effort.

However, after a huge battle where he ended up killing a Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lord, the Little Sword Saint's lifeforce and soul started to wither. The Little Sword Saint was relying on his powerful Sword Dao Intent and various treasures to slow the rate of his withering lifeforce and soul, but if he wasn't able to find any heaven-defying treasures in the Divine Illusion Dimension, the Little Sword Saint wouldn't be able to live more than three years.

"The Building of Refinement may contain a not-bad divine weapon or treasure. You two shouldn't miss this opportunity…." the Black Serpent Dragon's voice suddenly sounded in their minds.

Divine weapon or treasure. Wei Jing and Green Beady Eyes looked at each other and felt their heart-rates speed up. The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon had a rather high standard, so "not bad" definitely wouldn't be something simple.

The Black Serpent Dragon's suggestion made the two, who were about to leave, stay behind.

"We'll have a chance to sneak in when there's more people. As long as the Little Sword Saint doesn't use his Sword Intent against us, then no one should be able to see through us."

Green Beady Eyes nodded his head.

With the help of the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon, the two non-humans were like fish in water inside Xie Yang Palace.

However, right as the duo was making their plans, a shocking scene appeared.


Green Beady Eyes raised his eyes and looked into the sky. At the same time, the members from Sky Sword Pavilion and the imperials in front of the six-sided metallic building all looked up as if they had sensed something.

A transparent purple Eye of Heaven appeared in the sky and gazed down coldly as if it was the Heavenly Dao itself.

"Hmm?" The Little Sword Saint's heart shook as he looked at the Eye of Heaven. He wasn't able to see through the Eye of Heaven even with his Sword Intent.

"That eye…" The Eighth Prince felt that this eye was familiar.

Zhi! Zhi!

The Spiritual Connection Rat on Luo Zun's shoulder started to tremble in fear as the Eye of Heaven gazed down.

In front of the six-sided building, all of the geniuses and elites were silent. The Eye of Heaven gazed down with undefiable mental energy pressure. Even the Little Sword Saint felt pressured.

In the faraway garden:

"What kind of existence is that?"

Wei Jing and Green Beady Eyes felt a coldness and pressure from the Eye of Heaven, and their hairs stood up on end. It was as if the Eye of Heaven was looking right at them.


A multi-colored light flashed around Green Beady Eyes. The next instant, Green Beady Eyes and Wei Jing disappeared. A couple breaths later, the duo pretended to be two small trees that hid in the garden.

"Hmph!" A cold voice sounded next to their ears alongside a burst of mental energy.

Cold sweat appeared on Wei Jing's and Green Beady Eyes' foreheads.


Luckily for them, the Eye of Heaven only paused for a few moments, as if it was only looking down from above.

"Lord Black Serpent Dragon, that eye… what…?" Green Beady Eyes couldn't help but ask as his hairs stood up. Although the Eye of Heaven looked like it had no offensive abilities, it gave the duo a dangerous feeling.

"Ant, you're courting death~~~~!" The angry roar of the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon sounded next to their ears. Wei Jing and Green Beady Eyes felt their blood shake.

Elsewhere in Xie Yang Palace, next to the G.o.d's Forbidden Array:


A transparent purple Eye of Heaven faced the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon, only separated by the G.o.d's Forbidden Array.

"Mental Energy Spike!"

A purple spike shot out from the Eye of Heaven and stabbed into the Black Serpent Dragon's soul.

The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon was unharmed, but it became enraged. A measly ant dared to attack a majestic being from the Destruction Dragon Race?


The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon smashed its claw forward, but it was blocked by the G.o.d's Forbidden Array.

The G.o.d's Forbidden Array was extremely unique; attacks from outside would be blocked, but attacks from within wouldn't be affected.

"Void s.p.a.ce Eye Slas.h.!.+"

A two-yard-long blade with the immortal and undying aura of G.o.d Tribulation Lightning sliced through the Black Serpent Dragon's head.


A faint mark that drew blood appeared on the skin of the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon's head, but it instantly healed.


The Black Serpent Dragon clashed its enormous body against the G.o.d's Forbidden Array, and its roar alerted all the geniuses and elites with a Mark of Destruction within Xie Yang Palace.

Since the connection between Wei Jing and Green Beady Eyes was extremely tight with the Black Serpent Dragon, their blood tossed and turned, and they almost coughed out blood.


The Eye of Heaven only stayed within Xie Yang Palace for a couple breaths and unleashed a few attacks before quickly disappearing.

"As expected, the body of a Destruction Dragon…"

Within an underground cellar in the depths of Xie Yang Palace, Zhao Feng slowly opened his eyes.

"What happened just now?" Nan Gongsheng heard the Black Serpent Dragon's roar from the Mark of Destruction in his body, as well as a burning sensation. He didn't know that Zhao Feng just used the Eye of Heaven to gaze over and the entire Xie Yang Palace and attack the Black Serpent Dragon to test its abilities.

Chapter 843 - Resolving the Mark

This was the first time Zhao Feng had used the Eye of Heaven in several years. The reason he did so now wasn't to show off his strength to the other forces or challenge the unrivalled Black Destruction Serpent Dragon. He only had one goal, and that was to oversee the situation of the entire Xie Yang Palace.

The appearance of the fake Purple-Haired Demonic Duo made the other forces shun him, and the Black Serpent Dragon outside Xie Yang Palace secretly controlling people made Zhao Feng feel like he was losing control of the situation.

They all had an enemy right in front of them, but fortune existed alongside danger. He didn't want to lose control right now. With the Eye of Heaven, Zhao Feng could oversee the entire Xie Yang Palace and control the changing tide.

As he guessed, the fake Purple-Haired Demonic Duo was being controlled by the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon. If they didn't have the pointers given by the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon, how was the fake Purple-Haired Demonic Duo able to appear at the critical moment and escape successfully every time? Apart from Zhao Feng's Eye of Heaven, only the Black Serpent Dragon had such ability.

The Black Serpent Dragon could monitor the situation within Xie Yang Palace through the Mark of Destruction in everyone's body. The difference from Zhao Feng was that the Black Serpent Dragon couldn't join in personally at the moment, so it needed the Blue Serpent King and Green Beady Eyes to do its bidding.

Roar~~ Wu~~~ Bam! Boom!

The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon's furious attacks outside Xie Yang Palace increased in frequency.

"The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon should be able to charge in after a bit more than twenty days…." Zhao Feng's eyes twinkled.

The Black Serpent Dragon probably wanted these outsiders to act as the front line. After all, it was still extremely wary of the Ancient G.o.d Xie Yang, and Xie Yang Palace probably still had a lot of hidden dangers.

"What happened just now?" In the underground cellar, Nan Gongsheng looked at Zhao Feng. At this moment, he discovered that Zhao Feng had a confident expression, as if he could control the entire palace's situation. It wasn't hard for Nan Gongsheng to guess that what happened just now was related to Zhao Feng.

"We should get rid of some little trouble before we act," Zhao Feng smiled and said.

"You mean… the Mark of Destruction?" Nan Gongsheng immediately understood.

Zhao Feng nodded his head and sat down.

Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng started to try to get rid of the Mark of Destruction.

"This is just a simplified version of the actual Mark of Destruction, and it only contains a wisp of aura from the Destruction Dragon bloodline. Nan Gongsheng, try using your spatial abilities and the Evil G.o.d Crystal to devour it…." Zhao Feng said as he tried to resolve the Mark of Destruction.

The Mark of Destruction contained the powerful laws of Destruction, but luckily, Zhao Feng knew a bit about those from cultivating Destruction Wind Lightning in his previous life. The laws of Destruction from the Destruction Dragon Race concerned the origin of the world itself.


Zhao Feng circulated his Water of Wind Lightning and took out a Green Water Sky Lotus, which had purification abilities. In the depths of his body, wisps of scarlet-black aura had merged into his flesh and bones, and it was even eroding his soul.

Zhao Feng tried to move the scarlet-black aura, but nothing happened.

Outside Xie Yang Palace:

"Ignorant brat! Even though it's just a simplified version of the Mark of Destruction, anyone weaker than a DemiG.o.d can't do anything to get rid of it." The Black Serpent Dragon paused his attacks for a moment as mockery appeared on its face. However, its expression changed dramatically the next moment.

"How is that possible…!?" The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon suddenly felt one of his marks was becoming weaker - the mark from one of the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo, Zhao Feng.


Several hundred wisps of G.o.d Tribulation Lightning in Zhao Feng's purple Soul Sea started to glow and radiate a power that could scare both G.o.ds and ghosts alike. The Water of Wind Lightning merged into the G.o.d Tribulation Lightning and started to cleanse and purify the scarlet-black aura.

"Luckily, I've recovered part of my Emperor Intent…."

Zhao Feng could now control part of the G.o.d Tribulation Lightning in his body, and with his previous life's experience, he used it just like how a fish swam in the ocean.

The lightning could easily merge into his flesh, body, and even his bloodline, so it was relatively easy for it to cleanse him. However, the power of the Mark of Destruction concerned the most original laws of Destruction, so even the G.o.d Tribulation Lightning couldn't completely gain an advantage.

Zhao Feng's main advantage was that this was his body while the Mark of Destruction would have no reinforcements.

An hour later, Zhao Feng managed to force the Mark of Destruction into a corner, and he used the Water of Wind Lightning - which had the G.o.d Tribulation Lightning merged into it - to seal it and slowly grind it down.

At this point, he could now also help Nan Gongsheng handle his Mark of Destruction.

Since Nan Gongsheng was extremely talented in spatial laws and had the power of the Evil G.o.d Crystal as well, he could actually threaten the Mark of Destruction to a certain degree. However, he didn't have the G.o.d's Spiritual Eye, so he couldn't clearly sense where the Mark of Destruction in his body was.


One of Zhao Feng's hands landed on Nan Gongsheng's shoulder, and his senses instantly changed. He could now feel the Mark of Destruction's aura very clearly.

"This type of inspection…" Nan Gongsheng was stunned.

Zhao Feng had shared the senses of his G.o.d's Spiritual Eye with Nan Gongsheng. Nan Gongsheng's blurry senses toward the Mark of Destruction instantly became hundreds of times clearer.

He immediately circulated a layer of wicked purple-and-silver light that quickly enveloped the scarlet-black aura and started to devour it.


The Evil G.o.d Crystal in Nan Gongsheng's body released a wicked purple glow, and the powerful aura radiating from it made even Zhao Feng find it hard to breathe.

As expected of a true G.o.d Crystal, Zhao Feng thought.

Most of the G.o.d Crystals that appeared in the world were substandard G.o.d Crystals, such as the ones used to operate the Spiritual Zone Teleportation Arrays. That said, substandard G.o.d Crystals already contained almost infinite power. Zhao Feng's flaming chariot had a substandard G.o.d Crystal, which supplied it with almost infinite energy.

On the other hand, Nan Gongsheng obtained the Evil G.o.d Crystal, which was even more unique. It was a true G.o.d Crystal at the very least, and it was apparently formed from the G.o.d's power of an Evil G.o.d.

Nan Gongsheng managed to prevent the aura of the Mark of Destruction from seeping out and started to slowly grind it. However, both Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng were unable to get rid of their marks within a short amount of time.

"I need around a day while Nan Gongsheng needs two," Zhao Feng estimated.

While he was resolving the Marks of Destruction, Zhao Feng was also paying attention to what was happening within Xie Yang Palace.

In front of the six-sided metallic Building of Refinement, the forces led by the imperials and Sky Sword Pavilion were trying to break through the G.o.d's Forbidden Array.

All the places where they had met fortune earlier didn't even have the G.o.d's Forbidden Array around them since they were all just general items. However, the Building of Refinement was different since it had the G.o.d's Forbidden Array protecting it.

"Everyone, relax. The G.o.d's Forbidden Array within the palace don't have much of a counterattacking ability since it's mainly here to protect the building itself," an imperial array master said.

Apart from the imperials and Sky Sword Pavilion, there was also the Duanmu Family, the Cao Family, Grand Duke Yuan's Palace, and various other forces gathered in front of the Building of Refinement. These groups all had at least one Void G.o.d Realm King.

Most of the geniuses and elites that had entered Xie Yang Palace had more or less acquired fortune. As of right now, every member had battle-power comparable to a quasi-King or a true King, so they weren't to be underestimated.

"I think that we should use an array to break through the array. We can build an array that acts opposite to this array and use it to widen the flaw," the array master smiled and said.

The forces all sent out their array masters to construct an array in front of the Building of Refinement. Half a day later, a complex and condensed array was successfully built in front of the Building of Refinement.

Weng~ Bo~ Bo~

A dark red whirlpool glowed around the Building of Refinement, and the nearby experts all felt a burning sensation. Their mouths became dry, and they were like ants running around on a hot pan. If Void G.o.d Realm Kings stayed here for too long, they might be roasted.

Luckily, the flaw in front of the Building of Refinement was expanding, and the groups took turns in order to sustain the array.

"We don't even need a full day to enter the Building of Refinement. If I'm correct, this place should be where the weapons and treasures are repaired in Xie Yang Palace," the array master said with a smile.

In a garden far away, two purple-haired figures merged into the trees and watched every movement at the Building of Refinement.

"We'll choose a good chance to act after the Building of Refinement opens." Expectation appeared on the Blue Serpent King Wei Jing's face.

The Building of Refinement hadn't opened yet, but the aura of treasures could already be felt. The Black Serpent Dragon had said that there might be a valuable treasure contained within the Building of Refinement.

At the same time, in front of a dark wooden building, the geniuses and elites from Sky Suspension Palace led by Xuanyuan Wen and the other two Kings stood in front of a door.

"Heaven's Legacy Mystic Technique… open!" Senior Martial Brother Zhuge waved his hand, and a wave of dark green Water runes merged into the door and gave off a golden light.

Xuanyuan Wen and the female in apricot robes both put a hand on Senior Martial Brother Zhuge's shoulder.


The door to the dark building was pushed open by Senior Martial Brother Zhuge, and everyone saw a bunch of old books giving off a faint glow of light. These old books floated in the building like stars in s.p.a.ce. There were at least a couple dozen thousand books.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

Those from Sky Suspension Palace quickly entered the dark room.


Senior Martial Brother Zhuge then carefully closed the door to the book room. However, no one realized that, when the last half-step King stepped into the building, a transparent purple Eye of Heaven appeared in the sky above the book room. A weird light glittered in the Eye of Heaven as it disappeared from the sky.

Within the underground cellar:

"I've succeeded in resolving it." Zhao Feng suddenly opened his eyes. The scarlet-black aura of the Mark of Destruction in his body had disappeared.

The G.o.d Tribulation Lightning was indeed worthy of being Zhao Feng's killing move; it even managed to get rid of the simplified Mark of Destruction.

For the next half a day, Zhao Feng helped Nan Gongsheng resolve the Mark of Destruction in his body.

An hour later, in front of the Building of Refinement:


The dark red glow on the surface of the six-sided tower dimmed, especially near the area at the front entrance.

Crack! Boom!

The black metallic door was slowly pushed open by an invisible force, and the five-colored array in front of the Building of Refinement shattered.

Bam! Bam!

At the moment the metallic door opened, a terrifying wave of hot air shot out. One could see a half-transparent dark red wind blow across some experts near the doorway.


Screams sounded in front of the Building of Refinement. Some geniuses and elites that didn't react in time were incinerated.

Chapter 844 - Rusty Sword


The wave of hot air blasted out from the Building of Refinement's door, and screams sounded as four or five geniuses were turned into a pile of ashes. There was more than a dozen half-step Kings and Kings that were injured as well.

An imperial genius that had just become a King was. .h.i.t by the wave of hot air head-on, and his scorched body lay in front of the door.

In front of the Building of Refinement's black metallic door, the imperials, Sky Sword Pavilion, Grand Duke Yuan's Palace, and company were dumbfounded.


Some of the experts that managed to escape all took in a cold breath. Over 90% of the geniuses and elites here would be killed if the wave of air hit them head-on.

One could only say that those near the door were unlucky. Many times, winners weren't necessarily the strongest, but the luckiest.

"It's my fault. The Building of Refinement hasn't been opened for a very long time, and the fire in the furnace was never extinguished. Since the heat couldn't be released, it acc.u.mulated, which caused a wave of hot air to blast out when the door opened…."

Guilt was written all over the face of the imperial array master. His face and clothes were black as well. If it weren't for the Eighth Prince and the wrinkled elder protecting him at the critical moment, he wouldn't have been able to survive.

A while later, the heat from the Building of Refinement was no longer as strong, but it was still hot. No one dared to enter the black metallic door yet.

"We should wait for another half a day for most of the heat to dissipate."

The handful of array masters present came to an agreement.

Everyone could see a big furnace within the Building of Refinement, and it gave off a scarlet-red glow of light.

Although this furnace was called a "furnace," it was better described as a large underground crater, or even a fiery abyss.

The glow of flames from within the furnace made everyone feel a burning sensation.

"That furnace is still radiating such a terrifying flame even after being here for so long…."

There were many older elites present, but the flames in the furnace seemed to be everlasting, and no one understood how that was possible.

"Maybe this is the domain of G.o.ds."

Excitement and expectation appeared on everyone's face. Maybe they had reached an important place in Xie Yang Palace.

Although they had all gained a lot of fortune already, the things that they had obtained were considered very normal in Xie Yang Palace.

"Everyone, be careful. I can feel a large source of forbidden flames within the furnace. If it explodes, even a DemiG.o.d wouldn't be able to retreat unharmed," the Little Sword Saint said in a deep tone.

Hearing that, everyone's heart shook. If even a DemiG.o.d wouldn't be able to retreat unharmed, then… that would be the power of a G.o.d.

As time pa.s.sed, the heat radiating from the Building of Refinement started to dissipate, and most of it had faded after half a day. At this point in time, the light from within the Building of Refinement was calmer, and one could start to see stones, tattered weapons, and various pieces within.

Although these items were tattered and broken, the aura they released still shook everyone's heart.


The weapons present all started to shake, including some Inheritance Sacred Weapons. The Sacred Emperor's Sword in the Thirteenth Prince's hand started to hum as if it was excited.

"G.o.d Fallen Metal! That's one of the ancient materials sealed in the forbidden land of the imperials…." The Eighth Prince was stunned.

He recognized that there was G.o.d Fallen Metal in front of the furnace, which was extremely rare in the Great Gan Lord Dynasty. It only appeared once every couple dozen millennia, and the imperials needed to seal and guard it because even they only had a few pieces.

This was just one of the random stones present. Materials similar to the G.o.d Fallen Metal could be seen everywhere in front of the furnace.

Of course, the things that truly attracted them were the tattered weapons and pieces on the ground. Some were half-complete, and some were even complete.

The aura of a peerless weapon came from the depths of the furnace.

Only the Little Sword Saint, the Ninth Prince, Zhao Yufei, and a small number of others could sense the aura of the complete weapons in the depths of the furnace. However, since these auras had been here for so long, these people didn't dare to touch anything with their Divine Senses since that might create an unstoppable disaster. After all, this was the Building of Refinement of a G.o.d's palace.

It wouldn't be surprising if Heaven-grade divine weapons appeared, and there might even be some legendary Ancient G.o.d Weapons.

"I shall go in first." A sharp glint of light flashed through the Little Sword Saint's eyes, and Sword Intent that seemed to have surpa.s.sed the limits of Life and Death radiated from his body.


With a flash, the Little Sword Saint was the first to step into the Building of Refinement.

The gazes of some geniuses and elites behind were filled with respect. Many knew that the Little Sword Saint was reaching the end of his lifespan and had basically given up on life after entering Xie Yang Palace.

"Follow him!"

The forces of Sky Sword Pavilion, the imperials, the Duanmu Family, and company carefully followed the Little Sword Saint.


Their feet started to burn after entering the Building of Refinement.


The high heat made many geniuses jump up and down as they screamed.

At this moment in time, those that cultivated the Dao of Fire, the Dao of Ice, or the Dao of Water felt a bit better. The elites that cultivated the Dao of Fire were more in harmony with heat while those cultivating the Dao of Ice or the Dao of Water could better resist fire.

"It's too hot here."

Even the Thirteenth Prince felt hot and unable to resist. Although he had become a King after entering Xie Yang Palace, he was of n.o.ble birth and never had been in such a situation before.

"It's too hot; even Emperors would be roasted after staying here for a long time."

The half-step Kings started to sweat and become uneasy after entering for only a few breaths.

Within the Building of Refinement, the closer one got to the center of the fire crater, the higher the heat. At this moment, they only just entered the Building of Refinement, so they were at the edge. They weren't even close to the actual furnace.

However, most of the broken weapons and materials were close to the crater.

Any broken piece or tattered weapon or random material here would cause three-star and four-star forces to fight to the death. The G.o.d Fallen Metal that was casually lying on the ground was something that was sealed and hidden away by the Great Gan Imperials.

However, the most valuable items were the more complete weapons.

"We're close…." The Little Sword Saint had a smile that seemed to have seen through Life and Death. He was covered by a white sword-light as he walked step by step toward the furnace.

At this moment in time, the sword aura from the Little Sword Saint made everyone's heart jump.


The hum of a sword that sounded throughout the soul-dimension and across Heaven and Earth came from the depths of the Building of Refinement.

Everyone's blood and True Yuan started to shake.

"What a terrifying sword aura…!"

The sword's hum froze everyone's footsteps. They felt as if a cold sword had pierced through their hearts.

They managed to look over, and they saw a rusty bronze sword stabbed into the ground near the furnace.

Everyone was stunned and baffled. This rusty-looking sword looked like trash, but if one looked closely, they would realize that the material of this sword was ancient and definitely not simple.


The sword that was stabbed into the ground hummed and released a powerful Sword Dao aura that slashed through the air and straight into one's soul.

Wah! Wah!

Some of the geniuses who weren't strong enough immediately coughed out blood and were injured.

Plop! Plop!

Combined with the heat from the Building of Refinement, several half-step Kings fainted.


The Sacred Emperor's Sword that the Thirteenth Prince owned started to tremble. The humming from that rusty sword made even the Sacred Emperor's Sword feel scared and wary.

"Even Heaven-grade divine weapons aren't able to scare the Sacred Emperor's Sword, and that's just a tattered weapon that's much weaker."

The Great Gan Imperials were stunned. The Eighth, Ninth, and Thirteenth Princes all looked at each other in shock. Even though it wasn't able to use all its strength in the Divine Illusion Dimension, they knew the significance of the Sacred Emperor's Sword.

"Ancient G.o.d Sword!"

"That is most likely a tattered Ancient G.o.d Weapon!"

The three Princes came to a shocking conclusion, and this conclusion made them even warier. When a treasure was too precious, it was actually a calamity.

Ancient G.o.d Weapons came from the Atavistic Era, or even the Immemorial Era. Such strength only appeared in legends.

"A substandard G.o.d Weapon appeared several thousand years ago, destroying a three-star force and slaying three Sacred Lords…."

"That substandard G.o.d Weapon came from a four-star power… Sky Suspension Palace!"

Exclamations sounded from the Building of Refinement. However, the rusty bronze sword wasn't a substandard G.o.d weapon - the aura alone scared the Sacred Emperor's Sword.

Outside the Building of Refinement:

"The aura of an Ancient G.o.d Weapon!"

Two purple-haired figures entered the door to the Building of Refinement under a layer of silver and purple.

"Purple-Haired Demonic Duo!"

Several geniuses and elites that weren't able to withstand the heat were catching some fresh air outside, and they exclaimed with hatred when they saw the duo.

However, due to the heat and the aura of the rusty bronze sword, most of the people could barely protect themselves, so no one had the energy or motivation to attack the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo in this situation.

It could be said that the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo came right on time. The Little Sword Saint, who had the strongest battle-power, was fully attracted to the tattered Ancient G.o.d sword and couldn't be distracted.

"If the Little Sword Saint gains the recognition of the tattered Ancient G.o.d sword, he will be unparalleled amongst the outsiders."

"Although the chance of that is low… we have to consider it."

The three Great Gan princes were discussing what threat the tattered Ancient G.o.d sword might bring, as well as how to get close to the G.o.d Fallen Metal and the other materials.

At the same time, in front of a dark book room on the other side of Xie Yang Palace, those from Sky Suspension Palace were immersed in the ancient books that gave off a starry light.

"Hmm? The aura of an Ancient G.o.d Weapon…." Xuanyuan Wen suddenly opened his eyes, and a weird piece of jade on his chest glittered with a pure white light and started to tremble.

Chapter 845 - Xie Yang Books

Although Xuanyuan Wen's heart was moved when he sensed the aura of an Ancient G.o.d Weapon, he showed no signs of heading over right away. He first sent this news to Senior Martial Brother Zhuge and the female in apricot robes.

"Ancient G.o.d Weapons surpa.s.s our level by far too much. Those destined shall get it, so it doesn't matter if we're a bit late." Senior Martial Brother Zhuge held his fan and gave a smile.

Xuanyuan Wen also faintly nodded his head in agreement. If they were DemiG.o.ds, they would definitely go straight for the Ancient G.o.d Weapon, but a treasure that was too precious was actually a calamity.

Of course, there was another reason - the dark book room they were in already contained fortune. All the books in the book room floated in the air like stars in the night sky.

"Each one of these books has reached Heaven-grade, and some have even touched the Heavenly Divine Realm…."

"Hmm? The Ancient G.o.d Xie Yang marked this book specifically…?"

The geniuses of Sky Suspension Palace fell into their own little book worlds. Each book contained a world, and the knowledge contained within these books was something that even four-star forces dreamt of.

"Some of these books are comparable to the secret techniques and core inheritances of Sky Suspension Palace, and some have even surpa.s.sed the limits of the continent zone." Senior Martial Brother Zhuge couldn't help but sigh.

This book room was actually somewhat open to outsiders, but despite that, the elites of Sky Suspension Palace spent quite a long time to enter.

"Each book is a world. Don't be greedy; just choose one or two books," the female in apricot robes warned.

When skills reached the level of Heaven-grade, each of them was comparable to an entire inheritance, and the information contained within was like the limitless ocean. Therefore, the geniuses and elites only chose one or two books that suited them.

Absorbing the content of a book was very taxing even for Void G.o.d Realm Kings, who could remember everything they read. When information was too large, even using a photographic memory to look at it would use a lot of time.

There was a silver-armored half-step King youth from Sky Suspension Palace, and a dreamy purple light flashed through his eyes. A purple symbol faintly glowed on the silver-armored youth's forehead.

This silver-armored youth was the weakest of the elites from Sky Suspension Palace, and his status was also the lowest. He usually kept silent. He was also the very last person to enter the dark book room.

At this moment, the silver-armored youth was acting very strangely.


He quickly took out an ancient book, and a purple glow appeared in his eyes. A couple dozen breaths later, he took out another starry book.

"Hmm? Holy Wicked Technique? It was written by… Xie Yang?"

The silver-armored youth paused for a moment. Instead of concentrating on absorbing one or two books like the others, the silver-armored youth had already read dozens of books.

"Looks like this book room was arranged by the palace's servants. The Holy Wicked Technique is a simple technique created by the owner, but even then, it can be considered a supreme Wicked Dao technique in the outside world." The silver-armored youth's eyes twinkled.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, the other geniuses of Sky Suspension Palace would have realized that the silver-armored youth was acting differently. For example, his mental energy aura was several times stronger than usual. However, at this point in time, everyone was focused on the worlds of the books.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

The silver-armored youth started to flip through other books after finis.h.i.+ng the Holy Wicked Technique. He flipped through a couple dozen books and seemed to be very tired, so he took out some pills from his interspatial ring.

"Junior Martial Brother Deng Chao." The female in apricot robes saw that the silver-armored youth was acting amiss and warned him, "I suggest you focus on absorbing one or two books that suit you. That will be more helpful."

"I understand." The silver-armored youth gave an emotionless reply and started to read through more books.

Time pa.s.sed by slowly, and when the majority of the Sky Suspension Palace geniuses had finished absorbing their first book, the silver-armored youth had finished over one hundred, and all of them were ones he was interested in.

When everyone finished absorbing their second book, the silver-armored youth had finished two hundred books. At this moment, the silver-armored youth was extremely tired, so he found a corner, sat down, and ate some spiritual pills.

"Okay, we'll be leaving in two hours," Senior Martial Brother Zhuge said. His eyebrows furrowed when his gaze landed on the silver-armored "Deng Chao," but he didn't say anything.

Within an underground cellar of Xie Yang Palace:

"Nan Gongsheng, this Holy Wicked Technique should be a simplified version of Xie Yang's cultivation technique. Do you think you can cultivate it?"

Zhao Feng opened his eyes with fatigue.

"Weird… I managed to learn the Holy Wicked Technique very easily, and now I can use the power of the Evil G.o.d Crystal much better than before." Nan Gongsheng was extremely surprised. How did Zhao Feng suddenly have this Holy Wicked Technique?

"As I thought." Zhao Feng was now sure that the dark book room was semi-open to the public.

At this moment, there were two hundred Xie Yang books worth of content in Zhao Feng's mind. Many of these Xie Yang Books would be a top inheritance in a three-star or four-star force. A small number of them were even comparable to the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Technique and the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique. An extremely small amount even slightly surpa.s.sed them.

However, for Zhao Feng, the Sacred Lightning Body and the Wind Lightning Technique formed a perfect combination. After all, he already had the foundation of Wind Lightning from his previous life, and he had fused with the power of G.o.d Tribulation Lightning, so he had more potential with Lightning techniques. Furthermore, most of the Xie Yang books were techniques and skills of the Wicked Dao, which weren't suitable for Zhao Feng.

Although Zhao Feng wouldn't cultivate these books, they still increased his knowledge and understanding.

Zhao Feng had a thought after reading so many books; he could try to alter and improve these techniques and create a secret technique that was perfect for himself.

Elsewhere, in front of the Building of Refinement:

"Argh, I can't stand it anymore…!"

Several half-step King geniuses and elites ran out from the black metallic door, and their feet were smoking. There were a few already-resting geniuses in front of the door, and their feet were scorched black. There was also a small number of people that had fainted and were carried out by other elites.

Apart from a small number of powerful Void G.o.d Realm Kings, normal geniuses weren't able to last very long in the Building of Refinement.

The compet.i.tion within the Building of Refinement at this moment in time was very intense. The person at the very front was still the white-mustached Little Sword Saint from Sky Sword Pavilion.


The aura of the Little Sword Saint's sword became stronger until it burned like the sun. His gaze looked forward, and he conquered the heat under his feet as he slowly approached the rusty bronze sword near the furnace.

He didn't even look at the broken pieces or weapons or materials scattered around; each step he took toward the rusty bronze sword required unimaginable power from his Sword Dao. Each and every step he took felt like an entire century to him.

"The remaining Intent and laws on that tattered Ancient G.o.d sword might allow me to break through."

The Little Sword Saint only had this one sword in his heart, while the other Kings focused on the legendary minerals and weapon fragments. It wasn't that they didn't want to compete for the Ancient G.o.d Weapon, it was just that they weren't able to.

Amongst the groups, the "Purple-Haired Demonic Duo" was extremely eye-catching.

Shua! Whoos.h.!.+

The two purple-haired figures disappeared and reappeared in a corner. Within half a day's time, the "Purple-Haired Demonic Duo" had gone near the furnace two or three times and obtained many legendary materials and weapon pieces. They were like fish in water.

"Purple-Haired Demonic Duo, die~~~~!" The Thirteenth Prince roared in anger as he pulled out a beaming golden sword and slashed toward the two purple-haired figures. The strike surged with a supreme Imperial power as draconic images shot into the sky.

After becoming a King, the Sacred Emperor Sword that the Thirteenth Prince wielded was much stronger. Its power was comparable to an Emperor. This sword suppressed all the geniuses and elites present apart from the Little Sword Saint.

"Watch out!" The expressions of the "Purple-Haired Demonic Duo" changed as they quickly retreated.


The duo disappeared and reappeared in another corner, but there was a b.l.o.o.d.y mark on one of their bodies, which quickly recovered under an ice-blue glow.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. Every time the Sacred Emperor's Sword is drawn, its power will be suppressed by the Divine Illusion Dimension."

One of the purple-haired youths let out a breath. If they were in the Great Gan Lord Dynasty, the power of the Sacred Emperor's Sword would be doubled since it wasn't restricted by anything. In that scenario, almost no one would be able to rival the Thirteenth Prince.

"What powerful defense!"

"The demonic duo's strength has increased even more?"

The Kings from the Duanmu Family, Grand Duke Yuan's Palace, the Cao Family, and company were all shocked. In the exchange just now, the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo managed to retreat even from the imperials, and their method was so stealthy that no one would be able to find them if they retreated.

"The strength of the demonic duo is increasing very quickly, and they're still stealing the spoils of war from our Duanmu Family."

Those from the Duanmu Family gritted their teeth in hatred.

At this moment, the demonic duo was extremely strong as they ran around the battlefield like ghosts. The physical defense of that purple-haired youth was so strong that even an Emperor-level attack wasn't able to threaten him.

"Yufei…" The elder in green robes and the male in black turned toward Zhao Yufei. In the clash just now, the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo purposely avoided Zhao Yufei.

"Where do you think you're going!?" Zhao Yufei roared as she leapt into the air and exchanged a blow with "Zhao Feng."


Zhao Yufei was pushed back dozens of yards by an extreme coldness and landed on the ground. A layer of frost appeared on her jade-like skin.

"Yufei, are you okay?"

The elites of the Duanmu Family quickly protected Zhao Yufei in case the demonic duo kept attacking her.

"I'm fine… but that isn't Brother Zhao Feng!" Zhao Yufei's eyes turned red as she landed on the ground, but she spoke in a confident tone.

In the exchange just now, she didn't use her full strength, but the enemy used enough power to try to kill her.

Chapter 846 - Helping from Afar

In the dark book room of Xie Yang Palace:

"Get ready to leave." Senior Martial Brother Zhuge held his fan and spoke with a faint smile. "We can try our luck. The Ancient G.o.d weapon might be destined to be with one of us."

Ancient G.o.d weapon? The geniuses and elites of Sky Suspension Palace were shocked. That was a weapon that only existed in legends, and such a thing appeared in Xie Yang Palace? This news stunned all of them, and the eyes of the silver-armored "Deng Chao" twinkled, but he wasn't excited or surprised like everyone else.


The door to the book room opened, and those from Sky Suspension Palace walked out. The person at the very end was still the silver-armored "Junior Martial Brother Deng Chao."

Spatial Movement!

"Junior Martial Brother Deng Chao" stood in a corner that was a dead angle for vision, and a respectful expression appeared on his face as a ripple of power surged around him. Since the book room was protected by the G.o.d's Forbidden Array, those outside the book room couldn't sense those within the book room very well.


"Junior Martial Brother Deng Chao" reached out, and several pure white lotuses appeared in front of him. The white lotuses contained petals, seeds, and leaves, and there auras weren't normal.

"Green Water Sky Lotus!"

"Junior Martial Brother Deng Chao" revealed a joyful expression as he quickly put the white lotuses into his interspatial ring, then quickly walked out of the dark bookroom.

Although he came out a bit later than everyone else, it didn't raise their suspicions because Junior Martial Brother Deng Chao's status amongst these people was relatively low.

"Let's go."

The geniuses and elites from Sky Suspension Palace went on their way.


The leader was Xuanyuan Wen, and a piece of jade on his chest sensed something.


After the Sky Suspension Palace elites left the dark book room, the room closed, and the power of the G.o.d's Forbidden Array quickly covered it.


Eventually, a calm male wearing a t-s.h.i.+rt appeared.

"Although I know how to open this place, I can't open it alone."

The t-s.h.i.+rt-wearing male took back his hand and put them both behind his back.

The three powerhouses of Sky Suspension Palace - Senior Martial Brother Zhuge, Xuanyuan Wen, and the apricot-robed female - could only open the book room when they combined their strength, and Senior Martial Brother Zhuge in particular knew the actual method to open it.

At this moment, the difference between a group and an individual could be felt. However, the male wearing the t-s.h.i.+rt wasn't regretful or sad. Instead, he turned his gaze toward the purple crystal tower in the depths of Xie Yang Palace.

This purple crystal tower shot up into the sky; it was the tallest and most magnificent building in the palace, and it was located at the very center. However, the pressure radiating from this tower was terrifying and covered all the buildings in the palace. Even Kings would cough out blood if they fought back against this force.

Ceng! Ceng!

With a flash, the t-s.h.i.+rt-wearing male started to head in a direction different from Sky Suspension Palace.

There was a lot of fortune in Xie Yang Palace that geniuses from other forces had found. In addition, the geniuses and elites that had entered Xie Yang Palace were just a small portion of the total amount; there was still a lot in the other areas of the Divine Illusion Dimension.

Within the six-sided Building of Refinement:

"Zhao Yufei, that Purple-Haired Demonic Duo is extremely greedy and detestable. They've attacked the Duanmu Family, and you're still being tricked by him?" The male in black robes said angrily, and everyone's eyebrows furrowed.

In the exchange a moment ago, one could obviously see that the purple-haired "Zhao Feng" had attacked Zhao Yufei with murderous intent.

"That's not Brother Feng! What you guys are seeing is a fake Demonic Duo." Zhao Yufei's voice became cold.

The Duanmu Family's lack of belief made her sad, but "reality" was right there. Not long ago, one person from the Duanmu Family was killed and two were severely injured by the "Purple-Haired Demonic Duo."

Zhao Yufei said that they were a fake Demonic Duo, but no one believed her. If even those from the Duanmu Family didn't believe her, then why would the other forces?

"Zezeze…. With our combined power, the world is ours!" The two purple-haired figures flashed throughout the Building of Refinement and laughed wickedly from time to time.

The strongest person was the white-mustached Little Sword Saint, but he was fully attracted by the rusty bronze sword. The Ninth Prince, Zhao Yufei, and company weren't scared of fighting the demonic duo, but the two of them immediately left after attacking once, and no one could do anything about their physical defense or their escaping skills.

"Sky Suspension Palace is here!" Exclamations sounded from outside the Building of Refinement.

Hearing that, the imperials, the Duanmu Family, the Cao Family, and company were half-happy and half-worried.

They were happy that Sky Suspension Palace was here because they believed that they could easily deal with the demonic duo. They were worried because Sky Suspension Palace would probably take all the resources in the building for themselves.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

Twenty or so figures quickly approached the Building of Refinement. The group from Sky Suspension Palace had five or six Void G.o.d Realm Kings, three of them having broken through after entering the Divine Illusion Dimension or Xie Yang Palace.

"Ancient G.o.d weapon!"

The Imperial Intent of an Emperor instantly filled the area when Xuanyuan Wen walked through the door.

"Void G.o.d Realm Emperor!" The present half-step Kings and Kings were stunned as they felt their souls become suppressed.

Apart from the Little Sword Saint, no one could compare to Xuanyuan Wen.


In just one step, Xuanyuan Wen entered the depths of the crater-like furnace, and he wasn't too far away from the Little Sword Saint.

The Little Sword Saint was only comparable or slightly stronger than Xuanyuan Wen in terms of mental energy and Intent, but in terms of youth, cultivation, and overall power, Xuanyuan Wen easily suppressed the Little Sword Saint.


Maybe because of the Emperor Intent it felt, the rusty bronze sword in front of the furnace released a brilliant beam of sword-light, and a cold Sword Intent instantly filled the Building of Refinement and caused the entire furnace to become chaotic.

Wah! Wah! Plop!

The power of the Ancient G.o.d weapon injured many geniuses, causing some of them to cough out blood and faint.


The sound of metal clas.h.i.+ng sounded as two auras no weaker than the rusty bronze sword appeared. A sunset-red curved blade and a black, notched axe awoke from the pile of nearby tattered weapons next to the furnace.

"The aura of those two weapons are more complete and closer to Ancient G.o.d weapons."

"Substandard G.o.d weapons!" Senior Martial Brother Zhuge's eyes flashed.

Substandard G.o.d weapons! All of the geniuses' hearts shook.

Even if it was broken, an Ancient G.o.d weapon was too powerful for them; they were legendary items. However, substandard G.o.d weapons were better for the present geniuses and elites since the difficulty of obtaining them would be much lower.

Hope appeared in the eyes of the three imperial princes. In the lord dynasty, substandard G.o.d weapons were a forbidden-level power that could shake and change the situation of the imperial family and the entire world of cultivation

At this moment, two relatively complete substandard G.o.d weapons appeared in front of the furnace. One was a curved blade; although the blade was bent back a bit, it wasn't very damaged. There were a few holes on the notched axe.

Who knew what kind of battle these two substandard G.o.d weapons had gone through for them to be damaged?

Weng~ Jiang! Jiang! Jiang~~~~!

The three peerless weapons - the rusty bronze sword, the curved blade, and the notched axe - all released a powerful force that swept across the entire area. At this moment in time, terrifying sceneries appeared in the Building of Refinement. They entered the soul and had the ability to disturb reality and s.p.a.ce itself. The blurred images summoned by the Ancient G.o.d weapon and the substandard G.o.d weapons were like the images from a Little World.

Teng! Teng! Teng!

Even some Kings were pushed back by this force.

"Anyone that isn't a King, retreat!" Senior Martial Brother Zhuge was the first to give the order.

"Half-step Kings, retreat from the Building of Refinement for now!" The Great Gan Imperials also gave the order.

At this moment, the three peerless weapons awoke, and the aura they casually radiated could kill all lifeforms below the King level. Only Void G.o.d Realm Kings were able to withstand them.

Amongst the outsiders, Sky Suspension Palace and the imperials had the majority of Void G.o.d Realms. The Sky Suspension Palace had six Void G.o.d Realms, including a Void G.o.d Realm Emperor. The Great Gan Imperials had the three Princes, Luo Zun, the wrinkled elder, and a new King for a total of six Void G.o.d Realms as well. These two sides had the biggest advantage in the fight for the peerless weapons.

"Where did the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo go?"

The geniuses from the imperials, the Duanmu Family, Grand Duke Yuan's Palace, and company instinctively looked around. They had to keep their guard up against the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo because they would always attack at the critical moment.

In reality, after Sky Suspension Palace appeared, the "Purple-Haired Demonic Duo" had never reappeared.

At the same time, on a big tree in a courtyard near the Building of Refinement, two purple-haired figures flashed.

"Lord Black Serpent Dragon, are you sure that Zhao Feng will partic.i.p.ate in the fight in the Building of Refinement?"

"Zeze, if that's the case, these humans will have a strong internal conflict…."

The two purple-haired figures spoke cunningly.

"Hmph, that Zhao Feng is already partic.i.p.ating in it." A cold voice that seemed to reign supreme sounded in the duo's ears.

Already partic.i.p.ating? Hearing that, the two purple-haired figures were puzzled. They hadn't seen any signs of the true Purple-Haired Demonic Duo.

The two purple-haired figures didn't dare to enter the Building of Refinement since they were waiting for the true Demonic Duo.

At a certain moment, a surge of King Intent rose from a silver-armored youth who was sitting outside the Building of Refinement. The aura of his soul seemed to become complete, and the disturbance raised the attention of other nearby half-step Kings.

"A King!"

"Junior Martial Brother Deng Chao became a King?"

Some geniuses and elites from Sky Suspension Palace were dazed, and the half-step Kings of other forces revealed envious looks.

The person that just broke through was the silver-armored spy in Sky Suspension Palace - Deng Chao.

"Thank you, Master. Without your help, I wouldn't have broken through to the Void G.o.d Realm so quickly…."

Grat.i.tude and respect appeared in Junior Martial Brother Deng Chao's eyes.

No one realized that Junior Martial Brother Deng Chao had eaten the petals and seeds of two Green Water Sky Lotuses not long ago. If some other half-step King had two Green Water Sky Lotuses, they would have a 40-50% chance of successfully becoming a King. If there was an Emperor Intent helping them, then the chance of success would become even higher.

Junior Martial Brother Deng Chao had both of those. He came from a four-star superpower, Sky Suspension Palace, and being able to become a member of this elite group meant that his talent was comparable to the Core disciples of some three-star forces.

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