LITTLE GOBLIN: Master, don't come here! Chapter 111

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Miss Frost soul

A young man in the same suit went straight in and shouted, “Xiao Jing, you can’t marry him!”

Zhong Qing: “…”

Never thought that it would be such a routine to have such situation.

The scene seemed to be a riot at an instant.

The guests turned murmuring to each other, the heroine panicked, and both parents looked tensed.

Before coming to greet the old man who was in love with Ling Huanyu, he stood up and shouted, “Let me tell you about this crazy man!”

Someone soon came out and held the young man.

The man kept yelling at Xiao Jing and with a loud voice he said, “You can’t escape me! Xiao Jing can’t marry him! Xiao Jing… She… She has my children!”

That word put everyone to surprise!

After a moment of silence, it turned out to be a bigger noise.

It seemed like none of the guests who came to the party expected such a farce.

But at that time, Zhong Qing was on alert.

The protagonist of the engagement ceremony pushed the actor to run for the ring she brought.

Someone went to stop her; and so the quiet and orderly situation suddenly began to be a riot.

The situation got people take advantage of it.

Zhong Qing observed the scene with her cold eyes, but in less than ten minutes, there were more than a dozen outsiders in the entire auditorium.

“San Ye, please be careful.” She whispered to Ling Huanyu beside her.

She just gave a regular reminder though Ling Huanyu expected everything.

And she saw a bodyguard beside Ling Huanyu but there was no man in front of him.

The skill of Ling Huanyu was obviously unfathomable.

Ling Huanyu gave him a look. “You do your job well.”

Zhong Qing: “…”

The man was really good at talking!

She frowned and was about to say something. Her look changed.

When she was about to speak, she found out that the people around her already moved.

So fast!

Startled by a flash, she just went the speed of the male …

Although she can achieve it, it was obviously not the speed that normal people can do.

At the next moment, the sound of the gun was heard, and there was a small bullet hole in the position just before Ling Huanyu.

Zhong Qing quickly stood by Ling Huanyu’s side.

“San Ye is good!” She whispered.

Ling Huanyu snorted and said nothing.

At that point, the entire venue became chaotic and screams. Obviously, many people were scared by the gunshots.

Most of the people who attended the wedding reception that day were all serious businessmen.

For them, such a scene was quite shocking.

She glanced at the audience sharply and touched a delicate hand bag. A few metal blades with thin wings appeared in her fingers.

As the sword spirit of the Emperor of Weapons, everything in the world can be the sharpest weapon in the hands of Frost.

When the hand was lifted, even no one noticed, the thin blades gone out quietly.

And not far away, the figures of several ambushes in the crowd fell to the ground.

There was a thin thread on the neck and there was a red thread that flowed out -remembering the words of Ling Shen, "Don't stain him with blood."

It was impossible to see no blood. At the very least, she made the scene less bloody.

But even so, Ling Huanyu still frowned.

But he had no time to say anything to Zhong Qing and suddenly, the gunshot rang again.

Obviously, the counterattack of Zhong Qing made some people in panic.

LITTLE GOBLIN: Master, don't come here! Chapter 111

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