Legend of the Supreme Soldier Chapter 301

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"You should be thinking of an explanation for sir later," said Sang Fan as he patted Hai Lian, expressing concern. Hai Lian looked at Sang Fan appreciatively. The girl from the White Streak tribe was looking around in fright. Her body was shaking as confused by the surrounding. The happening had alarmed the entire tribe in the building, other than those guarding Ye Chong's room, the remaining Sangs had ran downstairs.

Sang Ling grabbed Sang Fan to a corner immediately after her arrival, having an interrogation with Sang Fan.

The guardsmen of Greda had tasted the kick of Sang Tie as they retreated into their trembling posture, stumbled. "What the h.e.l.l are you guys doing! Move! Move! Move!" Greda's scolding did not work as well as Sang Tie's kick. The guardsmen were not dumb to be unable to recognize the power of the masked man. It was a total horror and their sacrifice would not be avenged by the great master. Greda's father did not seem to be a figure to be as hot-tempered as his son.

Greda's face got paler, the authority of his father that had been protecting him over the days seemed to have faded away.

s.h.i.+ Xin was also in astonishment, the masked man was too potent and she even saw a few others of his kind wavering inside the hotel. She could not help but to begin speculating the ident.i.ty of this hidden group.

The Ye family? I mean... Only Ye family is befitting of such combat ability among the aristocrats. They are different, very different, contrary to most pract.i.tioners, the Ye family members are all slender figures, yup, quite as slender as this masked man. Only the sole branch of Ye family could wield such strength too.

But weird... the core family members have always been low-profiled. They are the mythical figure in He Yue galaxy, they had hardly revealed themselves. These men were known to be the elite, not only they possess great command of combats, they are also superior in their piloting, thus being identified as one of the strongest pilot groups. Their outstanding close combat has bestowed them a recognizable position in He Yue galaxy.

Well, a team of elites of Ye family guarding a particular building. Could it be... s.h.i.+ Xin could feel her fear overtaking her rationality, could it be the head of Ye family himself? If it really was him... Lunaris would be facing the greatest fissure in its history...

WOW! The men screamed the moment Sang Tie lifted a kick again. The city never lacked a bunch of b.u.ms to help cheering the big man eh?

But Greda was angered, as he picked a stone from the ground and tossed violently at the guardsmen, "Rubbis.h.!.+ Do your work already!" His expression was twisted, insanity had raided his fearsome eyes. The flirtious gentleman had long become a past.

The guardsmen were displeased of this insulting behavior but they dared not to word it. That did not mean they would take it like a puppy under command, one bodyguard gave a side kick and sent the rock off into the sky.

Oh no... Thought Sang Tie as he saw where the rock was traveling.


Ye Chong was a.n.a.lyzing the model. He felt he had picked the perfect place for his research as the room was fully soundproof and he was having his own s.p.a.ce, undisturbed by the outside. Peace and qu-


Ye Chong was astonished as he s.h.i.+fted his sight over the source. The window was... broken? There were cracks over the window, seemed to be reminding him something had happened. He got up from his seat and walked to the window.

There were a crowd below.

What had happened?


Meanwhile, Rui Bing walked on. She had generally lost her sense of direction, fortunately she brought a generous supply of nutrition capsules and water or she would be long dead out of starvation or thirst. "Inhabited with humans my foot!" Rui Bing kicked the sand angrily, as she had hardly met with anything human.

Her snow-white face was tainted by dirt and fatigue, her fair white garb had already been dirtied by the dust. Her determination remained untouched however, as she called it a trial, a training to her dignity.

She marched through the sandy place.

She had marched for the past 10 days. With her speed being a Jie expert, the mileage would be great, she felt she had traveled half the globe yet she had seen n.o.body. She did encounter lots of animals though. The animals could have been a good source of food to anybody else but her, as she was a vegetarian.

The wind was whispering through the sleeves of her dirtied garb. It was as if offering her a ride to the west.

She looked out afar, the summits seemed to be breathing, the height varied, she could feel the life of nature, a refres.h.i.+ng sensation. Being a girl who grew up in the metropolitan, she had never viewed the beauty of Mother Nature herself. The chilling breeze of the peak seemed to have sent her fatigue away.


She saw something! Down the slope, there seemed to be a s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p there. Tidied her garb, she hopped down and began das.h.i.+ng like a white eagle.


"Old w.a.n.g, how was it? Could you fix it?" asked s.h.i.+ Chongming as he lowered his body.

Old w.a.n.g did not reply, his hands constantly moving from one circuit to another, his hands s.h.i.+fting back and fro, from the screen of the machine to the circuit.

Three minutes lapsed, "Ugh!" Collapsed Old w.a.n.g, "I can't seem to fix it. d.a.m.n! I did not expect the Refraction Spring to be broken. This thing should be the last thing to break, but why? We don't have anything like that in our storage..."

"Oh no..." Frowned s.h.i.+ Chongming, "The Second Young Miss was still waiting inside the cabin. She was not allowed to ride a mech ever since she was born and we are 5000 kilometers away from Guilar... there's no other city nearby either..."

"It's my fault." Old w.a.n.g looked troubled. "I should have placed a Refraction Spring in the storage. What should we do now?"

"I think we could only contact the Third Young Miss for the moment... see if she could send a s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p here," muttered s.h.i.+ Chongming as he turned on the communicator and hurried himself into the cabin.

"Miss, my apology but the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p seemed to be beyond repair at the moment," stated s.h.i.+ Chongming courteously.

"Oh... what should we do then?" s.h.i.+ Yinfu's sweet voice rang in panic, "I ha contacted the third young miss."

"What did my sister say?" said s.h.i.+ Yinfu, her gaze jumping around s.h.i.+ Chongming, which confused the man, "She said Guilar is in a sticky situation right now, so she hoped that we could arrive at Guilar much later. And she was out of hand. She ordered us to take our time."

"Did something happen there?" s.h.i.+ Yinfu sounded really nervous now. She had a strong bond with her young sister so she was worried.

"Hmm..." Muttered s.h.i.+ Chongming, "Something should have happened... judging by her tone, it sounded grim. But don't worry, the third young miss is very capable, she could handle anything."

"True... sister is much capable than I," s.h.i.+ Yinfu relaxed, who then sighed, looking dejected of her statement, "Well, it's good too, we could have some leisure looking at the scenery around. Uncle Ming, how do you think?" She forced a smile.

s.h.i.+ Chongming who captured that tiny gesture of the girl, feeling his heart aching, also forced a smile, "Yes, miss. I had been the plain only on a trial when I was much younger. It's been quite sometime..."

A shriek was heard.

s.h.i.+ Chongming flinched... he whispered, "I'll have a look."

"Take care," nodded s.h.i.+ Fuyin in a smile.

He headed out and saw a running figure coming towards them.

It was Rui Bing.

She quickly held her steps, from total mobility to zero. Such skill! s.h.i.+ Chongming complimented.

The tainted garb, the dirty face, it must be a pract.i.tioner in training! And it was a girl!

It was a rare sight to see a female pract.i.tioner, especially one who would undergo a tedious training like this. Only the pract.i.tioners who had mastered the skills would undergone a harsh training to further hone their skills.

s.h.i.+ Chongming was also a pract.i.tioner himself and he had undergone similar training when he was younger, so he knew how tedious the training could be, he felt impressed of the girl's bravery.

"My sincerest apology for causing such havoc." Being alert, Rui Bing acted politely as she bowed at the far, "Would fellow gents tell me the direction to the nearest city?"

The voice was clear, the tone was soothing, exuding a different kind of sensation to the ears, a pleasing personality. s.h.i.+ Chongming was again, impressed, for such girl maintained her modesty despite her masterly skills.

s.h.i.+ Chong suddenly was inspired. He got an idea!


... ...

"What the heck just happened?" Ye Chong's flat voice was giving shudders to everybody. As more men had gathered by the gate, Sang Fan and his gang had started feeling stressful. Sang Tie was as if fighting the Great War, guarding the entrance surrounded by crowd. The strength he demonstrated was great, so no one dared to step to the front to provoke.

The Sangs converged their sight at Hai Lian in disconcert, wondering why Hai Lian would want to save this lady, since it was not a culture for them to save strangers from a fight.

Hai Lian pulled the White Streak girl away and kneeled before Ye Chong, he begged in shriek, "PLEASE! Sir! Please save my compatriot! Please! I plead you!" He torn his right sleeve and there revealed... also the same white streaks.

"Ah!!" The girl was shocked, "Ha...ha..." Her tears were wetting her eyes, that was the first compatriot she had ever seen other than her mother.

Ye Chong was silent, because he was not sure of the situation yet.

Hai Lian knocked his head on the ground vigorously as he kneeled, a typical sincerest begging position at the most pathetic plight out of the greatest desperation. His forehead was bleeding, the girl at the side was crying, pulling the arm of Hai Lian, muttering an imperceptible language as distorted by her sobs.

"Sang Fan." Ye Chong frowned, "Lift him." He pointed, at the manically behaving Hai Lian, whose forehead was stained by streams of his blood and tears. It was terrifying especially with more blood dripping from the corners of his lips.

Sang Fan forcefully lifted Hai Lian. The strength was so great, Hai Lian could not even struggle.

The compatriot grasped Hai Lian, like a treasure, a long-lost brotherhood, as her tears showering her pretty face, mumbling unknown words.

Sang Ling could not see this scene anymore.

"Guo Ren, mind briefing me what happened?" He would like to ask Hai Lian but that guy seemed to have lost his ability to speak currently, so he asked Guo the Old Chief instead.

So Guo gave a briefing on the backstory of the White Streak tribe, which gave a shock to everyone. "Dammit!" Angered Sang Tie, "This is inhuman! These people are cruelty! Lian my brother, no worries! n.o.body would dare to even touch you with me at your side!" He tapped his chest and demonstrated deep brotherhood. The remaining Sangs seemed to be enraged of this b.l.o.o.d.y fact as well.

Sang Tie's pa.s.sion was great, but sometimes too great with that booming voice of his. The others could feel their eardrums rupturing, including the white streak girl, "Tie!" Shouted Sang Ling, "Sir is just right here! Have some manners! If you want to shout, shout elsewhere!"

Sang Tie withdrew himself, feeling embarra.s.sed.

Normally, if something tragic happened to a total stranger, Ye Chong would refuse to even express his slightest sympathy, since there were many, many more people who had suffered worse fate... like he himself for example, who did not even know who his parents were. But well, Hai Lian was still a partner of his, so no way he could ignore this.

He turned his head to Sang Fan, "Tell Sang Huo to move everyone here. We would be meeting 10 kilometers outside the city. Be prepared."

"Yes sir!" Replied Sang Fan, the Sangs were looking happy while Hai Lian crashed the ground with his knees again, "T-t-t-t-t-thank you."

The White Streak girl also kneeled along. Hai Lian was having blood and sweat staining his face, as they dripped to the carpet, "From n-n-n-now on..." His voice rang hoa.r.s.ely, "My life would be yours." Wors.h.i.+pped he along with his compatriot.

"What is going on?"

"Did the masked man send a rock flying five floors high?"

"The Masked Man is a danger."

"They did it again?"

The crowd was collecting at the hotel and did not intend to leave as they looked at the strange group inside the lobby.

At this stage, it would be impossible to cover up their whereabouts anymore. They had been dragged under the spotlight. Well then, it is time to gamble again.

Thought Ye Chong as his eyes traveled through the rumbling crowd outside the hotel, setting afar.

Legend of the Supreme Soldier Chapter 301

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