Legend Of Legends Chapter 147

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Chapter 147: Contract 2

Translator: Moliere

Editor: SootyOwl

Sora watched the deal being made, and her eyes widened. She had been really surprised by the $10 million signing bonus and the $1 million annual salary, so she lost touch with reality after hearing that mana stones and bloodstones were worth $100 million.

She hadn't received her $10 million signing bonus yet, so she had a hard time believing it all. However, right in front of her, they agreed to a $700 million contract for some random stones that were used for the iron soldiers as a new energy source. She was perplexed by the price, and her jaw hung open.

Junhyuk was now worth hundreds of millions, and Sora just stared at him. She hadn't seen it before, but she realized that he was the world-famous employee model for ST Capsule. Junhyuk was already a star on the internet and the world. That star was someone who had survived the Dimensional Battlefield and had his own powers. Sora's eyes beamed.

They told her she would certainly go to the Dimensional Battlefield, and he had to know a lot about that place. Junhyuk's eyes were resolute, and she couldn't talk to him at that moment.

Junhyuk made the deal and checked his bank account. He had been paid $10 million for his films, but now the account said $510 million. He had enough money to do anything he wanted, and Doyeol told him he would take care of the people following him. So, he could focus on his training again.

Junhyuk thought for a moment and said, "OK. Next time I get the stones, I'll let you know."

"Sure! I'll be expecting it. It doesn't have to be mana stones or bloodstones. If you get something from the Dimensional Battlefield that you want to sell, just let me know. You won't be sorry."

"I'll do that."

Junhyuk got up.

"I don't want anyone aside from those here today to find out about what has transpired here."

Doyeol agreed.

"Of course. I meant to ask you same thing."

"And find someone to work as an employee model."

"You want to quit?"

"As soon as you get someone, I'll quit. Do you want penalty fees for the breach of contract?"

Doyeol laughed very hard.

"Hhhha! What do you mean? We'll make it look like we made a mistake. Is that OK?"


Junhyuk looked at Sora.

"Sora, can you keep the secret?"

She knew that only a few people in the world knew about the battlefield and she nodded. Junhyuk looked very scary. She couldn't think of anything else but to nod. When Junhyuk turned around, she sighed.

He went out of the door and inhaled deeply, but he still had one thing to do. Junhyuk sat in his office and started writing on a piece of paper. Once he finished, he folded the paper, put it inside an envelope and went to see Eunseo.

Junhyuk went to the CEO's office, and Dohee announced him. He went inside at Eunseo's invitation.

"What did my brother want?" she asked.

"It's a secret. I can't tell you."

Eunseo frowned a bit, and Junhyuk handed her the envelope.

She read it, raised her gla.s.ses and asked, "You are quitting?!"


"You are quitting Guardians?"

"Yes, and ST Capsule is letting me go as a model."

"For what reason?"

Junhyuk didn't feel like talking, and Eunseo looked at him and said, "You are quitting on your second day. That is a surprise."

"I want to live my life. It's my choice."

"But we don't have enough people working here. It will take some time for your resignation letter to go through."

Junhyuk could understand her reasoning.

"I will report to work until you find someone. Do you need a month?"

Eunseo nodded.

"A month will be plenty."

"Then," he said and got up.

"Elise discovered more things about what happened today. Look it over and email me. You may go home after," she said matter-of-factly.


Junhyuk walked out and headed toward the Development Department. Elise wasn't at her seat, so he waited. She came running with serious look on her face.

"Can I see your files on what happened today with the monsters? The CEO wants me to," he asked her.

Elise looked at him, tapped on her tablet and said, "I've used Zaira to give you access. Check your computer at the Executive Department."

"I don't have an ID or a pa.s.sword."

Elise laughed at him.

"Go and check," she said and ran to her office.

Why is she so busy?

Junhyuk looked at the closed door and thought of Doyeol. Elise was the inventor of the iron soldiers, and he could guess what she was doing. Junhyuk stared at the closed door and clicked his tongue.

"Zaira knew about it?!"

He wasn't sure how Doyeol knew about his mana stone, so he thought of Elise and Zaira, and the answer was right there. Junhyuk had already made a deal with Doyeol, but he thought it would be funny if he asked him a few questions now.

He went to his office and turned his computer on. The screen showed his face, and Junhyuk looked around. He had already been given access.

[You have access to today's iron soldier's deployment. Do you want to access it?]

Junhyuk was nervous, and when he heard the voice, he responded.

"Show it to me."

Fifty video feeds opened in sequence. Junhyuk looked at the fifty feeds, impressed with the computer's effectiveness. They were high quality feeds, and all fifty were playing at the same time. The office's computer was far more advanced than his personal one.

He watched the feeds and saw the events that unfolded and frowned. Fifty iron soldiers had been deployed, but there were still casualties. Suddenly, one of the feeds showed the Chinese army attacking the iron soldier.


China wanted the residual materials from the monster extermination. He hadn't expected the Chinese army to attack the iron soldier, but the iron soldier didn't shoot back. If it did, it would create an international disaster.

Junhyuk witnessed the power of the iron soldiers and shook his head as he watched all of the screen. With the exception of China, the iron soldiers had handled all of the monsters. However, he also saw a monster that he had never seen before.

"I've never seen the entirety of the Dimensional Battlefield."

Junhyuk watched the combat on the screen and murmured, "I could get this type of information here…"

He knew that, on Earth, money and information meant power and he had some money at that point. He didn't have enough to control people, but he had the means to earn more. However, information was different. As Junhyuk looked at the screen, he shook his head.

He thought about how to live his life in South Korea and said, "Combine the feeds into one file."

[A compression program will be used. Viewing of the compression is only possible within Guardian HQ.]

"I don't care."

The feeds all joined into one video, and Junhyuk was left speechless. It was new technology, but it was also fifty feeds being compressed into one file. He shook his head and sent it in an email to Eunseo. He also sent what Zaira had told him and looked at the screen again.

He had decided that he wanted to leave the company. There was a lot to do. He wanted to train and search for items on Earth that he could take to the battlefield. He hadn't had money before, but now, he wanted to buy whatever he could and take those things to the Dimensional Battlefield to see if he could use them as items.

He wanted an iron soldier, but that was too expensive. He couldn't buy one with his $500 million. Still, he might not even be able to use the iron soldier at the Dimensional Battlefield. Its attack power was high, but the heroes' defenses couldn't be broken through, meaning it would just be another piece of junk.

"I should look into antiques."

He could find them in museums and shops, and they might carry powers.

Junhyuk smacked his lips.

"I need something to tell me what can be used at the Dimensional Battlefield."

The Dimensional Merchant had everything, so Bebe might have something that could a.n.a.lyze objects from South Korea. He would ask Bebe about that the next time he was at the battlefield. Junhyuk got up and grabbed his belongings.

"I get off work early today."

He still had time until he had to meet Sarang, but it was a long way to Seoul, and he had to take an alternate route to avoid other people. He was looking forward to what she would say about the deal he had made that day.

He was wearing a hood, a t-s.h.i.+rt and sungla.s.ses so that people wouldn't recognize him. People wouldn't be able to tell even if he were a movie star. He went to meet Sarang dressed like that, and that time, she wanted to go to a different restaurant.

"Is it a sus.h.i.+ place?"

"It's a famous sus.h.i.+ place."

"Did you get a private room?"

"Of course! Let's go in."

She wasn't wearing her school uniform, so Junhyuk didn't feel the pressure of being seen with her and went inside. He took his hat off inside the private room, but didn't take off the hood. He ordered some food and looked at her.

She was smiling brightly. She was happy, and he could tell.

"I quit my job today."


He had just transferred and then resigned right after. Sarang was very surprised and asked about it, and Junhyuk told her about the deal he had made that day.

"Vera gave me a mana stone, and he knew I had it, so I sold it. I have some money now, so I don't feel like working at the company."

"People win the lottery, and they go wild. They don't end up doing well."

Junhyuk laughed at her.

"I got more than if I had won the lottery."

"How much?"

He told her about the money, and Sarang's eyes twinkled.

"The $500 million got transferred immediately, and I'll get another $200 million in stocks."

Sarang stared at him and shouted, "Big brother!"

Junhyuk was surprised by it, and Sarang stared hard at him.

"Today is not April Fool's Day. Don't joke like that!"

He laughed and showed her his smartphone with his bank account. Sarang couldn't keep her mouth shut and looked at him again.

"Big brother!"


"I'm lightheaded."

Junhyuk ma.s.saged her forehead with his thumbs.

"Let's eat."

The sas.h.i.+mi came out, and Junhyuk took a bite. Sarang ate as well.

"Big brother, should I ask Vera to give me a mana stone as well? With just one, I can change my life."

"Well, it comes from the Dragon's Valley. Unless we kill the dragon first, it will be hard to get one. But when we score a victory, you should ask her for one."

"You'll sell it for me?"

"I charge a 30 percent fee."

Sarang felt betrayed and s.h.i.+vered, and Junhyuk laughed at her.

"I'm joking."

"Big brother!" Sarang shouted again, and Junhyuk caressed her head and smiled.

"I've earned some money, but I need more."

"Five hundred million dollars isn't enough?"

"To survive in South Korea, I need more power, and more money means more power."

He had felt something with Zaira that day. To have information like that in South Korea, he would need more money.

The mana stone deal had changed his life, and he looked to reach even higher levels in South Korea.

Legend Of Legends Chapter 147

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