Lightning Empress Maid Chapter 130

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Magia Shuveria

“The opponent this time?”
“Not enemy.”
“Yes, not an enemy. She’s not an enemy so?”
“No kill.”
“Also Silver is coming to watch but don’t fight with him.”
“No fight.”
“Good, go for it.”

To describe the feeling I had in a word as I finished the final check and watched Nanaki run off, it would be ‘uneasy’.

“What was that just now?”
“A check to ease my mind a little.”

In response to Salia’s question that came from my side, I responded with a sigh.

The day of the duel that Five Emperor candidate specified.
The stage is a large training area built in Central. Today, in this place that only Five Emperor candidates and above are allowed to enter, two Five Emperor candidates will decide who is superior. And four of the Five Emperors have came to watch.

“That is Nanaki’s opponent? I was wondering what kind of person it would be to challenge that but……by the looks of her, she can’t even be used to judge Nanaki.”
“Certainly, it’s as Silver says. There’s no point in this duel.”
“Then someone just has to be her opponent.”
“The one who said that should do it, Raicou. I’m pa.s.sing on that.”

It’s true for me too, but n.o.body had any interest in the result of the duel.

“Al, all of the Five Emperors! Th, thank you for bearing witness to my duel today!”

Without even knowing that, the Five Emperor candidate was in the clouds at the fact that almost all the Five Emperors showed up at her duel. It can easily be seen that she is probably misunderstanding various things. It is as expected of her to not be too tense in front of the Five Emperors, but I cannot like that smile of hers.

I know what she is about to fight.
Yes, I am worried. About her. It is not the time to be smiling. Even right now, I think I should call for a stop to the match. Stop it before it’s too late. But I am not saying that, because this is the place for talent to clash.

“Never mind greetings. As you know, we are busy. Start.”
“Ye, yes!”

Urged by Silver’s merciless words, she ran towards Nanaki.
The two of them talked about something in the distance then moved a set distance from each other. Soon the duel will start and she will lose. I will once again abandon another talent.

“Let’s go!!”

A loud voice that could be heard despite how far away we are.
As the Five Emperor candidate drew her sword, Nanaki bowed with a smile.

“Im, impossible! That Nanaki is paying respects to her opponent!?”
“I see……you did it, Envy. Congratulations. You really are amazing.”
“I thought she was some beast when I first saw her……people really change.”

There were some things I wanted to say in response to their reactions, but I almost cried involuntarily.
That Nanaki has lowered her head not to Silver, Salia or Raicou, people that she knows, but to the opponent she is about to fight. Even if that is just on the surface, it is unmistakably a large step forward.

Nanaki can become human.
Not just a monster with too much power, she can learn about the human heart and live as a human. That made me really happy. I cannot deny Nanaki’s life in the past. If I deny it, I will become Nanaki’s enemy. That’s why I wanted to teach her how to live in the future.

That was definitely not wasted.
This was the moment that was proven.

“I’m sorry for interrupting as you are tearing up, but at this rate you’ll miss it.”
“I, I know!”

Salia’s words calmed me down and wiping away the tears that built up at the corners of my eyes, I looked forward. As Salia said, if Nanaki fights it will last for an instant. That child is literally G.o.dspeed. Can the Five Emperor candidate can respond to that? The answer is no.


Inevitably, the end was instantaneous, one attack.

I think, that was probably a kick.
The instant the distance between her and Nanaki disappeared, she was knocked away by a ridiculous impact. That impact was not something the human body could endure, it easily broke through the defensive magic that had been deployed in advance and dealt serious damage to her body.

“Hey, Envy? Didn’t that girl say she won’t kill just now?”
“I told you……it was just for ease of mind.”

This time, the tears spilled.
Because the path ahead is still long.

In the first place the gap in strength with the opponent was too large. With the nature of the duel, I couldn’t tell her to hold back and this is the result. Thanks to the defensive magic that was set up in advance, she is barely alive, but she will die soon at this rate. Even if she is saved using the power of the G.o.ds, she will no longer be able to move her body like before.

“For now, I’ll heal her.”
“Then leaving the healing the Envy, who will face Nanaki? I’m not doing it. A melee battle with that girl is no joke.”
“Then it’s either me or Raicou……”

A small mountain moved.
A height of two meters and thirty centimeters. The name of the man that has that inhumanly large physique, Raicou.

“I will go.”

rip old man

Silver gets beat up anyway


In the end, who was it that muttered that?
Silver? Salia? Or it might have even been me.
I could not tell, the battle unfolding before our eyes was just too intense.


Nanaki and Raicou.
The battle that the two of them chose, the two of them that are strong at body strengthening magic, was a straight-up infight. (T/N: the boxing term, basically fighting within arm’s length) That huge body closed the distance with a speed that did not match its appearance and the punches from the log-like arms created multiple sonic booms.


And Nanaki easily dodged all of that.

It is not that Raicou is slow, Nanaki is too fast.
In the first place, Raicou is the fastest among the Five Emperors. That tempered body and body strengthening magic designed for close quarter combat is Raicou’s specialty. Power and speed, powerful because it is simple is Raicou’s strength. In close quarter combat, there is no one better than Raicou.

That should have been the case.

“That Raicou……it falling behind in close quarter combat……”
“……strong. Much stronger than that time. Tsk……monster.”

The two of them were at a loss for words. No, including me, three.

“……was she……this strong……?”

It was this moment that I noticed the abnormality.
I had understood how much of a monster Nanaki was and had no intention of underestimating that talent. Yet I had not truly understood how monstrous, how terrifying Nanaki is.

The battle unfolding before our eyes clearly exceeded our expectations.
That Martial Emperor Raicou is one-sidedly losing without being able to life a finger. That should have been impossible. Nanaki is certainly strong. n.o.body would be able to defeat her one on one. But it should not have been this one-sided. There should have been some gaps to take advantage of.

“Ku……! Armament manifestation——‘Giant G.o.d that Pierces the Earth-t.i.tano Gaia’!!”

That has, disappeared.

“Armament manifestation……!”
“He had no choice but to use it. At this rate, even Raicou wouldn’t hold.”

The armament manifestation of the G.o.d that obays Raicou is full-plate armour that covers his large physique and raises Raicou’s defensive strength considerably. In that state, Raicou can endure my Hiyent=Helios’ flames. On top of that, his offensive power and mobility also increases so he’s a perfect mage killer.


Raicou’s roar and Nanaki’s relaxed voice overlapped.
Taking no heed of Nanaki’s lightning kick, Raicou’s fist swung towards Nanaki.


But as expected, it didn’t hit.
Raicou’s fists are unable to catch Nanaki, in contrast Nanaki keeps landing terrifyingly powerful kicks on Raicou’s full-plate. Everytime Nanaki’s kicks strikes Raicou’s armour, lightning flashes and thunder roars. But as expected of Raicou. There is no damage on his armour.


Unable to deal a deciding blow, Nanaki backed off a large distance and muttered.
Nanaki’s attacks cannot get through Raicou’s armament manifestation, t.i.tano Gaia. That should have been a first for Nanaki.

That’s exactly why, I doubted my ears.

“——So that’s how you do it?”

That was, a very bright smile.
A cute smile befitting her age, yet a beautiful smile.
But for some reason, when I saw that smile. I was certain.

——we are about to see something terrifying.

the end

Author’s note:
Fire Memories IV -End-

Argh, what is this cliffhanger.

Lightning Empress Maid Chapter 130

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