Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken Chapter 268

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Chapter 268 – G.o.d’s Task

「Good for you, Caroline」


Caroline’s eyes widened for some reason, making a surprised face.

Was there anything to be surprised about?

「What’s the matter, Caroline?」

「Thank goodness……」

「Really, what’s gotten to you? Why are you making such a relieved expression」

「Just for an instant, I couldn’t understand G.o.d’s words, so……thank goodness……I can still understand」

『I see. She was surprised because she couldn’t understand your words, but got relieved because she could understand you a moment later』

「That seems to be the case. But why couldn’t she understand me? Hikari」

「Un. Onee-chan, can you understand Hikari?」

「Huh? You can’t?」

Hikari tilted her head while she said that., but even so, Caroline also tilted her head with a questioning expression.

「You can’t understand what Hikari was saying?」


「Did the lottery prize’s effect disappear? No, it shouldn’t be a consumable, but……」

「Want to ask the lottery person?」

Hikari suggested. I thought that it was a good idea.

「What do you mean by lottery person?」

Caroline seemed like she understood Hikari’s words right now.

「You can understand?」

「Yes G.o.d. I can if I want to」

「If you want to……huh. Wait a second」


I left Caroline in her room, bringing people from my mansion to her room using my Warp Feather.

I brought Miu, Colaria, and Nana.

I made them talk with Caroline.

And what I found out was.

「Caroline can only understand the people you want to understand huh」

「That might be it……」

「It might be something like matching the frequency」

「Free, qen, see?」

Caroline tilted her head. Hikari also tilted her head.

It might be an example unfamiliar to this world.

But I understood it quite well.

From the beginning, Caroline can only hear high frequency, but after gaining the skill “Backward Compatibility”, she is now about to hear different voice frequencies.

Although she can match many frequencies, she still can’t hearーーcan’t understand the frequencies that she currently does not match.

Well, there’s not much problem about that.

Even ordinary people have difficulties in hearing another in crowdy places. Caroline’s current state is similar to that, so there’s barely any problem.

On the other hand, the problem is what to do from now on.

Caroline is now able to talk with ordinary people, so how should I make her the pope?

I thought about that for a second.

「Onee-chan, do you like flowers?」

「Huh? Onee-chan?」

While I was thinking, Hikari called out to Caroline, but she didn’t react.

Caroline, she should be able to hear her voice, but she only can’t understand what she’s saying.

Since it’s like that, she should be able to hear Hikari talking to her. She should be able to talk to her if she focusーーthat should be the case.

But Caroline, she was only staring at me, not replying to Hikari.



「Why won’t you reply to Hikari?」

「Uhm……I didn’t want to miss G.o.d’s words……just like earlier……so……」

Caroline said timidly.

『How innocent, just like a loyal dog』

「That’s fine, but……there’s no meaning then」

She’s completely focused trying to not miss any of my words, but there’s no meaning to it if she doesn’t match her frequency with the other people that are talking to her.

I’ve already given her the skill, so it’s useless if she doesn’t use it.

……for good or for bad, Caroline seems to be an innocent girl.



「I’ll be leaving for now. I’ll come again tomorrow. Until then, go and talk to as many people as you can」

「Talk to, many people?」

「That’s right. ……let me see. Go and ask them their names. You should tell me their names when I come tomorrow」


Caroline nodded happily.

『Kukuku, you seem to be an instructor giving her homework rather than a G.o.d』

Eleanor said playfully.

I was also somewhat feeling that way.

During lunchtime the next day, I warped to Caroline’s room.

There is a simple bed in her room, but even so, Caroline was sleeping on her desk.

I went to her side to have a look at herーー

『She’s holding something……a notebook?』

「It’s full of words. Adonis, Eleni, Kylute, Eleanora……this is……」

『They are people’s names. Probably the names of the people she talked to』

That seems to be the case.

But this……it’s unbelievable how many there are.

I carefully took the notebook from Caroline to not let her wake up.

With a glance, I could tell that the number of names isn’t less than a hundred.

Rather, there are several hundreds of them……maybe even a thousand.

「She talked to so many people?」

『She probably faithfully kept your order. How lovable is that』

「I guess so」

I carried Caroline.

I released a faint aura not to wake her up and put her down on her bed.

After placing a blanket on her, I pulled a chair to the side of her bed.

I sat and waited.

I did that so I can give her words of praise as soon as she wakes up.

I silently waited for her to wake up naturally.

Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken Chapter 268

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