Kuzu Inou【Ondo Wo Kaeru Mono】 No Ore Ga Musou Suru Made Chapter 73

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73 Principle 2  Kiris.h.i.+ma Kaname

「Where am I……?」

I woke up.
Unfamiliar ceiling.
The silver ceiling covered with something like a metal board.

「Good morning, Kiris.h.i.+ma Kaname-san」

When I turned to direction of the voice, I saw an expressionless white-robed man. When I looked around, there are many equipment. Something like an electro-cardiogram is being displayed in the monitor.

「I’m sorry for being rough on you. At that time, I didn’t have the time to explain it to you」

The expressionless man smiles and speaks to me.

「This place is a research facility built 1000 meters below ground. A very safe place. Even a nuclear strike won’t do much damage. It’s a special place made for you」

The man continues without minding the bewildered me.
1000 meters below ground?

「I have waited for this time to come. The time when I can meet you with just the two of us」

While speaking in a monotonous tone, the man stands still in the dim room.

I had a hunch.
Strange. This man is somehow strange.
It would be dangerous to let him come any closer.
I jumped off the hard bed and took a distance from the man quickly.

「Eh!? This……」

When I realized it, I was wearing a green surgical gown.
I should be wearing my school uniform until now.
What is this……

「I’m sorry, but I changed your clothes. Don’t worry, what I’m interested in is your insides only」

That is right. I remembered.

I have met this man before.
The attack at the school by the invaders.
It was when I was trying to meet up with other students after hearing the declaration of the end.
This man appeared in front of me suddenly, and the moment our eyes met, I lost my consciousness……

「I wanted to meet you. I have always dreamed for this day to come」

Upon hearing that, a chill ran through my body.
While spreading both of his hands, he approaches slowly.

「Don’t come here. 『Ouka』」

I deploy the s.h.i.+eld of the storm of blades with full power.
Small blades collide with the metal floor, giving off sparks.

「Impressive. Looks like you learned how to use the Talent, and improved it very well」

Clap, clap, clap

The man claps as if praising a kid.
While having a crack-like smile on his face.

「But you can still be better than this」

Suddenly, I felt that my body creaks as if being tied, and I was lifted up into the air as if someone grabbed my limbs.
Then, I was left hanging in midair.

「It shouldn’t be that much only」


I can’t move.
As expected, this man is a Talent User.
And he has a considerably powerful Talent.

「I want to about your possibilities」

The man continues to talk and approaches me while binding me in the air.

I can’t move anymore.
Although I have my s.h.i.+eld deployed, at this rate, it is useless.
I don’t know what his Talent actually is.

「『Billion Edge』」

With the resolution to take the man’s life, I strike him with my Talent.
The storm-like blades fly towards the man.

But my attack split into two and pa.s.sed through him.
It then struck the metal wall behind, and only created a slight crack.

「The current you is only to this degree? No, impossible」

While being puzzled, the man looks at me.
It looked like he is pondering about something.
The crack-like smile disappeared, and he looked at me with cold eyes.

「That’s right」

The crack-like smile returned on his face.
But it is a more distorted and insane smile than before.

「Let’s dissect you for a moment. Yeah, that’s the best. Unfortunately, there’s no MRI here, so I will need to see it directly」

Serizawkun’s face came to my mind.
Will I……become an experimental material for this man without being able to do anything and without knowing anything?

Even I, became strong enough to be able to fight a little……

No, I intended to be strong.

But I am weak. I am still weak.
And I realize that in this kind of place.


I deploy the full power s.h.i.+eld once again.

The swarm of blades covering me, strike the metal floor and wall, giving off intense sparks.
I can’t let him come any closer.


He looks at me calmly.
While looking disappointed.

My attack won’t work on him.
I already confirmed it.

「『Billion Edge』」

I strike my Talent aiming at the ceiling with all my might.
With my best. I squeeze out the maximum output.
While giving off sparks, the swarm of blades digs the metal ceiling.

1000 meters below ground.
I don’t know whether he was saying the truth or not.
If it is the truth, I don’t think I can pierce it.

But this is the best I can do right now.
Ask for help. Inform the abnormality.
That is the best struggle as the weak.

My small blades dig the ceiling gradually.

「Amazing. What an amazing continuation time. Kiris.h.i.+ma Kaname-san」

The man claps again.
As if praising a kid who is doing something that is not done before.
Expressionless the whole time, and the words of praises.

「But I can’t let people know about this place」

The man approaches me.

But still, I don’t stop the creation of blades.

Pierce it. Dig even if it is a little.
Even if a petal of the blade I created is weak and fragile, if I stack it up, one day……

「I’ll have you sleep for a little」

But the moment our eyes met, I lost my consciousness again, and the blades that were drilling the ceiling, vanished.

Kuzu Inou【Ondo Wo Kaeru Mono】 No Ore Ga Musou Suru Made Chapter 73

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