Limitless Sword God Chapter 467

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Chapter 467 Appointment

"Don't you worry about me, just finish the task. Hurry up to bring this thing back to Dragon City.Otherwise the enemy of Dragon City will return here. Hurry up and leave. If that person takes this away, the consequences will be unimaginable.

The old man shouted.

However, Hu Qianmei didn't meant to leave. She showed a cute smile and narrowed her eyes, "Senior, how can I do this? How can I watch you die before me? Let me keep your souls and send it to Dragon City. Let the superior revive you. Although your cultivation will be decreased, we can save your life. "

Then, State Elder Lu heard a clang,the scimitar on Hu Qianmei's waist had already been taken out.

His pupils were dilated in several circles.

The moment the saber left the sheath, a red light flashed in front of the old man's eyes. Then a headless corpse blinked before his eyes.

Wasn't that my body?

On the point of dying, such a question flashed through Elder Lu's mind, but he couldn't think anymore and the spirit began to leave body.

But before he could escape, he was caught up by a suction.

This suction force came from an ancient bell in Hu Qianmei's hand. The bell pointed at the Elder Lu's spirit body, but in a short while, he was sucked into it.

"I didn't expect that the treasure I just picked up would be quite useful. This old man's cultivation was definitely not ordinary. His soul is priceless, how can I let it go? I will definitely need it for forging treasure later on! "

Hu Qianmei revealed a crafty smile, and her black eyes looked around. Then quickly ran away with her tail curled up.

Things were almost taken,she could not stay here for long.

Hu Qianmei used all of the spiritual sense she had and ran all the way. When she met wild beasts,she hid herself immediately.Until she reached the safe area, she carefully stopped.

She looked at the strange box on her hand, but didn't open it. Instead, she took out the treasures she'd scavenged for and started searching inside.

She took out a few bottles, poured out some pills and sniffed, then put them into her mouth one by one. The pills gave her a huge amount of spiritual sense, which moisturized her dry body, and her spirit eyes began to develop a profound energy.

She continued searching. Finally, she was surprised to see that there was a scroll that could hide the aura of this pile of magic treasures.

Hu Qianmei quickly took out the scroll, injected it into the spiritual sense, and activated it. The scroll immediately exploded, transforming into a golden cover that enveloped the area within a hundred meters. Hu Qianmei noticed that the dense spiritual energy that was everywhere in the world of the Martial Imperial World disappeared without a trace.

The old man valued it so much,this must be a treasure. Generally speaking, the aura of a treasure was extremely strong. If she didn't do something to hide it,it would attract other existence. Hu Qianmei was extremely cautious, so if there were no s.h.i.+elds, she would definitely not open the treasure.


Hu Qianmei smiled and immediately took out her box. She took a closer look at it and carefully opened it up.


The moment the box opened, Hu Qianmei's mind rang with the earth-shaking roar of dragon.

She s.h.i.+vered with pale face and backed away. In a moment, she recovered and looked at the box, but she realized that there was a small city inside.

Just like the model, it was very delicate. There were rooms, streets, square, shops, walls, etc. ire was a huge gate with two golden pillars front of the city,on its right and left sides, dragons winded round the pillars and actually crawling on it as living.

What is it?

Hu Qianmei was bewildered. She looked at the relief words on the door, Real-Dragon City?

In the stone room …


The last cultivation coins turned into rotting stone, threw away by Su Yun.

Looking at the pile of rotting rocks, Su Yun felt quite impressed. Huairou Muyu had to clean the rotting stones five times each day, and also waste cultivation energy to maintain the scrolls, she would be unable to endure.

"Anything else?"

Seeing Su Yun had stopped, Huairou Muyu asked weakly with her pale face.


Su Yun exhaled and said, "You go have a rest. I'll finish it."

Huairou Muyu nodded and dropped her hand immediately. The tadpole symbol on the scroll dimmed down. She quickly took out a pill, put it stuffed her mouth, leaned against the wall, and closed her eyes.

Su Yun didn't waste any time and continued to keep his eyes closed. Although he had completely absorbed all of the cultivation coins, it wasn't easy to consolidate so many cultivation bases. Even a fatty's stomach would suffer from pain and discomfort after frenzy.

What he needed to do now was to digest all the cultivation he had been eating.

Huairou Muyu told Xiao Yin bring some good pills which were unique to the Huairou family. Blood-adding Pill, Great-Yang Pill, and Wooden-heart Pill, to help absorbing .

Four days later.

Su Yun's entire body swelled up a bit, but it didn't expand, but his muscles and strength expanded greatly. His body was even larger, and his skin was s.h.i.+ning with golden light. His eyes were full of spirit eyes, and the number of spirit eyes that he had first formed became more advanced. Not only that, the heart beside his heart had also sprouted. It was on the right side of the Jun Divine Force, complementing each other with the power of the heart and the Jun.

In short ten days, for Su Yun, his harvest was no less than the years he had received Nangong Wentian's teachings. His cultivation had instantly risen to the fifth level of the Spirit Master, and his battle had soared to 7,900 points.

Such a qualitative leap would make any spirit cultivator astonished.

"Su Yun, I'll prepare a few more magic treasures for you. Even if you can't lick Dao s.h.i.+, you will not be killed by him at least."

In the stone room, Huairou Muyu looked at Su Yun and softly said.

"Not need, with this level of strength, it will be hard for Dao s.h.i.+ to kill me. I've absorbed a lot of cultivation coins, but my internal power is not stable. If I get into contact with powerful foreign magic treasures at this time, it would be easy to confuse the profound energy inside of my body.

Su Yun smiled slightly and went out of the stone door.

Huairou Muyu followed immediately.

Su Yun turned his head slightly, "Muyu, are you really planning on go with me to Yuqing Mountain?"

"Do you think I was joking?" Huairou Muyu answered.

Su Yun revealed a bitter smile, "Mu Yu, thank you. I understand that you're doing this for my own good, but do you think I wouldn't be worried for you? Whether this is a duel or a life and death duel, no one can say what will happen. If you stay in the Huairou family, it will be the best help for me.

However, Huairou Muyu shook her head, "Dao s.h.i.+ doesn't dare to touch me."

"Aren't you busy? You've been helping me in the stone room these few days. Did you deal with the business of the merchant group? "

"There's no need to worry. I've already given it to the steward for now. I don't need to report anything except the major matters."

Su Yun had nothing to say.

Since the beauty's so determined. Su Yun would not say anything.

"Since you've made up your mind, fine, then go with me."

With that, Su Yun walked out of the Embroidery Pavilion, calling his Mysterious b.l.o.o.d.y Sword in front of them.

'Flying sword? ' Huairou Muyu frowned, "Let's go by my carriage. It is faster."

"My sword is not slow."

Su Yun laughed out loud and held Huairou Muyu in his arm, stepping on it. Almost in an instant, the Mysterious b.l.o.o.d.y Sword flew out like a meteor,flying out of Five Leaf City.

Huairou Muyu froze for a moment. When she recovered, she hastily freed Su Yun's arm and stood at the back side of the flying sword.

Her expression was calm, but her cheeks turned red, and she lowered her voice, "Behave yourself?"

Su Yun was slightly startled, but then, he smiled awkwardly and didn't answer.

"Also, in the Five Leaves City, no one but my Huairou family's carriage can fly in the city. If you hadn't been fast, you'd have been knocked down by the city's defences."

Huairou said. However, she was still shocked. The speed of Su Yun coming out of the city was almost at a new level. In the blink of an eye, he was out of the city. Compared to his current speed, his speed had increased by several times.

"This guy has mastered the Wind G.o.d Sword Technique. His speed is astonis.h.i.+ng, but he doesn't know what boundary his sword technique has reached. Moreover, his sword control technique is quite strange.

Huairou Muyu thinking silently.

After a while.

The scenery on the ground changed quickly. Soon, the two entered the territory of Yuqing Mountain.

This barren mountain was extremely dispirited. Even a vicious beast would be hard to see without speaking of people. The entire mountain was a piece of rotting stone.

The two of them landed on the ground. Su Yun immediately took out a magnificent pill. With a wave of his hand, he took out more than ten sword pieces and placed them behind his back. Then, he quietly stood there, waiting for the incoming Dao s.h.i.+.

Huairou Muyu consciously backed away and looked out a hundred meters away from Su Yun.

They didn't speak. The only sound was the wind.

Su Yun closed his eyes slightly and continued to cultivate. At this moment, he didn't dare waste a single breath of energy to heal the new energy in his body.

Just after noon, a series of bantering sounds came from the sky.

"You are ourageous,Su Yun.You really make it.Are you so impatient to be killed by me?"

Several shadows dashed towards this direction.

Su Yun looked over and saw that it was the man from the Quick Blade Sect.

Limitless Sword God Chapter 467

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