Legend of the Great Saint Vol 3 Chapter 140

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Chapter 140
Chapter 140: h.e.l.l of extreme paradise     - June 04, 2018   "Ah!" Many fearful screams could be heard, and some people even began to fall off the steps. As for behind the main hall, there were endless roars. The grand hall shook in the darkness and seemed about to collapse at any moment. Original Translation @ https://ohd.a.m.ndone.blogspot.it/   Qian Rong Zheng looked back at the hall. It seemed that Li Qing Shan could be relied on at some moments and could give her enough time to do what she wants to do. Now, she really appreciated Li Qing Shan.   Of course, if one thought that she had changed her personality, then one would be wrong. In her mind, the best result of this war would of course be Li Qing Shan and Qian Ting Nian killing each other off.   "Hubby, Hubby, is that you?!" A middle-aged woman appeared amidst the hoa.r.s.e screams as she heard the ident.i.ty of the man on the ground, and cried: "Qian Rong Zheng, you crazy s.l.u.t! What's wrong with my family's manager? How has my husband unfairly treated you? Even if we discount your seducing him, why did you have to kill him?"   “I seduced him?” Qian Rong Zheng licked the blood on her mouth. “He said that he wanted to peel my skin off? I asked him was it supposed to be peeled in this manner, yet, he didn’t answer me. Did you know?” She kicked the blood gourd down the platform and let it roll down the stairs.   As if avoiding the plague, the crowd split in two. As everyone’s attention was drawn by the b.l.o.o.d.y human body, a wind blade was sent towards the crowd, causing pillars of blood to rise into the sky. The woman who spoke just now was cut from the shoulders to the waist. She looked downwards in disbelief and thought to herself, this little b.i.t.c.h actually dared to hurt her? This was her last thought before she fell to the ground.   "It seems that you don't know as well." Qian Rong Zheng murmured.   Dark clouds covered the moon and the skies were dark.   Thousands of the Qian family members gathered around the platform, bringing along with them more and more swaying torches, brightening her beautiful blood-covered-face, which twisted with the flickering light.   A well-dressed young man cried and said, "Father! Mother!" Then looking at Qian Rong Zheng with a hateful look: "Everyone follow me! Let’s kill this crazy woman and help Grampa! The Qian family will surely survive this crisis!"   With his orders, thousands of people climbed up and the momentum was enough to scare ordinary people's galls. With enough ants, even an elephant can be killed. Qi Refining Experts also had moments of True Qi deprivation, furthermore, there were at least ten or so first level Qi Refiners in their midst.   Qian Rong Zheng was definitely dead. Original Translation @ https://ohd.a.m.ndone.blogspot.it/   Yet, on her

face, there was not the slightest trace of fear. With a psychedelic smile, she casually listed a string of names: "Qian Rong Hui, Qian Rong Cheng ..."   The names of people who were named by her were of all shapes, sizes, and genders. What they had in common was that they were all Qi Refiners. They were not originally surnamed Qian. However, they were adopted by the Qian family because of their qualifications. When they heard their names, they stopped their movements.   “Aren’t you oppressed by the people of the Qian family? They already treat us like pigs and dogs, and yet you are still going to die for them now? The Qian family is already in jeopardy. All the Qian family members will be killed by the Eagle Wolf Guard.”   The son of Qian Xing Wei, the young man with the rich clothes, shouted: “Don’t listen to her nonsense. Grandpa Grand will soon calm everything. All those who betray the Qian family will not die peacefully!”   The people with the bloodline of the Qian family gathered around and the crowd began to inch closer and closer. The forest of blades and knives neared, but they would not be closer than ten steps from Qian Rong Zheng. It seemed that their fear of Qian Rong Zheng’s martial prowess caused them to all slow down quite a fair bit.   Those who were listed by Qian Rong Zheng were unknowingly isolated amidst the crowd, and were even watched with cautious gazes. Original Translation @ https://ohd.a.m.ndone.blogspot.it/     Qian Rong Zheng said: "That old thief Qian Ting Nian, is currently at the main hall at the back. If he could come out, he would have done so earlier. Now, if you don’t start thinking for yourselves, then you would be too late."   The roar in the main hall continued and it clearly showed that they were in the midst of a fierce battle. It seemed that the person who oppressed everyone and ruled the Ancient Wind City as the Qian family ruler had met a truly strong opponent.   If Qian Ting Nian were here, then all of such reb.u.t.ting arguments would cease to exist, but now with Qian Ting Nian gone, many were indeed thinking in fear, is the Qian family truly going to be exterminated.   Qian Rong Hui, who was the first to named, could not help but reply, "What do you want?"   Qian Rong Zheng said: "If you leave the Qian family now, you will still make it! If not, when a hive gets exterminated, not even the eggs will be left alone!"   Qian Rong Hui and many others hesitated. The young man near the church shouted: "Qian Rong Hui, do you dare to betray my Qian family?"   Qian Rong Zheng used a bewitching voice to say, "Did you see this? This is the att.i.tude of the Qian family, or do you want to die

die under the wind severing knife of the Eagle Wolf Guard?" Original Translation @ https://ohd.a.m.ndone.blogspot.it/     Qian Rong Hui finally took a look. The main hall in the darkness released a roar: "Okay, I withdraw from the Qian family and will never have anything to do with the Qian family ever again." He turned and walked down the hill, not intending to get involved in this mess. He did not have such a deep resentment against the Qian family. With his leaving, the others all displayed intentions of moving and were prepared to leave.   The Qian family clamoured and many swords and knives were directed at Qian Rong Hui. Qian Rong Hui shouted: "Let me leave!"   “Did I say you can go?” Qian Rong Zheng’s cold voice made Qian Rong Hui stop and turn back to reply, “What else do you want!”   Qian Rong Zheng said: "Go now and wait to be pursued by the world!" and then said to the rest: "I know all of you, and today no one else should think of leaving so simply. As long as you possess the direct bloodline of the Qian family, just offer the heads of those in the Qian family as a form of submission to the state. If not, you can only face death. "   She was in such dire circ.u.mstances, yet, she is not only afraid or begging for mercy, but rather she is viciously threatening everyone.   All the people were in a panic. Those who had the direct bloodline of the Qian family were a minority. Even if it was them, they still did not have the determination to fight to the ends with the Qian family. It was just that they were tied up on the chariot of the Qian family and could not help but act tough, let alone the others.   Qian Rong Zheng felt the feelings of Li Qing Shan vaguely. This feeling was really wonderful.   The atmosphere was filled with anxiety, and the air was full of b.l.o.o.d.y smells. On this hot summer night, under the light of the flames, all the people looked around with vigilance, trying to distinguish the faces of others in the midst of the flame and darkness in an attempt to identify who was their own kin, and who was a possible traitor. Original Translation @ https://ohd.a.m.ndone.blogspot.it/   This hundred-year-old family, was densely intertwined in its relations.h.i.+ps, and crossed with countless grievances and hatred.   In the dark, it was unknown where the first strike was at, and where the first scream came from. But it was like igniting the spark on an explosive as with the first glint of blood rising up, it was like a spark raging on to become a huge fire in a dry field.   Someone shouted: "Kill these traitors!" "Enclose the Qian family!" Some people shouted: "Revenge!" But more were screaming and mourning.   Pairs of eyes became stained red and

red and b.l.o.o.d.y, and it was too late to discern who was friend or foe. Everyone began to simply strike at anyone close to oneself.   Spiritual talismans broke into thunder and flames and burst open in the crowd.   The knives pierced into bodies, and knives broke bones, intertwining to form a soul suppressing tune. The Qian family became akin to a piece of the b.l.o.o.d.y Ashura h.e.l.l.   In the center of this purgatory, Qian Rong Zheng laughed wildly and there was a great joy pouring into her heart. All her memories were burning up. She forgot the potential threats of Qian Ting Nian and even forgot the difference between life and death. She even felt that she was in heaven at the moment due to her extreme bliss. Even if she died immediately, she felt that it was no matter. Original Translation @ https://ohd.a.m.ndone.blogspot.it/   There were angry people who wanted to a.s.sa.s.sinate this traitor of the Qian family. There were also those who had killed till they had gone insane that were heading towards her.   But here, who was able to kill a 2nd level Qi Refiner? They all died under the wind severing knife and became a corpse, forming a circle around her. Gradually, no one dared to approach her and this small circle of corpses became the only peaceful land in this purgatory.   All the people of the Ancient Wind City could not forget this night. They looked up in the city and saw the ruling family who had stood for a century in the ancient city. As they collapsed in the raging fire, the civilians revealed a complex look of fear, exclamation, and joy.   The majority of the Qi Refiners who came down the mountain did not leave. They watched in the dark, the fierce scenes in the fire, and were incomparably surprised and shocked. Who would have thought that things would develop like this.   It was originally thought that Li Qing Shan's declaration was an incompetent joke as well as one that would lead to his own destruction. They thought that Qian Ting Nian would kill the three Eagle Wolf Guards instantaneously and then escape with the core members of the Qian family.   However, the development of the tonight’s affair was out of their expectation. The Qian family was being destroyed! However, Qian Ting Nian still remained in the main hall. He did not come out to stop all of this, as he seemed to be blocked from doing so.   This was impossible! A 3rd level Qi Refiner and two 2nd level Qi Refiners banded together were actually not killed in a single strike by Qian Ting Nian. Unless the Eagle Wolf Guard have hidden trump cards, or that Zhuo Zhi Bo had managed to make it to the Ancient Wind City already?   This was the most logical reasoning and explained why Li Qing Shan dared to be so arrogant. The Qi arrogant. The Qi Refiners were glad that they did not stay in the mountains. The Eagle Wolf Guard was not a reasonable inst.i.tution by any means in their opinion. This resulted in no one going up the mountain to rescue the Qian family. Original Translation @ https://ohd.a.m.ndone.blogspot.it/     When the flames finish burning up their fuel, then that would be when they would extinguish. As the fires of rebellion burned using people, when they were almost all dead, it would begin to extinguish on its own.   In a very short period of time, more than a thousand people died of heavy injuries. On the mountain steps, blood flowed, and dead bodies were spread everywhere.   In the canopy that n.o.body noticed, Little An’s eyes shone with a b.l.o.o.d.y light. From the beginning to the end, he witnessed all these terrible scenes, but he did not reveal an expression of fear or shock like that of ordinary people. Instead, he appeared to be in deep thought and reflection.   Li Qing Shan decided to take action tonight and decided not to bring him along, lest he be trapped in the porcelain bowl. This allowed him to be free to act. After all, he was still worried about Li Qing Shan, no matter how strong Li Qing Shan was. He took advantage of the night to come to the main hall on the hill, which caused him to witness this scene. Then, his eyes did not move away from the scene afterwards. Li Qing Shan's aura was still very strong and he did not need to worry.   The "Face of the Undead" was originally created by a great Buddhist leader. The essence of the book was from the Buddhist family, so he read many Buddhist scriptures to appreciate the true meaning. However, the "Face of the Undead" was a complete reversal of the cla.s.sics, inversing common sense and ideologies. Amidst the mysteriousness, even the green bull admitted that the creator of it was more gifted than he was and that he often was unable to understand the scripture. Original Translation @ https://ohd.a.m.ndone.blogspot.it/     In Li Qing Shan's view, he relaxingly devoured flesh and blood and as such was able to quickly develop his cultivation. He did not even need to consume medicinal pills. However, the hards.h.i.+ps of his cultivation were only understood by him alone. When he was hiding in the dark porcelain jar, he never felt bored or even thought that he was bored for a moment. He was always thinking of the “Face of the Undead” scripture, like a retreated ascetic monk.   Today at this moment, he witnessed this scenery and felt enlightened within.   Suddenly, a figure flew out of the main hall and fell heavily on the platform. His suit of the Eagle Wolf uniform was destroyed and damaged to no end, and the person even seemed ruffled. It was Li Qing Shan.

Legend of the Great Saint Vol 3 Chapter 140

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