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Chapter 407: Spirit Stones Grades

Seeing that the lady would die if the slapping continued on, Zhang Xuan waved his hands.

"..." Su shi and Ling shi.

This woman was the one who ordered the death of Lu Chong's entire family back then. Since the culprit was here, it was only fitting for Lu Chong to do the work.

However, the other party seemed to have lucked out. Since Su shi and Ling shi were here, their vengeance was destined to end in failure.


"Grandteacher? Old master? I finally get it. This must be Zhang Xuan's elusive teacher, Yang Xuan!"

It was said that Zhang Xuan's teacher possessed unfathomable strength, and he even took in Pavilion Master Jiang as his student

It was no wonder that Zhang shi didn't hesitate in the least when he destroyed the Lin Clan! With such backing, there was indeed no need for him to worry about the consequences at all.

Upon seeing Lu Chong, Zhang Xuan gestured forward.

Seeing that the main culprit behind the deaths of his kin was right in front of him, how could Lu Chong hold himself back? With reddened eyes, he immediately dashed straight toward Lin Long.

Frightened, Lin Long retreated swiftly. However, before she could finish her words, she felt excruciating pain on her cheek and, 'peng!', she was sent flying to the side.

Liang Qingming wanted to help her, but seeing Su shi's gaze land on him from time to time, he was scared stiff.

"Grandteacher, thank you for fulfilling my wish!"

Just like with Lin Ruotian and the others, Lu Chong didn't kill her, but he crippled her cultivation.

"Un!" Zhang Xuan waved his hands and said, "Alright, throw all of them out!"

Lin Long was severely injured and this bodyguard was scared out of his wits, so Zhang Xuan reckoned that they wouldn't dare to do anything else. On top of that, with Yang shi serving as a deterrence, Xuanyuan Kingdom should be hesitant to take any drastic actions.
If Yang shi were to continue remaining idle while insisting for Su shi to eliminate them, the two 4-star master teachers might get



"It-It's over?"

Initially, they thought that Lin Long's arrival would spell the doom of Tianwu Kingdom. Never in their dreams did they expect that the entire matter would be resolved so easily via the two people who appeared in Zhang Xuan's residence.

Since the danger was averted, there was no longer any need for Mo Yu to leave. Delighted, Mo Tianxue thought of paying a visit to these powerful figures.

Even if her father didn't say anything, she had already intended to look into the matter.

The strength of this 'Little Su' far surpassed her imagination. At the very least, he had to be a 3-star master teacher!


Honestly speaking, Zhang Xuan was also astonished by Su shi's might.

Even though he knew that the other party was incredibly powerful through the Library of Heaven's Path, he didn't think that he would be that impressive.

Just as Zhang Xuan was wondering when he could gain such strength, Su shi turned to look at him.

"May I know... where Zhang shi is? I would like to discuss the matter of the Master Teacher Tournament with him."

The main reason why they came over here from the Myriad Kingdom Alliance was for this matter. It wasn't easy to find a genius of Zhang Xuan's caliber, so how could they give up now.

Zhang Xuan waved his hands casually.

This explained why Zhang Xuan didn't appear despite the huge commotion.

"Then... About the Master Teacher Tournament..."

"You can tell me about it and I'll relay the message to him!" Zhang Xuan said.

Before he could finish his words, Yang shi's eyes gleamed, "Spirit stones?"

"Around how many will be awarded?" Yang shi stared at the other party expectantly.

The higher his cultivation, the greater the demand on spiritual energy. Even with Heaven's Path Divine Art, it would take a long time for Zhang Xuan to achieve a breakthrough just by absorbing spiritual energy from the surroundings. However, if he could obtain sufficient spirit stones, it would be a completely different matter.

The rules and the prizes for the competition this year hadn't been announced yet, but based on previous occasions, this seemed to be the trend.

Due to the tier of Tianwu Kingdom being too low, the records of spirit stone here were lacking. Middle-tier... What did that mean?

Even though Su shi was perplexed, he explained the matter regarding the spirit stones.

"Ten thousand?" Zhang Xuan nearly threw the teacup in his hands out.

Are you for real?

Once one reached Transcendent Mortal realm, it would become difficult for one to cultivate via absorbing spiritual energy from the surroundings. Under such circumstances, spirit stones became a necessity. As such, spirit stones were common knowledge among master teachers above 3-star. Why... did the powerful Yang shi behave as though it was his first time hearing of spirit stones?

Seeing that his agitation nearly did him in, Zhang Xuan looked into the distance with the gaze of one who had seen through the vicissitudes of life.


"Then... about Zhang shi participating in the Master Teacher Tournament..." Su shi continued, pushing for an answer about Zhang shi's participation.

Are you joking? That is a million spirit stones...


Yang shi, that isn't how you were acting a moment ago. You were clearly resistant to the idea... Why did you change your mind so quickly?

"Alright. Yang shi, with your words, we're relieved..."

"Alright!" Zhang Xuan nodded.

Grabbing it, Zhang Xuan placed the token into his storage ring.

Su shi clasped his fist.

"Un!" Zhang Xuan nodded.

Outside the residence.

He had heard Commander Liang's shouting back then, and at this moment, the entire residence was silent. Could they be fighting with one another?

"I can only hope that it doesn't blow up..."

Putong! Putong! Putong!

"That's the princess consort from the Lin Clan?"
Mo Hongyi was taken aback.


Library of Heaven’s Path Library Of Heaven's Path Chapter 407

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