Lord Xue Ying Chapter 506

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What do I do if Monarch Cang Yong finds his way here? Upon returning to his cavern dwelling, Bai Li Shang sent away all his attendants. His heart was filled with anxiety. Monarch Cang Yong is truly ruthless. He even found his way to Dong Bo Xue Ying, although it's unlikely that he'll be willing to so easily offend him. That's the only reason he decided to have a meeting first. Fortunately, Dong Bo didn't comply so easily, but I'm still being watched by Monarch Cang Yong at every turn… What should I do?

I have to be wary of Dong Bo himself too! Once he discovers the holes in my story, he might just act against me, Bai Li Shang thought.

He was not only afraid of Monarch Cang Yong, but also that Xue Ying might want to s.n.a.t.c.h the treasure for himself.

d.a.m.n it! I was so careful as I hid myself, yet Monarch Cang Yong still found his way here. Bai Li Shang was feeling truly furious. I've also yet to discover the profound mysteries inherent to this relic.

Day pa.s.sed after day, with Bai Li Shang being extremely vigilant all the while. He practically didn't even step out of his own cavern dwelling even once. Even in the occasional situations when he did leave, he only moved around inside the supervisor envoy residence.

Other than him being cautious, Xue Ying had also dispatched a larger portion of his personal guard to increase the frequency and scope of the patrols. Even so, he did not find even a single person belonging to Monarch Cang Yong's faction.

In the blink of an eye, more than a month had pa.s.sed.

"The commander has been acting strange lately. At any given time, he's either in closed-doors cultivation or just moving by himself. Even we can't get close to him." Two female attendants were discussing with each other via voice transmission. Not far off stood a red-robed female attendant who was looking at the two. This latter attendant turned around and left to walk over to a dark corner. Upon arriving there, a shadowy fog began to exude from her skin and figure.

The gray shadowy fog flashed once before permeating through the shadowy s.p.a.ce of the corridor, leaving no trace behind.

On the surface, the Shadow Deity Heart seemed like nothing more than another grade two Deity Heart, but it had an incredible reputation. The source of this fame was the publicly-recognized strongest expert in direct combat, the Bloodshed G.o.d Emperor and his three great techniques of Shadow, Destruction and Bloodshed! Of them, the Shadow technique let the Bloodshed G.o.d Emperor specialize in a.s.sa.s.sination, making him known as the number one a.s.sa.s.sin in the entire Deity world and the Dark Abyss! It was precisely because of this that the Bloodshed G.o.d Emperor created the countless Bloodshed Tavern and operated so many a.s.sa.s.sins.

With the Bloodshed G.o.d Emperor having reached such an unfathomable level in this aspect, he had naturally spread his secret techniques out over time. However, it was very difficult to actually train them.

World Deity Shen Tu had been dispatched to a.s.sa.s.sinate precisely because he succeeded in cultivating the "Boundless Shadow" to a very high realm, making him an ultimate a.s.sa.s.sin.

Gu gu gu.

Inside the hall, Bai Li Shang brought up a flask of wine and swallowed a few mouthfuls, his eyes filled with vicious currents all the while. While his avatar was hiding in the cultivation room, his true body was located here. The s.p.a.cetime in his surroundings was distorted, making it difficult for anyone to pinpoint his location.

When will these days end… Bai Li Shang's eyes betrayed his livid anger. I can only wait and endure. If Dong Bo's combat power increases and he reaches a level where he can fight off stage four World Deities, there will be no more need for worry! After all, even if Monarch Cang Yong were to come, I'm still in Dong Bo's territory, and he'd be strengthened by the arrays of the entire Eastern Region City. I'm sure he could force Monarch Cang Yong to back off.

For the moment, though, Xue Ying is still too weak to defeat Monarch Cang Yong. Bai Li Shang kept pondering the issue, but found himself unable to come up with a good solution.

In truth, there were some methods he could employ.

He could, for instance, hand off the relic to Xue Ying. If he were to do so, Xue Ying would very likely put in all of his effort to defend him. He had ways to do so, like sending him off to live in the inner section of the Bloodshed G.o.d Palace! There was no safer place out there than the territory of His Majesty, the Bloodshed G.o.d Emperor.

But Bai Li Shang found himself unwilling to do so. The relic represented his life's greatest opportunity.

I'll just keep waiting. Dong Bo's combat power is increasing at a tremendously fast pace in any case, Bai Li Shang concluded.


Without warning, a gray fog began to appear within the shadow cast by the sun on the door of the hall. The fog rapidly condensed into a figure covered in black robes.

At the sight of this figure, Bai Li Shang was terrified and his expression paled. He immediately recognized the man. "Shen Tu!" World Deity Shen Tu was known as the most savage subordinate to Monarch Cang Yong, his claw and fang. His specialty lay in a.s.sa.s.sination and murder.

"It's in your hands, am I right?" The man's pair of green eyes stared straight at Bai Li Shang.

At the sound of that, Bai Li Shang was even more alarmed and began to scream, "Your Highness, save me! Please rescue me!"


A black-robed figure appeared behind Bai Li Shang. With now one figure in front of him and one behind him, a bewitching green light suddenly shone out, enveloping Bai Li Shang's body in the blink of an eye; he simply had no way to resist World Deity Shen Tu! It was similar to how weak Xue Ying was before the stage three Great Demonic G.o.d of the Dark Abyss before he cultivated the sealed world paG.o.da secret techniques. It was only with the other party's Deity Heart having been sealed alongside his World Deity energy, and with him being shackled down, completely unable to dodge incoming attacks, that Xue Ying successfully killed him.

In a real, head-on battle, Xue Ying would have died in no more than two or three attacks.

In addition, Bai Li Shang did not match up to Xue Ying's strength back then, while World Deity Shen Tu was a specialist of a.s.sa.s.sination! The moment he acted, it would be through a ruthless killing move.

Chi chi chi~ As soon as Bai Li Shang suffered from the effect of the bewitching green light sliding through him, his body immediately started breaking apart.

Currently sitting within the underground palace, pondering the laws of the world, Xue Ying suddenly felt a message arrive through his communication treasure: "Your Highness, save me, save me!"


Xue Ying was shocked. It's from Bai Li Shang. Did Monarch Cang Yong really send someone over to infiltrate my supervisor envoy residence?

His residence was heavily-guarded thanks to the members of his personal guard patrolling and the arrays protecting the place. In most cases, any outsider would be easily found. It was also very difficult to evade the arrays! Even so, there were many secret techniques in the Deity World, and all sorts of methods to bypa.s.s those defenses. World Deity Shen Tu was a good example—he had sent out his shadow to permeate the body of a female attendant, thus becoming one with her, which allowed him to stealthily enter the place. The arrays set down in the residence were entirely unable to discover him.


Xue Ying knew he did not have time stare in shock, so he rapidly rushed out of the underground palace.

Bai Li Shang's avatar was situated within the cultivation room of his cavern dwelling. On the face of his avatar could be detected a mixture of fear and anxiety. He did not even dare to twitch a muscle. World Deity Shen Tu. It's actually him. He's too powerful for me to resist him in any way. Hurry up, Dong Bo. This is your territory, and I'm a member of your personal guard! Why aren't you here yet? Quick, quick, quick!


A shadowy figure condensed in the cultivation room. In fact, there wasn't just one. A dozen shadowy figures appeared in the room and dispersed in every direction.

"The shadow is everywhere. As soon as I entered your cavern dwelling, I discovered both of your bodies. Even though the monarch had already told me that the investigation he did through karma concluded that both your bodies are located in the supervisor envoy residence, I did not think that you would leave both in the same cavern dwelling. You've made things so much easier for me," the dozen black-robed figures said in unison. Their voices resounded directly in Bai Li Shang's mind.

"Ah ah ah~" A pain so sharp pa.s.sed through Bai Li Shang's head that he could not help but grab onto it. It was an agonizing pain that extended even to his True Deity Heart.

The shadowy fog had wrapped around his brain, and his face, eyes and nose were all covered by it.

"Say, is it on your person? You won't have to suffer anymore if you tell me," a voice resounded in Bai Li Shang's mind through the shadowy fog.

"No, it's not!" Bai Li Shang's mind anxiously reacted.


The dozen black-robed men looked up at the same time. His shadow had covered every last corner of the cavern dwelling, so he had naturally discovered Xue Ying as soon as he arrived.

"You actually asked Dong Bo Xue Ying to come over? Hmph! Truly seeking death!" the figures said and followed with a furious, cold snort.

"No—" Bai Li Shang was truly terrified as peng, his body immediately exploded, and turned to ash.

The shadowy fog grabbed onto all of Bai Li Shang's treasures as it rapidly made its way out.

Lord Xue Ying Chapter 506

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