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"Let's start the next match! But, draw isn't allowed anymore."

Abaddon exclaimed with a more serious expression, but I answered with a cheeky smile.

"What are you talking about Abaddon? Didn't you just admit to losing?"

"Yes, so let's quickly start the next match."

"Have you already forgotten your promise? Didn’t we agree that the winner would obtain everything from the loser?"

"Yes, but didn't you agree to play again?"

I shook my head and spoke arrogantly.

"I hadn't agreed to that. from now on everything that was yours is now mine, right?"
Abaddon replied with a frown, "you're right."

I figured that she had never lost any bet in her life. That's why she had no idea how to react in such a situation.

"It's as you said, everything has become mine, then doesn't that include you as well, Abaddon?"

She stared at me with eyes full of hate. It was only now that she realized the trap which she had walked into. Perhaps she had never ever expected to lose, so she was now a bit panicked.  

"So what you're saying is that now that everything that was mine is all yours and that you won't accept a rematch?"

She asked testily, clearly having difficulty controlling her temper.

"No, naturally all three promises must be upheld. You completely belong to me, the universe won't be destroyed and our promised battle will occur when we next meet. What do you think?"

"It's…. It's as you said. So when will we meet again?"

"Oh, I'm planning on returning to my own life, so I supposed it would be then."

Abaddon stared at be wide eyed.

"Your name was Johra right?"

"Yes, I'm Johra, the G.o.d of Creation."

"Hm… I'll remember that. Then before we next meet, I have something to impart to you."

"What is it?"

"I am all powerful in this universe, but even I can't affect time. What you are doing, moving around in the s.p.a.ce time continuum will lead to a grand disaster; one which would result in the destruction of all universes and even prevent its rebirth."

"What! It was that risky?"

"I have no reason to lie to you. I've already accepted my loss."

"Then can I not return?"

"Perhaps with your ability to construct such precise arrays it might be possible, but I'll lend a hand just in case."

"Why would you help, don't you hate me?"

Ha ha ha!

Abaddon’s booming laughter shook the heavens.

"Stop Abaddon! It hurts my ears!"

"It's true that to a certain extent I do hate you, after all you are the first existence to be able to make me suffer a loss. Even Sha and L weren't able to do so, only succeeding in trapping me temporarily."

"I know, and it seems that now you're back."

"Right, so more than anything, I'm interested in you, the first being to make me suffer defeat. The destruction of the universe being put off isn't all that big of a deal to me, I'm more curious about you than anything right now."

"What! You are talking about the end of the universe and all life within it as some sort of joke?"

"Well, it is nothing but a joke to me. Once you have the ability to recreate universes and life, then their value drops substantially in your eyes."

I felt some sympathy for the solitude evident in her empty eyes. The loneliness of someone who is unmatched and stand above all others.

"You're mistaken, Abaddon."

"How so?"

"Even if you can create anything in this universe and are all knowing about what is happening within it, that's your limit."


"Just take me for example, you weren't able to beat me. Ask yourself why that is. Aren't you supposed to be the closest to omniscience and omnipotence?"

She thought about it carefully for a while before answering.

"You're talking about change?"

"Right, the changes which time brings about is the essence of existence. You just haven't had the chance to figure that out yet."

"Isn't change just a transition from the present to the future?"

"Perhaps, but if you were to experience life and the universe for the next 20 million years, perhaps your opinion on the matter might change."

"Is that what you think? Can you guarantee it?"

"Well…at least I think so."

"Will we meet again in 20 million years?"

"Well that depends…"

"Good, it's a promise then."

"What? I didn't say anything."

"No, you already consented. You might not have said it out loud but you accepted it in your mind."


Abaddon let out an evil laugh. She had caught me longing to see how much she would have changed after 20 million years.


"I had previously promised to lend a hand in your return, so I'll do so now and the other two times you jump."


You need to go 20 million years into the future, but that may be too large of a leap and it might collapse on itself. It would be better to do it in three seperate jumps, and between each jump you'd need to repair the time continuum.

"I could restore it?"

"It seems that you haven't done so yet, but you have the ability to restore time and s.p.a.ce. Simply find the s.p.a.ce time paradox caused after each jump and fix it. It might be a bit time consuming but after that it should be fine."

"Ha, it almost sounds like a quest."

"Right, something like that."

"And how do I go about finding this paradox?"

"I can help you with that."

"Will you use that chance to meet up sooner in order to move up the date of our predestined battle?"

She shook her head in response.

"I shall seal all my memories and shall become a companion which aids you, until our battle's appointment that is."

"You are kinder than I expected."

"It's because I want to experience what you claimed about change and the essence of life with an open mind."

"I think that's a great choice, Abaddon."

"However I'd like to create a being that would retain some of my powers and memories, so that they can be returned to me when the time comes."

"Hm… I see, then is any vessel acceptable?"

"Sure, did you want to make it?"

"Yes, I also agree that it would be a waste not to use your powers to help the developments of the universe. Lena, prepare an android which will act as the guardian of all life."

"Got it."

After about ten months work, Lena greatest android creation was complete and Abaddon sealed part of her powers and memories within it.

"Thank you Creator, I will use this power to protect all human life, and when the time comes I shall return it to you."

"Uhm, did you give it the proper instructions?"

However Abaddon had fallen into a deep sleep after the transfer of her memories and power. Meanwhile the android was examining its new body.

"I think you should decide on your name."

"Abaddon had already decided."


"I now have Abaddon's memories, remember? My name is Skyfather."

"What? Wait, you're Skyfather?!"

"Yes, Abaddon had learned of the future from your memories, so I will have to act in a manner which is consistent with that future. I'll begin by aiding these ratmen in their evolutions."

"Great, so you will do all you can to ensure that my future comes to fruition?"

"Yes, all will be done according to my Creator's will, Johra should next be transferred 6.62 million years into the future. I have work to do."

"Hey! Hold on one moment!"

But the android which had turned into Skyfather disappeared into thin air.

"It seems that the entire future I had lived in was a consequence of the actions I had taken here…."

I stared out into the endless desert.


Lv1 Skeleton Chapter 130

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