LITTLE GOBLIN: Master, don't come here! Chapter 124

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Miss Frost soul

Ling Shen saw that San Ye's face suddenly wrecked.

It would be safe to say that even for a person who did not know San Ye fully, he can also see that he looked angry.

Angry? Ling Shen was somewhat aggressive.

Why do San Ye get angry with him? Before he could figure it out, his voice sank into his ears.

“In your eyes, Frost is so good?”

Ling Shen subconsciously answered, “Miss Frost is indeed…”

The words came to an abrupt end.

And it seemed like something was wrong!

Ling Shen carefully pondered upon the words of San Ye for two times and finally found a very serious problem!

San Ye’s reaction was wrong. It’s wrong to say what he said!

Ling Shen quickly looked at San Ye and said, “You must not misunderstand what I've told you, San Ye. What I really want to express is not what you think. I have no other intention about Miss Frost.”

He finally figured out what he said. Was it that easy to cause a misunderstanding?

However, right at that moment and in that situation, one's mind would most likely black out.

Ling Huanyu glanced at him lightly and asked, “Do you have any thoughts that you want to tell me?”

He said to Ling Shen with a very cold look like he wanted him to know that he did not care!

But Ling Shen’s heart was very persevering.

"If San Ye really doesn’t care, it wouldn’t be such a statement of arrogance! If I let San Ye think that he likes Miss frost…

Although San Ye and Du Qi… These two words are hard to relate!

No! This misunderstanding must be solved!" He thought.

(Du Qi - to act rashly out of a feeling of injustice)

Ling Shen felt that it was necessary to hurry out to see the bright sun outside – maybe it can't be seen next day.

Having thought of this, he felt that he needed to confess.

Although taking San Ye’s thoughts into consideration was very important, compared to his own life, obviously, his was more important.

 “San Ye…”

He had a straight face and looked very serious.

Ling Huanyu was not too harsh on his trusted subordinates.

He gestured for him to say something.

Ling Shen grinned and finally said, “I think that if you really like Miss Frost, then you should not use money to insult her.”

Ling Huanyu: “…”

He glanced at his own subordinate with an obscure gaze and only felt that he might not understand what he meant.

He frowned and whispered, “What are you talking about?”

Ling Shen thought that San Ye was escaping from his own feelings!

He said, “San Ye, Ling Shen grew up with you from a young age. You have always looked so cold and lonely. Now it is easy for you to have a favorite person. I really don’t want to talk to you just because of misunderstandings, we are heading for the wrong road.”

Ling Huanyu: “…”

He only felt sudden jumps in the temples. "What was his in mind?"

He suddenly stood up.

Ling Huanyu was very tall. Ling Shen, one meter and eight, was only half a head in front of him.

Ling Huanyu looked down at him until he was very disturbed.

Half loud, he said coldly, “Watch some little less brain TV dramas, Ling Shen. They will take away your IQ! Who told you that I like Frost?”

Ling Shen looked hard and raised his head, “Ah?”

He looked at the face of his San Ye indifferent from the past. He only felt that his heart was innocent!

Was he enjoying himself all the time?

LITTLE GOBLIN: Master, don't come here! Chapter 124

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