Legend of the Supreme Soldier Chapter 436

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Zhang Yu looked out the window into the starry sky, feeling a little bored. Long space travels were dry and uninteresting, especially to someone like him, who had lost interest in a great deal of things.

The ship's broadcast system suddenly came online. "Attention all passengers! Attention all passengers! Due to unforeseen circumstances, we will be redirecting our flight to Planet Yi Ju. We apologize for the inconvenience!" The broadcast went silent after that.

Zhang Yu's face twitched. They were hijacked! That idea immediately came to him, and he activated the comms device on his wrist almost instinctively.

The ship went silent for a moment, and then all hell broke loose! The passengers looked furious. Some of them even demanded to see the Captain. However, Zhang Yu noticed that a few people in the crowd kept their calm, with wary looking eyes.

Zhang Yu felt a vibration from his comms device. He lifted his wrist to have a look, and felt even more troubled. His comms device registered nothing. All communication signals onboard the ship were disabled! However, he was slightly comforted by the fact that his distress message had been sent out. Now, he could only hope that his all-powerful friend could help him.

Without being obvious about it, he deleted the distress message from his comms device as he sat quietly on his seat. Any overreactions right now could potentially invite trouble.

In the captain's cabin, Ye Chong was with Rui Bing, Old Jalopy and Fei Si. Beside them, an innocent looking alloy chair laid broken on the floor. Everyone in the ship looked shaken. They looked at the four of them with terrified eyes, especially at Rui Bing. With her icy beauty, she was like as terrifying as a cannibal to the crew. A moment ago, Rui Bing had lashed out with a kick without warning, breaking the alloy chair into its current sorry state.

Captain Airi coughed. "Cough, cough. Everyone, let me remind you that while you are strong enough to force us to reroute our flight, I urge you to reconsider. This flight route is under the protection of the Xue Lai Clan. If we really reroute our flight, I believe that the Xue Lai Clan will react accordingly." His words were meant as a warning - they should really reconsider!

"Thank you for your warning," Ye Chong answered politely. It must be said that Ye Luo and Ye Pang's plan was quite effective.

Looking at the young man's indifference, Captain Airi knew that he would not change his mind. Without any other choice, the Captain gave his orders to the crew members, "Reroute our flight. Our destination - Planet Yi Ju!"

Ye Chong went to the control panel, and immediately shut down all external communications. Since they were still in Xue Lai Clan territory, news of the ship being hijacked would have devastating consequences.

"Please arrange for accommodation for my companions, thank you." Ye Chong spoked politely to the Captain.

Little Rock entered the virtual world as he usually did.

Now, his daily job was to get intel through the virtual world. As the virtual world node laboratory was built, his power increased tremendously. He was now the main source of intel for their group. Little Rock's abilities improved quickly. His extraordinary computational skills allowed him to explore freely in the world of mathematics as he learned more and more. He was not a true super duper Maverick! Even Mu and Shang mostly left this matter to him.


Little Rock looked at the distress message he had just received in surprise. Skytreader was one of his few friends in the Maverick circle. He was a well established Maverick, and one of the few Mavericks in the He Yue Galaxy who worked solo.

What happened to him?

Little Rock quickly opened the message.

He can see that the message was pre-crafted. There was no other information. This meant that his situation must be dire. The man must have thought of him when in whatever critical situation he found himself in. Somehow, Little Rock felt touched by this knowledge.

However, he quickly dismissed the sentiment. As a Maverick, he must first and foremost be calm.

He must move quickly!

First, he must find where the message was sent from. Five minutes later, he was able to locate the sender.

Sender location: the Long Distance Travel Starship, Victoria. Message origin location: near Sol Latitude.

Three minutes later, everything there was to know about Victoria was displayed before Little Rock, including its internal schematics, which Little Rock dug out from the Starship Management Office.

"There must be some accident," Little Rock thought quietly.

Sol Latitude's virtual world was particularly well defended, and this surprised Little Rock! He was no longer the amateur of old, and he knew what this special kind of defense meant.

Could it be …

However, this was obviously not the time to explore Sol Latitude's mysteries. Sol Latitude might be well guarded, but that could not stop a Maverick like Little Rock.

The landing dock did not have records of Victoria's landing. According to their schedule, the ship should have docked at the planet by now. This meant that something had happened to Victoria.

Was the ship hijacked?

Little Rock frowned.

Victoria's external communications were cut off. Little Rock tried to reach the ship in vain.

This did not discourage Little Rock. On the contrary, he was feeling excited about the fight ahead! Not giving up was one of the main reasons he had become a powerful Maverick. He was rigid, but strong and determined, never one to cower before obstacles.

"Then, a battle it is!" Little Rock's tiny frame radiated with a strong battle intent!

"Boss … Boss …" A young man stumbled into the room, speaking panickedly.

"What is it?" The one called Boss was a middle aged man, and he frowned at the interruption.

"Someone … Someone hacked into our regional network. We lost all our holographic feeds!" The young man gulped repeatedly as he stuttered out his words.

"What?!" The middle aged man could no longer stay calm. He pushed away his desk and abruptly stood up, flabbergasted.

On the holographic screen, one could see that a Maverick was making every move with speed and calmness. Like most traditional swordsman, every move was clear but unbeatable!

"Dragon-Tiger Match, what are you up to?" The middle aged man muttered to himself.

In Xue Lai Clan's virtual world control center.

The air was thick with tension. Every working staff wore a grim expression.

"First defense node failed …"

"Second defense node failed …"

"Enemy is hacking the third defense node… Third defense node failed …"

A beautiful feminine voice delivered the words that sounded like they came from a nightmare. Every one of them in the center looked pale.

"Surveillance system is lost!" This sentence hammered down heavily on their hearts!

On the holographic screen, a handsome tiger-man and a lovely dragon-lady were intimately clinging onto each other in an intensely suggestive way, but everyone looked at the image with nothing but fear in their eyes.

"Dragon-Tiger Match, what are you up to?"

On that day, a powerful Maverick called Dragon-Tiger Match shocked the entire He Yue Galaxy. In just three hours, 35 planets including Sol Latitude at the center lost their surveillance systems.

The arousing image of the handsome tiger-man and dragon-lady entwined together spread across the entire He Yue Galaxy.

Dragon-Tiger Match was actually Little Rock, but the symbol was designed by someone else.

According to tradition, every Maverick would have their own symbol. Once, when Little Rock, Mu and Shang discussed about it, Shang had volunteered to design his.

In this respect, Little Rock was remarkably similar to Ye Chong - he left it all to Shang.

Hence, by drawing inspiration from "Fiery Battle of between Dragon and Tiger" and "Playboy", Shang presented his design of the symbol in all its glory, and called it the Dragon-Tiger Match. When Zhu Ling saw the symbol, she had blushed deeply for a whole 30 seconds. The beautiful dragon-lady looked very much like Zhu Ling, while the handsome tiger-man looked like Little Rock.

Little Rock was satisfied with the design. He may not know much about aesthetics, but he did know that this symbol would only take up a bare minimum of resources from the photon processor.

From then on, the enticing Dragon-Tiger March had become Little Rock's very own symbol.

Little Rock did not have time to think about how impressive his work was. He alone controlled many, many holographic feeds, all the while fending off waves of counter attacks from the other side. There was no time to think about anything else.

The counter attacks were strong!

Little Rock was sweating all over. The neverending waves of counter attacks exhausted him, but he held on.

An event of such a huge scale had caught the attention of all the Mavericks in the He Yue Galaxy! Many of them were keeping a close eye on the proceedings. However, every Maverick was astonished by the power of Dragon-Tiger Match. Little Rock's strength was deeply etched into their hearts.

Found it!

Little Rock felt encouraged. One of the holographic feeds had Victoria in it.

Little Rock quickly accessed his star chart, and began to analyze Victoria's trajectory to deduce its destination.

Just when everyone was trembling in excitement at this unprecedented war in the virtual world, Dragon-Tiger Match did something else that once again demonstrated his prowess!

Suddenly, Dragon-Tiger Match vanished into thin air, gone from the virtual world in an instant. No matter how hard they looked, no one could find him. When the control center staff members regained control of the surveillance system, they found to their surprise that all their information, including voice passcodes, were unaltered from before. Dragon-Tiger Match had left without leaving a single trace!

The incident that sparked a lively conversation all around had started without warning, and ended without just as abruptly! People began to guess the identity of this Dragon-Tiger Match, but more were talking about the alluring symbol of the dragon-tiger couple.

It was said that long after the incident, He Yue Galaxy's many large p.o.r.nographic magazine publishers tried hard to find out who the mysterious Maverick was. They hoped to obtain the rights to use the symbol. From a professional point of view, using the symbol as the cover of a p.o.r.n magazine was absolutely classic!

However, the perpetrator behind it all, Little Rock, was now staring fixedly on the holographic screen that displayed the flying starship, Victoria!

Legend of the Supreme Soldier Chapter 436

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