Legend Of Legends Chapter 184

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Chapter 184: New Employee Interview 3

Translator: Moliere

Editor: SootyOwl

The huge monster rolled toward the iron soldier, and the MK-II extended both of its hands. Soon, its chest lit up, and the energy gathered on its palms. The energy coming from each hand joined together to create an orb, and the iron soldier fired it toward the monster. 

The orb travelled quickly like a lightning bolt and hit the monster. 


The monster bounced back, damaging the building. Junhyuk was watching all of that and sighed. 

"The building won't last long." 

"If we can stop it, the building won't be a problem." Elise's eyes beamed, and she added, "The iron soldier's weapons system has been upgraded since last time, and it's not like it's not working. If we develop weapons for large monsters, it will be easier to deal with them. When considering a huge monster such as this one, we will need to produce a better decomposition compound. The problem is time." 

"The problem is time." 

The new, stronger monster had shown up within just a few days. The biggest problem had been that they hadn't had enough time to prepare. They could make the decomposition compound quicker if that was Zaira's sole focus, but they couldn't allow Zaira to work on only one thing. 

Elise's eyes sparkled, and she added, "The hide on its back has been torn. Now, we may attack once more, but the iron soldier won't be able to fly for the last attack." 

"When will the iron soldier MK-II that was deployed to the park return?" 

"In one minute." 

"Then, lure the monster toward the parking lot." 

The iron soldier MK-II stood on the ground. The monster destroyed what was left of the building, but in the process, it must have stepped on something that turned all of the monitors off. 

"What is the matter?" Eunseo asked. 

"The electricity has been shut down. Emergency power will come on soon," Elise answered casually. 

The screen came on again, and Elise looked at the it and murmured, "Thirty seconds before arrival. Luring it to the parking lot." 

The iron soldier moved to the parking lot, and the monster headed toward it. The monster's body filled the screen. It might not last thirty seconds. 

The iron soldier quickly flew up, and the monster stopped rolling and spinning and got up, shooting the green liquid. The iron soldier tried to dodge, but the monster was expecting that. It appeared exactly at the place where the iron soldier moved to and grabbed the MK-II, slamming it against the ground.  


After that, the monster opened its mouth, and the screen turned green. 


"It's not here yet?" 

"It's here now." 

Another screen was showing the huge monster still holding the iron soldier MK-II, lifting it up and slamming it against the ground. 

"Attack now." 

The flying iron soldier MK-II raised its palms, gathered the energy and attacked. The beam went through the opening in the monster's back and came out through its stomach. 

"Aaargh!" the monster screamed and threw the iron soldier it was holding, which was now a broken piece of junk. 

The other iron soldier flew up so high that the huge monster seemed to be the size of its hand. 

"The damaged iron soldier can self-destruct by using its remaining energy. It will be enough to kill monster. Shall I try?" Elise asked calmly. 

"What is the drawback?" 

"The expense of it is the problem, of course. You already know the cost of a single iron soldier MK-II." 

"Do it." 

"OK," she said, taking over the controls. "The broken pieces of the damaged iron soldier MK-II will be detached." 

The monster had slammed it to ground many times, and the iron soldier was covered in the green liquid the monster had spewed. The iron soldier's arms and legs detached from the torso, and the screen showed the monster spitting the green liquid toward the iron soldier flying above it. 

Elise looked at Eunseo. Eunseo nodded, and the iron soldier flying in air extended its hands. It started gathering energy, and the monster, who could sense danger, rolled into a ball. The damaged iron soldier fired its engine and flew toward the monster, entering through the hole on the monster's back and coming out through its stomach. 

The monster was still balled up when the damaged iron soldier self-destructed. 


There was a huge explosion, but the monster had been balled up, so the explosion was contained within it. If the monster hadn't been in a ball, the explosion would've levelled the building. 

The monster tipped and fell, and Elise smacked her lips. 

"It's size will help us in our research of monsters." 

Junhyuk felt like Elise had been quite audacious. The iron soldier could have killed everyone, but she chose to do it anyway. That wasn't the only thing he noticed, however. Eunseo had also ordered the self-destruction. Both women were very daring. 

Elise operated the controls and said, "The monster is not responding." 

"Whew," Eunseo sighed deeply and looked around. 

"You did well." 

"I just watched." 

Junhyuk looked at Elise. 

"What happened to the applicants?" 

Elise looked at the feeds and said, "They were moved to the bas.e.m.e.nt, so they should be safe. The path to where they are is also clear." 

Junhyuk looked at Eunseo, and she said calmly, "Let's make sure everything is OK. Then, we'll let them out." 

He smiled bitterly. 

"Everyone will give up on applying for the job." 

They had to have felt vulnerable and at risk. Do they still want the job? Guardians protected the Earth against monsters, but HQ was the most dangerous place when it came to monsters. 

They kept coming after the Guardians HQ. Other facilities only had one iron soldier on standby, and those facilities could be destroyed if the monsters focused on them.  

Elise remained in control and said, "The iron soldier has retrieved the monster's body. There is no danger now." 

Eunseo looked at her, smiled and said, "The interviewees will want to get out of here quickly." 

Junhyuk nodded and asked, "Should I go to them?" 

"Let's all go," Eunseo said, but Dohee shook her head. 

"You can't go while using the wheelchair." 

Eunseo looked at Elise, and Elise said casually, "I could stream an announcement. Do you want to do it?" 

"Yes," Eunseo nodded. 

Elise took a camera and zoomed it on Eunseo. Eunseo collected herself. The screen split into two feeds, one side showed Eunseo, and the other side showed the nervous applicants. 

Eunseo looked at them and spoke coolly, "Everything is fine now. The monster has been killed, and there is no danger. You are all scared from the sudden attack. Monsters are attacking the entire world, and you should learn that, here at Guardians, we are doing everything in our power to stop those attacks." 

The applicants hadn't actually seen the battle, so they didn't know one of the iron soldiers was destroyed. 

"I will contact you again. Mr. Lee will guide you out of here. Just follow him." 

Eunseo was finished speaking and looked at Elise, who turned the camera off and looked at Junhyuk. 

"Go through that door over there, and you'll find a ladder. Climb it, and you will see the iron solder. It has already cleaned the mess, so you should be OK." 


He opened the door and climbed up the ladder. Outside, Junhyuk could see the aftermath of the battle between the monster and the iron soldiers. The parking lot was a mess, and the main building was mostly destroyed. 

Junhyuk looked around and murmured, "But the iron soldier stopped the monster on its own." 

Honestly, he hadn't expected that. He hadn't wanted to step in, and the iron soldiers were able to take care of the situation, even though they had lost one. 

Junhyuk looked for the remaining MK-II. He walked toward it and saw at hatch next to it. The iron soldier opened the hatch for him, and he stepped inside, going down a ladder. He opened a door at the end, and inside, he found the frightened people. 

"You may use this ladder to climb up." 

The people were disorganized and started fighting to get to the ladder, but Junhyuk stood in front of them and said, "Don't fight. Form a line. You were all given numbers for the order of your interview, so maintain that order. Female applicants go first." 

The female applicants lined up and climbed the ladder. Junhyuk let them get out first mainly because they were wearing skirts. Then, he let out the male applicants. Junhyuk was the last to leave. 

Outside, he saw Soyeon waiting for him. She saw him and said, smiling, "Mister!" 

Junhyuk looked around. 

"Why are you still here?" 

"I thought it was safe now." 

"Don't you see people running away?" 

He realized the iron soldier had already left, but Soyeon extended her hand to him and said, "Give me your business card." 

Junhyuk laughed and gave her a business card. He was about to quit work, but his private phone number would remain the same. 


She took the card and placed it inside her purse. 

"Thanks, I will give you a call." 

"Call me, and we'll dine out," he replied, laughing. 

"I'll look forward to it." 

"You may leave. Everyone has already left." 

Soyeon bowed to him and left, and Junhyuk decided to head back. 

"They have to find someone to replace me." 

He shook his head. The monster had appeared during the interviews and scared off the applicants. He raised his head, looking at the sky. 

"Maybe it was intentional?" But he thought the idea was silly and smiled bitterly. "I should get back." 

He was walking back to Eunseo when he saw a woman standing far away. She was wearing tattered clothes, and her hair was long. She was giving off a funny aura, and when she saw Junhyuk, she started running away from him. 

He watched her do it. 

"A novice?"

Legend Of Legends Chapter 184

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