Lazy Dungeon Master Chapter 283

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Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 283 Chatting with Wataru

A week after Knight Commander Sally headed back, Wataru came.

“Heya, Kehmsan! How’s Shikinchan doing nowadays? She holding up?”
“She’s gotten into a bit of a huge problem right now actually.”
“Eh, is she alright?”
“Sally-san said she’ll be fine so probably.”
“… Sally-san…? Ah, that Demon Instructor-sama. If Sally-san said that, it’ll be fine.”

Judging by how his eyes zoned out there for a sec, I guess Sally-san taught Wataru back in the imperial capital.
I told him about Shikina’s s.e.x being thrown for a spin after she absorbed [Futanaru]. I already told Sally-san about it, so there’s not really any reason for me to hide it.

I showed Wataru to the parlor, we sat facing each other on opposing sofas.

“Wait, Sally-san came here? I have to greet her—”
“Unfortunately, she left last week. By the way, she’s traveling with her boyfriend.”
“Eh, did Sally-san have a boyfriend…? An armored boyfriend… I can’t picture him… rather, I haven’t even seen Sally-san’s face. What kind of armor did this boyfriend have?”
“What, are you saying Sally-san’s a living armor? I’ll tell on you.”
“Hahaha, it was a joke. Please don’t…”

According to him, she’d always been in her full plate fully done, even with her face guard down, while training.
Wataru knowing that Sally-san is a living armor… is probably not a thing, but he might’ve started suspecting already.
Well, Haku-san should be able to sort that out one way or another.

“By the way, Sally-san herself is a beautiful blonde1. Her boyfriend wasn’t wearing armor, he was a androgynous, I-love-older-women type of guy.”
“Heeeh… a beauty, huh. She definitely did have a nice voice, I guess.”
“You should see him next time, though make sure you don’t fall for him yeah?”
“Hahaha, no way. Oh yeah, what was Sally-san’s casual wear like?”
“Even her casual wear…”

Wataru looked up to the ceiling.
Even I think that it’s to the point that calling her a living armor as a nickname wouldn’t be off.

“… Oh, here’s this month’s payment. It has Shikinchan’s monthly fees too.”

I took the gold coin-filled bag from Wataru.
It’s a bit late, but this would be like handing over a suitcase of money in Japan… For it to be handed to me so readily…
Getting lost in that feeling and feeling like I’d wound up as a big shot as I counted the coins, the door to the parlor was knocked on.

Then, a certain blonde, disappointing elf jumped in.

“Masteeeeeer! And Wataru-sensei! It’s been so long!”
“Hmm? Err, who are you, again?”
“She’s Shikinchan, obviously? Kehmsan, why are you tilting your head?”
“Fufufu… it’s fine, Wataru-sensei. I’ve been locked up in my room for a while now, after all. If I recall correctly, I believe there is a saying in your birthplace, Wataru-sensei, that says [Boys grow fast in just three days’ time, so pay attention2] In other words, as I haven’t been seen in the last several days, I am basically a new Shikina from Master’s point of view! Therefore! It’s natural for him to not know who I am!”

Shikina threw her chest out in pride. She reminds me a bit of what Rokuko used to be like…
Looks like she’s gotten back to her old self.

… I was wanting her to feel better, but this is a bit…

For the time being, I put the hundred and five gold coins I counted out into a different dimension using [Safe].
Not needing a real safe because of magic is really convenient, seriously. [Storage] is a low level skill, but with [Safe], I’m even able to do stuff like get small change for some reason. It’s a really allowing magic. I was told about its currency exchange just the other day.

Furthermore, there wasn’t even much of a reason for me to count the money since you’ll know exactly how much money you put into the [Safe] the moment you do it. However, since you’ll only know what your balance is, even if you say something like [You were five coins short], someone could just answer back to you with [You must have miscounted then?].
It’s important to count them properly before putting them into the [Safe] to prevent accidents.

“Well, jokes aside, it’s been a few days huh, Shikina. Could it be that that is gone?”
“It hasn’t disappeared, but I learned how to use my p.e.n.i.s thanks to the diapers I got from you and Setsundono’s help! It’s pretty convenient now that I’ve gotten used to it!”
“Don’t say p.e.n.i.s like that, it sounds vulgar… hey, is she really a noble lady?”
The Kukkoro family is a considerably distinguished family, but…. well, maybe this is just another result of Kehmsan’s education?”

Don’t blame that on me. The vulgarity of her words and her straightforwardness was there from the start.

“Oh. Wataru-sensei. I’d like you to ask father if he could prepare a drug called [Futanaru].”
“Hmm? Oh, I heard about it from Kehmsan, but you cracked the Sia lord’s daughter’s drug, right. Sure, I’ll pass it on.”
“Sorry for troubling you. Master said he would shoulder the debt, but there is nothing better than replacing the original thing with another if at all possible—oh, also ask him to take care of the legalities as well?”
“Got it. Now that I think about it, there’s been a lot of those chaotic-type magic drugs appearing in the imperial capital’s market recently, so getting one should be possible.”

Heeeh, I wonder why~…
A certain girl popping into my head, I looked away from the two as they chatted.

… I wonder if Nayuta knows how to make [Futanaru]? She is her grandkid, and she’s an alchemist.

Lazy Dungeon Master Chapter 283

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