Maid Will Go On Through Thick And Thin! Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Okay, it’s night. Everyone is sleeping. I am currently battling with the deerskin.
We will eat the meat. The parts we can’t finish will be smoked. I’m keeping the bones because I think they can be used for something. Same for the horn. For the guts, we ate what could be eaten and buried what couldn’t. And! ……skin.
The blessings of the [Dissection] skill knows no bounds, unbelievably, I succeeded in cleanly removing the whole skin.
After that I removed the extra fats and muscle stuck to the skin with [Cleaning] and I am currently soaking it in alum salt solution.
If I remember correctly, I should be able to make the skin into leather like this.
salt water? really?
And, the bones……you shall be my experimental subject.
Eeeh, I think my [Cleaning] skill is a skill that [Removes Things I Think Are Unnecessary].
But like how I couldn’t remove the sinew from the fat, if the boundary is vague, it won’t succeed.
Conversely, if I focus on a clear boundary in my head and do it.
……I don’t know what will happen unless I test it! Let’s go with that! [Cleaning]!

nothing to lose!

Conclusion. I can only do two dimensions.
Eeeh. Basically, a board, or a circle, I can do those, but I cannot make complicated three-dimensional objects.
But since I can change the thickness for the board……based on practice I guess.
Can’t be he—lped. The date is about to change soon, so I’ll sleep. Good night~.

guten nacht

Good morning. Third day of this accident. Let’s enjoy it.
And so as usual, I’m the first to wake up. Everyone must be tired.
I feel that meat is not exactly the best first thing in the morning, but other than that there is only tubers and fruits, so it can’t be helped.
Thinly sliced deer meat, soup-based potato and fruits is breakfast.
I miss rice.

i would too

While I was in the middle of making breakfast, Suzumoto woke up.
First, I cleaned him with the feather duster as a greeting. Pofu pofu.
“How is your wound?”
“Ah, it healed.”
……doubtful! How can that be! I made him show it to me.
It seriously healed. There is a scar left but this is seriously healed.
Otherworld banzai.
I dusted the others as they woke up and cleaned them.
Kadomi-kun was extremely surprised. Hahaha, who would think there would be something so unreasonable like a feather duster as a weapon! Hahahaha……

……it’s okay dear

And breakfast. When I asked how meat is in the morning, this answer was that this amount should be fine, I’ll just serve this from tomorrow onwards too without worrying about it.
But still, I want that, I want vitamins. We have fruits so it might be okay, but I want vegetables too.
I’m not the one that is going to be gathering them so I won’t say it though.

yeah, feels awkward to keep asking

And they went out again.
Kadomi-kun is instant combat power too. Well, he’s a warrior.
Come to think of it, someone had a burn yesterday, seems like they finally encountered a lizard that breathes fire.
At best it’s about the strength of ten lighters so it won’t become a serious injury, but I would still like them to be careful.
Telling them to be careful not to push themselves (not like they would listen), I sent them off.
……now then, I’ll do what I can. For now, processing the deer meat.

food is important

First was chopping it up and hanging them up to smoke, so I guess I will just get it done quickly while singing.
Unfortunately, due to the size of the smoker, I need to split the meat up and smoke them over a few times.
And not to forget to recast [Prayer Song] about every 25 minutes.
gotta keep uffing
It got slightly smoky again, so I opened the window.
A—h, the wind feels good. Even though the surroundings is a forest, there are a lot of short trees and short thickets like rosemary, so you can actually see quite far.
……hm? Wait a moment. That……that is, rosemary, right? Probably.
I remember those evergreen leaves. Mhm. That’s probably it.
……isn’t it better than just smoking salted meat?
……I’m just going to pick a little! Just a little! Only a little bit!

stay inside!

Just in case, I brought the kitchen knife. Among my current equipment, this has the greatest attack power. But the reach is short!
At a distance where this reaches, is probably a distance where I’m dead.
……I, I’m uneasy. I’m uneasy but, it’s within sight, rosemary.
You can’t get a tiger’s cub without stepping into a tiger’s den.
Okay. Go out the window, grab a branch or two and run back, it will be fine. I can do it. I can probably do it.
Letsu Trai!
I put a foot on the window frame, and jumped out. Uoh, this long skirt is a pain! I quickly pulled up the hem with one hand and ran and ran.
Once I reached the rosemary tree, a slash with the kitchen knife. I got a whole bundle of rosemary in one go.
And then while staying on guard, run back! Jump through the window! And straight into the room!
I did it. I did it. I did it.
With this, the variety of meat dishes has increased a little!
Let’s try using it on the meat that is pickling in salt immediately. And after letting it soak for a little longer, I’ll smoke it. Ufufufufu. Ya—y, this is good. I’m so happ—y, So happ—y.
Other than this, it would be nice if I could find bay laurels or pepper. From what I can see from the window, it doesn’t seem like there’s any, things just won’t go that well.
……without giving up, I tried taking a peek from the door.
It’s fine, it’s fine, I’m the first one that opened the door right after being thrown into this world after all!
And when I looked outside the door, my luck surprised me. I found a tree that looks like a bay tree. ……the distance is about 10m. If I run, I can do it. I just need to tear off some leaves, come back and check them! With that decided, full speed ahead!
I went and came back. It was a lot easier without having to go through the window.
The smell is like bay laurels……bay leaves, but I’m not as confident as I was with the rosemary.
There are poisonous plants among the bay laurel’s family.
It’s probably better to get President to [Appraise] it. Let’s wait for everyone to come back.

safety first

I’m starting to get sick of just meat, tubers and fruits, but there is nothing else so there’s nothing I can do about it.
I thought of having grilled deer meat and potato for lunch and as I was making preparations, they came back.
“Welcome back, masters. Any injuries?”
“Do you really have to do that?”
Suzumoto had on a strange expression.
Mhm, sorry. But I’m a maid.
“So, any injuries?”
“Just a few cuts. Ah, President got a sprain too.”
Sp, sprain!? Taking a look at President, he certainly seemed to be favoring his left leg as he walked.
Eeer, what to do. Ah, there’s that, there’s that potted aloe vera in this chemistry lab that had grown ridiculously large. Let’s use that.
I chopped off an aloe vera leaf with the kitchen knife, peeled off the skin, stuck the clear part onto the surface and secured it with a sheet made from a plastic bag. It should get a little better with this. Or more like, get better.
It might work better than vaseline, so I treated everyone else’s wounds with aloe vera as well as an experiment. If it works better than vaseline, I’ll use the pups of this aloe vera to multiply it.

….why is there aloe vera in the chem lab

And so I finished treating their wounds and it’s time for lunch.
They eat a lot. Don’t they get sick of meat and tubers everyday? No, they should be sick of it. Sorry.
Ah, yeah. Let’s get the bay laurels and rosemary appraised while we have the chance.
“President, President, appraise this.”
When I brought out the bundle of rosemary and bundle of bay laurels, the atmosphere suddenly froze.
“…..what, is this?”
President drew closer.
“I saw it from the window so I picked it.”
Stop, those eyes are scary.
“You went outside?”
Stop, those eyes are scary.
“For about 5 seconds.”
Stop, those eyes are scary!
“You went outside right?”
Please stop! Those eyes are scary! Please! Please stop!


I got scolded.
Un, unreasonabl—e! Then what else do you want me to do! Making meals delicious is a maid’s job! Probably!
……then again, well, mhm. I understand what they are thinking. I understand but. Me being the only one not doing anything, is kind of.
Which is also just my own selfishness! I can’t do anything because I have no abilities but guwa—!


After some debate, oh wow, they agreed to let me outside for a while after lunch!
Since Kadomi-kun joined in, there is extra people to keep watch and everyone has gotten stronger, so there’s also more allowance in that aspect.
Ya—y! I’m bringing a basket!
first trip out~
By the way, the results of the appraisal was, the bay laurels were bay laurels and the rosemary was rosemary.
Except, it was discovered that bay laurels have the effect of increasing MP regeneration speed and rosemary have the effect of MP regeneration.
……could this be the time for [Potions]?


Maid Will Go On Through Thick And Thin! Chapter 5

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