Life and Letters of Charles Darwin Volume II Part 70

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Wollaston Medal, 1859. Royal Geographical. 1838. Royal. 1839. Royal Medal, 1853. Copley Medal, 1864. Linnean. 1854. Ethnological. 1861.

Medico-Chirurgical. Hon. Member. 1868. Baly Medal of the Royal College of Physicians, 1879.


Royal Society of Edinburgh, 1865. Royal Medical Society of Edinburgh, 1826. Hon. Member, 1861. Royal Irish Academy. Hon. Member, 1866.

Literary and Philosophical Society of Manchester. Hon. Member, 1868.

Watford Natural History Society. Hon. Member, 1877. Asiatic Society of Bengal. Hon. Member, 1871. Royal Society of New South Wales. Hon.

Member, 1879. Philosophical Inst.i.tute of Canterbury, New Zealand. Hon.

Member, 1863. New Zealand Inst.i.tute. Hon. Member, 1872.


Sociedad Cientifica Argentina. Hon. Member, 1877. Academia Nacional de Ciencias, Argentine Republic. Hon. Member, 1878. Sociedad Zoologica Arjentina. Hon. Member, 1874. Boston Society of Natural History. Hon.

Member, 1873. American Academy of Arts and Sciences (Boston). Foreign Hon. Member, 1874. California Academy of Sciences. Hon. Member, 1872.

California State Geological Society. Corresponding Member, 1877.

Franklin Literary Society, Indiana. Hon. Member, 1878. Sociedad de Naturalistas Neo-Granadinos. Hon. Member, 1860. New York Academy of Sciences. Hon. Member, 1879. Gabinete Portuguez de Leitura em Pernambuco. Corresponding Member, 1879. Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia. Correspondent, 1860. American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia. Member, 1869.


Imperial Academy of Sciences of Vienna. Foreign Corresponding Member, 1871; Hon. Foreign Member, 1875. Anthropologische Gesellschaft in Wien.

Hon. Member, 1872. K. k. Zoologisch-botanische Gesellschaft in Wien.

Member, 1867. Magyar Tudomanyos Akademia, Pest, 1872.


Societe Royale des Sciences Medicales et Naturelles de Bruxelles.

Hon. Member, 1878. Societie Royale de Botanique de Belgique. 'Membre a.s.socie,' 1881. Academie Royale des Sciences, etc., de Belgique.

'a.s.socie de la des Sciences.' 1870.


Royal Society of Copenhagen. Fellow, 1879.


Societe d'Anthropologie de Paris. Foreign Member, 1871. Societe Entomologique de France. Hon. Member, 1874. Societe Geologique de France (Life Member), 1837. Inst.i.tut de France. 'Correspondant' Section of Botany, 1878.


Royal Prussian Academy of Sciences (Berlin). Corresponding Member, 1863; Fellow, 1878. Berliner Gesellschaft fur Anthropologie, etc.

Corresponding Member, 1877. Schlesische Gesellschaft fur Vaterlandische Cultur (Breslau). Hon. Member 1878. Caesarea Leopoldino-Carolina Academia Naturae Curiosorum (Dresden). 1857. (The diploma contains the words "accipe... ex antiqua nostra consuetudine cognomen Forster." It was formerly the custom in the "Caesarea Leopoldin-Carolina Academia", that each new member should receive as a 'cognomen,' a name celebrated in that branch of science to which he belonged. Thus a physician might be christened Boerhave, or an astronomer, Kepler. My father seems to have been named after the traveller John Reinhold Forster.) Senkenbergische Naturforschende Gesellschaft zu Frankfurt am Main. Corresponding Member, 1873. Naturforschende Gesellschaft zu Halle. Member 1879.

Siebenburgische Verein fur Naturwissenschaften (Hermannstadt). Hon.

Member, 1877. Medicinisch-naturwissenschaftliche Gesellschaft zu Jena.

Hon. Member, 1878. Royal Bavarian Academy of Literature and Science (Munich). Foreign Member, 1878.


Koninklijke Natuurkundige Vereeniging in Nederlandsch-Indie (Batavia).

Corresponding Member, 1880. Societe Hollandaise des Sciences a Harlem.

Foreign Member, 1877. Zeeuwsch Genootschap der Wetenschappen te Middelburg. Foreign Member, 1877.


Societa Geografica Italiana (Florence). 1870. Societa Italiana di Antropologia e di Etnologia (Florence). Hon. Member, 1872. Societa dei Naturalisti in Modena. Hon. Member, 1875. Academia de' Lincei di Roma.

Foreign Member, 1875. La Scuola Italica, Academia Pitagorica, Reale ed Imp. Societa (Rome). "Presidente Onoraria degli Anziani Pitagorici,"

1880. Royal Academy of Turin. 1873. "Bressa" Prize, 1879.


Sociedade de Geographia de Lisboa (Lisbon). Corresponding Member, 1877.


Society of Naturalists of the Imperial Kazan University. Hon. Member, 1875. Societas Caesarea Naturae Curiosorum (Moscow). Hon. Member, 1870.

Imperial Academy of Sciences (St. Petersburg). Corresponding Member, 1867.


Inst.i.tucion Libre de Ensenanza (Madrid). Hon. Professor, 1877.


Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (Stockholm). Foreign Member, 1865.

Royal Society of Sciences (Upsala). Fellow, 1860.


Societe des Sciences Naturelles de Neuchatel. Corresponding Member, 1863.

Life and Letters of Charles Darwin Volume II Part 70

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