Limitless Sword God Chapter 412

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Translated by BerryBunz

Delivering Strangers

In truth, it was not just for Feng Ling Sheng, Su Yun also wanted to let off his resentment. He was a man who repaid kindness with kindness and took revenge against grievances, he was never indecisive about it.

Feng Ling Sheng seemed to not have any thoughts of going against Feng Mo Qiang, even though Feng Mo Qiang was always unkind to him, with his calm and indifferent personality, he would not bother bickering with him, as he had never desired the position of Patriarch from the start.

Feng Mo Qiang's subordinates had booked a private room and before going close, two waiters could be seen rus.h.i.+ng in and out. The doors opened and laughters could be heard from the inside.

"When we finish all of this, we brothers should be moving out! But I hope that we will be able to accomplish the mission smoothly!"

"Come come come, let us drink!"


Gulp gulp

The sound of wine pa.s.sing down throats could be heard.

Su Yun who was walking along the corridor frowned, he stopped in his tracks.

"What's up?" Feng Ling Sheng asked.

Su Yun shushed him with a finger to his lips.

But then, they heard the laughters inside.

"Hey, I say, Ah She, do you feel that we can complete the mission? There are many experts by those ladies' side!"

"Hehe, why are you so worried? Didn't young master already handle those experts? Now that they are leaving today, young master had specially arranged a feast for those ladies and their people, when the feast is over, we can make a move on them when they are on the road! Hehe, you all do not know, but the wine that young master had ordered them to get has the 'Thirteen Lives Shattered pills' specially obtained from 'Mount Zhu', it can easily cause a Spirit Master Cultivator to relax and become loose and even a Spirit Sky Master Cultivator would not want to eat it! When we make a move, we just have to take care of those trash that cannot do anything, do you think that we will ever fail?"

"It's that powerful? What kind of drug is that?"

"Good drug! I will tell you the truth, that bit of powder, even with a hundred thousand cultivation coins, you will not be able to purchase it in the market, only the people that deals with big trades can obtain it."

"Trades? Which trades?"

"What the h.e.l.l? Why are you asking so much? It's better for you to know less!"

"Ah haha, that's right that's right, I spoke too much, I spoke too much! Come come come, let's drink!"

Once they down the wine, their voices came out again.

"Our young master is truly a man with foresight, not like that trash, hahahaha"

"Once we complete this mission, all of us will earn at least 150 thousand cultivation coins each minimum! A 150 thousand! By absorbing all of it, I wonder how much will our cultivation grow?"

"Following the young master sure is awesome!"

"Come come come, let us toast to our young master!!"


Their joyous shouts continued endlessly.

Feng Ling Sheng was puzzled from the conversation.

But Su Yun was frowning.

"Who is Feng Mo Qiang receiving today?" Feng Ling Sheng asked Li Xiang.

"This subordinate doesn't know." Li Xiang shook his head.

"Could it be Huai Rou Mu Yu?" Feng Ling Sheng asked Su Yun softly.

"I hope it's not her, Huai Rou Mu Yu saved me many times, if it's her, I need to help her." Su Yun said.

"This Feng Mo Qiang's lackeys are strong, they are all Spirit Master Cultivators and their fighting strength are most likely above 4000, they are considered powerful beings in Sky Central City! With only you and me, we can't fight them!"

Feng Ling Sheng said.

Su Yun touched his chin and thought for a moment, then said: "What about this, Ling Sheng, you go back and keep a lookout on Feng Mo Qiang first, I will follow these people, if any situation were to arise, I will immediately notify you!"

"Alright!" Feng Ling Sheng reacted instantly and nodded.

Feng Ling Sheng did not waste time either, he left the tavern straight away, while Su Yun stayed on and continued drinking, he pulled on his hood and watched as the waiter brought pot after pot of wine in.

Cultivators were different from ordinary humans, especially in such a tavern, the waiters would never allow others to touch the pots, and thus no one could ever try to poison any of the wines.

After drinking for an hour, the group of men left with their red faces.

"Boss, the bill!"

"Yes yes, customer, it is a total of 217 cultivation coins!"

"I'll give you 250, no need for change."

"Thank you customer."


Their laughters came out loudly, they walked out of the tavern and got on their extremely black jaguar mounts, and sprinted out of the city.

Sky Central City usually did not allow riding or flying, but as they were from the Feng Family and had overflowing authority, all the soldiers on the streets that saw them would not dare to make a sound.

Su Yun could only follow by running, the black mounts were extremely fast, but the human traffic made them slow down, giving Su Yun more time, adding that Su Yun had learnt all five forms of the Divine Wind Sword Technique, his movement speed had increased exponentially and even if they were to go full speed, the black mounts might not be Su Yun's opponent.

After leaving Sky Central City, Su Yun immediately unleashed his flying sword and followed them from the air, with Long Zhen's wristband on him, his Spirit Qi did not leak out at all, adding that he had the view distance with of the Heavenly Scale Divine Eye, he could see everything below.

The group of people reached a canyon entrance that was a thousand li away from the Sky Central City. Su Yun remembered that it was called Fu Chi canyon, its surrounding was bare and had nothing growing around, the inside of the canyon was extremely deep, with the walls on both sides extremely tall and lofty. It was said that Fu Chi canyon was not a canyon, but a huge mountain. Two peak experts fought an intense battle, causing the sky to turn dark and after fighting for a full year, they split the land slas.h.i.+ng out a long crack, which became Fu Chi canyon after a long time. This battle ended with one expert falling, after his death, his body was dismembered and transformed into the heavy mist that enveloped the mountain. Any cultivators below the stage of Spirit Sky Master Realm that touches this poison would die without a doubt and thus, the two sides of the canyon was a place that no ordinary cultivators could enter, they could only pa.s.s through through the canyon.

A majority of the canyon was a good place for ambush, anyone that through the canyon would always increase their awareness, for the group to choose to ambush in the canyon, they would fail without preparation.

After entering the canyon, their speed slowed down, they looked around and then took out a yellow cloth and started covering themselves. In the blink of the eye, they disappeared, and even their Spirit Qi could not be sensed.

"They have treasures able to conceal their Spirit Qi and body?"

Su Yun muttered.

When they moved, there would be a slight outline to them, but once they stopped, they could not be seen at all.

Finally, they stuck themselves to the walls and waited quietly, the canyon was so quiet that it was quite scary.

Su Yun had already seen through their ambush and immediately flew out of the valley towards Sky Central City.

After flying for less than an incense stick worth of time, he saw a luxurious carriage below.

The carriage had many armor clad guards by the two sides, they were bodyguards wielding blades and swords, with a few st.u.r.dy looking spirit beasts that guarded by the sides. A large flag was hung on the carriage, while at the side was a young n.o.ble on a white wildebeest.

Su Yun activated his Heavenly Scale Divine Eye and looked at them, and realised that the man was Feng Mo Qiang.

"The flag writes Huai Rou, it must definitely be Huai Rou Mu Yu's carriage, could the people that Feng Mo Qiang want to make a move on truly be Mu Yu?"

Su Yun frowned, then flew down.

"Who is it!"

The bodyguard in the lead saw Su Yun approaching, and bellowed.

"I am Su Yun, and am a close friend of miss Huai Rou, I heard that Miss Huai Rou was leaving Sky Central City today and decided to send of her off!"

Su Yun landed and cupped his fists and said.

The carriage stopped. The bodyguards gathered at the front and surrounded Su Yun.

"Close friend?"

Feng Mo Qiang rode on his wildebeest over and looked at Su Yun. When he saw Su Yun's face, he frowned: "You're Su Yun? Didn't I see you somewhere?"

"I am just a n.o.body, how can Young Master Feng ever meet me before?" Su Yun said indifferently.

"That's right, since you are a n.o.body, how can you be Miss Huai Rou's friend? Get lost."

Feng Mo Qiang said impatiently.

Just then, Xiao Hong ran over and said: "Young n.o.ble Mo Qiang, please do not make things difficult for Young Master Su Yun, he truly is my young miss' close friend."

"Oh?" Feng Mo Qiang replied, he turned and look at the carriage, to see that the curtain was already lifted, with Huai Rou Mu Yu's face popping out and nodding at Feng Mo Qiang.

Seeing that, Feng Mo Qiang secretly snorted, he stared at Su Yun and then turned back and returned to the side of the carriage.

"Continue to move out, we must move through Fu Chi Valley."


The carriage started to move. Su Yun walked over to the side of the carriage and spoke to Xiao Hong.

XIao Hong nodded her head and lifted the curtains, she then spoke to Huai Rou Mu Yu.

Feng Mo Qiang kept his eyes on Su Yun, he was fixated on him, seemingly cautious of something.

Just then, Huai Rou Mu Yu lifted the curtains and called Su Yun over.

Su Yun immediately walked over.

"Young master Su, Xiao Hong told me that you want us to return back to Sky Central City? Why is that?"

Huai Rou Mu Yu asked gently.

"I will explain this later, I hope that you can listen to me, if you believe me." Su Yun said with determination.

Huai Rou Mu Yu looked at him, after thinking for a bit, she nodded her head and called out: "Stop!"

The carriage immediately stopped.

"Miss Huai Rou, what's going on?"

Feng Mo Qiang walked over and asked with a strange look on his face.

"Mu Yu's body isn't feeling well, I want to return to Sky Central City to rest, I will not be going back today. Young n.o.ble Mo Qiang, let us return to Sky Central City."

Hearing that, Feng Mo Qiang's eyes flashed with a cold glare which disappeared as quickly, he spoke gently: "Miss Huai Rou, you were alright just now, why are you suddenly unwell? Since we are already here, how can we go back? Let us go further up ahead, we will reach Fu Chi Valley, I remember that there is a small town there, my Feng Family have some land there, you can rest up ahead."

He spoke gently, but when he said that, all of Feng Mo Qiang's men were secretly looking towards Huai Rou Mu Yu's direction.

If Feng Mo Qiang had immediately requested for the convoy to return to Sky Central City, Huai Rou Mu Yu might have sensed that Su Yun was somewhat making trouble without reason, but now that Feng Mo Qiang was insisting to move ahead, she became suspicious.

~Feng Mo Qiang is just seeing me off, why is he so determined on rus.h.i.+ng ahead?~

"No, Young n.o.ble Mo Qiang, Huai Rou thinks that Sky Central City is better!"

Huai Rou Mu Yu said indifferently, she waved her hands and called out: "Turn around! Return to Sky Central City!"


The men bellowed.

But right when their voices came out, clang clang, the sounds of sword unsheathing came out.

Limitless Sword God Chapter 412

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