Kuro no Shoukanshi Black Summoner Chapter 31

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Chapter 31 Seal

In the hut, there was a simple bed, a few shelves with nothing in it, and a desk. The things of the hut might have been collected by the discovery of the dungeon. It seems that years have passed since there was no evidence that a person lived, and it is no longer used. There is only a hidden door on the floor that will continue to the underground. Gérard opens the door and checks inside.

“Is this the entrance to the basement? It’s too dark to see anything….”

Beyond the door there was no light source, there was only darkness. It is essential to have a night vision skill, prepare a torch, or magic vision to advance.

“Efil, give me a light.”
“I got it. I will use Fire Lamp vent.”

Efil's E class red magic 【FireLampvent】 is cast. A small spherical fire appeared, lighting the surroundings brightly. Efil manipulated the fire lamp vent and made it go underground.

“Okay, now we’ve got visibility, first is Gérard, then Efil and I will follow, Clotho is the rear guard.”

Clotho that had become minimally sized on the shoulder of Efil grows to his body's original size. Most of the power is allocated to the body.

"Well, let’s get down."

“We haven’t caught anything so far, but don’t neglect your vigilance.”

"Gerard san, be careful."

The lit up way like a tunnel led to the underground. While walking behind Gérard, we search for signs and check the surroundings. If it is not darkness, I can see ahead with Efil's light, but this time the location is bad. Rio has taught me the location of the hidden room where the devil is sealed in advance so we will not get lost.

“…… Monsters don't show up.”

As Efil said, despite having walked quite a distance, no monsters appeared. If it’s a normal dungeon, it’s about time that you have encountered monsters several times.

“There is something wrong.”

When I entered the dungeon I felt a bit strange. There was no sign of life. There was nothing to be done when a Class D dungeon monster comes out, but it feels creepy that it hasn't appeared so far.

“Do you want to go back?”
“…… No, let’s just look at the state of the hidden room.”

We proceeded through the underpass and aimed at the sealed room. And we finally arrived in front of the room where the devil was sealed, without having to fight at all.

“Kelvin sama.”

“Oh, I feel a sign in the room. There is something wrong.”

“……? There is a demon, right?”

I will go there. However, there are two signs. One would be the sealed demon. I feel like it hasn't moved at all. The other sign is something different from the devil. This … is… human? No, but…

… There seems to be something different from the devil, it may be better to care about this first.”
“Is not it a devil?”
“Oh, on the contrary, the devil is weakening; apparently, it seems that it is another person who is really dangerous.”

“So what are we going to do?”

Well, the object to be subjugated is the devil. I cannot get a reward if I do not defeat this guy…

“The first thing is to neutralize the threat and I will think about the devil from then.”

In some cases, you may be able to do it under him.

“Well, I understand.”
“Let’s work hard.”

Re-apply the auxiliary magic, and finish preparations for battle using recovery drugs.

“There is something behind the sealed devil in the center of the room, everyone, be careful!”

At my order, Gerard rushes into the room.

After I entered the room there was an absurdly beautiful woman sat down like a sleep at the center of the room. The smooth hair was crimson like a flame, and the long hair was tied to a side ponytail. She had black wings, a devil's tail, and sheep-like horns. Other than that she was completely human, but the features told us that she is not a human being. Perhaps this woman is a devil. I know that the proportion is superb even through the clothes, even though the ones she was wearing were poor. It was tremendous enough to understand. Such a bewitching body is bound like to regret it by a chain. If you are a healthy boy you will be responsible for the reaction.

It would be dangerous if I was not familiar with Efil.

“You, please concentrate seriously.” [Melfina]

Oh, I know. A sight that makes me want to joke is spreading in front of my eyes. Please forgive this much.

“What a strange……”

Gerard mutters. Behind the beautiful girl are bones, bones that seemed to be of monsters… There is a mountain of bones that fill one-third of the room. Is this the end of the monster in this dungeon? A bond beauty and a mountain of bones; and I am the one to have come across this fantasy scene.
— Baris! Boris!

The sound of gnawing at something is echoing in the room. The one who makes this noise from the depths of the Bones' mountain is the culprit of this disaster.
Tsk, the bones are disturbing and my appraisal eyes do not reach. Do I examine it from the demon woman first?

When I tried to activate the appraisal eye, the sound that had been ringing stopped for a while.
“…It looks like the next game has come in.”

With a terrible mechanical voice, it appeared at the top of the Bones' mountain.

Kuro no Shoukanshi Black Summoner Chapter 31

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