Limit Breaker Chapter 1

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Son Jin-Woo was squatting in one corner of his room, with a smile on his face while laughing with not happiness but with sadness.

"d.a.m.n it, f.u.c.k, f.u.c.king, son of a b.i.t.c.h, x.x.x, x.x.x, x.x.x….." (T.N- x.x.x are those words that I didn't understand)

While spewing multinational profanities from American, j.a.panese, Chinese and Russian his eyes were looking towards the semi light encompa.s.sing latest virtual reality capsule device.

His old capsule was a pretty old model which needed a lot of fingering and was very dirty, but the new device had more sensitivity reaction rate, detailed graphics, and much more. And each one of these luxurious goods were worth more than 10,000 dollars each.(T.N- Fingering means directly inputting data with his hands? Also though the author wrote 10000 won, I think he meant dollars, because 10000 won is more or less equal to 10$)

Until a few days back every time that the ad was seen, Son Jin-Woo would be tempted to buy it, but now that it was here there was no excitement on his face, but only anger.

"Uuaaaaaaahhhhh! What's the use of this now! All the data I've played till now is goneeeeee!!"

He was playing 'Lunatic Don – The Shadow of Darkness' an Under dream corporate game, when an unexpected bug occured and completely erased all the saved data on the device and caused a machine crash.

Under dream then dispatched a technician who meticulously checked the capsule, to find out if the problem was from their side or Son Jin-Woo's.

It was confirmed, that the external damage was very minimal, but the internal black box was completely destroyed causing the loss of all data on it.

Under dream later found out that an undiscovered lethal bug on Lunatic Don, and so acknowledged and compensated him.

He was compensated with the latest and best capsule device, and was provided with the VIP premium package for all of the games he bought till now and the new games for lifetime, but Son Jin-Woo no longer had any motivation to play because all of his data was permanently lost.


No, correction, he was surely going crazy.

Due to the unexpected loss of all his 10 year data, and all his Lunatic Don records, he was greatly shocked and couldn't even eat properly, and finally released a huge sigh.

"Huuuh….What to do now….I've played all those old games…"

Mastubrating himself, Son Jin-Woo sat down and pressed the power b.u.t.ton with his toes to check the data of the Under dream new game which was given as compensation.

After the tedious booting process, the window turned on and he searched for the new game online.(T.N- I think he is using a desktop computer, that's why he used his toes to turn it on?)

-Limit Breaker-

"….for this new game their naming sense is so crazy."

Somehow ignoring the B grade action movie type name, he moved the mouse to check the game information provided by Under dream.

As soon as the site opened, a video began playing, and then there…

Takag, takag.

"Oh, stop stop. Don't make me wait in antic.i.p.ation."

Without a second of hesitation he skipped the never before seen video, and looked for only information he needed.

"Hmm…The world view is set in a futuristic earth…The countries are all the same, it looks like a battle type…."

Having watched movies or read comics with superheroes protecting the planet, he found it a little interesting, but deep down he was feeling cold about it.

"Aaa….there are only ordinary girls now… can't be satisfactory."

Son Jin-Woo who enjoyed the pleasures of monster girls in Lunatic Don, muttered silently in embarra.s.sment.(T.N- Either he used to play a male character who had s.e.x with monster women, or he played as a woman and enjoyed monster women, I'm not sure which is correct)

That said, in comparison both games had completely different world view, terrains and forces, also Lunatic Don's worldview in the beginning was set in an almost half discarded world in the past.

"But since this is also an Under dream product, it will at least be an above average game. This time let's try to play as a munchikin."(T.N- Munchkin means someone who plays the game solo, at least that is what it said on korean wiki)

Until now he had always deliberately played for long time with high expectations and to achieve satisfaction by following a properly planned path, but from now he will completely play as a munchikin and shake off all those feelings of frustration and helpless he felt till now and play however he wants and focus on spur of the moment type of exhilaration.

Deciding to learn all about the game and its world directly by experiencing it, he only learned the basics of the game before he moving his body towards the capsule.

Push Comfort–

The latest capsule was scientifically designed to provide more comfort to the human body, so with high expectations he opened the capsule and looked inside it, before carefully laying down in it. Once he lied down he felt like he was lying on his own bed… it was even better than lying on his own bed.

"Aaaa…..I love it….I'll just sleep here….kuku."

A gentle expression appeared on Son Jin-Woo's face whose body felt so comfortable inside the capsule that he was filled with drowsiness, and to avoid falling asleep he had to shake his head a few times.

"Whoa! I almost f.u.c.ked up! I almost fell asleep!"

Despite being surprised by the sudden burst of comfort he felt from the capsule, he set his mind and started the game.


As soon as the game started, he felt another burst of dizziness before the sight in front of his eyes changed all of a sudden.

Looking around he was in a place filled with darkness, and below him laid the planet earth which was rotating very fastly.

If this was the first time you were playing a VR game you would have either panicked, or s.h.i.+ver from shock, but for a veteran player like Son Jin-Woo this was more or less just an ordinary start screen.

Before long, the familiar voice of a woman rang beside his ear.

-We heartily welcome you to the world of Limit Break. There are  many additionals elements available for the VIP customers. Will you activate them all?-

"I don't what it is, but at least it won't be a bad thing. Activate."

Not bothering to know what are available with the VIP premium package, with a dull voice he activated all the additional elements.

'Well, this should be another one of those limited editions.'

Limited edition premium package more or less has the same meaning as 'Pay more money to play the game more smoothly.'.

For example, if you allow the user to add more items, abilities, and elements to himself it will allow them to show off as cool and satisfy their desires, in other words the player plays a higher quality of game.

In Lunatic Don he had to roll back and forth many times to slightly increase his strength, but having made up his mind to not go through the same suffering and thoroughly play as a munchikin this time, he activated all the additional elements without any hesitation.

-All VIP premium package additional elements have been activated. Going to character creation window now.-

Along with the voice the shape of earth started changing and began expanding before showing a map.

-Please select your nationality. Please note that regardless of being good or evil some countries may be hostile to the others…-

"Though I want to enjoy other countries culture, I can do that when I have enough strength anyway. Also isn't it best to choose the familiar homeland first?"

Interrupting the voice, he lifted his finger and chose Korea, causing the guide's voice to go straight to the next.

-You have selected Korea. Please tell me your name in sequence.-

"Son. Jin-Woo."

Generally speaking it is not uncommon for players in the game to use alias instead of their real name, but for those who play VR games for self satisfaction it doesn't matter if they use their real names instead of alias.

Besides, isn't it just an online game?

-VIP premium package allows players can choose the characters past. Additional stats will be added based on the past you choose.-

At the same time as the voice began speaking, several lines of text appeared in front of his eyes, causing him to read them one by one.

'Former Special Forces : When you were in the special forces, due to suffering an injury during a terrorist attack, you awakened your special powers. Having discharge yourself from the army with injury as an excuse, you are now the own pioneer of your future. Bonus Stats: Combat Skills + 3, Strength + 2, Bonus Points + 2.'

"Heeee, so additional statts are given in this format. What past should I choose for myself?"

After reading various sentences of possible pasts with his eyes, by moving them with his fingers, Son Jin-Woo selected two of his most favorite.

-Escaped Specimen: You were a living weapon who was formed by the experiments of a malicious organization. When you were spending your regular days filled with pain, Heroes of Justice attacked the base and from the shock's which occured the prison that was holding you in was shaken and due to this you were luckily able to escape. And like this you encountered the outside world for the first time. Body Strengthening + 2, Reproduction Ability + 2, Bonus Points + 2.- (T.N- I'm not sure, but Reproduction ability might mean regeneration/healing.)

-Former Evil Organization Member: You were once a member of the biggest evil organization on earth. But, due to the surprise attack of many heroes at once most of the executives were killed, or placed under arrest, due to this the organization was completely abandoned. You were lucky and able to escape, after which you erased your ident.i.ty. Combat Skills + 1, Strength + 1, Weapon Skill + 1, Power Suit + 2, Bonus Points + 2.-

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Limit Breaker Chapter 1

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