Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken Chapter 260

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Chapter 260 – Super Damage and Super Regeneration 

I went out for a walk in the town of Roizen after a long time.

It’s a town that isn’t really unique, but it is very lively recently.

The goods handled by stores and the number of passers-by that looked like travelers are increasing.

「Business is really easy in Mercouri」

「You’re completely right about that. Money is light and on top of that, there’s no need to worry about receiving fake ones. Maybe I should consider transferring all my business to Mercouri」

I heard a conversation of merchants that passed by.

I see. It’s getting crowded around here because of the new currency issued by Mercouri huh.

I heard some about it from Iris, but it’s the first time I’m seeing it personally.

『From my experience』


『People come out of their houses when business is good. Leaving aside nobles and royals, commoners must come out to use money』

「I see. Looking at them carefully, their expressions are bright」

『It was the first thing you have done in this world, right?』

「It’s before I met you」

I feel like I’ve been with her for a long time (it’s more than true in some sense), but I did many things without Eleanor when I just came to this world.

The incident about counterfeit coins and hunting mountain cows is a part of that.

『Hmm, the you that I do not know, huh』


『I just thought how pathetic you have been』

Eleanor cheerfully said in a teasing tone.

Having no physical body, this girl really likes playing with her words.

「I wonder who is it who got her ass kicked by that pathetic man?」

『In common sense, tools need skilled users. It cannot be helped since the tool was rusted even if the opponent is weak』

「There’s someone who made that tool rust? How useless」

『It is also someone who made it pregnant』

「That’s amazing. The daughter must be super cute」

『As if a cat gave birth to a tiger』

I walked around the town while exchanging casual talk with Eleanor.

While I did that, I felt someone looking at me the whole time.

The townspeople were looking at me the whole time.

I’m a famous noble living in the ex-haunted house on the outskirts of town, so it looks like I’ve gathered attention because of that.

『It looks like you really need a disguise』

「I guess so」

I activated Eleanor’s aura while walking.

I slowly released it so it would not be flashy, slowly covering my body.

Gradually, my appearance changed.

Adding to the fact that I was moving, no one noticed it.

Instead, the gazes gradually decreased.

After I changed to a young man no one knows from a noble with an official title, nobody gave me another look.

Soon after I completely changed, I stopped in front of a certain building.

The church.

The church of Solon that most of the town would have at least one.

I can hear voices from people praying inside.

I pushed the door open and entered inside.


Within those many believers praying, a young woman who was watching them looked at my direction.

That young woman that wore clerical clothes approached and called out to me.

「You’re here for the first time, right? Do you wish to be converted?」

「You can tell I’m here for the first time?」

I glanced at the other believers.

I tried to search if they have a common trait, but I didn’t find any of that sort.

「I remember everyone who has come to visit here」


I was impressed by her who said it as if it was natural. I guess she has a good memory.

「My name is Meryl Onassis」

「It’s Shou」

「Shou-san, then. Do you wish to be converted?」

「Yeah. I was saved by Melisssama before」

「Oh, that was the case!」

Meryl’s expression turned soft.

I made up a reason that sounds very plausible and natural. I used that as a reason because I’ve been with Melissa many times when she was saving people, so I can make up as many reasons I can make.

「You are the same with me then!」

It looks like I didn’t need to make up more reasons. Meryl instantly believed me and even felt a sense of comradeship.

「Do you know the town of Rintos?」

「I think I’ve heard about it.」

「Ahaha, it’s just a small town after all. I was living in that town, but one day, there was an incident caused by tree spirits. But when everyone was at a loss on what to do, Melisssama came and subjugated it」


『That’s your encounter with the Saintess』

Un? Encounter with the Saintess……ahh, it’s that time huh.

I don’t remember the names, but I remember the time I’ve met Melissa clearly. It’s the same with what we did then.

I see, she was from that town huh.

「After that, I entered the Solon Church and arrived at this town」

「Why did you come to this town?」

「It’s because I heard that Melisssama comes here a lot. I thought I could meet her if I come here」

Meryl said and blushed.

I see. This is the patter where rather than Solon Church itself, she is a devotee of Melissa as an individual.

Melissa frequently visits my place. Unlike my other women, it looks like she would also visit the church here after coming to my mansion.

Meryl came here because of that huh.

「Ah! I’m sorry, I was talking about myself the whole time」

「No, I don’t mind」

「Anyways, you would like to convert right?」

「Yeah. Is there a condition? Like donating」

「Ahaha, there’s no need for such thing. Although we will be really grateful for receiving some, it is good enough if you come to the church and pray during your free time. Your faith would turn to Solon-sama’s powers itself」

「I see」

This time, she didn’t have that much emotion when she said that. It wasn’t even a tenth of what she showed when she was talking about Melissa.

Coming this far, it’s even refreshing instead.

「Ah! Right. You must receive a test when you convert」

「Test? Do I need to defeat some monster?」

『Are you a muscle-brain』

I could feel Eleanor rolling her eyes.

「No, no. Not at all. It is very easy. There will be a ceremony……well, it is only a simple one though」

“Please follow me” Meryl said and led me deeper into the church.

In a decently wide room, there’s a pot as big as a bucket.

「This is?」

「It’s called the Pot of Life. It is said that once upon a time, when Solon-sama was in trouble, he received a bean a day from the pot and overcame the crisis with that」

「That episode sounds like it’s summarized a lot」

「Eh? Uhm……uhh……do you wish to, hear more about it?」

When I pointed that out, Meryl embarrassingly looked down.

From how she seems, I can easily tell that she doesn’t know much about it.

『If it was about that Saintess, she should be able to answer how many hair she has grown from her birth if you’d ask her』

Eleanor laughed cheerfully.

That is also too much of an exaggeration, but I get what she means.

「No, it’s fine. Rather than that, what are we going to do next?」

「Ah! Yes. Please place your hand right here」

「And then?」

「That’s all. It has powers that can purify evil, so those evil people would get purified when they try to touch it. Ahaha, just to let you know, nothing will really happen」

Meryl laughed mischievously.

That’s probably true.

I faced the pot.

I only need to put my hand inside, that’s all.

But, I stopped.

『You finally noticed huh』

Of course.

I couldn’t laugh as much as Meryl could.

The pot of life, when I was about to touch it, I felt a bad feeling about it.

No, rather than a “bad” feeling, it’s better to describe it as “dangerous” feeling.

Also, the presence I felt. It was in the same nature as that of Opis, the white snake.

The Opis, the natural enemy of Demon Swords.

For ordinary people, it’s just a huge snake, but when I cut it using Eleanor or Hikari, they would multiply while retaining their strength.

I could feel a similar presence with that Opis.

I secretly released an aura hidden from Meryl and stretched it out until it enters the pot.

It was eaten.

It disappeared without leaving any trace……and it was eaten.

What would happen if I put my hand inside……

『Even your bones won’t probably remain』

I guessed that far.

The compatibility is the worst. Putting my hand inside this pot is far more dangerous than receiving Nana’s full strength attack without defending.

「……what’s the matter?」

Meryl looked at me while tilting her head. She’s probably wondering why I stopped in front of the pot.

『What are you going to do? You want to leave now and come again later?』

I guess so. If it’s a power with the same attribute as Opis, then it’s better to think of a countermeasure before coming again.

I thought of some words of excuses, but at that time.

「Hey, Meryl! Are you here!」

One man entered the church looking to be in a rush.

「What’s the matter?」

「It’s Melisssama! Melisssama has come!」


「You wanted to meet Melisssama right? If we go now, we can see her closeup when we welcome her」

「Un! Ah……!」

Meryl was about to rush out but stopped after she remembered me.

She looked like she wants to see Melissa as soon as possible, but just can’t leave me hanging here.

「I’ll finish it quickly」

I told Meryl and reached out my hand into the pot.

『Are you insane』

Just watch.

Just before I put my hand inside the pot, I activated my skills.

Lend Melissa my natural recovery ability.

【Natural Recovery will be lent to Melissa. Time Remaining: 59 Minutes 59 Seconds】  

Copy natural recovery ability from Melissa.

【Natural Recovery will be copied from Melissa】

I lent her the multiplier and copied her ability.

After I activated those two abilities that I got from the lottery, I put my hand inside the pot.

The next instant, I felt an excruciating pain.

It felt as if hundreds of thousands of ants bit me at the same time.

I looked inside the pot.

My hand was repeatedly being extinguished and regenerated at super high speed.

It repeated so quickly that if you didn’t look closely, it would seem as if it was normal.

I endured the excruciating pain that would make me pass out if I didn’t brace myself for a second then took out my hand out of the pot.

With Melissa’s recovery speed multiplied by 777x, naturally, my hand looked as if nothing was ever done to it.

After seeing that, Meryl said.

「Welcome to the Solon Church」

But as soon as she spouted those welcoming words, she rushed out of the church to see Melissa.

Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken Chapter 260

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