Lord of All Realms Chapter 389 (Teaser)

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Standing in front of the gate, Nie Tian glanced around.

He gazed back where he had come from, and saw that the Water Moon Chamber of Commerce was located at the center of Water Moon City. Even though he was observing it from a significant distance away, he could still see the towering stone pavilions and hear the hustling people.

From there to where he was standing, the buildings on either side of the street gradually became lower and shabbier.

Looking in the opposite direction, he found that the street ended a few courtyards down, leading to a boundless forest.

Unlike Shatter City, there were no solid city walls surrounding Water Moon City. Because of this, Qi warriors could come and go freely, without having to pay spirit stones.

However, people still had to pay a certain number of spirit stones to rent the stone pavilions in the city.

The closer the stone pavilions were to the Water Moon Chamber of Commerce, and the loftier they were, the higher the rent would be.

That meant the courtyards and houses that were the furthest from the Water Moon Chamber of Commerce, and sat on the perimeter of the city, would be the cheapest.

This courtyard sat right on the perimeter of the city, making it not only in poor condition, but also very unsafe for those from the Cloudsoaring Sect who lived in it.

On his way over, Liu Ling had briefly told him about the situation in Water Moon City.

He learned that since there weren’t any defenses at the perimeter of the city, every once in a while, spirit beasts would wander into the city.

Naturally, the courtyards and pavilions that sat on the edges were most likely to be attacked by those spirit beasts.

Eyebrows furrowed, Nie Tian muttered in a low voice before he knocked on the closely-shut wooden gate, “From the look of it, my grandfather and aunt’s condition in the Realm of a Hundred Battles isn’t as good as I thought.”


The gate opened. Li Fan stuck his head out. Looking at Nie Tian with a vigilant expression on his face, he asked, “Who are you?”

Lord of All Realms Chapter 389 (Teaser)

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Lord of All Realms Chapter 389 (Teaser) summary

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