Limitless Chapter 565

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A monstrous energy erupted from Chu Yu's body.

Br.i.m.m.i.n.g with confidence, his two hands grabbed the sword tightly as he slashed the giant hand.


An explosion occurred.

The ancient magical formations in the solar system were all ignited.

A few of the stars shot out rays of light which combined together to form a super magical formation.

The blocked the power of this attack.

Otherwise, the destruction would have been absolute.

Chu Yu spat out a mouthful of blood as his body was flung thousands of miles away.

"Chu Yu!".


"Son of the Emperor!".

Chains of yells could be heard from the camp of the floating city.

Many people flew towards Chu Yu.

But Chu Yu recovered and rushed forward at a speed faster than he was knocked back, wielding the two swords in his hands as he slashed towards the great Saint's sliver of memory.

He howled, "I am the Son of the Emperor, who dares to stop me?".

His body radiated with a divine light.

Outside of the solar system, countless stars began giving off a glow, reinforcing Chu Yu's attack.

He looked just like an emperor of the mortal realm!

His body was shrouded in a thick golden light.

With a slash, his blade penetrated the great Saint's defence.

He left a giant wound on his body, blood was flowing out!

Boundless energy was contained within the blood.

This was a great Saint who had harnessed the laws of the universe into his body.

The blood startled the beings all around, regular beings would have been melted by the searing blood.

Right at that moment, a resounding sigh came from within the black hole.

"It's been so many years… why do you insist on this? Just die already, why do you care about the future?".

A large figure appeared from the black hole.

His body was shrouded in a thick energy as well, his appearance was masked.

Chu Yu sneered, they were cunning indeed, hiding behind that black hole!

When they heard the name the Emperor, they could not wait to come out and kill him.

"We just want some of the Qi and destiny here, this isn't your era anymore, why force the issue? Moreover, you're no longer the conqueror of the three realms.".

Another sliver of memory of a great Saint walked out of the black hole.

In the galaxy, the battle was raging on with fireworks.

The extraterrestrial army was utterly beaten and in chaos!

They were just like the bystanders of the floating city, they could not tell friend from foe!

Within the eight ancient cities, they had their own ways of differentiating the enemy.

Based on numbers alone, the eight ancient cities had a definite advantage.

Based on cultivation, they too possessed greater powers.

The outcome of this battle was clear, it was completely one sided.

At the entrance of the black hole, there were already three slivers of memory of great Saints.

Their eyes seemed to be filled with the shards of time, countless years that had pa.s.sed by.

The past was too much.

They held so much information.

Their sights were all on Chu Yu.

At that moment, the last great Saint that had come out said, "I want the largest share.".

"That's logical," the other two agreed.

The three of them made their moves immediately.

Their attacks were like thunderous claps.

There were no reservations.

Because their target was the ageless great Emperor!

Even if he was the product of the cycle of reincarnation, he was definitely no normal human!

The eight ancient cities had already given them enough problems.

Apart from that Emperor, who else possessed such powers?

Since it was him, they had to kill him!

Even if this young man was just a chess piece in this eternal game, he was the most important piece!

This was why, no matter what, they could not let him grow up.

The last great Saint laughed coldly, "You're far too young, I was surprised that you dared to reveal your ident.i.ty. People like us fear him! But for the likes of you… you're far off.".

He unleashed a palm technique upon Chu Yu.

The other two great Saints unleashed vicious measures as well.

The galaxy was already submerged by the countless runes that appeared.

Chu Yu could not wait anymore, if he did not make his move now, even the Immortal Crane Furnace could not save him.

Silence ensued.

The three slivers of memories did not move.

The energy around them vanished.

Their appearances were all revealed.

They all looked very normal.

They had no startling features, apart from their huge bodies.

The onlookers were all stunned.

These were the slivers of memory of three great Saints!

They could easily sweep this entire place!

But now, they could not move.

The cultivators of the extraterrestrial army were all left disappointed.

Their hopes were all pinned on the three great Saints, but now, they realised that they could barely fend for themselves.

"Kill them!".

"The Great Emperor has revealed his powers, kill him!".

"Kill them!".

The army of the ancient cities had all listened to the Emperor's commands.

They have recognised him as the great Emperor, now that he had given his divine authority, what was there to wait for?

The great Emperor once killed an Immortal with a palm technique!

A terrifying killer aura filled the solar system.

All of the creatures could not help but s.h.i.+ver.

Many of them did not know what had happened, all the knew was that doomsday was coming.

Over at the black hole, Chu Yu had used the ancient runic powers to freeze the three slivers of memories.

He had no hesitation, he immediately used the three realms technique to increase his power.

"The Emperor's power!".

Thousands of cultivators beckoned at the same time!

This divine sense enveloped the entire solar system, entering the mental realm of thousands of beings.

It was stunning!

Chu Yu held the two blades in his hands as the morphed into two rays of light that stabbed the two slivers of memories.

Cutting them completely!



Sparks flew in all directions!

The great Saints yelled, "How could this thing still be in the universe?".

The third great Saint's body was too hard, it was almost as if it was forged from divine gold, even Chu Yu's blade had a hard time against it.

But it was like a big tree, as long as the wood cutter's axe was sharp enough, any tree could be taken down.

The ancient runes had begun collapsing, but they were enough to seal these three slivers of memories.

Even though they could yell through their divine sense, they could not do anything else.

They could only watch this young man, with his two swords, cutting through the flesh of their memories.

This feeling was excruciating!

They clearly had the power to suppress Chu Yu easily, but who would have though that Chu Yu possessed such a power?

The ancient divine runes! The best kind!

One of the great Saints, whose body was battered and bloodied, shouted, "You imbecile! You're not the great Emperor, if you were, you would be able to kill us with a single will! But you can't! You can't kill us, these runes can't hold us back for much longer. Wait till we break free, you'll see what we'll do to you!".

The other great Saint gave a cold laugh, "Whether you are the great Emperor or not, you're dead! You will suffer a fate worse than death!".

Chu Yu did not say a word, he leapt forward and slashed at one of their necks.


Terrifying sounds of clas.h.i.+ng metals could be heard.

The two blades were razor sharp, but they left no marks on the surrounding barriers.

They were as good as knew.

They great Saint's head was already more than halfway to decapitation!

Until his head was completely cut off… he would not die.

His body was but a sliver of memory, his flesh was merely forged from the laws of the universe.

But without vanquis.h.i.+ng these slivers of memory, they could come back to life at anytime.

As for their bodies, they could get them back after destroying a dozen galaxies, that was enough, they did not care much.

The problem was that Chu Yu's every slash encompa.s.sed the power of three realms technique!

This power was constantly reinforcing his will.

Under such immensely powerful attacks, the great Saints had forgotten many things.

If this were to continue, their slivers of memory would all vanish.


Limitless Chapter 565

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