Lord Xue Ying Chapter 436

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Word by word, the final name began appearing on the scroll, attracting the attention of all the countless lifeforms present in Calm Sea Prefecture Capital.

"First ranked…"

"Mountain Wu Starfield’s…"

Patrol Master Guan, who had previously been congratulating Seventh Mei Yu, had been holding a goblet of wine; at this moment, his eyes became wide and round, and he subconsciously tightened his grip on the goblet. Chi chi chi~ The goblet became even more distorted despite being composed of extraordinary material.

"He is from our Mountain Wu Star Field." General Tu and the other World Deities were all stunned.

"Right, right, right; it’s me. It’s me." The half-masked, red-haired male became even more anxious as he looked at the scroll.

Everyone in the courtyard nervously gazed at the scroll.

The many Deities of the Xia Clan, Jing Qiu, and Xue Ying were also looking up at that enormous scroll, as it slowly revealed the full name of the first place contestant.

"Dong Bo!"

"First ranked—Mountain Wu Starfield’s Dong Bo!"

That huge row of characters, located at the very top, was the most dazzling name amongst all those currently glowing brightly, with the largest font as well. Presently, countless lifeforms in the Calm Sea Prefecture Capital were staring at that name. Being ranked first clearly indicated one’s combat power and potential. For that person to be ranked first in the ranking battle...as long as he did not die, he would certainly become a World Deity and have a bright future ahead! He could even be compared to the more extraordinary World Deities.

Patrol Master Guan and the others within the courtyard carefully examined that name, as they were afraid of being mistaken.

They were right!

Clearly revealed on the blood-colored scroll, in those dazzling golden characters, was—‘First place, Mountain Wu Starfield, Dong Bo!’


"Dong Bo!"

"Brother Dong Bo, you are truly formidable."

"Haha, Dong Bo, I knew you could do it. First place, you ranked first in the ranking battle of the entire Calm Sea Prefecture Battle Selections for the God Palace Myriad Flower Feast."

Everyone in the courtyard began cheering. Patrol Master Guan, Madam Sang, General Tu, the Soaring Cloud Lake Master, and the other World Deities all came over to congratulate him. Those Deities who lived through the ranking battle, with the majority not harboring an hopes, also came over to congratulate him. After all, they met each other during the God Palace Myriad Flower Feast and were even from the same starfield! In the future, this friendship of theirs might be really helpful, as they could reach out to Xue Ying for help—with said help being provided as long as these minor matters were not of any issue to Xue Ying.

Cheers and laughter gushed up to the sky. The distant caverns from other starfields realized the moment they heard the loud racket—the one ranked first in this ranking battle should be located over there.

"Brother Dong Bo." The handsome, white-robed teenager, His Highness Seventh Mei Yu, smiled at Xue Ying. "Brother Dong Bo, you must really be formidable to seize the championship within the ranking battle. Close to two thousand starfields in the Calm Sea Prefecture, as well as many outsider Deities who had come to participate...yet in the ends, it’s still Brother Dong Bo who is the strongest."

"Brother Mei Yu praises me too much. Being ranked first in the ranking battle does not signify that I’ll rank first in the survival battle. Even if I rank first in both, that does not mean I am the strongest as well in life-and-death battles," Xue Ying replied.

"Brother Dong Bo is too humble." Seventh Mei Yu’s voice was truly gentle and pure. "You do know that such humility will displease others."

Xue Ying was dumbstruck.

Seventh Mei Yu giggled after seeing that.

At that moment, Jing Qiu, who stood beside Xue Ying, transmitted to him, "Xue Ying, I am standing right here!"

"Eh…." Xue Ying looked at his wife, transmitting back, "Jing Qiu, is there something wrong?"

"I am next to you, yet you are exchanging glances with someone else at this moment?"

"But he is a man!"

"Who says so! From what I see, she seems like a woman."

"You are truly…"

"Why, are you unhappy? Do you think I’m intruding on your flirtations with her?"

Xue Ying and his wife Jing Qiu transmitted messages back and forth.

Her Highness Seventh Mei Yu giggled upon seeing Xue Ying and his wife constantly transmit messages and turned away to leave.

"How, how can this be… It’s impossible. I must have seen wrongly; I must have seen wrongly." The red-haired male looked upward, staring intensely at that blood-colored scroll hanging in mid-air—at those golden characters, especially the biggest and most dazzling name of all. He neither dared to believe nor dared to trust that the name appearing there wasn’t his.

Thereafter, he carefully read through the entire scroll, from top to bottom. He wanted to find the fish that escaped the net; he wanted to find his own name!

But there were only two names appearing on the scroll from Mountain Wu Star Field. One was ranked first, while the other ranked ninth!


"I lost?

"Is this the end?"

The red-haired man gripped his saber sheath tightly, gritting his teeth as he walked away. He loathed the idea of even going to congratulate Xue Ying! Neither would he go congratulate Seventh Mei Yu!

"The God Palace Myriad Flower Feast has ended for me. In the future, I’ll definitely become stronger, transcending beyond Seventh Mei Yu and Dong Bo." The red-haired man’s eyes grew cold as he headed toward his own cavern.

In the huge Deity world, the Dark Abyss, the Material World…

There were people of many varying personalities.

There were those who thought their talents to be great. In the region they originated from, this might be true, but upon entering the vast Deity world, they would realize a huge gap existed! There would always be someone out there more talented than one could possibly imagine. If one always competed with others with the notion of complete superiority, it would create a mental imbalance. For example, Xue Ying was a grade one Transcendent but did not reveal this fact as he competed within the God Palace Myriad Flower Feast, nor did he dare to be arrogant. He had at least some self-awareness. His goal was to participate in the God Palace Battle and become a disciple under a powerful existence. If he could enjoy the Myriad Flower True Fruit, then that would be an even better outcome than he hoped.

As for his rank? It would be fine as long as he tried his best!

The arena battle was held three years after the ranking battle, followed by another three years before the survival battle would be held. Three years after that, qualified participants would proceed on to the God Palace to compete in the final God Palace Battle!

After each selection, a break of three years was provided, to give the participating experts a decent amount of time to consolidate their gains since tempering themselves on such a level during the selection battles was a truly rare opportunity. Three years was not a long stretch of time, but neither was it short. It was enough for one to quietly cultivate. In the face of the long lifespans of Deities, what was three years? That was truly not worth considering.

"Old Brother Dong Bo, in the future, you can visit my territory over at Luster Horn Star Field. I’ll certainly receive you well." The tall, huge figure entirely covered in golden fur then walked out of Xue Ying’s cavern. His head was entirely furred in golden hair as well, and a horn protruded from his head.

Xue Ying was even there to personally send him off. "Old Brother Ju, have a nice day. I’ll definitely go visit you when I am free."

After seeing him off, Xue Ying casually turned around and returned to his cavern.

"Dong Bo, there should be over thirty World Deities who have already visited you, right? That was even a stage two World Deity." Purple Thunder Emperor laughed.

"It is quite a headache becoming famous." Xue Ying shook his head.

Suddenly a voice transmitted in from outside.

"Dong Bo." A legion soldier came rushing in. He said in a polite manner, "Receiving orders from the master; the recently purchased intelligence report has just been sent over!"

"Intelligence report?" Xue Ying was startled as he walked over.

"It is the intelligence report on the top thousand Deity experts of the ranking battle. As of today, it is on the sale. The patrol master has bought copies and has gifted the report to you and His Highness Seventh Mei Yu," the legion soldier explained.

"I would have to ask you to help me transfer my thanks to the patrol master." Xue Ying immediately said. He then received a crystal being sent over by the legion soldier.

The soldier quickly left afterward.

Xue Ying began reading through the report. After touching the jade crystal, a huge influx of information surged into his mind. The crystal ball itself soon started dissipating.

"1000th place, Luster Horn Star Field, Yan Feng: cultivation period of about 1,653,000 years, has easily defeated the Fierce Shaman Warrior." The intelligence report even provided the scene of this ‘Yan Feng’ battling the Fierce Shaman Warrior during the Starfield Selections.

"999th place…"

Each and every one of the experts on the report was stated as such.

This intelligence report primarily stated one’s cultivation age and showed their battle during the Starfield Selections.

Because it was relatively simple, the price wasn’t that exorbitant.

After all, asking for a more detailed report—such as the battle scene during the ranking battle—was too difficult to compile. Only the God Palace Emissary, the Calm Sea Prefecture Master and a few others knew of such information. Even the Temporal Temple would be unable to investigate what occurred within that scroll treasure! As for intelligence reports on past history?

Like Xue Ying being a Material World Lord? A report on just Xue Ying was already truly expensive, much less a thousand Deity experts altogether.

At that moment, not just Xue Ying, but many experts including World Deities and several rich clan disciples and children had obtained that intelligence report.

Of course, they would closely follow those ranked at the top.

"Third place, Hole Horizon Star Field, Jiu She: cultivated period of about 5,916,000 years."

"Second place, Temple Comb Star Field, Drunk Guest: cultivated period of about 21,500 years."

"First place, Mountain Wu Star Field, Dong Bo: cultivated period of about 2,300 years."

The moment the intelligence report was released, and despite the report also including the battle scenes from the Starfield Selections, everyone focused primarily on the ages of the ranked experts.

"What, 2,300 years?"

"He cultivated for just over 2,000 years?"

"This Dong Bo…"

Everyone staying within Calm Sea Prefecture Capital, when reading this intelligence report, felt that the time this ‘Dong Bo’ spent on cultivation was truly astonishing.

Lord Xue Ying Chapter 436

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