LITTLE GOBLIN: Master, don't come here! Chapter 113

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Miss Frost soul

Ling Huanyu’s meridian bones were perfect.

It can be said that it was the most perfect existence in humanity which was witnessed by Zhong Qing. It was just like the human’s strongest form displayed after precise measurement.

In this way, his ghostly speed and powerful skills could be understood.

At that moment, among the other side’s meridians, there was a very violent energy raging on his veins.

The violent energy in Ling Huanyu’s body rushed into his body and when she looked at him alone, she couldn't imagine what kind of pain of he was experiencing.

And what he just showed her was obviously related to his strength.

Ling Huanyu's face wrinkled, he felt a lot of energy contained indefinite killing and tyranny; and suddenly she made a decision.

She held Ling Huanyu’s hand with their fingers linked to each other, the palms touched each other, urging the spiritual power in the body to transfer the strange energy from her body to his body.

The killing of the sword was precisely the nemesis of this violent rage.

And Zhong Qing relied on the momentum of its own body, to suppress it!

Sure enough, the energy that couldn’t be stretched in Ling Huanyu’s body when it came to affection, was like what he was afraid of. He quickly squatted down and hid in the corner and shivered.

In the heart of Zhong Qing it must be clear, obviously she knew it too well.

With the energy absorbed in his body, Ling Huanyu’s blood in the eyes slowly faded, showing a hint of clarity.

Perceiving himself and his attitude, Ling Huanyu for the first time had to pull her hand back.

Zhong Qing looked at him coldly, “San Ye, you better not move this time… If I release my hand now, the strange energy in your body will bounce back and I will not be able to stop it.”

When Ling Huanyu looked at her, he noticed that the energy which troubled him for more than two decades was being docilely pulled out by her. He looked at her calm face and for the first time, he felt a bit complicated.

How hard the energy was, only he knew that others were afraid to avoid it.

And this woman, since there was a way to suppress it, she did not have second thoughts to do it.

"Did she actually absorb it into her body willingly?" He thought.

Meanwhile, Zhong Qing did not know what Ling Huanyu was thinking. She felt and noticed that the strange energy in the other body seemed to be drawn out.

The door was banged away from the outside, and the voice of Ling Shen, which sounded worried,  came over, “Are you all right, sir? I heard that you…”

The voice came to an abrupt end when it saw the two people's ten fingers interlocked.

Ling Huanyu just looked back to him coldly without saying a word, but didn't let go of Zhong Qing's hands.

Instead, he just loosened his hands and looked sideways at Ling Shen.

She was just a casual glance but forgot that she only absorbed the strange energy in the body of Ling Huanyu and did not control her breathing.

So, in Ling Shen's and his subordinates' eyes, it was the glamorous beauty who looked at them with innocent intentions.

Such eyes…

Let all the people who saw the blood of the Ling Huanyu shiver together.

"God, who is this Frost cold lady and how can she have such a terrible look?" They thought.

With this in mind, the subordinates once again saw their San Ye with an eye of infinite worship –

It’s worth mentioning that Ling Huanyu had a fancy woman who was just so unique!

LITTLE GOBLIN: Master, don't come here! Chapter 113

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