King of Gods Chapter 852-854

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Chapter 852 - Scaring the Crowd

When Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng entered the Building of Refinement, their senses were covered by a flas.h.i.+ng blade that lit up the entire area. It felt like an icy cold feeling slashed through their mental energy.

The beaming snow-white blade-light sliced through the air, and waves of snowy lightning seemed to almost slash the entire dimension into pieces.

"Xuanyuan Wen succeeded!"

Exclamations sounded from within the Building of Refinement. Most experts had wary and respectful expressions.

Xuanyuan Wen was indeed worthy of being a prodigy of the four-star Sky Suspension Palace. He had become an Emperor at such a young age, and he was recognized by a substandard G.o.d weapon.

He was ranked 7th on the Imperial Genius rankings, which was the highest ranked cultivator amongst those that had entered the Divine Illusion Dimension. If he was able to leave the Divine Illusion Dimension, he would definitely go up a few ranks.

"As expected of a substandard G.o.d weapon…." Zhao Feng's footsteps paused for a moment before he continued walking inside the Building of Refinement.

Although he had obtained a substandard G.o.d weapon as well, it was just a support-type weapon with not many offensive capabilities. On the other hand, the force of that substandard G.o.d blade had exceeded the limits of an Emperor; it could even threaten Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords.

Of course, Xuanyuan Wen couldn't completely and truly control such a substandard G.o.d weapon. Just gaining its recognition expended a lot of his energy.

At this moment, Xuanyuan Wen's face was red as he circulated all his power to control this substandard G.o.d weapon. More precisely, he didn't aim to control it, just stabilize it.

"Only DemiG.o.ds can unleash the true power of a substandard G.o.d weapon," Nan Gongsheng murmured, and he and Zhao Feng couldn't help but think of the DemiG.o.d Kun Yun.

At his peak, DemiG.o.d Kun Yun was glorious, and he was considered strong even among DemiG.o.ds.

Back at the Ten Thousand Treasures Tower in the DemiG.o.d Forgotten Garden, Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng obtained the Sky Locking Bow and the Qiankun Sword, which weren't even from the highest level of the Ten Thousand Treasures Tower.

One could imagine that the DemiG.o.d Kun Yun probably had strong Inheritance Sacred weapons, Heaven-grade divine weapons, or even substandard G.o.d weapons.

"Congratulations, Senior Martial Brother Xuanyuan!" The Kings from Sky Suspension Palace revealed joyful expressions as well as some envy and admiration.

"Protect Junior Martial Brother Xuanyuan!" The apricot-robed girl led some people and guarded around Xuanyuan Wen.


Senior Martial Brother Zhuge also approached and started guarding.

"No need." Xuanyuan Wen took a deep breath, and his Emperor Intent became tougher and stronger with the force and laws of the substandard G.o.d weapon. However, his energy was being expended.

At the same time, elsewhere in the Building of Refinement.

"Quick, put some more energy in!"

The three Great Gan Imperial Princes tried to obtain the notched axe. The Ninth Prince was the strongest, and he was in the middle.

Their power started to make the notched axe slowly descend.

Weng~~ Boom!

The notched axe suddenly turned into the size of a small mountain that almost reached the top of the six-sided building. It gave off a dark light that shook the air.

At this moment, everyone within the Building of Refinement felt their body become heavy.


Some of the weaker Kings spat out a mouthful of blood as their bodies shook.

"Control it!"

The three princes combined forces and managed to stabilize the mountain-sized notched axe in front of them.


The giant axe started to slowly compress until it was more than a dozen yards long, and its aura started to fade.

Because the notched axe was a heavy weapon, it was harder to control, so the three Princes had to combine their strength to stabilize it.

At this moment, two incomplete substandard G.o.d weapons had been obtained.

The imperials and Sky Suspension Palace had the strongest forces present, so the Kings from other forces obviously didn't dare to steal from them.

"Hm? Is that the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo…!?" someone exclaimed.

"Watch out, those two thieves are back!"

Some of the Kings were wary. After all, the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo were infamous for ambus.h.i.+ng and stealing from others.

"The only items in the Building of Refinement that are complete seem to be on the weapon-stand," Zhao Feng privately told Nan Gongsheng.

The Demonic Duo started to walk toward the depths of the crater like nothing was wrong.

"Purple-Haired Demonic Duo, how dare you two come back!? You're courting death!"

There were some Kings in the Building of Refinement that didn't know what was going on, and they thought that they were the fake Purple-Haired Demonic Duo from before. Only the Kings that left and returned had respect in their eyes.

"Purple… Haired… Demonic… Duo!" Killing intent flashed through Xuanyuan Wen's eyes after he stabilized the substandard G.o.d weapon. In an instant, Magnificent Power and Intent shook the soul-dimension and covered Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng.

"Junior Martial Brother Xuanyuan, stop!" Senior Martial Brother Zhuge wanted to stop him but was a bit too late.

"Xuanyuan Wen, take the lead, and we'll capture the Demonic Duo together!" There were many voices that agreed with Xuanyuan Wen attacking the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo.

The other Kings from Sky Suspension Palace, such as the girl in apricot robes, also didn't know what was going on and were full of enmity toward Zhao Feng. The fake Purple-Haired Demonic Duo had ambushed even Sky Suspension Palace.


A Magnificent Power was about to cover Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng.

Some of the Kings who knew the truth were planning to watch this show because they had seen Zhao Feng defeat the Blue Serpent King duo alone. Would the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo be able to retreat unharmed even against Xuanyuan Wen, an Emperor wielding a substandard G.o.d weapon?

"Hmph!" Zhao Feng snickered coldly as he kept on walking. He didn't even stop.


A white mist covered the duo.

"Little World? Eh…? Substandard G.o.d weapon…?" Xuanyuan Wen was slightly surprised. Although he was an Emperor, he hadn't formed his own Little World yet. Furthermore, the Misty Spatial World's Little World wasn't any average Little World.

Incredibly, Xuanyuan Wen's Emperor Intent was like a stone that had fallen into the ocean. There were no signs of any disturbance.

"How is this possible!? A Little World exists in the physical dimension and doesn't have much defense against the power of Intent. Furthermore, all Little Worlds and domains are suppressed in Xie Yang Palace, so they can't unleash their full strength…." Xuanyuan Wen was slightly baffled. After becoming an Emperor, he knew a lot more than others.

"I don't believe it!" Xuanyuan Wen circulated his Emperor Intent to the maximum, and his Magnificent Power crushed toward Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng.

Nan Gongsheng's heart jumped. This Emperor Intent seemed to have the ability to slice through all Intent, and it suppressed his soul.

However, mockery formed on Zhao Feng's face, and a weird scene appeared.


Xuanyuan Wen's body suddenly shook, and he groaned as thunder and lightning seemed to flash in his soul.

"Junior Martial Brother Xuanyuan, are you okay?"

The expressions of the apricot-robed female, Senior Martial Brother Zhuge, and company changed dramatically.

Xuanyuan Wen's body shook, and his face went red. He almost lost control of the substandard G.o.d weapon in his hand. He felt that his Emperor Intent had been blocked by ten thousand arcs of immortal lightning.

The first time, his Emperor Intent was like a stone that sunk into the ocean, but this time, he was counterattacked. He could feel a numbing sensation from his Emperor Intent.

"Xuanyuan Wen, you better hold onto your substandard G.o.d weapon first." Zhao Feng gave a smile as he and Nan Gongsheng kept walking toward the crater as if nothing happened.

"You…!" Xuanyuan Wen's face turned green and red as if he had been choked. No one was entirely sure about the situation with the substandard G.o.d weapon, but after being distracted just now, Xuanyuan Wen almost lost control of it.

This scene made the mouths of the other Kings drop open.

"Those two thieves managed to ignore Xuanyuan Wen's Emperor Intent?"

"On top of that, Xuanyuan Wen seems to be the one at a disadvantage?"

"Junior Martial Brother Xuanyuan needed to stabilize the substandard G.o.d weapon and couldn't use his full strength, which is what allowed the Demonic Duo to succeed."

Chaos broke out as the Kings started to talk with each other, and the expressions of those planning to watch a show were extremely colorful.

"Junior Martial Brother Xuanyuan!" Senior Martial Brother Zhuge's expression was solemn as he put a hand on Xuanyuan Wen's shoulder.

"Senior Martial Brother Zhuge…." Xuanyuan Wen glanced at Senior Martial Brother Zhuge after stabilizing the substandard G.o.d weapon.

"It's a long story, but we shouldn't offend Zhao Feng if we can help it," Senior Martial Brother Zhuge said solemnly.

Hearing that, the other Kings from Sky Suspension Palace, including the apricot-robed female, were stunned. Although the strength of the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo already surprised them, they placed even greater importance on them after hearing Senior Martial Brother Zhuge's words.

"Those thieves managed to get the Misty Spatial World, and even Xuanyuan Wen can't suppress them…." The Thirteenth Prince gritted his teeth as hatred overtook his face.

The Eighth Prince and Luo Zun exchanged glances with solemn expressions. They had interacted with Zhao Feng more than once or twice, but every time they met Zhao Feng, he seemed to become more mysterious than before. This opponent was just a bottomless hole; the deeper one went, the more terrified they felt.

At this moment, the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo walked around the crater step by step, and the route they took was the exact same as the Blue Serpent King from before.

Some of the Kings that had returned told everyone else what happened.

"The Purple-Haired Demonic Duo from before was the Blue Serpent King and the Thousand Changes Illusionist Dragon?"

"They were defeated by Zhao Feng alone, and he stole a substandard G.o.d weapon from them?"

The Kings that received this news were stunned. Even Xuanyuan Wen's eyes became wary as he looked toward the Demonic Duo after hearing this news.

At this moment in time, the three strongest forces - Xuanyuan Wen, the three princes, and the Little Sword Saint - were distracted because of the peerless weapons. Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng entering at this moment meant that they were scared of nothing.

"Zhao Feng, if we really fought just now…" Nan Gongsheng started to sweat.

"Our chances of winning against Xuanyuan Wen or the three princes are low, but the situation is under our control." Zhao Feng gave a faint smile.

Hearing that, Nan Gongsheng couldn't help but look around, and all the Kings from the other forces had wary expressions and didn't dare to look directly at his eyes.

Chapter 853 - G.o.d Slaying Arrow

In the six-sided Building of Refinement, Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng slowly walked by the crater toward the depths where the tattered weapon-stand was located.

All the elite Kings present were dead-silent. No one dared to challenge them after Xuanyuan Wen did and failed.

The Kings all let out a breath as they warily looked at the backs of the two purple-haired figures with. The duo's actions caught everyone's attention.

Is this the true power of the Left Eyed Heavenly Emperor? Nan Gongsheng took a deep breath as complex emotions appeared on his face. He was positive that they managed to successfully suppress everyone present.

Ta! Ta! Ta! Ta!

Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng walked with a weird rhythm as they approached the weapon-stand on the other side of the crater.

The terrifying heat pressured Zhao Feng's Sacred Lightning Body. It was extremely tough even for the Blue Serpent King - who had a strong body and bloodline - to obtain one substandard G.o.d weapon on the weapon-stand.

"Ice Imperial Spear!"

A layer of ice-blue liquid flowed around Zhao Feng's body and formed a transparent ice-blue barrier.


The ice-blue barrier was one yard long, and it protected Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng.


Steam appeared on the surface of the ice-blue barrier as the heat started to erode it. As they truly got close to the weapon-stand, the terrifying heat was enough to turn Void G.o.d Realm Kings into ashes and injure Emperors.

A silver-and-purple ripple of light glittered around Nan Gongsheng within the ice-blue barrier and helped resist the heat. However, sweat still started to appear on his forehead, and his feet were about to start burning.


A faint golden light flashed around Zhao Feng's body as he used his strong physical force to take the heat head-on.

The strength of my bloodline and body might be slightly weaker than Wei Jing, and Nan Gongsheng's body isn't as strong as the Thousand Changes Illusionist Dragon's…. Zhao Feng's eyes twinkled as he came to this conclusion. After all, the Blue Serpent King's body and bloodline were extremely close to the True Dragon Race, so it was obviously very strong.

If the weapon-stand was easy to reach, it wouldn't have been the Blue Serpent King's or Zhao Feng's turn; the other Kings would've taken everything already. However, Zhao Feng didn't give up; his left eye locked on to the tattered weapon-stand.

There were three arrows, a s.h.i.+eld, and a thin, dark green jade sword.

All of those items should be substandard G.o.d weapons. It'll be very hard to obtain them…. Zhao Feng thought.

The Misty Spatial World was a support-type substandard G.o.d weapon that didn't have many offensive capabilities. The spade that the little thieving cat got was probably similar; it was most likely not an offensive weapon. Of the remaining three items, the arrows and the thin sword were offensive weapons while the s.h.i.+eld was for defense.

"Spatial Movement!"

Zhao Feng's left eye suddenly released a ripple that covered the three arrows, and a whirlpool appeared in the middle of the ripple.


The air started to hum as each of the three arrows radiated a divine golden-blood-colored light. The normal-looking rusty arrows became scarlet-gold and released a penetrating divine light.

Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng felt as if s.p.a.ce itself had been pierced, and all the Kings' souls felt a sharp pain. They felt despair and fear, as if they were ruthlessly slaughtered.

"Those are G.o.d Slaying Arrows!"

"Although those arrows are small, they are each comparable to a substandard G.o.d weapon. Their combined value isn't any less than a normal substandard G.o.d weapon."

The experts from Sky Suspension Palace and the imperials recognized these arrows.

At this moment, Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng had to face a sharp, penetrating aura that seemed able to pierce through Heaven and Earth.

Nan Gongsheng's body became slightly cold. Although he was facing the terrifying heat of the furnace, his heart was cold.

"These three arrows are smaller, so they should be easier to obtain compared to the substandard G.o.d weapons that Xuanyuan Wen and the imperials obtained…."

Zhao Feng's expression remained the same. Even if they were also substandard G.o.d weapons, these three arrows didn't have as many materials, and they hadn't been wielded by powerful experts like the other substandard G.o.d weapons. The other weapons had the Intents and laws of powerful experts fused into their essence.

Instinctively, Zhao Feng felt that obtaining these three arrows would be easier than the other weapons. The most important thing was that these three arrows had no owners.

"Zhao Feng, do you have any ideas? If can get your hands on those those three G.o.d Slaying Arrows and use them with your Sky Locking Bow, you'll be able to unleash unimaginable power," Nan Gongsheng said with slight interest.

"It's not too hard to obtain the arrows themselves, but getting to the weapon-stand is. It would be good if we could get the three G.o.d Slaying Arrows to fly out by themselves."

Zhao Feng started to think.

The heat at the very center was something that even Emperors couldn't withstand. The Blue Serpent King couldn't do it, and Zhao Feng couldn't either unless his Sacred Lightning Body suddenly broke through to a higher level or became extremely resilient against fire. Unfortunately, Zhao Feng still hadn't cultivated the Fire of Wind Lightning yet.

Miao miao!

At this moment, the little thieving cat appeared holding a spade.

"Hmm?" Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng both glanced at the spade that the little thieving cat was holding. This spade also came from the weapon-stand.


The little thieving cat dug the spade into the ground, and sparks flew everywhere as a small hole appeared in the special material of the floor.


At the same time, the arrows, the s.h.i.+eld, and the thin sword all hummed.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

The arrows, which were the smallest, flew into the air.


The s.h.i.+eld fell onto the ground, and the thin jade sword floated into the air and radiated a power that belonged to substandard G.o.d weapons.

Nan Gongsheng instantly felt unable to breathe. Zhao Feng had recovered part of his Emperor Intent and his G.o.d's Spiritual Eye was extremely resilient against mental energy, so he wasn't frightened. However, they both looked at the spade in the little thieving cat's paws with a weird expression.


The spade in the little thieving cat's paws dug into the ground once again.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

Some of the legendary materials nearby, such as the G.o.d Fallen Metal, all quickly gathered toward this location. The spade in the little thieving cat's paws was like a magnet as all of the materials flew over.

This scene made all of the Kings' eyes bulge out.


With a wave of his hand, Zhao Feng put them away into his Misty Spatial World.


At this moment, one of the G.o.d Slaying Arrows was flying toward this direction.

"Come!" Zhao Feng raised his armguard.

Hu~~ Shua!

With a layer of white mist, the G.o.d Slaying Arrow was devoured.

"So easy…!" The Kings, who were holding their breath, were stunned. This was especially true for the three imperial princes; they used everything they had just to finally obtain one substandard G.o.d weapon, and one just flew right into Zhao Feng's lap.

"So that's why. The Misty Spatial World isn't an ordinary storage treasure - it's a substandard G.o.d rank item. That means it can easily store other substandard G.o.d items. Furthermore, those G.o.d Slaying Arrows don't even have their own consciousness." Nan Gongsheng understood.

The difficulty of obtaining a substandard G.o.d weapon by using another substandard G.o.d item was much lower than without one. If the three princes had their own substandard G.o.d storage item, they would've been able to tame the notched axe just as easily.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

The other two G.o.d Slaying Arrows flew in different directions, and the other Kings' souls almost exploded. Fear filled their bodies.

The G.o.d Slaying Arrows weren't the only items that were disturbed; the thin jade sword was as well.

"Quick! Don't let the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo get all those substandard G.o.d weapons!"

Some of the Kings from the imperials, Sky Sword Pavilion, the Duanmu Family, and the other forces all took action.

Of the imperials, the Domain-level Luo Zun and wrinkled elder charged toward one of the G.o.d Slaying Arrows, while the cold black-robed female from Sky Sword Pavilion and Zhao Yufei charged toward the thin jade sword.

"We can't just ignore substandard G.o.d weapons. How about I go test the strength of the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo?" The girl in apricot robes from Sky Suspension Palace gave a smile.


The apricot-robed female flew forward with a flash of multi-colored light, and her speed was greater than some Domain-level Kings.

At this moment in time, everyone was fighting against each other, and the source of that was the little thieving cat.


The little thieving cat dug the spade into the ground once again, and the s.h.i.+eld hummed as a green beast phantom formed.

Because the weight and size of the s.h.i.+eld was so different, it wasn't disturbed in the same way.

"In terms of offense, I have the Qiankun Sword, but I can't fully unleash its power. This s.h.i.+eld is perfect for me." Fierceness flashed through Nan Gongsheng's eyes. After he spoke, a wicked silver-purple light radiated from his body, and a purple-and-blood-colored haze seeped out from him that made the nearby auras tremble.

This was a power that belonged to an Evil G.o.d, and its effect was comparable to Zhao Yufei's natural bloodline ability.


As if sensing something, the s.h.i.+eld in front of the weapon-stand suddenly expanded to look like a small bronze door, and the ancient green beast phantom seemed to become real as it suddenly roared.

The door-sized s.h.i.+eld finally floated into the air and radiated the pressure of a substandard G.o.d weapon. It was more complete, so it was even better than the ones obtained by Xuanyuan Wen and the imperials. However, this meant that the pressure Nan Gongsheng had to face increased.

"Don't force it," Zhao Feng warned. The most likely reason that the beast-phantom s.h.i.+eld had sensed something was because of the Evil G.o.d Crystal.

Only DemiG.o.ds and G.o.ds could truly use the power of substandard G.o.d weapons. After learning the Holy Wicked Technique, Nan Gongsheng's mastery of the Evil G.o.d Crystal's power had reached an entirely new level, otherwise he wouldn't have been able to raise the s.h.i.+eld's attention.

"Go!" A pair of green shoes on Zhao Feng's feet released a jet of green flames, and a golden light of physical force sparkled around him. An ice-blue barrier covered Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng as they reached the place where the Blue Serpent King duo had reached earlier.


Smoke emanated from Zhao Feng's green shoes due to the extreme heat. Since the heat came mainly from the ground, the shoes blocked most of the heat for Zhao Feng.

Nan Gongsheng didn't have a strong body, so he stepped onto Zhao Feng's shoulders. He revealed a grateful look; while Zhao Feng was trying to chase after the other G.o.d Slaying Arrows, he took the time to help Nan Gongsheng.


Silver-purple whips formed in Nan Gongsheng's hand, and he launched them through the air and managed to wrap around the bronze beast-phantom s.h.i.+eld.

Chapter 854 - Immortal Soul

One of Nan Gongsheng's feet stepped onto Zhao Feng's shoulder, so his entire body was above the ground. This meant that he had to only face 50-60% of the heat.


An Earth-grade silver whip in his hand managed to finally wrap itself around the bronze beast-phantom s.h.i.+eld with a flash of purple and silver.


The Earth-grade silver whip showed signs of melting.


The terrifying heat travelled across the whip and Nan Gongsheng's palm started to smoke, but luckily, he was in Zhao Feng's Ice Imperial Barrier, which decreased the heat.

"Come!" Nan Gongsheng circulated the Holy Wicked Technique and his spatial techniques. A silver ripple formed near the surface of the Earth-grade weapon, and a large suction force appeared.


The bronze s.h.i.+eld was pulled over and the pressure of a substandard G.o.d weapon surged, almost exceeding Nan Gongsheng's limits. Nan Gongsheng's face went completely red, but he activated his spatial domain at the critical moment, and a layer of purple-and-blood-colored mist rippled throughout the area.

At this instant, a purple-and-blood-colored mark on Nan Gongsheng's forehead blinked, and his hair turned completely purple and red. The wicked power radiating from him increased to a new level.

Weng~~ Boom!

His spatial domain, which had fused with the Evil G.o.d Crystal, seemed to have the ability of a Little World as a bright beam of purple-and-blood-colored light engulfed the s.h.i.+eld.

"Success!" Excitement and joy flashed across Nan Gongsheng's eyes.

Zhao Feng had a praising expression. At the critical moment, Nan Gongsheng's use of the Evil G.o.d Crystal became perfect. After cultivating the Holy Wicked Technique, Nan Gongsheng's control of the Evil G.o.d Crystal had reached a stunning level.

The core of Nan Gongsheng's spatial domain was the Evil G.o.d Crystal, and it was supported by many substandard G.o.d crystals. It could be said that, against any domain that wasn't a Little World, Nan Gongsheng's spatial domain was unrivalled.


Nan Gongsheng's hand started to burn, and he immediately released the melting Earth-grade weapon.

"Retreat for now." Zhao Feng gave a moan as his feet started to burn as well. He had stayed at the same location even longer than the Blue Serpent King.

One had to know that the Blue Serpent King's body and bloodline were close to the True Dragon Race, and an Ice Dragon at that.


The shoes on Zhao Feng's feet started to smoke, and they almost caught fire.


Zhao Feng circulated his physical force, and he shot out of the area like a rocket as he headed in the direction of another G.o.d Slaying Arrow.


The instant he left the ground, Zhao Feng's shoes unleashed a jet of green flames before turning black.


Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng left the area they were just standing at an extremely fast speed. Their target was the second G.o.d Slaying Arrow.

There was now a total of two G.o.d Slaying Arrows, and several Void G.o.d Realm Kings were fighting for the nearest one. Regardless of anything else, it was still a substandard G.o.d weapon.

The one who had the biggest advantage at the moment was the apricot-robed female from Sky Suspension Palace.

"Come!" The apricot-robed female gently tapped out with her finger, and beams of three-colored light revolved in the air and interacted with the G.o.d Slaying Arrow.

In comparison to other weapons, it was easier to obtain the G.o.d Slaying Arrow.

The nearby Kings were pushed back by the powerful three-colored ray of light before they could even get close. This apricot-robed female was one of the three powerhouses of Sky Suspension Palace.

"This G.o.d Slaying Arrow is mine," Zhao Feng said expressionlessly.

The apricot-robed female smiled and said, "If you have the ability, then come take it."

Substandard G.o.d weapons were something that even Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords and DemiG.o.ds couldn't resist.

The apricot-robed female was interested in how strong Zhao Feng was, so she wanted to test his strength out.

"Let me handle this." Nan Gongsheng snickered coldly as he turned into a flash of silver-and-purple and flashed toward the apricot-robed female.

The apricot-robed female felt a surge of enormous wicked power crush over, and this force had the power of s.p.a.ce merged into in. It was as quick as lightning and extremely hard to counter.

"Triple Layered Lotus Flame!" the apricot-robed female yelled, and a three-colored light on her body suddenly shook and formed three lotuses.

At this instant, the three lotuses seemed to blossom. Furthermore, every layer of these lotuses had different elements. The green, red, and purple colors represented wind, fire, and lightning respectively.

Boom! Peng!

The three blossoming layered lotuses clashed together against the wave of purple-and-silver.

"This female is even slightly stronger than Peak-tier Kings…." Nan Gongsheng's expression became serious as a layer of purple-and-blood-colored light with sparkles of silver appeared around him. The sparkles of silver radiated a wicked force that could make the expressions of even Emperors change.

Crack! Boom!

Nan Gongsheng pushed his hands out, and the spatial domain behind him broke through the spatial domain of the apricot-robed female.

This person is so strange! The apricot-robed female's face went red as she retreated.

This scene caused Xuanyuan Wen's and Senior Martial Brother Zhuge's expressions to change.

"The news about Nan Gongsheng being terrifying in terms of physical attacks isn't fake, and he has indeed merged an Evil G.o.d Crystal into his spatial domain," Senior Martial Brother Zhuge murmured.

The most mysterious and scary person of the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo was obviously Zhao Feng, but Zhao Feng's cultivation was low. Apart from the fact that his body was relatively strong, his other physical aspects weren't. Zhao Feng was terrifying because of his abilities in the soul-dimension.

One was a monster in the physical dimension while the other was heaven-defying in the soul-dimension. The Purple-Haired Demonic Duo was the perfect combination.

"Come!" Zhao Feng laughed as a layer of white mist blinked and engulfed the silver G.o.d Slaying Arrow.

The apricot-robed female steadied herself as waves shook her heart. The Purple-Haired Demonic Duo hadn't even attacked her together; the more-mysterious Zhao Feng had done nothing. Nan Gongsheng alone was able to suppress her.

In just one exchange, the apricot-robed female was pushed back, and the second G.o.d Slaying Arrow was obtained by Zhao Feng.

At the same moment, the third G.o.d Slaying Arrow was obtained by Luo Zun and the wrinkled elder. Zhao Feng shook his head and didn't try to force things.

As for the last substandard G.o.d weapon, the fight for the thin jade sword had reached the last stages as well.

"Eighteen Heaven Sword!"

A powerful beam of Sword Intent shot out from the eyes of the black-robed female from Sky Sword Pavilion, and a half-transparent crystal sword formed a whirlwind of sword-light.

Boom! Boom! Shua!

Every time the crystal sword moved, whirlwinds would roar. In the outside world, it would be enough to rip apart mountains and lakes.

Normal Void G.o.d Realm Kings weren't able to block even one sword of hers. In terms of strength, she was comparable to Jiu Wuji before he had entered Xie Yang Palace.

However, her opponent was even stronger.

Ding! Ding! Ding…!

A purple figure flew into the air. Her skin was like crystal as it easily blocked the barrage of attacks.

"You're not my match." Zhao Yufei extended a jade-like hand that didn't seem to even belong to a human, and a ripple of purple instantly ripped apart the black-robed girl's offense.

The black-robed girl had already used her killing moves, but she wasn't able to even injure the opponent. A bitter smile formed on her face.

Ceng! Ceng!

Right at this moment, a layer of silver-and-purple flew over to where they were fighting.

"Purple-Haired Demonic Duo!"

The black-robed girl's expression changed as she revealed a wary look.

The Little Sword Saint had turned into a sword at the moment and was currently in a mysterious state. He was probably the only one who could handle this most-troublesome Purple-Haired Demonic Duo, and no one knew whether he was dead or alive.

"Yufei, allow me to help you." Zhao Feng waved his hand, and the white mist of a Little World blocked the dark green jade sword from escaping.

"Brother Feng, you came just in time." Zhao Yufei revealed a joyful expression as she circulated her Little World and formed a pincer attack with Zhao Feng. At the same time, her Spiritual Race bloodline summoned a large surge of Yuan Qi, which covered the dark green jade sword.

Nan Gongsheng waved his hands, and silver-purple beams shot toward the substandard G.o.d weapon.

A while later, with their combined power, Zhao Yufei managed to successfully obtain the thin jade sword.

"Thanks, Brother Feng and Senior Martial Brother Nan Gong. This substandard G.o.d weapon seems to be of the Wood element, so if I give it to Senior Martial Brother Duanmu, he might be able to unleash more of its power," Zhao Yufei said joyfully.

It was extremely difficult for Void G.o.d Realms to unleash the power of a substandard G.o.d weapon. Maybe someone as strong as Xuanyuan Wen could try, but it wouldn't be very efficient.

Putting aside substandard G.o.d weapons, normal Emperors would find it hard to unleash the full power of an item even for Heaven-grade weapons and Inheritance Sacred weapons.

Any substandard G.o.d weapons obtained here would most likely be given to the forces behind whoever obtained them, and they could become killing cards that could affect the destiny of the entire continent.

Of course, Zhao Feng's Misty Spatial World was different. It was only a support-type item, so it didn't have a high requirement for cultivation.

Since the Duanmu Family had obtained one substandard G.o.d weapon, they were obviously overjoyed, but the one and only Ancient G.o.d weapon in the Building of Refinement hadn't been obtained yet.

In the air, the sword-light that was the Little Sword Saint started to merge with the rusty bronze sword that was giving off a green sword-light. Everyone could see that the Little Sword Saint's hand was already on the tattered Ancient G.o.d sword.

"So weird. The Little Sword Saint's True Yuan and life aura have reached the limit, but his soul and Sword Intent have reached an entirely new level." Zhao Feng was surprised by what his left eye saw.

The Little Sword Saint had burned his True Yuan and soul to turn into a sword, but this actually increased the power of his soul.

In theory, if one's soul became stronger, their lifespan would also rise, but unfortunately, the Little Sword Saint's body had reached its limit. His lifeforce was starting to wither.

"Senior Sword Saint gained the recognition of the Ancient G.o.d weapon, but unfortunately, his life has reached its end…." The black-robed girl and company from Sky Sword Pavilion had regretful and sympathetic expressions, and everyone present revealed respectful looks.

Some Kings sighed and started to retreat. Apart from the Little Sword Saint, no one else had such a high understanding of the Sword Dao or the courage to give up their life and transform into a sword. The only one that the Ancient G.o.d sword recognized was the Little Sword Saint.

Zhao Feng spoke in a solemn tone, "Although life will always come to an end, the soul can remain immortal."

Immortal soul? The black-robed girl and company from Sky Sword Pavilion shook and couldn't help but start to think.

Weng~ Jiang!

As if sensing something, the bright sword-light that the Little Sword Saint had turned into suddenly started to dim.

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