LITTLE GOBLIN: Master, don't come here! Chapter 126

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Miss Frost soul

Those who had participated in the so-called engagement party before were probably handled by Lingjia.

For example, those headed by the company, but within a month, they continued to be bankrupt, and the news of the accident came out.

In spite of the feeling that the man is cold, think carefully, to be in the position of the man, and if you are not very good at others, others can swallow you with no residue.

There is nothing right or wrong.

The rest of the world are still in silence, and they have forgotten what happened on that day.

But at that time, everyone is in the eyes also of the two people.

No one would be naiver to think that night that Miss frost was everyone's eyebrows and haughty eyes even though for them, she was just an ordinary companion beside Ling Huanyu.

But this kind of thing, they all look at Zhong Qing as still as quiet as a girl of Ling Huanyu, and they are all quite tacit in choosing to forget the fierce skill of this woman that day.

Ling Huanyu wants them to do what they want, and they do it well.

And the people in front of us didn’t even know this, and they rushed to block people.

Zhong Qing is very small but still looking at them proud and disdain, said: “what kind of people are you? Know that I am a woman of San Ye, still dare to block me?"

It is exactly the appearance of an arrogant vase with confusing reality!

The man, who was first, spit on the ground.

"This woman is really right. They were only ordered to bring people back. I heard that this woman was the only person San Ye had been around for so many years. Their boss wanted to talk to San Ye and they had to "please" this Miss Frost to pass. Ling Sanye’s woman is really undaunted. But I knew in my heart that I couldn’t show it on my face." He thought.

He looked awkwardly and moved with a sharp knife tip in his wide coat.

Looking at Zhong Qing seems to be scared because of little pale look, the man finally got a little balanced.

He smiled and said: “Our boss wants to have a cup of tea with you. He wants to meet you, Miss Frost. Otherwise… “

He put up a smile and looked cold. “My several men doesn’t mind using small tricks.”

She didn’t plan to take care of these people. Later, she thought that she could see what kind of medicine that she can sold in the other gourd.

On the other hand, she was alarmed and forced to be calm. She said to several people, “I warn you! San Ye are very fond of me. If you dare to do anything to me, San Ye will never let you go!

Those people looked at each other, and there were some people who felt fear and jealous between them. But after all, the task is in the body.

The man said coldly: “So please Miss Frost, you must cooperate with us. I can assure you that our boss just wants to have a drink a cup of tea with you and never touch you.”

The man looks like he’s indecisive.

And the man continued: “If Miss Frost does not cooperate, then we must resort to a bit of extraordinary means.”

In the end, Zhong Qing was very reluctant to be invited to get on the car. Of course, the cell phone is not allowed.

After getting on the car, she seemed to be very upset, constantly using her hands to gather her hair, and clutching her bag tightly with one hand.

The few people looked at her and didn’t seem to think that such women would be threatened and chatting with each other very casually.

As everyone knows, Zhong Qing has already told Ling Huanyu of what happened on her own side.

 “This woman is so brave enough to take care of yourself and take risks? It’s really good!” Ling Huanyu thought.

Ling Huanyu is standing in the lobby, his body is very cold, and he has not left for South Africa’s Ling Shen to feel himself a bit breathless.

He was furious. He looked at the heart, silently make complaints about:

"Do you really like Miss frost?"

LITTLE GOBLIN: Master, don't come here! Chapter 126

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