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Squeak! Squeak!

There were an incredible number of rats standing up on their hind legs, just a few meters away from me. No, they weren't just regular rats as they each held some kind of weapon, be it a sword, s.h.i.+eld or bow.

"What's going on? Is this revenge for all the rat's I've killed in my lifetime?"

I tried to reach out to Lena.

"Lena! Quickly prepare the Rohim's s.h.i.+eld!"

'Hm… thousands, no, tens of thousands of rats swarmed around me. Just where had they all come from?'

Unfortunately Lena didn't heed my call, no doubt being too absorbed in her calculations to notice the current situation.

"d.a.m.n, what bad timing, Thanatos! Gnoss!"

I tried calling the other two, but there was likewise no response.

'Geez, why is it that no one shows up in my time of need?'

Fortunately the Ratmen (I had arbitrarily decided to name them so) kept there distance and didn't seem to be in any particular hurry. I would occasionally hear a squeak or two, but considering their numbers, they were indeed quite disciplined.

After about an hour or so of such a stand off, I was beginning to become a bit impatient and doubtful as to what their intentions were.

'Why aren't they attacking? Quickly fight me so that I can release my flames upon you. I'm a bit worried that you'd all run away were I to take the initiative.'

Suddenly, from far out I heard a disturbance.

Squeak! Squeak!

The army of rats made way as if Moses himself had parted the Red Sea. A little rat girl, about one meter tall with pink fur as opposed to the black fur on all the other rats, made her way towards me.

'It seems that in their tribe the females enjoy a lot of power.'


The pink rat girl which had been running towards me tripped on herself and landed face first into the sand, just ten meters away from me.

Squeak! Squeak!

It was clear that they were laughing in their own way. Although some of the elder ones elbowed their noisy neighbors, it still took some time for the laughter to quiet down.

The female rat looked around, her face turning red.

'What should I do?'

Picking herself up, she walked before me and bowed down when she was about two meters away.

'Welcome Savior!"


"Ah! Didn't you hit your head while you were summoned? Did you lose your memory? Surely Sha sent the right Savior right?"

"Can you understand my words? Just who are you?"

"Ah, forgive me for my latte introduction. I am the eldest among G.o.d's children, Evelysla, and I have the ability to communicate in any language."


I had heard that name somewhere, but I was now focused on the other thing she mentioned, which gave me a bad premonition.

"G.o.d's children? Who is Sha? Just what are you talking about?"

"Oh… did Sha not mention this to you? She was supposed to explain the situation well. Wait, knowing Sha she probably half-a.s.sed it, no wonder she always gets scolded by L."

"Wait, Sha? L? Are they the G.o.ds of omniscience and omnipotence?"

She shook her head.

'The Almighty G.o.d created several universes and scattered them across the dimensions using his tremendous might.

Sha and L are children of the Almighty himself.

"What, then they haven't been around since the beginning? "

"You have some interesting questions…. anyways, since Sha didn’t explain it to you, I'll go ahead and do it. From that door behind you, Abaddon, the eldest daughter from Sha and L, will come back return and seek to put an end to all the universes.

"Behind me? The gate made of stones?"

I asked as I pointed at the arched gate.


"Hmm… that's quite the tale, let's start with something simple, where are we?"

"This place is known as Eden, the birthplace of life."


"Right, it was where Sha and L were created."

"Uh… it sounds like quite the biblical myth, didn't you previously mention that Abaddon was the eldest daughter of Sha and L?"

Evelysla nodded her head.

"Ok, then why is it that Abaddon wants to destroy all the universes.

"I heard that it was because he wanted to monopolize the love of Sha and L. She can't accept sharing her parents affection with other beings."

"How childish, but why don't her parents interfere?"

"At the end of the day she is their daughter. Also, If they were to fight directly it could result in the end of the universes."


"Sorry, those are all the details I know."

"Are you saying that's it? Then why is it that you are calling me Savior?"

"We need to exile him back into the Void, and I heard only Savior could do so."

"Oh, then was it you who summoned me here?"

"Right, I did so under the instructions of Sha"

"Where is Sha now?"

"She ran away because if she were to meet Abaddon, it could bring about the destruction of the universe."

"So I need to stop the end of the universe and fix this problematic family? Is that the reason you summoned me here?"

"Right! You caught on so quickly, Savior!"

"Let's get two things straight. First, my name's Johra, not Savior."

"Yes, Savior Johra."

"Just Johra, drop the Savior part, I have no desire to partake in any of this."

"But if Johra doesn't interfere then won't all the universe come to an end?"

"That's not my doing, why don't you try talking to Abaddon. And second, return me immediately to where you summoned me from, you got the wrong guy, understood? That's all I had to say, if you guys don't comply I'll make you pay dearly for it."

Upon hearing what I said Evelysla began to tear up.

"Why are you crying? Do you really think it will make me change my mind?"

"No… it's just that if Johra wasn't the right summon, then the lives of the 10,000 clansmen we sacrificed to teleport you over were wasted for nothing. Please allow me a moment to mourn the meaningless death of m people."

"What! That many deaths just to summon me?"

"It was less that expected to summon a G.o.d. Everyone on them volunteered valiantly believing that they were doing their part in saving the universe."

I crossed my arms and frowned.

"How is it that you managed to sacrifice 10,000 lives, but summon the wrong person?"

"I'm sorry, I need to first talk with my people. Later we will consult with Sha and let you know the result.

"Can you truly speak with Sha?"

"Sometimes she will respond, but never a conversation. After all, they are our creators.

Going back among the rats, she huddled up and began conversing with some of the larger ones. All the rats which had previously been standing at attention , fell down to the ground and wept.

'Hm… although I don't feel like I've done anything wrong, the thought of so many lives having been sacrificed on my account is still quite the heavy burden to bear.'

This period of mourning lasted for about 30 minutes and was quite touching. After that, Evelysla returned towards me.

'I learned that we can send you back by sacrificing 30,000 lives.'

"What? 30,000… is that a joke?"

"It's our fault for mistakenly summoning you here, so we have to take responsibility."

"Hold on one second."

'Is this some kind of trap? What would happen if I truly accepted to leave under such conditions? Can I really accept the ticket price of 30,000 lives? d.a.m.n, I don't know what's the best choice to make!'

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Lv1 Skeleton Chapter 125

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