Legend Of Legends Chapter 180

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Chapter 180: Housewarming Party 2

Translator: Moliere

Editor: SootyOwl

Junhyuk walked around the antique shop and saw the cube changing color. While walking around the place, he found a ring. It was green jade, and there was a picture inside. The picture had the body of a dear and the head of a sparrow. There were horns on the head. It also had a tail that looked like a snake.

The picture was quite small, and anyone with poor eyesight wouldn't be able to see it.

Junhyuk picked up the ring, and the old man who was looking at him said, "$10,000."

He was surprised by the price, but the old man continued, "It has a deep history."

"It looks very old, and it has something inside," he said.

The old man pointed with his index finger, and Junhyuk gave him the ring.

"This is Byrum," the old man said, looking at the ring.

"Who is Byrum?"

"It's the G.o.d of wind, y'know?"

"A G.o.d of wind?" Junhyuk replied incredulously.


"If it's so old, how come it has a picture inside? It looks like it was drawn by laser."

"Why don't you trust me? Do you think I'm lying?"

"It has a picture of a G.o.d of wind. I can't believe it's an antique."

"You don't have to buy it."


Junhyuk started heading out, and the old man laughed loudly and stared at him.

"Hu-hu-hu! Why are you so quick to make up your mind? We must compromise."

Junhyuk looked back at the old man.

"I'll give it to you for $8,000."


"You aren't prepared to compromise," the old man said, shaking his head.




Junhyuk looked at him and nodded.

"OK. Do you take credit cards?"

"If you pay by credit card, it's $4,000."

Junhyuk stared at him, and the old man smiled and asked, "Are you using your card?"

"I'll get the money."

"Cash only. No checks."

Junhyuk laughed.

"I'll be back."

Both of them went out, and the old man smiled and said, "$3,000! I made some money today!"

He purchased the ring for $3,000 and looked around at other places but found nothing. Then, he entered a traditional tea house with Sarang, drank some tea and said, "I can't find anything else."

"Yeah. My legs hurt."

"Sedentary," he said and laughed at what she had said. Sipping his tea, he looked at the ring and murmured, "It's an item, but is it worth $3,000?"

Sarang showed him her jujube tree bracelet.

"If it's as effective as this, it's worth it."


Junhyuk would go to the Champions' Battlefield the following week and he could check on it with Bebe then. The $3,000 wasn't a lot for him, but he wished it would be effective. If he found any item at that price, he should get it.

Sarang smiled at him.

"Today is the housewarming party. Let's go!"


"Can I sleep at your house today?"

"Don't talk nonsense."

After eating brunch, he spent four hours looking for antiques and only found the ring. If he headed back then, he would arrive home in the evening.

"Drink your tea. Let's go."

Sarang laughed, drank her tea and got up. Junhyuk got on the subway toward Ilsan with her. After the subway, they took a cab to his house. They got off nearby, and he took off his mask. Jeffrey knew he was out of the house, so he shouldn't teleport. He walked in, and Sarang walked alongside him, still wearing her mask. She took it off once inside, looked around and smiled.

"This is your house? It's really nice."

Junhyuk took a can of soda out of the refrigerator and gave it to her.

"I practice in the bas.e.m.e.nt. Wanna see it?"


He grabbed her hand and teleported. Sarang looked around, astonished.

"Whoa! I'm totally jealous."

Junhyuk laughed and flipped a switch. Targets came out of the wall, and Sarang clapped, even more impressed.

"I made it for you. Try it out!"

"Can I?" She asked, and he nodded.

Sarang extended her hand, and the electric arrow hit the target. Junhyuk was impressed.

"You must've been practicing!"

"I practice every day." She let him know that she didn't play around and she shrugged and added, "I have some time to practice."

Then, Sarang turned to look at him.

"Big brother."


"I can't practice my healing power."


"You must help me."

Junhyuk frowned at her.

"You want to decrease my health?"

"I have no other choice."

Sarang could kill an ordinary person with her powers, but Junhyuk could withstand them. He sighed and summoned his equipment. Junhyuk extended his arms sideways, and she shot and electric arrow at him.


"It hurts like h.e.l.l," he mumbled.

He had lost 8 percent of his health, and Sarang extended her hand. The light green powder sprinkled over him, and he regained his health.

Junhyuk gathered his breath, and Sarang smiled awkwardly.

"You lost a fraction of your health. I can't be sure about my power."

"You want to get my health to the bottom?"

"I want to know what I can do!"

"Your healing power can restore my health," he said.

He had no intention of being hit by her again, and Sarang stuck her tongue out at him.

"Then, let me hit you every two minutes."

"Are you joking?"

Sarang smiled.

"I'm not."

Junhyuk thought she wanted to hurt him and worried about it.

"That is..."

The interphone rang, and Junhyuk teleported and picked it up. Jeffrey was holding more beer on one hand.

"Why are you here?"

"Housewarming party! Party!"

He showed his other hand and he was holding toilet papers. Junhyuk stared at him, and Sarang appeared.

"Who is it?"

"I told you about the tamer," Junhyuk answered.

"Ah! The novice?"


"I want to meet him."

Junhyuk stared at her.

"Are you crazy?"

Sarang put her mask on.

"What about now?" she said and continued, "I want to meet him. I've never met other survivors."

"You don't want to meet him."

"Big brother."

Junhyuk looked at the interphone and at Jeffrey smiling and holding the beer. Jeffrey wanted to tell him something, and Junhyuk sighed.

"Don't let him know you are an expert. He can tell, and people might come after you."

"Can I pretend I'm your girlfriend?"

"It's only pretend."

She stuck her tongue out at him, and Junhyuk opened the door for Jeffrey and teleported upstair. He had wanted to send Jeffrey away, but if things continued that way, she would continue to hit him with her powers.

He sent his equipment away and waited by the front door.

Jeffrey walked in, saw her and was surprised.

"Who is this?"

Junhyuk didn't have a chance to reply before Sarang hugged him and said, "Girlfriend."

He stared at her, and she took Jeffrey's beer and toilet paper. Sarang offered him a seat, and Jeffrey quickly accepted it. Junhyuk looked at them both and sighed. He sat down, and Sarang made a fruit side dish and brought it out. She sat next to Junhyuk, and Jeffrey shrugged.

"I didn't expect you to have a girlfriend."

"So?" Junhyuk replied coldly, and Sarang elbowed him.

"Why are you so irritated? He is here for the party!"

Jeffrey smiled brightly at her.

"Right?! You must not know, but he is often irritated."

"Jeffrey," he said, and Jeffrey s.h.i.+vered and turned to look elsewhere.

Sarang handed him a can of beer.

"How did you become friends?"

Jeffrey looked at Junhyuk and answered, "I'm his neighbor. I live next door."

"Then, invite us to your house next time," she said and stared at Junhyuk. "You haven't invited just him already, have you?"

"No. How about next weekend?"

"I'll be there."

"Why are you making promises?"

She smiled.

"You are being difficult."

"You have something to tell me?" Junhyuk asked Jeffrey.

"I'm here for the party!"

Junhyuk shook his head.

"Then, drink some beer and go."

"Can I bring my little sister here?"


Sarang interjected.

"Bring her over."

Jeffrey picked up his cell phone and made a call. Junhyuk sighed and decided to have a party. Joanna came right away, and Junhyuk felt uncomfortable with her there. However, she was on good terms with Jeffrey and Sarang, so Junhyuk just drank his beer.

Sarang got along with Joanna. She spoke a little Korean, but Sarang had taken the language pill and talked to her in English.

Jeffrey's eyes widened a little, and he got curious. That's when Junhyuk elbowed her.

"I'm going to get more drinks. Let's go."

Sarang shook her head.

"You go alone."

Junhyuk stared at her, and she got up. Once outside the house, he said, "Don't make any mistakes. You can speak English, but that's it."

"You know I have a higher intelligence than you."

Junhyuk laughed.

"Just be careful."

As he walked, he looked around. Doyeol had taken care of the people following him and just left Jeffrey, but he still didn't trust Doyeol completely.

He bought appetizers for the beer and more alcohol. The beer cans could be taken to the refrigerator, and Sarang went to the kitchen with Joanna.

"Did you find out something?" he asked Jeffrey.

Legend Of Legends Chapter 180

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