Konjiki no Moji Tsukai Chapter 277

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Chapter 277

Chapter 277 - The Threat of Judom

The skillful escape of Teckil caused the prison guard’s face to harden and sink down with a pale expression, but as soon as he got his sanity back, he immediately reported the incident to the upper echelons.

Hiyomi who received the report immediately headed to the prison cell. And upon seeing the small hole made on the wall he muttered in a very low voice

“They got us”

(Someone must have helped this escape…..but who could it be?)

The disturbing elements in this country were supposed to have been roughly dealt with by Avoros. And all the citizens have already been brain-washed... then who could possibly be the one who took the risk to help the 『Evila』, Teckil……….

Or rather how did that person even know that Teckil was imprisoned here in the first place……...

A lot of questions came up one after another, but none among them could he answer. That said, Kainabi should have been confined here as well.

She was sent here by the Predecessor Demon Lord to cool her head for a while, because she had raised her hands against her comrades.

Of course unlike the other prisoners, she was provided with a huge room and was treated like a VIP in here, even the beds and the bathroom provided was of a superior quality compared to the other rooms.

Thinking that she might know something, Hiyomi headed towards the prison cell where Kainabi was imprisoned. Although it was quite far, there’s a possibility she might know something.

Upon reaching the prison cell, he opened the grid patterned cell door with a key. Inside was the figure of Kainabi seated leisurely while reading a book in her hand.

Although he could see the bags under her eyes, her physical condition overall didn’t seem to be that bad.

"......Ah? What is it, has the order been withdrawn?"

"That’s right, it was just a light punishment anyway. If you swear that you would never raise your hands on your comrades again, then I can let you out. That was the order that was pa.s.sed to me by the His Majesty."

"...........I will absolutely hit that bit*h Isuka"


To her murmur, Hiyomi responded that she was “Foolish”, which caused Kainabi to glare at Hiyomi as if he was getting out of line.

"Even though Isuka was close by, His Majesty got beaten down! It’s because that bit*h didn’t do anything……."

"I have told you many times already. That was the His Majesty’s order."

"Even so, it is obvious that His Majesty’s life should be given the top priority!”

"So His Majesty’s order should be violated?”

"I don’t care what the orders were as long as His Majesty lives"

Her loyalty is really something.

"I would have given my life for His Majesty anytime"


"My family was killed, my body was tampered with, and in the end I was thrown away because I wasn’t needed anymore. I had lost my reason and will to live. But at that time, His Majesty held out his hand to me! He told me that I was needed! He said that I was indispensable!"

Kainabi’s bitter smile turned to a gleeful smile.

"His Majesty is like a parent to me, the most important person to me. That’s why I will never forgive Isuka who was unable to protect His Majesty!"

She only

has only one priority, and that is Avoros’ life. She, who sees the world in such a narrow perspective, could only judge the behavior of Isuka as an act of betrayal.

Especially to those who would hurt Avoros. She will never betray her comrades, NO there is no way that she would betray Avoros. But, if it is to protect Avoros, she has the madness to even bare her fangs towards her comrades.

(Now how should I deal with this…..)

Although Hiyomi could somehow relate to her thoughts on the matter, but among all those who have gathered to support His Majesty’s objectives, there were only few who adored him. But the rest were only acting together because their interests overlapped.

Although all these people do consider Avoros as their king and follow unconditionally, unlike Kainabi, they place more importance on His Majesty’s orders rather than his life.

That’s why they do not go against the orders of Avoros. Even if the content of his order meant hurting himself in the process, they’d still obey him.

It may be difficult for Kainabi to accept her comrades' ideas where strength and vector of desires differ in the first place.

"...... but comrades are still comrades. I won’t ask of you to get along with them, but you should still compromise when you must compromise."


"It’s fine if you mostly give priority towards the life of His Majesty. But know that everyone is not like that. It doesn’t mean they are betraying His Majesty"

"..........I understand that much as well."

Although her expression doesn’t prove she was convinced, Hiyomi still continued on.

"Then you shouldn’t fight with your comrades. Even His Majesty wouldn’t like it if this goes on.”

"...........but it was Isuka’s fault"

She mumbled in a childlike voice.

"It is fine if you cause mischief. But you should not take it any further. It would be troublesome to have such problems arise while His Majesty is still asleep."

"I- I know that, d.a.m.n it! Anyway, what did you come here for? "

"We can finally get down to business."

"What do you mean? Come to think of it, you seem to be in quite a hurry."

Hiyomi recounted the escape of Teckil from the prison.

"Hmph. Even though he was originally His Majesty’s subordinate…..."

Bloodl.u.s.t again oozed from Kainabi.

"I came to ask ……….if you know something about it but it seems that you don’t anything as well”

"It can’t be helped now, because it seems that he has already escaped from the prison!"

"That’s seems to be so"

"Ah, but there was this odour I smelled a while ago”

"What odour?"

"Who was it again….the one who ruled on behalf of the king of this country before His Majesty arrived"

"...........Judom Lankers?”

"Ah, that was his name? I smelled his odour some time ago?"

"............is that so"

Her sense of smell is extremely sensitive. If Judom’s odour was truly in the dungeon, then it all fits together.

If he thought about it, it wouldn’t be strange for him to possibly invade this place. In addition to his strength, he was also on good terms with King Rudolph, so he would also know the structure of the Imperial Castle.

Although it was still a mystery how Judom managed to pinpoint where Teckil was imprisoned, it was very likely that Judom was the one came to help Teckil.

(As I thought we should have killed him. I knew his existence would cause more problems later on…..)

The strength of Judom was even acknowledged by Avoros. He is an opponent you can’t guard against. Avoros succeeded last time in kicking him out of this country, but as expected he should have pursued and killed him.

".....For the time being let’s go Kainabi"

"Eh? Is that ok?"

"Yeah, I’m going to examine this castle completely and plug all the holes. Then no more rats can come in through the holes again."

"Geh, are you going to make me do that?"

"No, you go on ahead and search for Judom Lankers with Bi-Johnny."

"..........no way, I don’t want to partner with that gay bast*rd again….."

It was obvious that she disliked being paired with 《Bi-Johnny》, but if he were to listen to her, he would certainly feel bad.

"Anyway, prepare to pursue"

"............well. I was dying of boredom anyways. Um, but before that, is it fine if I see His Majesty before then?"

"Do as you wish"

Kainabi laughs while grinning happily. Hiyomi thought that she looked like a normal Lolita when she laughed this way.

And so Hiyomi left the prison along with Kainabi.


(Judom Lankers……..I’ll remember this)



Judom, who rescued Teckil, got on the big bird created from Teckil’s 《Paint Magic》, and the two of them left 【Victorias】 by them.

They were heading towards the hideout as Judom guided, but mid-way, they decided to walk the rest of the path. If they were to continue from the sky, they might attract unnecessary attention.

The two started to advance while slowly checking if there were any pursuers. Since it was a forest, the visibility of the place reduced as they advanced.

But there was nothing there.

".....did we just get lost?"

"Nope, this is the hideout"

"......excuse me? But……..there is nothing here though?"

They were surrounded by a curtain of trees, and the meadows were spread as long as the eyes could see.

"Follow me"

With Judom’s lead, Teckil moved his legs while tilting his head. Then when they reached the center of it, he could sense a faint magical power.

 (There is something.....in here?)

Teckil quietly gazed at the surroundings ahead. Judom who noticed Teckil’s gaze,

"Hoh, as expected of the senses of an 『Evila』. Did you notice it?"

"Somehow, I can certainly feel something but…..."


Teckil couldn’t figure out what exactly was there. He could just feel that there was something in this place. The feeling was faint, if one loses concentration for a second, they could easily forget it.

"Then, check it with your eyes"

Judom pushed his back, and stepped on the ground with some momentum added into it. Immediately a small hut appeared in front of Teckil’s eyes.


"......I-is that a barrier?"


Teckil was then finally able to reach an answer.



"That’s right. This hut cannot be seen from the outside."

It seems that you can only see it after one enters inside.

"It is quite far away from the capital, but this is just a precautionary measure"

There were many adventurers standing nearby the hut. As soon they saw Judom they came running as if they were waiting for him to come back. And they started to complain instantly.

In order to hear the reason why Judom pushed everyone away and went alone to save Teckil.

(Haha, all of them seems quite angry)

Although they feel happy that Teckil was saved, his adventurer comrades still felt uneasy until he came back.

But when they saw Judom had come back safely, although they were quite angry, they were all glad.

"Welcome back Judom-sama"


In that group of smelly men came the scent of a flower. Teckil was wide eyed in astonishment when he saw the figure of who had appeared.


(T-that child could it be?)


Teckil dug deep into his sleeping memory and compared it to the person in his presence. Although there were few discrepancies,

(.........there is no doubt about it. She is……the second princess of 【Victorias】........ )


Konjiki no Moji Tsukai Chapter 277

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