Life Mission Chapter 200-201

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Volume 7 / Chapter 200

TL: LightNovelCafe

Editor: Hungry Panda

Being able to take mutants like that on 3 against 1 is proof of getting close to level 9. Not even Red Eye can do that. Any combination of 2 to 1 is doable excluding Vanessa, but 3 to 1 is too much. Red Eye wins if it is a combination of Odelia and Benukiz, and a close fight if a Narsiel combination.

Cha Jun Sung as a Perfection is stronger than Red Eye. He lacks 2% due to an absence of various items, but he exceeds level 8 in pure combat ability. The power he has is between level 8 and 9.

Comparing Red Eye and Cha Jun Sung's combat ability, this situation now when he cannot find Odelia is welcome. The problem is that Two Faced Vanessa will be in that fight where he can face all of the sisters. It is the worst combination since they are the 2 strongest.

"Vanessa, Vanessa."

After Cha Jun Sung hunted 3 of the 4 sisters and prepared for his raid against Evil Queen in the virtual, he had looked for information on Vanessa.

There was not much, and he was only able to find snippets.

[Of the 3 males and 4 females born from Evil Queen and Bon Load, Vanessa is the only half blood with characteristics of both level 9s.]

The daughters have Evil Queen's characteristics and the sons have Bon Load's, but Vanessa alone inherited both.

So she has another nickname in addition to Two Faced - Half Blood. She would rank level 8 with just one but if she has genes of two that are strong, there is no way to know who will win until they face off.

Much less with Narsiel, it is a good opportunity but one that feels like it should be avoided.


"Ugh! Just one should come, why are both of them coming at the same time?"

Cha Jun Sung decided to back off. It is a waste, but he will get another chance.

[Oh, well.]

"What now? Will you stop surprising me?"

Odin did not answer Cha Jun Sung's question, and pulled up a video from the Universe Eye like when he discovered Narsiel and Vanessa.


[Keep watching. I think you can make your final decision after watching this.]

The video that Odin pulled up is from the Universe Eye in Austin. A force level of Lifers is moving somewhere.

Cha Jun Sung did not complain, and just watched. Odin can see all of Austin like it is the back of his hand. It means he knows the result of these words.

"Could that be."

The screen brightens. More precisely, it can be mistaken that the background of the environment on screen has become red.

"Path of Blood."

Odelia is obsessively compulsive and makes her entire home red. The hair that grows all over her body becomes a brush and the pocket that holds the money she got through torture becomes paint. That is how she paints.

In Cha Jun Sung's eyes, that is Path of Blood, the way to Odelia's home.

The fact that this path came out means that Odelia is in Austin or it is a trace of her having been here. She does not stay in one place. She goes around in search of subjects for torture.

"Is the final decision… that Odelia's in Austin? What! Then that means Narsiel and Vanessa are coming to see their sister. It's a scam!"

It is not 2 against 1. It might become 3 to 1 like this. No matter how comparatively weak Odelia is, she is a level 8. She has a blow in her own way.

[It's okay. There's time left, so you can make the decision later.]

Cha Jun Sung calmed down and focused on the video.

It is as Odin said. There are still 4 hours left until they get here.

He can look at everything and then make his decision. Lifers arrive at the Path of Blood and are taken aback. The environment has changed and the atmosphere has grown dark. They cannot figure out what has happened.



Red Spider, Princess of Fresh Blood Odelia jumped out from among buildings. These mysterious Lifers had walked into h.e.l.l on their own.

Cha Jun Sung considered whether he should help or not, and gave up in the end.

They are at least 25km away. He cannot help them even if he runs to them now. Even if they are lucky and he is able to rescue them, Cha Jun Sung is not in a good situation either.

He could be sandwiched by Narsiel and Vanessa while fighting Odelia. He cannot risk their own lives and help them.

When we get involved, we do so by volition. Others are not subjects of consideration.

"If Austin is Odelia's home, it should have been separated as a danger zone. Why are other Lifers here? Are they going to say it's another mission error?"

[No, it is not. Please pay attention to that man.]


The Universe Eye focuses on a Lifer who does not look particularly different. But when he approached Odelia, he moved behind her.

What is this? What is this situation?

Cha Jun Sung blinks.

[I backtracked their route and they trickled down from the north. This is a danger zone, but north is a normal mission area.]

There is no Universe Eye installed in the north. That is why it was guessed that it is Austin, but that Lifer led the force.

"Ha! Is it a lure? Is he presenting Lifers to Odelia or something?"

[It seems so, though I cannot tell why.]

Does he have a deal?

Cha Jun Sung rages inside. There are things that you can do and things that you can't. Those actions are worse than murder.

"How about Narsiel and Vanessa?"

[They are coming. Their estimated time of arrival has not changed.]

The speed is constant. Cha Jun Sung brought up the best and worst case scenarios. He has 4 hours of time. The best case is that he kills Odelia within that time and runs away. The worst is that he is unable to kill her and gets caught.

"d.a.m.n it. What's there to think about."

Cha Jun Sung stood up. The amount of time he has is finite.

As time shortens, the width for activity grows more and more narrow.

The situation grew disadvantageous for him even while he is thinking now.

He needs to move quickly if he is to have any odds of getting what he wants.

"We'll be able to get away from here within 4 hours, no 3, right?"

Considering error, he needs to leave 1 hour of time. No matter how weak Odelia is, she is a level 8. It is hard to kill her within a matter of hours.

[Comparing Lifer Cha Jun Sung and a weak one's combat abilities, there is plenty possibility. As long as external variables are not applied.]

"That's fine."


Cha Jun Sung steps off of the terrace connected to the living room, and jumped into the air.

It is 5 hours.

Faster is better. He will kill Odelia and get out of this place.

25km distance. It is said that people can go 4km if they walk for 1 hour, which means it should take more than 5 hours for that distance.

It did not even take 25 minutes for Cha Jun Sung to go that distance.

The Universe Eye marked the route with the shortest distance for him on the electronic map. He arrived quickly because he flew and there was no reason for him to go off route.

Cha Jun Sung decreased his booster's output and landed on a building with dozens of floors. Then he made sure not to make a sound as he went closer to Odelia.

Once he reached a certain distance, the disgusting scent of blood tickled his senses. He knows why this is because of the Universe Eye. He can't help but curse. Most of the Lifers became invalids in that short time of 20 minutes.

They had been disabled so that they could not rebel or run away. Level 8 Odelia might as well be the Grim Reaper to those level C Lifers.

Odelia lifts a Lifer into the air by the leg and cuts off his arms. A hair that is as thin as thread goes through his battle suit.

"Hee hee! This is great!"

"Crazy b.i.t.c.h."

Cha Jun Sung curses Odelia while he is hiding. The things she does is the same as she did in the virtual version. This b.i.t.c.h isn't normal. Even the word 'b.i.t.c.h' isn't enough for her.


Odelia doesn't realize that Cha Jun Sung is there even though he has gotten so close to her he is only 50m away. His battle suit is great, but she is also distracted by the torture.

"I'll kill her with maximum output."

It's a time attack anyway. He won't be exploring or anything, so there is no reason to save his strength while fighting. 3 hours isn't enough time in taking on a level 8.

[Battlecore, Overbooster 100% deployed.]

[Full combat function, Overmode activated with overlap of the battlecore and Overbooster! 8 hours until engine overheat, energy recovery rate 50% control!]

It is just in case. If he cannot avoid meeting Narsiel and Vanessa, he needs to have killed Odelia at the least. Divide and conquer.

 /  / 

Volume 7 / Chapter 201

TL: LightNovelCafe

Editor: Hungry Panda

The opportunity is when she is separated from them and alone. The 2 against 1 Vanessa combination is burdensome, but there is a higher chance that he can win than if Odelia is included in there to make it 3 against 1.

If he is lucky, he might be able to kill 3 of Evil Queen's daughters. He cannot doubt that the reward is as sweet as it is dangerous. It will more than cover the costs of the Universe Eyes and there is the possibility that it will be a level A special mission.

It is 3 level 8s. Difficulties will overlap so there needs to be discretion.

It is the worst case scenario. Cha Jun Sung is thinking of just killing Odelia and getting out. He will only put himself in a bad situation if he needs to. The circ.u.mstances do not call for that right now.

'A blow won't be able to kill her. She's a level 8 even if she's weak. It needs to be fatal!'

Cha Jun Sung went at Odelia like a beast going after its prey.

He is so fast that reacting would be impossible, but Odelia managed to react.

Hundreds of hairs reflexively attacked Cha Jun Sung. The route of the hairs shooting at the battle suit's hologram draw out in a line.


"Die, you red s.a.d.i.s.t."

Odelia was taken aback. It is surprising that he was able to fool her senses and hide, but it should be impossible to completely detect her attack.

For an instant, the dozens of pairs of eyes between her upper and lower body look towards Cha Jun Sung's belt. Her instincts warn her that it will become dangerous if he pulls that out.

Odelia is rushed and throws the Lifer she is holding, at Cha Jun Sung. He cannot tell if the Lifer is alive or not, but his decision did not take long.

Hades came out, went through the Lifer and flew toward Odelia. A clear color does not come up, but the sharp feeling is there.

But for the moment Cha Jun Sung was in consideration, Odelia increased the distance with sleek body movements and avoided the sword.

Brandis.h.i.+ng from bottom to top, horizontally. Odelia concentrated her skills and watched the aura of the weapon pa.s.sing right under her nose.

It is a haze.

She can tell without having it touch her. It is dangerous if she gets. .h.i.t.

When Odelia avoided it, the building behind her splits. If the extracted energy is that much, she can guess how much the sword itself has.

When Cha Jun Sung's surprise attack failed, he put the Overbooster in reverse and took position to go into real battle.

a.s.saulting while in the air with just the output from the booster does not bring out as much speed as would come from kicking off from the ground. There is nothing to support his lower body.

Air war is something that he is relatively confident in, but Odelia is not a flying mutant. There is no need to act like a bird.

Boom boom boom!

A part of the building that was. .h.i.t by the force, collapses. The sound was so loud that it was like thunder, but no one inside cared about the sound. Lifers who had been tortured, the Lifer who lured them there, even Odelia who avoided the hit - no one could understand what was happening.

"What - what are you?"

"I don't have time to talk. I need to end this within 3 hours."

The Overbooster emits the refined flames and gets excited. It prepares to charge like a bull going at a red flag.

If it weren't for Narsiel and Vanessa, he would have talked to her about Evil Queen to get some information, but he does not have time for that.

Cha Jun Sung needs to keep one thing in mind in his battle with Odelia - that he needs to kill her as quickly as possible. That is this battle's goal.


Cha Jun Sung's body becomes hazy with maximum output from the Overmode.

It is not teleportation. He is moving with incredible speed, so much so that it leaves an afterimage.

Ping ping!

Odelia launches the fur all over her body everywhere.

She could not determine Cha Jun Sung's movements precisely with her transcendental senses. She covered all directions. A living creature needs to reveal itself and that method works.

At Odelia's side in the air where there is nothing, the hairs are cut into pieces. That is where Cha Jun Sung showed himself.

"You're smart!"

"Who do you think I am, coming at me!"

Cha Jun Sung laughs. Whatever her personality is like, her combat style is outstanding. Since she can't see him, she'll just attack everywhere surrounding her.

But how long can that last?

It is just a temporary measure, but it just becomes a way of buying time if she is pushed back in specifications. There's no way they don't know that!

'Odelia's weakness was her upper body, right? If I cut that off, half of it's done.'

He can win even if he doesn't go for the upper body, but what's good is good. It is just that the center is in the lower body so it is not easy to land a hit.

Odelia does not know that Cha Jun Sung knows her weakness. That is why she is not hiding it.

"You cullion! I'll make you beg me to kill you!"

Odelia got the hint that Cha Jun Sung does not want to talk. If he won't answer when she asks, there's no point in doing so.


Bang bang bang!

Odelia's 8 legs squirm and go near Cha Jun Sung. She crushes any obstacles with her trunk.

Odelia is a mid-sized mutant. There are constraints if there are a lot of buildings. The terrain here is not complicated. It is not an urban area with buildings everywhere so after repeating the same actions a few times, they created the optimal area for battle.

"What a useless trick."

Dust comes out of the collapsed building. Odelia uses her cl.u.s.tered fur like a fan and flies at Cha Jun Sung. Vision becomes blurred.

Humans depend on sight the most. This is not very different for Cha Jun Sung, so he feels frustrated if his sight becomes paralyzed.

But when a Lifer who has gone through body modifications and has a battle suit loses sight, other senses make up for it.


Odelia watched Cha Jun Sung's back, twisted her fur, and transformed it into the shape of a spear. Odelia is not a mutant that can mutate her whole body or parts of her body. She just knows how to maximize use of her body.

Cha Jun Sung used his sense of hearing to avoid all of the attacks. The fur that became a spear go into the ground. It does not hit him, but keeps chasing and stabbing at him wherever he moves.

His sight is fine. The battle suit's heat sensor and UV detection mode show him which direction Odelia is moving in and how. Odelia took color from him.

"So you're slowly starting to change your pattern!"

Her spider's lower body, or more precisely her hip, twists and launches a thick needle at Cha Jun Sung. It is almost like a missile. Fur attack is basic. Odelia has various patterns.

Being hit by that needle is dangerous in itself, but it contains a vicious poison that can kill most things with basic tolerance just by grazing them.

Cha Jun Sung brings his sword down. The end of the large poison dart, a part that is so small it cannot even be measured in mm, is split in half by Cha Jun Sung's sword. Poison spills from where it has been split, but it did not touch the battle suit.

Looking closely, a purplish s.h.i.+eld is acting as a barrier between the battle suit and poison. It is a barrier built into the battle suit.

The poison flows down the barrier. The poison that fell on the ground was already melting whatever it came in touch with. It is made of acid.

Cha Jun Sung broke the poison dart and with his body maintained by the Overbooster, he turned his waist and landed a powerful kick to the spider lower body.


Red blood that is appropriate for her red body flies through the air. Something strange, that is hard to discern whether they are teeth or claws, break and fall all over the place.

Boom boom!

Odelia stumbles.

It is no joke. It is a kick full of power. She is probably hearing bells in her head and seeing stars.


Boom boom!

Cha Jun Sung stepped on the ground by the law of gravity, got power from the Overbooster, stepped on Odelia's lower body and ran toward her upper body.

She won't die because he cuts that off, but her strength will be reduced and her regenerative power will weaken. It is not her nucleus, but it is just as important.

Bees swarm. Boosters all over his body burst.

Hades' booster adds power as well. There is nothing that says he needs to apply it to drawing. If he cannot control it, he can keep controlling it with the booster while brandis.h.i.+ng it.

"Oh - oh no!"

"You said you'll make me beg for you to kill me? What a joke! I'm just going to kill you!"

 /  / 

Life Mission Chapter 200-201

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