Magic Crusade Chapter 4

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"Yes dog breath."

". . . . .  I'm really starting to hate you kid.", he said with clear anger in his voice.

"Is this what they call, LOVE!?"

"HELL NO! Just… you know… good luck."

"You looooovvveeee me."

"Shut up and beat him already.", Belze grunted out with a small blushed expression on his face.

"Do not disgrace my mark of the black fang.", he continues.

"You mean this", Seito says as he looks on the fang on the back of his right hand.

"Protect my honor with your life"



The beast gives an angry cry and started to pounce on Seito.

"Here he comes.", Belze warns him.

"I can see that." "I wonder if.....", he then says to himself.

"Hell’s Everlasting Flame."

The inscriptions and the fang mark glows glows again and Hell’s Flame appears and completely covers the sword.

"What! He can summon the flame with just only three words. What is this guy?", says the shocked Belze.

"Let’s see if you taste as good as look"

The beast stops and throws a punch which Seito blocks with his sword but the force of it is so strong that it pushes Seito back a good distance.

"Seems you can actually block now boy. Let’s see for how long though."

The Beta Beast begins throwing consecutive punches at Seito which causes dust to fill the area around him.

"HAHAHAHA! Guess you were all bark and no bite boy because now you’re just a puddle of blood."

The beast laughs more and more loudly as though he won flawlessly.

"Is that all you’ve got.", says the voice beyond the area surrounded by dust.

The dust then begins to clear by the small patches of wind able to reach that deep into the forest.

"Huh? Impossible….. You should be dead!"

"Well I’m not am I?"

Most of the dust clears and Seito is seen with the Sin sword but the flames were bigger.

"He even amplified the flames to take all of the beast’s punches. I didn’t even mention it and he did it like it was nothing."

"Well this is bad.", says Seito while he scratches his head.

"What is he talking about?", Belze asks himself.

Seito looks up and gives the beast a dead gaze.

"With this power I might kill you too easy and we wouldn't want that"

The beast grits its teeth and looks dead straight at Seito.

"Why are his eyes getting so dead", Belze asks himself again.

"I'LL KILL YOU!!!!!"

The beast throws another punch at Seito but before it connects Seito vanishes.

"Where did he go??", as he looks around.

"What is happening?", Belze asks himself still puzzled by the recent happenings.

*whistle* "I’m here."

The beast looks up and sees Seito flying. The flames on the sword were on his back in the shape of demon wings.

"You little….."

Then suddenly its right arm flew off in the air with blood spewing everywhere.

"I-Im...Impossible! He cut right through my armour and he even took my whole arm and I didn't feel it till this long", he says as he puts his left arm where its right used to be. "But it’s still futile."

Takes up its arm and places it back on its body.

"What is going on? He’s improving too fast. Wait! What is this feeling? It’s like….."

As the beast is looking at Seito, gritting its teeth some he gets a sudden look of surprisement. When he looks Seito’s black and brown strands of hair were becoming grey. His left eye became full black with the pupil becoming purple with a crack over it from his forehead to near his nose

"He’s changing?!!" the King Beta Beast says to himself.

"What! How is he transforming? I have been maintaining the magic output so how? It’s like…. his own power is rivalling mine. Is he even human?!?"

"He’s getting stronger by the minute. I need to be careful."

The beast blinks and when he opens back his eye Seito is already gone and in an instant the beast’s head was talking off and on the floor.

"This is bad. He can’t manage a full transformation. If this continues he’ll kill himself.", a panicing Belze says. "Hey you stupid cat, get over here and help me.", he turns and shout at a fur licking Mic.

He stops licking his fur.

"I can’t."

"Huh! Why?!!"

"Orders from above."

"What! Are they stupid or something?!?"

A lightning bolt appears from above and strikes Belze.

"GAHHHH!!!! I’m sorry."

"It seems they want him to overcome this to prove he is the one."

"Well, for his sake, let's hope he is.

The beast reaches, takes up its head and puts it back on.

"He’s too fast, I can hardly keep up. So in that case."

A weird, green symbol appears on the beast’s chest. It begins to shrink in the size of a human and got the appearance of a lion. Its armour becomes full black and its eyes becomes full red.

"In King Neo form my speed is increased tenfold and my raw power is more efficient. Now let’s see how you handle this."

Magic Crusade Chapter 4

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