Kuzu Inou【Ondo Wo Kaeru Mono】 No Ore Ga Musou Suru Made Chapter 26

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26 Training days

A few days have pa.s.sed since I started training.
I should have…………………………achieve the result steadily by the gorilla’s kind, careful, and thorough guidance.

「Listen, I’ll do it so watch」

The gorilla jumps up to the sky, and stays in the sky while kicking the air.
And after jumping several times in the air, he returned to the ground.

「Like that. Understand?」

……Right, he’s always like this.
All the time.

Like that. Understand?

f.u.c.k that!!!!!!!
Like h.e.l.l I can understand!!!!!!

…………I thought of that until yesterday.

But like a parent bird teaching a chick how to fly, many times over and over and over again……repeating it over and over and over and over and over and over again…………

When I look at the gorilla jumping repeatedly, I started to feel like I understand something gradually.

No, it’s really just vaguely, but I can see what he’s doing.
Probably 『He accelerates himself when jumping. And slows a part of the air to create a footing by producing resistance, and he moves by kicking it with accelerated legs』 something like that.

In order to understand it, I had to see more than 100 times of this gorilla jumping.
As expected, I had enough of this.

「Ah, I finally understand. Thanks」

I thank him just in case. The gorilla doesn’t look tired at all, but he jumped desperately in order to teach me. I at least, will thank him. If possible, I wanted him to explain it to me more theoretical, though.

「I see. Then, do it」

……Eh? What did he say just now?

「If you understand it, then do it」

Like I can!!!!!!!
I salvaged some part of the thanks for the gorilla, and ask him after pulling myself together.

「You say do it…but how exactly to do it? Our abilities are different, you know?」
「What…can’t you do something similar with heating and cooling?」

Something similar with 『heating』 and 『cooling』?
Such thing…………………I don’t know. I can’t think of it.

「No, I have not the slightest idea」
「I see, then let’s do a different thing」

A very sportsmanlike Gorillsensei.

…………Um……isn’t it fine to give up that easily?
What was all that jumping you did for??
What were those days when you came into my dream, jumping around???

「Then, let’s try attacking」

Just like that, the gorilla stood in front of a rock of a diameter more than 10 meters.
He’s probably going to pulverize that huge rock. I can already grasp it without watching.

Well, by being together with him for a few days, I gradually understand the power of a 『Level 5』.

First, his abilities, 『Accelerate』 and 『Slowdown』 from his 『【Chrono Operator】』. These are very cheat abilities. By accelerating himself to the limit and slowing the surroundings, he can create a situation in which only he can move……In other words, he can 「stop time」 artificially.

Stopping time? If I have such power, I’ll surely do this and that……………Don’t tell me……he did it??…If he does, then we need to hold a family meeting. …Yo~sh, I’ll tell Merisensei next time…

Enough of that………in addition to that, what’s plainly terrible is his 「punch」 attack.

I heard before that the power of a blow attack is 「Weight x Speed²」. With his Talent’s characteristic, he can increase his speed as much as he likes. In other words, the power itself is infinite.

Even though this is already terrible, what’s worst is that the moment the fist impacts, he used「Slowdown」 to extend and adjust the impact time. By adjusting the timing, I don’t know how, but the attacker’s fist will receive no damage while 「only the opponent receive the impact」. What an outrageous way to use a blow.

That’s why he can even destroy a wars.h.i.+p or a moving fort with just a fist.

With him, isn’t the army useless?

When I think of such thing………the gorilla swings his arm…and strikes the huge rock.

Along with the thunderous sound, the huge rock smashes into pieces.

And he turned around and said this.

「Do it」

Like I can!!!!!

What “do it”!!!
Only you can do that!!!!!!!

Just like that…………
Another day of my training pa.s.ses.


Don’t tell me, I…………made no progress since the first day………?

Kuzu Inou【Ondo Wo Kaeru Mono】 No Ore Ga Musou Suru Made Chapter 26

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