Let Go Of That Primordial Man Chapter 16

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Translator: Cold Love

Chapter 16: Plight of Black Rock tribe

Tribe leader Kui proudly explained that although there were only a few hundred warriors and the total population numbered not more than 400, the Black Rock tribe in the past used to be very famous.

Black Rock tribe was not 100% born within the Luo Lei mountain region. 100 years ago, Black Rock tribe was situated at the gra.s.slands beyond the Luo Lei mountain region. Not only was the soil there extremely fertile, only a few fercious beasts roamed that area. The environment there was several times better than this G.o.dd.a.m.n place.

When they were at their prime, the territory of Black Rock tribe spanned around 50 km and their population numbered around a few tens of thousands. Just by relying on farming and breeding of animals, they were able to maintain their living standard. In addition, hunting to them was just a leisure acitivity.

The strength of the tribe was immense, just by counting the number of totem warriors, there were around 2,000 of them. If nothing happened, based on their continuous growth, the Black Rock tribe would become a colossal tribe with a population of more than 10,000 after 100 years.

However, the peaceful life of Black Rock tribe ended when a foreign tribe called Pale Wolf tribe arrived and invaded them.

The Shamans of Pale Wolf tribe was stronger and even they had more totem warriors than Black Rock tribe. He4nce, without a doubt, the Black Rock tribe was defeated.

The once glorious Black Rock tribe had fallen and among the tens of thousands of members, either more than half of them were killed in battle or they were captured as slaves of Pale Wolf tribe. A small portion of the Black Rock tribe escaped the gra.s.slands and seeked refuge in the harsh environmenmt of Luo Lei mountain region. It was then did they luckily survive.

As a small stray tribe, Black Rock’s days in the Luo Lei mountain region were extremely tedious. The local tribe deemed them as an outsider and would always ostracize and pressurize them for no reason.

Most importantly, the most crucial aspect to a tribe was their Development Shaman. During the war with Pale Wolf tribe, Black Rock tribe’s Shaman was killed while fighting. Without any Shaman in Black rock tribe, the knowledge of farming and captive breeding was lost.

The closest tribe to Black Rock tribe was Large Rock tribe, which was a large tribe. Two and a half months ago, they send a messenger to Black Rock tribe, bringing along 2 disastrous bad news: One, from today onwards, Large Rock tribe shall severe any trading with Black Rock tribe.

Within the region where Large Rock tribe was situated, it was undisputedly the big boss. Kui believed that no tribes would selflessly come to their aid as they were unwilling to risk the danger of angering Large Rock tribe.

This meant that essential necessities that Black Rock tribe could not produce such as salt would be cut off. Actually, this was not the most problematic. What caused Kui to be so worried was the second peice of news.

In 6 months time, the whole of Black Rock tribe could either join Large Rock tribe or face the extermination of their tribe. There were no other alternatives.

Should they abandon their ancestral glory and live in shame or choose to fight back and die a glorious yet miserable death. Without much room for discussion, Black Rock tribe made a decision. Even if Black Rock tribe will become extinct, they will still fight to their last breath.

As the fated day approaches, the pressure on Kui and Black Rock tribe increases. Just when they were on the verge of despair, things took a change…

After Kui explained the plight of Black Rock tribe to Niu Xu, both of them became silent.

Niu Xu was thinking, there were still 3 months away from the war declared by Large Rock tribe. Based on the cooldown time after his return, there was only enough time for one more trip. However, the amount of resources he could bring was limited each time. Hence, how should he plan so as to maximize the efficiency.

Although Kui might looked like a brute, his thinking was careful and precise. He was thinking inwardly: If one has to protect Niu Xu, the little pretty face without any ounce of strength, from the gra.s.sland outside of the mountain region to Black Rock tribe which was deep within Luo Lei mountain region while ensuring that not a scratch befall on him.

Even if all of Black Rock tribe’s totem warriors were activated, they still could not accomplish this. Hence, one could only imagine the strength of the guards around Niu Xu.

By that time, if Niu Xu’s guards took the side of the Black Rock tribe, it may aroused the suspicion of Large Rock tribe and caused them to give up the thought of devouring Black Rock tribe. But what should I say so as to move this young master Niu Xu to help us…

The sky gradually darkened. Since Niu Xu was no longer in the situation of worrying about his unknown fate, he was able to spend more thought and energy into the plane of this primordial age.

Just like the plane from his previous world, this plane had a sun and a moon. When it was aroud 7 pm, the sky had completely darkened. Based on this a.n.a.lysis, one day here was similar to the plane in year 2118.

Just before the sky completely darkened, the Black Rock tribe’s hunters brought back the game after a day of hard work. At this time, Niu Xu completely understood the plane of the primordial age, several stages in terms of strength and also the actual strength of Black Rock tribe.

At the age of 13, every member from all the primordial tribes were considered as young adults. When they mature, the tribe would hold an ancestral flamen ceremony and under the guidance from the soul of their ancestor, a portion of them would be able to awaken their inner talent and become a strong totem warrior.

The difference in strength between totem warriors and the normal tribal warriors was significant. Hence, in order to measure the strength of one’s tribe, the quant.i.ty of totem warriors was very important.

Of course, there was also a large disparity in strength between totem warriors. Totem warriors were divided into 9 stages. Before Kui lost his left hand, he was a mighty stage 3 totem warrior. However, after losing only 1 arm, his strength dropped to stage 2.

According to Kui, there was a higher realm above the 9 stages. It’s just that even when Black Rock tribe was at its peak, only one stage 8 totem warrior had appeared. Hence, Kui had no idea about the realm above totem warriors…

It is very simple to differentiate totem warriors and normal tribal warriors. Only those who have successfully awakened hold the rights to mark their faces with dyes coressponding to their stages.

As for those non-totem warriors that pretended to be totem warriors and marked their faces with dyes, it has happened before. However, every single one of them met a tragic end.

Niu Xu was observing the hunting team from Black Rock tribe. Majority of them comprised of stage one totem warriors and their ma.s.sive build was comparable to a large gorilla. His heart was contemplating on their actual strength. What kind of unbelieveable standard would it become based on his previous calculations on the estimation of the planes.

In the meantime, he thought of the little rascal that was guarding the village in the morning, that little rascal could not even be counted as a totem warrior. From this, he came to a frightening conclusion. Even if the mighty Lightning Martial Arts School’s master Lei met a stage 1 totem warrior from the primordial age, he would not even be their match.

Let Go Of That Primordial Man Chapter 16

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