Legend Of Legends Chapter 29: Second Power 2

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Chapter 29: Second Power 2


Translator: Moliere

Editor: SootyOwl


Because Junhyuk had stepped forward, the saber was right in front of him. Even if he moved, a part of him would be cut. Junhyuk realized he only had one place he could go.

He had to go beyond the saber and in front of Artlan. He spent a short time calculating what he would do and wished, and wished, that he would be at a different place.

His wish not to die gave Junhyuk a chance, and, at that moment, his surroundings changed.

He found himself right in front of Artlan’s muscular chest. However, he did not have the chance to celebrate dodging the saber because a shadow loomed over his face and he wasn’t able to find out what it was before Artlan smashed his face.

His body couldn’t handle the momentum, and it flew in the air, rolling once and slamming hard on the ground.


Junhyuk grabbed his face, rolled on the ground and heard Artlan’s voice:

“Who are you trying to hug?”

“I’m not trying to hug anybody!”

Artlan took his saber and looked down on Junhyuk.

“What’s the cooldown time before you can use it again?”

“Wait a second.”

Did it work because he had used his will power? He could feel the cooldown time. Junhyuk waited for a moment before he spoke again.

“This power has a shorter cooldown.”

It had only been thirty seconds. Junhyuk looked back at Artlan. Using his will power, he really wished to move, and then the environment changed again. This time, he saw Artlan’s wide back.

At that moment, he felt a shock to his temple. The shock was enough to throw him at Bebe’s counter.


He could hear Artlan’s voice saying:

“I don’t like when people stand behind me.”

Junhyuk touched his temples and felt dizzy. Bebe whispered to Junhyuk:

“You should thank your defensive runestone. If not for it, you could’ve been killed!”

Thinking about it, Artlan’s single attack killed minions. Artlan did not use all of his strength, and Junhyuk reflected on what happened. If he did not have a defensive runestone, he would’ve been killed or had to drink his potion.

Artlan looked at Junhyuk and said:

“We’ve checked the cooldown, but we should also check the distance.”

Junhyuk nodded and stood up. He was still feeling dizzy, but did not have any problems using his new power. However, the cooldown period wasn’t over yet.

He waited until he realized it had ended. Junhyuk ran toward the dimensional merchants’ portal without hesitation, but, looking at the environment change, he realized he did not reach portal.

Junhyuk looked back, and Artlan said:

“The distance is about five meters.”

Junhyuk measured the distance from start to finish. It was about five meter, not a long distance, but it was enough to save his life from a dangerous situation.

Artlan looked at the distanced covered and said:

“You should check if you can control that distance.”

“It’s still under cooldown.”

“We can’t wait while you practice. Let’s move and try it again when we have time.”


Artlan looked at Bebe and said:

“Give me an optical fossil.”

“Already? Here it is. That’ll be 50000G.”

Junhyuk looked at the optical fossil after Artlan paid for it, and it had five different colors and a gem. Artlan asked him:


“What’s an optical fossil?”

Bebe laughed and said:

“You don’t know because you’ve just become an expert, but they have been heroes ever since they’ve come to the Dimensional Battlefield. Their weapons are better than the weapons we have here, but optical fossils upgrade the power of their weapons, and heroes can’t see where the attack comes from. Optical fossils especially increase the power of physical attacks.”

Bebe looked at Artlan and asked:

“If you are successful, this will be your eighth upgrade, correct?”

“What is the success rate?”

“To insert for the first time, it’s about 50%, but the success rate to upgrade is 12.5%.”

Artlan pulled out his two sabers and placed them on the counter and put the optical fossil on the sabers. He placed both hands on the optical fossil and said:


The five different colors lit up, and the lights started dancing on top of the sabers. Artlan looked at the brilliant colors and saw the lights mixing inside the sabers and smiled.

Bebe watched, astounded, and said:

“Was it a success?”

“Yes, it was,” Artlan swung his sabers lightly. “Yes, I like it.”

“What’s the deal with upgrading?”

Bebe explained:

“Basically, a weapon’s performance and its inner structure increase by 20%, but if you increase it multiple times, it increases its performance exponentially each time you are successful.”

Junhyuk realized what they had meant by increasing it by the 8th time and looked at Artlan and wished he had the same power. Artlan felt a lot better and looked back at Junhyuk.

“Let’s go.”


After they left, Artlan took the lead and thought about something and stopped. He extended his hand to Junhyuk. Junhyuk looked at the hand, and Artlan said:

“My 41G.”

Junhyuk opened his eyes ever so slightly and looked at Artlan. Didn’t Artlan say it was a small sum?

Artlan talked straight at Junhyuk:

“Money is still money.”

Junhyuk shrugged and said:

“I don’t have any gold coins.”

“It’s OK.”

After Artlan spoke, a plate showed up on his hand. It was just like Bebe’s plate.

“Put your hand on it.”

Junhyuk placed his hand on it, and, above it, a notice for 1875G showed up.

“It’s 41G, right?”


After the 41G was taken out, 1834G remained. Junhyuk knew he mustn't upset Artlan.

“Thanks for letting me borrow it when I really needed it.”

“There won’t be second time.”

“... OK.”

Junhyuk followed Artlan. At one point, Artlan stopped and said:

“When you buy things, you think it’s a good thing to buy runestones, but it’s better to purchase basic equipment. Of course, it’s not easy to collect the amount to buy one, so you should save your money.”

Junhyuk relocated to Artlan’s side, smiled and said:

“Thanks for the advice.”

“Hm,” Artlan scoffed and walked quickly. Junhyuk followed right behind.


Following Artlan, he arrived at the central watchtower. There were many people in front of it: the four heroes and Sarang, and hundreds of minions who had been brought there by them.

Junhyuk was astounded and asked Artlan:

“Is it already time for a full scale attack?”

Artlan nodded.

“Yes. This time we were very successful, so we opened up the central road. Now, we will deploy all remaining minions and attack.”

A full scale attack made Junhyuk worry. He had already experienced one of those. They would utilize all remaining minions in the Dimensional Battlefield, and, using those minions, they attacked the castle. The enemy’s castle had superior defensive capabilities over regular watchtowers.

Last time, the battle did not go well, so they had to fight for a long time. The full scale attack took place at a much later time. The war itself took a month, but, now, everything was going well, and it would be over soon.

The problem was that whether attacking a watchtower or the castle, the main burden fell on the minions. That was because the minions were in the greatest numbers and were the easiest to kill.

Meanwhile, the heroes destroyed the castlel or the watchtower.

The enemy heroes had disrupted their movement, and the last full scale attack had resulted in a massacre of allied minions. Junhyuk had survived because he had activated his power, and the heroes told him to stay behind.

However, Junhyuk was used as bait to draw in enemy minions.

This full scale attack would result in another massacre of allied minions. Only the heroes could save the minions. It was a battlefield, and that was full scale attack.

Junhyuk refused to look at the minions. It was not good to draw their attention. He didn’t have the power to save them.

Artlan took Junhyuk to the rest of the group.

“Are you ready?”


Vera looked at Artlan’s saber and smiled.

“Was the upgrade a success?”

“I was lucky.”

“I’m looking forward to its power.”

Vera looked at Junhyuk and asked:

“Did you activate your second power?”

“Yes. It’s spatial relocation.”

Vera laughed.

“It’s another high lever power, but he doesn’t have any attack powers.”

“Maybe it’s because he is only trying to stay alive. He lacks the will to kill his enemies.”

“Is that why?” Vera grabbed Junhyuk by the chin and pulled his face toward her, smiled and said: “Congratulations on making it to the expert level.”

“Thank you.”

“I don’t know what kind of power you will activate in the future, but do look after me.” Vera had her arm around Junhyuk and looked at Sarang. “In this full scale attack, we will do without that child.”

“That’s good to know.”

Full scale attacks meant that minions would go to their deaths. There was no reason to refuse Vera’s offer.

“You should guard her well.”

“I will.”


During a full scale attack, enemy heroes usually popped up when a castle wall got destroyed. Junhyuk would use his force field then.

If the enemy heroes did not aim for him, he could protect Sarang without using his field.

Vera smiled and shouted.

“Now, everybody attack!”

After Vera spoke, the minions started to move. Sarang was about to follow the lead group when Vera approached her. Junhyuk went behind them, practicing his spatial relocation.

On the road to the castle wall, they found the trail of the destroyed watchtower left behind. Passing by the second watchtower, the minions started to whisper among themselves. They couldn’t see any enemies, only destroyed enemy camps, so they were feeling relieved. However, they shouldn’t let their guards down.

The castle was different from a watchtower. The number of archers on the walls was much higher, and the walls’ defensive power was different. The allied heroes would attack in an all-out mode, but the enemy heroes would be cautious to engage.

In the end, the minions would die while attacking the castle walls.

Junhyuk thought heroes were scary. Heroes put minions in harm’s way when the minions were of no use to them anymore.

That’s why heroes used items to destroy the castle while the minions were in front of it.

There was no need to tell them what would be taking place, since there was nothing he could do.

Junhyuk sighed and concentrated on using his second power at will. He kept practicing spatial relocation, but held his breath when he saw a black castle from far away.

The castle walls were about seven meters high, and, in front of them, there were many enemy minions.

They had to number around a hundred, but they also had archers, and a hundred was not a small number. When allied minions fought enemy minions, arrows strangely only hit the allied minions. Even though it was a close quarters fight, the enemy minions had the advantage of having archers behind them.

The distance was closing when Artlan lifted his hand. All allied minions stopped, and Artlan turned.

“This is a full scale attack!”

The minions swallowed their saliva, and Artlan continued coldly:

“If you survive this battle, you will return to your world.”

The minions looked at each other. They were all glad they could go home. Artlan pulled out a small marble from his waistband.


With his shout, the small marble shone. A light flashed at the minions, and their eyes looked different. The minions were crazed, and they ran toward the enemy.

Artlan stepped back and said:

“Here they come.”

They could see over the attacking minions. The castle gate opened, and the enemy heroes walked out. Artlan smiled and said:

“Let’s go.”

Junhyuk held fast to his sword and followed Artlan.

This time, he would also survive, and he would return to his world, to his life. 

Legend Of Legends Chapter 29: Second Power 2

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