Lost Temple Chapter 19

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Warning: there might be some disgusting scene related to blood and flesh. But if you didn’t imagine the story maybe it’s less disgusting.

“The mission is to cross this place?” Fusu looked ahead with a frown on his brows. The Death City is buried in the dark area —— Lisaxiuta—— The most important place for evil apart from the Abyss of h.e.l.l.

(T/N: 利萨休塔 read Lisaxiuta, i keep the chinese name because can’t find the proper translation for it)

“Boss, are you sure that the mission requires us to get through here?” The a.s.sa.s.sin A Ghost Dragging Knife scratching his head, turned around and looked at Drunken Evil Of The Throne. Didn’t know where the dragon gun knight went to retreat for these past ten days, now his eyes are sharper than before, he’s like a sword that is unsheathed*.

(T/N: A sword that is unsheathed is mean can block everything in front and not hesitate to chop kill).

“We must go, it is too late to quit now Regret-man. Otherwise, once this door closes there are only two ways we are facing, die back to the resurrection point or kill a life!” Drunken Evil Of The Throne seriously said.

“Boss, you are despised people too much, we’ve come here with you, you have to take a nap, why did you come back?” A Ghost Dragging Knife whispered a discontent murmur.

“Hehe, the boss is just let everybody have a heart to prepare, after all the cost of death to reincarnate is too great, none of us can’t afford it.” Six-Ways of Reincarnation came out in time to play a rounders.

Everyone looked at each other and had a tacit choice to silence. The huge stone gate crashed like a sickle behind him cutting off all the possibilities of retreating. The group slowly and cautiously set foot on the road to Lisaxiuta.

The team is lined in triangular, the outer part is Drunken Evil Of The Throne, Steel City and Cold Wave who has high blood and high defense, he middle layer is A Ghost Dragging Knife, Falling To The Silence and Six-Ways of Reincarnation as the core part of the triangular line-up, then Black Mark and other player professions who had low blood and low defense in the inner line.

“Old rules, let’s go to the road~” An Tong pulled Extreme Elements wash away everyone’s eyes and both of them disappear into the air, this is the special advantage of the thieves. They can fully investigate the enemy situation, you don’t have to worry about beating the gra.s.s to scare the snake* —— In fact the a.s.sa.s.sin and the ninja also sneak, but once there’s a locked door or a mechanic trap and the like, they can’t screw the door or remove the trap, they will be helpless.

(T/N: 打草惊蛇 is an idiom: beat the gra.s.s to scare the snake: which meant to inadvertently alert an enemy; or act rashly and alert the enemy).

It took about ten minutes or so, then An Tong and Extreme Elements’ figure appeared in front of everyone.

“How was it?” Drunken Evil Of The Throne asked.

The two thieves looked at each other and hesitated for a moment, but still An Tong said: “There’s nothing.”

“What?” the crowd asked incredulously.

“What An Tong said was right, there’s nothing.” Extreme Elements said “We have been walking along this road for a long time, nothing has been found, there are no such things as monsters, mechanic traps and the like.” There’s nothing in Lisaxiuta but smoked wall and burnt plants, an outright dead city.

“Is it just a maze test?” The sorcerer Snowy Days Memories said.

“Do you think that the SSS-level mission possibly let us to pa.s.s so easily?” Black Mark glanced at the other and seriously warned her, although Snowy Days Memories is not weak, however underestimating the enemy will often lead the whole team to death.

The female sorcerer shrunk, sinking her face, didn’t go over the head and stop talking.

“Alright, the thieves return to the team, keep the formation, and everybody be careful.” Drunken Evil Of The Throne opened his mouth giving instructions “Crazy, call out the summoned beast, placed them outside of the team.”

Not Crazy Not Survive nodded, he waved a wand and reading a spell, a large summoned mould burst out of the ground, six powerful demon wolves appeared in front of everyone. It seems that everyone has been working hard lately ——  there were four summoning beasts that Not Crazy Not Survive could summon at the team compet.i.tion, after just half a month he was able to summon six beasts, it shows how hard he worked. He took a look at Fusu, apparently he was still brooding over the four summoning beasts that were killed by the latter’s snowstorm during the game. Fusu smiled in his heart, in addition the terrible Perfect Storm who was clinging to him, there seemed to be one more person who was trying to learn from himself.

Black Mark took out the harp, a several songs have played and there were a few BUFFs (support mana) on everyone’s head. Everyone who has well prepared were walking towards the depths of Lisaxiuta road.

Sure enough as Black Mark said, the SSS level mission is not so easy to pa.s.s through, a pair of people walked less than 100 meters on the road, they only heard a sharp scream in the ear, as if they were suffering a great pain deep in the soul, even with Black Mark’s BUFF protection the group of people still involuntarily cover up their ear when they heard this howling scream. Just then the vague figure appeared from the ruins of the roadside wall, attacking the demon wolves standing at the front of the team.

After the level 80+ demon wolf hit by the other side it howled and took a step back, the Warcraft Death’s blood bar has gone to a half!!! Did not wait for everyone to respond, the monster rushed to the devil wolf at once, this time the claws deeply pierced the demon wolf’s body, the whole snow-white body was being penetrated, it was twitching it’s whole body a few times, then the body fell on the dark red brick tiles street.

There was a hint of stinky smell in the air, and then the faint fire burning the buildings in the city, the team members saw the true face of the monster, skeleton-like face with a thin layer of dried flesh, the dark red turbid eyes were dull, only left the desire to kill, with that pair of eyes, the monster opens it’s mouth slightly, revealing a grim fangs, in the silent dead city of Lisaxiuta it was particularly frightening.

“Ghoul!” An Tong screamed out first, with the hatred of those who died in great pain attached to the body, and turned it into a monster that left only the desire to kill, he had once met such a monster in a horrible graveyard. In order to verify his words. The monster ignored the people present, it leaned down and tore the devil wolf’s belly which fell on the ground with it’s three long nails and thin bones, it head over and eat up.

“Ou~~” Couldn’t stand this kind of disgusting scene, Rose of Versailles spit out, followed by Snowy Days Memories, even though the rest of the people did not vomit on the spot, but their faces were not very good. Especially Not Crazy Not Live, the Summoner of the Warcraft Death, to the Summoner’s body will also cause a certain degree of damage, his face looks pale under the fire light.

Turned over the Shadow Sword, a big sword with a red light decorated, the head of the ghoul which was just swallowing was cut down by the Shadow Sword, it rolled to the side and spinned, the corners of the mouth still stained with flesh and blood that had not been swallowed.

“What are you doing?!! It’s just a ghoul! Go back! We still don’t know what we will encounter!!” Cold Wave’s voice successfully recalled everyone’s attention, Perfect Storm flicked his fingers, a fireball fell onto the bodies of the ghoul and the devil wolf, burning them into ashes —— although the system would refresh after ten minutes, they really did not want to see the two bodies lying on the ground.

“I think this is a city full of undead creatures, just now An Tong and Extreme Elements did not find the monsters, because they are sleeping in the ruins ordinarily, when they find the prey they come out and attack.” Continue to move forward, Fusu said his own inference without hesitation.

With the precedent of the past*, no one has raised any objections, they know that the Bobcat team who have experienced a lot of battles have a say in more than anyone. Then Drunken Evil Of The Throne didn’t let Not Crazy Not Survive put Warcraft Death in the front of the team to explore the road, instead they went to the front in triangle like their first lineup —— because once the summoned beasts are all died, the summoner’s life also considered to be just more than a half.

(T/N: 前车之鉴 is an idiom which means: to learn a lesson from the mistakes of one’s predecessor.)
“Or I will open the way.” Cold Wave stopped the Drunken Evil Of The Throne, he pulled out a huge rectangle s.h.i.+eld from the backpack and walked to the front of the team. Seeing the puzzled eyes of the Killing G.o.d’s members, An Tong smiled. “In fact Cold Wave boss is a defensive warrior ah, his attack power is still less than half of the defensive power~~”

Killing G.o.d’s members once again turned speechless. Especially Perfect Storm, remembering the domineering sword of his that burned with the Grudges and chopped himself to the ground in the individual game —— he is still called defensive warrior? ? ! !

The only thing that can be explained is that the Bobcat team members are not human….

Cold Wave at the forefront of the team with a big s.h.i.+eld. On his left and right side followed by two a.s.sa.s.sins A Ghost Dragging Knife and Falling To The Silence, with the attack of the Ghoul, everyone walked more cautiously. Suddenly Falling To The Silence raised his right hand and made a gesture to stop the march, although the othe two did not know what was going on, but still obediently stopped the pace.

Feeling equally sharp Black Mark took out the Taomari Piercing The Heart bow from the void bracelet, a long bow with a soft silvery glow made everyone feel more sense of security. Aware of the unusual movement in the air, Black Mark put the bezel on the mask’s eye and senses the enemy’s movements. He placed the Thunder’s Wings sharp arrows and slowly moved to capture the traces of enemies hidden in the dark.

Suddenly a black shadow sprang from the chimney of a ruin, and at the same time the Thunder’s Wings on the Taumari was also spurred out. The strong Armor Piercing arrow without hesitation nailed the black shadow b.u.t.terfly to the ruined wall.

“90th-level Stone Statue Ghost!!!” After checking the situation A Ghost Dragging Knife Screams. (The stone statue ghost, the undead creature with bat wings, can fly, the special skill is petrification*, when using petrification the skin surface turns into rock, immune to all physical attacks while slowly recovering the health, it is a tricky flying monster.) There’s also a silver lace on the name of the monster, you know, that is the symbol of the elite monster! ! !

(T/N: In geology Petrifaction or Petrification is the process by which organic material becomes a fossil through the replacement of the original material and the filling of the original pore s.p.a.ces with minerals).

In Lost Temple, the name of an ordinary monster is white and the name with a silver lace is for the elite monster, the blood grid, the defense power, and attack power are twice to that of ordinary monsters. The ability is only second to the monsters of the BOSS level.

Not only the Killing G.o.d team members, but even the Bobcat team members were looking at Black Mark with the same eyes as the monsters, Only Falling To The Silence who knows hook a smile under the mask —— the legendary artifact level Taomari Piercing The Heart bow plus the epic-level Thunder’s Wings feather arrow, only this level of monster it will be strange that he can’t kill it….

“Alright, we’ll be relieved to have your escort.” Extreme Elements patted Black Mark’s shoulders and said with an envious face.

“No, this is just a scout, the big troops are still behind…” Black Mark who has felt a wide range of turmoil seriously said with tightly holding the Taomari.

Lost Temple Chapter 19

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