Love, Worship and Death Part 8

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The anonymous epigrams here inserted are probably not in their proper chronological places. But as they could not be definitely a.s.signed to any date I have placed them between the two categories of B.C. and A.D.

Note 10.

There is a Latin version of this epigram on a tomb in the pavement of a church in Rome (S. Lorenzo in Panisperna).

Inveni portum, spes et fortuna valete, Nil mihi vobisc.u.m, ludite nunc alios.

Note 11.


Irus was the beggar of the Odyssey who ran messages for the suitors of Penelope. The obol referred to is the small coin placed between the lips of the dead to pay the toll to the ferryman of Hades.

Note 12.

It is interesting to know from the evidence of Alpheus, who visited the sites of the Homeric cities, that nearly two thousand years ago the site of Mycenae was just as it remained until the excavations of Schliemann.

Love, Worship and Death Part 8

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