Lightning Empress Maid Chapter 131

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Nanaki Family (Tentative)

“Then I shall leave the the rest to you, Aiysha.”
“Well, since it’s her excellency’s order I’ll do it. But if a monster of your level comes I’m running.”
“Nanaki. Can you remember a name?”
“Yesyes, Nanakinanaki.”
“Attach -chan. Dog.”
“Who’s a dog!”

The pup is energetically barking at it’s master and senior maid, Nanaki, again today.
Today is the day we set off to Freegrant. When I called out to check on how the guard dog is doing before leaving, she was like that. Her att.i.tude and tone is horrible as usual, but she should serve to fill in for when Nanaki is absent.

“Just in case, but do not let your guard down. You are not strong enough to be conceited. Do not forget that.”

But if by any chance this pup messed up during an emergency, it would be a problem that concerns master’s life. That’s why it is natural to warn her again and again.

“Shut up! Just go already!”

Yet this impertinent disciple responds like this.
Nanaki wanted to leave Friend at the estate as insurance, but this time Friend stubbornly refused and kept saying he is coming along. Seriously, it’s troubling how much Friend worries.

“I shall return as quickly as possible.”
“No need to come back.”

While silently promising to punch this Aiysha who keeps talking back even during a farewell, Nanaki left the estate. If possible Nanaki would like to hit that head right now, but as Envy’s little sister, Nanaki cannot make her wait any longer. A capable little sister is considerate of the elder sister.
“I have made you wait, Envy.”
“……Nanaki’s master is not coming to see you off?”
“There is no way the master would come to see off a mere maid. What kind of n.o.ble is that?”
“A mere maid, huh. I really cannot grow to like n.o.bles.”

When I went to Envy’s side where she was waiting outside the estate grounds, Nanaki’s sister seems to be dissatisfied about something. If Nanaki is not mistaken Envy’s pace is also fast, with the difference in stride, Nanaki would have to jog to keep up.

Of course Nanaki has no objections to hurrying towards our destination, Freegrant. Nanaki would like to avoid leaving the estate for long periods of time and it is best to finish up quickly.

But Nanaki would much rather avoid going on a long trip with such a th.o.r.n.y sister. Even if we hurry, since we have to move without magic to sneak in, it is clearly going to be quite a long journey. Then it’s better to just accept that fact and Nanaki would like to enjoy this trip with Nanaki’s sister.

Then Nanaki must begin by changing this sister’s bad mood to a Nanaki mood. Well, Nanaki can roughly guess the reason for Envy’s pouting though. But pointing it out might trouble Envy.

Then, putting it indirectly, casually ask…………

“The one Envy does not like is not n.o.bles, but master, right?”
jealousy? Envy?
This really is troublesome.

“Even if you do not like my treatment as a maid, I am enjoying it. Well, you probably do not like that part too. But then you can just say it.”
“……you really are straightforward about these kind of things, Nanaki.”
“It’s no fun being with a scowling Envy. Then let’s just argue and get it over with. Say what you want, punch it out if necessary, then reconcile. After that it will be fun and I am free to be as spoilt as I want.”
“You and your monstrously tough mental state……”

Sighing, Envy glanced at Nanaki and smiled back.
If it was someone Nanaki did not care about Nanaki would not argue. Because I do not have interest, there is no need for me to listen to their opinion. But this is Envy’s opinion. Then Nanaki will happily argue with her.

It is impossible for Nanaki to lie about Nanaki’s true thoughts to this sister Nanaki owes a lot to. That should be true for Envy too. Our relations.h.i.+p is not something that would disappear from just an argument, so there is no need to lose to cowardice. Just confidently clash directly. Yet this sister is still hesitating, solely because she has a helplessly kind personality.

“Aah, that’s right. I don’t like Zean Alfred. I don’t care if Nanaki likes that guy, I cannot accept that he uses Nanaki so much and doesn’t even come to see you off. I have no intention of handing Nanaki over to that thing.”
“Thing, you must really hate him.”
“I am from the capital Nanaki. What does that man have without Nanaki? He certainly has some intelligence, but I cannot feel any talent for magic or combat. Even his negotiation with her excellency was with Nanaki’s power. There’s no way I would like a fox borrowing the majesty of a tiger.”

It seems Envy hates master more than Nanaki thought.
Well, to a bystander, that’s probably how it looks like. Certainly without Nanaki, master would not have much left. Saying that he is using Nanaki is definitely not wrong. But that is what Nanaki told him to do. None other than, this Nanaki.

That was decided between us on the rooftop that day.
That we will become master and servant.

But wanting Envy to understand that would be selfish. Like how I like people with pride, Envy likes people with talent. Having a difference in presence is natural. There is no need to be sad or irritated by that. It is only something to be happy about if it happens to match, to be the same. That is all.


That’s why I can only say this.

“……me too, sorry for being troublesome.”
“Because Envy loves me.”
“Shut up.”
that confidence, I love it
In the end, that’s how it is.
This sister loves me and is just worried about me. Nfufu, isn’t she kind? She’s my sister. I’m not giving her to anyone.

Anyway, it was not quite an argument, but we’ve safely reconciled with this. Like this we can enjoy this long trip.

“But still, that Nanaki in love. I’ve fallen behind……or more like it’s too late for me……”
“It’s okay, I’ll take Envy.”
“Hm? Didn’t you like Zean Alfred?”
“Yeah? Then we can all live together and nfufu.”
….half-Salia fantasy?
There’s master and Meisama, head butlet Ridolf and Fio-san. And if there’s Envy too, there will be no greater happiness. If possible Nanaki would also like Mother to bet here, but that is a dream that definitely cannot come true.

So I will see a dream that can come true.

“No, that would just be uncomfortable and awkward……and if that happened that man and Nanaki would be family, I cannot slip in there.”

But while Nanaki was seeing an ideal dream, this sister is still grumbling and grumbling.

Then as a capable little sister, Nanaki must fix that for her. Nanaki shall give this sister who is still muttering about this and that, repeating pointless phrases, a present, a fist filled with love. The aim is, yes, that ugly hesitant expression.

“Well, interfering with someone’s love is……letting Nanaki——”

Please accept Nanaki’s feelings.
Yes, basically, Nanaki wants to say this, Envy.”

“Stop grumbling!”

You’re family too!

the end

Yes, the (Tentative) is part of the original t.i.tle

Lightning Empress Maid Chapter 131

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