Lord Xue Ying Chapter 478

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The Bloodshed God Emperor waved his hand, throwing out a prisoner token. "Take this token with you. Once you activate it, you will enter the prison where you will find your opponent. Without this token, you would never find him regardless of how much you search. This prisoner won't go down easily, but there's no need to be anxious about it. Kill him, and you will get to learn that absolute art."

"Yes," Xue Ying replied as he received the token.

The Bloodshed God Emperor continued, "I'll be taking a bit of your blood."

With those words, an invisible power cut down on Xue Ying's wrist, causing his blood to fill the air.

Xue Ying did not attempt to resist this power. At his stage, losing blood couldn't threaten his life in any way and would only cause him to lose some energy at most. Within moments, the amount of blood accumulated in mid-air was enough to fill a tiny lake.

"You are my personal disciple, so I will personally craft a blood-refined Deity warrior for you," the Bloodshed God Emperor said indifferently. With a casual wave of his hand, the tiny lake of blood went into his storage.

"Thank you, teacher," Xue Ying replied.

"Should your blood-refined Deity warrior have the shape of a spear?" the Bloodshed God Emperor asked again.


With Xue Ying having cultivated the avatar technique, his two bodies would require a blood-refined deity warrior each.

This spear, however, would certainly be more powerful than the previous! It would be personally refined by His Majesty, after all, and would naturally be extraordinary.

"Alright, go on and cultivate properly now. Once you kill the prisoner and obtain the absolute art, you can come see me again," the Bloodshed God Emperor ordered.

Xue Ying immediately retreated.

The Bloodshed God Emperor let out a laugh after seeing his disciple leave. The black bird quacked out on his shoulder, "Bloodshed, you're leaving Dong Bo to kill that prisoner? That guy won't be so easily killed. Who knows, that brat might only succeed after becoming a stage three World Deity."

"In that case, he'll learn the absolute art after becoming a stage three World Deity. This will prove a good opportunity to sharpen himself," the Bloodshed God Emperor indifferently replied. "The higher one's talent, the more they need to be sharpened."

"He sure is unlucky to have you as a teacher," the bird muttered.

The Bloodshed God Emperor did not respond to the black bird's provocation. Once their exchange ended, ripples began to form in the surrounding space, and both man and bird disappeared into nothingness, once again returning to the underground palace, right in front of that Cosmos Furnace.

Within a hall inside Xue Ying's cavern dwelling, the Xia Clan Deities as well as Jing Qiu fell into a daze the sight of a group of attendants coming over. The hall was now full to the brim with precious treasures, as well as a total of ten Myriad Flower True Fruits. A single glance at these exorbitant treasures was enough to leave them with their hearts trembling. Even the White Sand City Lord would be dumbstruck after seeing those treasures, much less Deities like them.

"May I know what these are…?" Jing Qiu asked.

"We've arrived under His Majesty's orders. These gifts have been sent over for His Highness, Dong Bo," a black-robed old man explained with a smile. His aura was completely retracted. "Perhaps you all haven't heard about it yet? His Highness Dong Bo has become one of His Majesty's personal disciples."

"Personal disciple?"

Emperor Yun Hai, Monarch Scarlet Flame, Monarch Sky Sea, the Dragon Mountain Emperor, and all the others were speechless. Even Jing Qiu found it hard to believe. They were aware that Xue Ying had broken through, and for an ordinary powerful existence to receive him as their personal disciple would be normal! But…the strongest existence in the Deity world, the Bloodshed God Emperor, had higher requirements for taking someone as his personal disciple. Not even grade one True Meaning Transcendents would necessarily qualify.

It was at that moment that Xue Ying stepped in from outside.

"Greetings, Your Highness. These gifts have been sent over by His Majesty. Also, whenever Your Highness is free, you may move over to a different cavern dwelling." The black-robed old man chuckled. He wasn't required to act as respectful as the attendants by his side were.

"Mn?" Xue Ying looked over to the old man, whose aura was kept completely hidden. He could not sense what his realm was! He could, at most, feel an unseen oppressive feeling coming from him. This should be a hidden expert within the Bloodshed God Palace, just like that black bird on the shoulder of His Majesty.

"Thank you, everyone," Xue Ying said.

"Now that you have received these gifts, we will be taking our leave." The black-robed old man smiled and left together with his group of attendants.

As soon as the men were outside, the entire hall was filled with clamoring.

"Dong Bo, you've become a personal disciple of His Majesty?"

"They're actually calling you 'Your Highness' now?"

"Of all the disciples of His Majesty, only personal disciples are qualified to be referred to as 'Your Highness'…" The Xia Clan Deities could not hide their excitement.

Xue Ying nodded.

Jing Qiu followed up with a question of her own, "Xue Ying, you've only just become a World Deity, yet His Majesty has already accepted you as a personal disciple?"

"I've broken through to become a stage two World Deity," Xue Ying replied. There was no longer a reason to hide anything. In fact, even Gong Feng and those attendants were already aware. Clearly, His Majesty did not plan on keeping this fact a secret any longer. After all, at Xue Ying's current stage, only the Temporal Island Lord, the Myriad God Palace Head, and those at that level could hope to kill him. In reality, however, there was no previous occurence of the Bloodshed God Emperor, the Temporal Island Lord, or other such powerful beings from the the Deity world and Dark Abyss dealing with brats.

They were standing at the true apex of the world, and even seeing their subordinate powerful existences battling could not cause them to act.

At the sound of these news that Xue Ying had become a stage two World Deity, the hall turned quiet, followed by an explosion of activity and noise.

The deluge of news today made them truly unable to hold it in any longer.

"Hahaha, let's see if that Gong Feng person dares act so arrogantly in front of Dong Bo now."

"She's probably crying about it right about now, but it's too late for that!"

"Dong Bo is too formidable."

The hall was filled with noise.

Xue Ying first moved to another cavern dwelling and then accompanied everyone for a celebratory feast. He even passed some of his treasures over to the rest of the Deities. His Majesty God Emperor truly treated his personal disciples well! The things he gave them were small in Xue Ying's eyes, but they were enough to make those Deities decline them again and again. Every treasure they received would cost more than 100,000 Deity crystals to buy, and some were valued even higher. They were not the sort of items the Deities of the Xia Clan would just accept with not second thought.

"Jing Qiu, I've got to go into closed-door to transform my inner world. Unless it's on important business, ignore anyone who comes over," Xue Ying said.

"Mn. Alright," she replied with a vibrant smile. But after seeing Xue Ying enter the cultivation room, she began contemplating.

Gong Feng was pacing around the corridors, filled with hesitation.

She was clear that she was now at a crucial fork in her path. Having offended Xue Ying, a personal disciple of her teacher, so if he wanted to deal with her, she would no longer be allowed to live there! The moment the other organizations out there found out that she offended a personal disciple of the Bloodshed God Emperor, and that she was no longer serving under His Majesty, her clan would certainly be heavily affected, and the status of all its members would plummet! Her way of handling matters and treating others in the past was truly too ugly, and she had offended quite a number of people. It was likely that trouble would soon arrive at her doorstep.

He is a personal disciple, so a simple apology won't mean much to him.

So what if I have to lower my head?

I must endure it… Gong Feng gritted her teeth and encouraged herself. She had, after all, lived so far as a person of great status, and for her to now endure and swallow her resentment was not so easy to do.

Endure, endure, endure!

Gong Feng quickly headed in the direction of Xue Ying's cavern dwelling with gritted teeth. She was aware that he had already moved to new lodgings.

Once she reached the entrance, her eyes fell upon the Dragon Mountain Emperor who was standing there, drinking wine from a flask.

"Go ahead pass on a message. I want to meet with Senior Disciple Brother Dong Bo," Gong Feng said. All of the inner disciples and honorary disciples were now required to call Xue Ying 'Senior Disciple Brother!'

"Oh?" The Dragon Mountain Emperor glanced at her with indifference. "His Highness is currently undergoing closed-doors cultivation. He is not receiving guests!"

"You haven't even passed the message on." Gong Feng's expression turned ugly. In the past, would she have had any reason to care about this little servant? Now, however, she could only endure this indifferent treatment from him, a subordinate of Xue Ying's.

"Are you deaf or what? I said His Highness is in closed-doors cultivation!" The Dragon Mountain Emperor sneered.

Not too much time passed since Gong Feng had reprimanded and scolded Xue Ying right in front of everyone else. They were all Deities, and their auditory prowess was quite sensitive. After that event, they had to keep that resentment to themselves, but their dislike of this person was very clear nonetheless.

"Alright. Tell Senior Disciple Brother that I'll come and greet him again as soon as he finishes his cultivation session, then," Gong Feng forced herself to say, upon which she then immediately turned to leave. She felt her entire person turning crazy.

Dragon Mountain Emperor just sneered in response. He soon turned around and entered the cavern dwelling to discuss this matter with other Deities from the Xia Clan.

A fragrant aroma permeated Xue Ying's cultivation room. The roof of the house was octagonal, with eight mystical violet wooden columns acting as supporting pillars. These violet pillars would continually emit mystical undulations which then dispersed throughout the cultivation room, helping anyone inside to empty their heart.

Xue Ying was sitting cross-legged in the center as he began the transformation of his inner world.

Lord Xue Ying Chapter 478

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