Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken Chapter 259

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Chapter 259 – The Happiness for being Unneeded

On the seat placed on top of a platform, I held Althea in my arms and gently combed her hair.

Below I can see Nana and the slave soldiers train with Hikari and her drake soldiers.

While supervising them, Althea let me enjoy her beauty.

Being admired like that, Althea looked pleased with the situation that seemed as if she was my queen.

And while gently touching her hair, I was thinking.

I was thinking on how to make someone other than Melissa the pope of Solon Church.

『Before that, are you sure you do not need to confirm it first?』

「What do you mean」


Eleanor only said that single word.

From her tone, I can tell she’s asking me as if to remind me something, but the only word she said was “Solon”.

「I have no clue about what you’re talking about」

『Well, that might be how you really are』

Eleanor said while rolling her eyes.



It changed just a bit, but the meaning completely changed.

And I finally remembered.

It is about the incident in Aegina.

Leaving aside Selene’s brother Kimon partnering with demons, that demon acting itself wasn’t their whole organization’s consensus. It was only an underling who lent its powers to Kimon.

And after I caught a member of that organization who came to “take care” of that underling and Kimon, I used the powers of the Demon Sword to invade his mind and the name I got from him was “Solon”.

Calamba, Comotoria, Siracuza, and Aegina. The name of the boss of the demons that was involved in all those incidents is Solon.

『It would seem that you have forgotten it all this time』


『Well, I guessed it a long time ago. It might have been better if I lied at that time and told you that it’s a woman’s name』

That’s right. After that incident, I searched a lot of information about that Solon.

And I found outーーwhat was it again?

There’s this legend or myth and I found out that the God that created that miracle was a male god.

Other than that, I was probably told more about it, but……

『Kuku, all that you remember is that he’s a male god right?』

Eleanor teased me.

She’s really going on aggressive teasing me while she can since earlier.

It’s true that I’ve completely forgotten about it, and I can’t even remember the details right now, so I can’t say anything back.

『How interesting. Your memory should’ve been improved 777x』

「I don’t have a brain that needs to remember men」

『Zero multiplied by many times is still zero, huh』

After hearing all of that from Eleanor, I started thinking about it.

There’s another problem now.

It’s whether that “Solon-sama” is really related to the Solon Church.

『Those guys do not intend to be in a conflict with you. Because you are stronger when it comes to strength and your constitution as well』

「Constitution? What do you mean」

『It’s about womenーーin your case, you have a constitution that would make you solve everything when “good women” are involved. Just like a hero in a story』

「I don’t have something like that」

I don’t remember winning that on the lottery.

『I am just saying that it looks like that from the side. And alsoーー』


『You are planning on doing that right?』

「Of course」

『If so, “that” will appear depending on your actions. And those guys would be able to tell it and would try to avoid you. That’s right, until you reach the end of your lifespan. For demons, it is a piece of cake waiting for a single human’s lifespan to end. It is similar to humans avoiding bad weather when going to hunt. They won’t die for resting for a while』

「They’re treating me like a natural calamity huh」

『That is why they would not try to be in a conflict with you. However, no one knows what would happen if you push them too far. They might not be able to endure it if they’re become enraged. If you go too far, they might start an all-out warーーlet me ask you again』

Eleanor’s tone changed.

It turned solemn.

『Are you sure you do not need to confirm it first?』

She returned to her first question.

I answered instantly.

I didn’t think that much about it, but it would be the same even if I did.

「That’s a silly question」

『A silly question, huh』

「Yeah. A good woman, Melissa, is involved this time as well. If so, then there won’t be any problem」

『I guess so』

I decided the plan once again after talking with Eleanor.

I remembered about Solon, but that didn’t change my mind.

While I was deciding that while watching the slave soldiers and the drake soldiers train, Althea did not ask anything.

I did not ask her for her advice and decided it with just Eleanor.

I only treated Althea as a simple woman and fondled her in that suitable way.

I only proceeded to decide and as I finished.

Althea released an aura that felt as blissful as she could get.

Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken Chapter 259

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