Last Days On Earth Chapter 23 - P4 Biological Laboratory

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Chapter 23: P4 Biological Laboratory (1)

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The Wuhan Research Inst.i.tute of Virology is one of the twelve branches of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

A pair of a young man and woman stood in the dressing area wearing heavy virology protective outfit. This sort of protective outfit made of PP non-woven fabric and variety of other previous materials prevented any sorts of bacteria and viruses from penetrating through.

Moreover, resistance to liquid corrosion, and st.u.r.dy durability was a plus.

After the two dressed themselves fully, they checked each other's clothing once more.

Wuhan Research Inst.i.tute of Virology was the only research facility in China with a P4 (Pathogen Level or Protection Level 4) Biological Laboratory. This laboratory is equipped with special air ventilation system. The temperature and humidity entering the laboratory are pre-set, and the filtering degrees reaches 99.999%. It ensures the the air circulates many times in an hour in the whole environment. A directional negative pressure system is used in the laboratory. The pressure system in the core area reaches a negative 40 PA (Pascal). The flow of air in the laboratory can only come in through a high efficiency filter which ensure the air in the laboratory does not flow outward.

Though this is still only seen on the surface. There are more isolation barrier and means of preventing the spread of infection layers after layers when conducting volatile experiments.

The man took a black magnetic card in his hand and placed it on the induction area. Soon, the semi-circular door in front of him appeared. The man and woman entered and they fell down. There were ten such iron gated door. Only the lowest floor needed an electro magnetic card whereas the other seven had an interlocking device.

The two people pa.s.sed through and entered the outdoor dressing room, into the underwear dressing room, filter area, and into the buffer zone. Padding through the disinfection area, they headed towards the chemical shower disinfection where they'd spent nearly three minutes. Ones finished, they'd finally enter the core area.

Greeting them was an infected in good health lying quietly on the operating table. His chest was slightly undulating and the steel ring around his ankles and limbs locked him to death, unable to move. Above him was a transparent gla.s.s cover. Unless pierced by a heavy round of bullet, there would be nothing able to penetrate it.

"Grade IV researcher, Dr. Chu Hai, specializing in biological science and engineering will now conduct the twenty-fifth excitement on the infected accompanied by researcher, Bai Xiaoxiao." The man named Chu Hai said a word to the computer. He clicked on the mouse, entered and string of pa.s.sword, and put his on the bridge of his nose.

The screen display showed a video recording from the man's lens. The lens of the had the ability to input external information which was no different from a regular camera.

Though he'd seen those horrific monsters a few dozen times, the fear in his heart lingered. What happened that man turned into something like this? Chu Hai had seen countless infected by the virus. There were swollen parts of their body festering with pale cracked skin and bulging circles no different from a pimple. Even their face was no longer recognizable. Though the most important thing was their zombie-like nature.

How tragic.

When human beings create a civilization to fight against the laws of nature, they end up creating a terrible monster that not only destroys the world they once knew, but also themselves.

Survival of the fittest seemed to be playing at its core foundation.

Chu Hai is also certain this sort of virus was not a manifestation of the laws of nature but a change in ecological balance.

In regards to the theory of biological evolution, all evolution is natural, conforming to natural principles. For example, if a fish can't stay in the water, they need to go ash.o.r.e. After decades, even centuries of evolution, there would be a few submarine species who'd evolved a respiratory system. Albeit strange, it is logical and conforming.

But this virus can never be used as the "biochemical weapon" created by nature to reduce human beings.

It's highly volatile and infectious. When bitten, the infected host will spread the virus through the bloodstream. When the virus enters the body, it'll quickly a.s.similate and pollute all the cells in the human body.

You'll grow weaker and weaker until the virus enters your brain cells. You'll enter a short period of false death, then suddenly, the virus will produce its own cells ten times faster than the regular cell you're born with.

You're no longer controlled by your muscles but rather the cerebral's simple consciousness. For example, when a normal person injures himself, the brain sends out a signal to tend and care for the injury. The muscle moves. But now, even if you've a piece of missing flesh from your thighs, your body would not do anything. It longer needs energy from the body.

This terrible thing, no one can escape from it. It's everywhere, all over the world. How could something like nature create this virus? Impossible.

Bai Xiaoxiao pushed the shelf to the side of the operating table. She'd just finished disinfecting all the necessary instruments and placed them in order. She looked at her teacher's eyes, her eyes slightly fanatical and br.i.m.m.i.n.g with fear.

"Life activity: forty percent… No fluctuations in the heart lung, body energy, and brain. Pupils are scattered and still retain the aggressive virus in the body. It's not been killed." Chu Hai looked at the display screen.

Bai Xiaoxiao quickly recorded the data with paper and pen. Though they were video data, the two always recorded two copies for safety caution.

At last, he turned his head and stared at the infected struggling to break free.

He sighed deeply. "No. 6 antibody… failed."

The infected corpse needs not any body energy thus need not the use of oxygen. The reason why it's bosom rose up and down was due to biological instinct. After all, man was born with this movement whether they know it or not. If the lobe of the lungs or respiratory tract is damaged, the only difference is that they do not breathe.

"Next, I will begin sampling." The infected slammed its head. It opened its mouth and rotten smell filled the air. Chu Hai grabbed a knife and tweezer and approached the infected's arm.

"Arghh!" The infected struggled fiercely, strongly expressing its discontent and longing for flesh.

Chu Hai's expression did not change. He turned a deaf ear and remained steady calm as usual. He turned the knife over and cut a small flesh on the infected's arm, placing it on the metallic dish thereafter. Without the blood flowing through the veins, the blood dried out, it's skin dry and coagulated. At once, this infected accounted 70% of water in its human body. Now, except for the water locked in the cerebral tissues, all source of water found in the body is gone.

The infected felt no pain as the knife pierced its skin. It remained emotionless. No signs of intense pain was shown.

Chu Hai had looked at this virus for a long while already. It won't be long before he's able to understand its composition and structure.

Last Days On Earth Chapter 23 - P4 Biological Laboratory

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