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"Oh well, what's done is done, right?"

I sighed as I stared out into the horizon.

I then looked around and noticed Abaddon's minions which appeared as colorful monsters gathering near the Doomsday gate. All the traps Lena and I had created were no longer in effect. Instead, they were like an immobile army of robots, not longer operational after having lost their source of directions. As I approached, they cried out in unison.

"We await master's command."

"d.a.m.n that's too loud! From now on you're the only one which answers me, alright?"

I said as I pointed towards the half dragon which just happened to be closest to me.

"What's your name?"


"Just Tron?"

"Yes, master Abaddon called me so."

'Hm… he wouldn't be Metatron right?'

"I am Ortho-Tron. MetTron remains in the s.p.a.ce which Abaddon had previously been trapped in."

"What? How are you able to read my thoughts?"

"We all share a part of Abaddon's power. I was name Ortho-Tron because I recieved many powers from Abaddon, I am the strongest among us."

"Wait… Ortho, Meta…Is there a ParTron as well?"

"Yes, that guy's name is ParTron."

Ortho-Tron responded as he pointed towards a tortoise looking  creature with a thick sh.e.l.l.

I facepalmed myself.

'So it seems like Metatron is already here, dammit!'

"MetTron received a small portion of Abaddon's powers, but it was a unique power regarding time and s.p.a.ce. Among us Trons none could defeat him."

"I see, then could you also travel back into that void you were previously trapped in?"

"It is impossible to do so without having powers like Abaddon."

"Then can Metatron choose to come here?"

"He received a total of 5 abilities from Abaddon. One of them does indeed  allow him to go through the gate whenever he wishes."

"What? But he would also be under my command, right?"

"Metatron is unique, Abaddon has wished it so; therefore he is under no one's command.

"Ugh… how troublesome. As I remember Metatron was quite the loose cannon."

"Don't worry, MetTron is still bound by Abaddon's will."

"Is he a Loyal minion?"

"I don't know what you are talking about."

"Ah, it seems that they still can't understand something which isn't part of their vocabulary."

I grumbled as I tried to reorganize my thoughts.

Metatron would definitely be a threat later on, but I currently had no way of dealing with him. Also, even if I could get to him I couldn't do anything since it would alter the future far too much.

"So what about you guys?"

"We follow master's orders. We were bestowed the power to destroy the universe."

"Ah,regarding that you no longer need to do it."

"We can't simply quit. Just as one would die if he stopped living, we would disappear if we stopped pursuing destruction. We can't do actions which go contrary to our very existence."

"What, why is it that you aren't following my commands to the letter? Did Abaddon not tell you to follow my every word?"

"Abaddon is our Creator and we are his destroyers. We must follow Abaddon's original intent."

" Fine, fine… go ahead and destroy. Destruction… I am getting fed up with that word."

After a whole day of brainstorming I finally devised a solution to keep them occupied.

"You are only capable of destruction, right?"

"Yes, we destroy all."

"Okay then, I will create something for you to destroy indefinitely. Lena!"


"Let's design an immortal creature that can keep them occupied forever. I'll provide the materials."



"Hmm… its a good research subject, a mix of regenerative and non sentient creature? What about the energy source?"

"I'll provide the antimatter and magic stones. Also it should be able to recycle the destroyed parts in order to…."

"So it has to be able to replenish itself with the nearby materials,right?"


"In order for it to thrive in any environment."


"Ok, let me work on the schematics and I'll get back to you in about four hours."


After discussing that with Lena, I turned back to Ortho-Tron.

"How is it that you guys proceed with destruction?"

"We each obtained a part of Abaddon's powers."

"Go ahead and list them for me one by one."

While Lena was busy with designing the blueprints, I received the list of their abilities.

"Wow… it's like a comprehensive list of all skills and spells in existence."

"It's because it's Abaddon’s power."

"Then can you pa.s.s on your powers onto others?"

"It is possible, but it would depends on the vessels and their ability to wield it may vary."

"Okay, that's all for now."

For now the plan was to create a suitable opponent, and balance it so that their fight would last indefinitely. It would certainly be a better alternative to the destruction of the universe.

"Johra the designs are complete."

"Okay, let me take a look."

"I'll project it directly to your cornea."

Shortly after a complex schematics appeared in my sight, taking my breath away.

Previously I wouldn't have been able to understand such complicated designs; however after becoming a G.o.d my visualization skills had improved drastically.

"What… so it's this tree…."

"When considering a non sentient creature, this plant came to mind."

"Ah… I see. So in the end I was also responsible for the creation of the World Tree?"

That's right, the result of Lena's design was the World Tree Yggdrasil. A plant which would grow up into s.p.a.ce indefinitely, drawing upon the resources of the world for nourishment.

Such was the design of the being which Tron would have to destroy indefinitely.


"What's wrong Johra, you don't like it?"

"It's nothing, I'm just angry with myself."

"Is it because of the nature of the World Tree?"

"Yes, somewhat. So will this tree even be able to resist the powers of destruction?"

"In order to improve its defensive powers it draws the necessary nourishment from across the universes. Then, in turn it creates the nectar which aids in the leveling up and evolution of other species, all in accordance with your memories."

By fighting for a share of that World's Nectar, a creature can evolve and improve its strength. This was all a part of Lena's design, but I felt terrible that I had been the one create the world tree and was therefore responsible for all the blood spilt in the future wars over its nectar.

"Okay, make it."

Over the next four days, I followed along Lena's designs as I created the genetic map for the seed. I then planted it in a large three meter magic array powered by multiple magic stones. The array was also set to follow the growth of the tree, so as to not be left behind.

"That should be about right."

Just as I finished putting the final touches, the tree began to sprout before my very eyes despite it being in a arid desert.

"Master is it okay to destroy that thing?"

"Yes, you can attempt to destroy the tree, but don't go after the creatures which harvest its nectar."

"I understand we will focus only on the tree. Since it grows along with the energy of the universe, then it is in line with our purpose of destroying the universe."

"Yes, but you can't destroy it right away, you have to give it a chance to grow up first."

"Okay, we will wait for that time."

"Hey, Wait!"

However the group of Trons had disappeared before I could finish.

"Tch! That guy! He just says his piece and leaves when he's done."

I watched as the Yggdrasil grew past a hundred meters and felt my heart ache.

"Will this world be in danger if it keeps growing at this pace?"

"Don't worry Johra, it will soon break into outer s.p.a.ce and draw its energy from there."

"I see… a hundred meter tall tree in the middle of a desert, it looks absurd."

I let out a macabre chuckle, envision the future of the universe due to the construction of this World Tree.


Lv1 Skeleton Chapter 131

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