Man God Is Chasing My Brother Chapter 3 Part1

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There was a brief silence. Zou JinChen's voice slowly came, "You are at JinDian?" [1]


Zhou JinChen seems to be talking to the driver, his voice m.u.f.fled. After a moment, the sound became clear again, "Two hundred meters outside of the signpost. I'll send you the location."

A brief buzz came from the cell phone. The person on the other side of the line seemed to quickly hang up the phone.

The overheated cell phone became scalding hot in his palms. Sweat drips down from his cheek, covering the clear screen with little beads. An XuMo wipes the screen with a tissue, got up and walked to the bathroom to wash his face.

Clear, water drops slowly run down the delicate contours of his cheek and his white complexion appears more translucent in water. An XuMo doesn't have a habit to wear makeup during practice. His skin condition is excellent, his entire body has a youthful aura. Although he has different characteristics as Zhou JinChen, both of them unconsciously exude an aura that attracts other people to them.

When An XuMo looks at himself in the mirror (and thought), it is hard to gain self-confidence and be at ease.

Because he planned to change back into the dance uniform in the afternoon, he only has a white, plain T-s.h.i.+rt with black shorts. These clothes were the ones he wore during his high school years and it has worn down. Not to mention he is wearing this to meet his brother.

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An XuMo is editing letters allowing Tang Tang to take a break, while biting his tongue, thinking about the time when they met. When he is anxious, he likes to bite his tongue which is originally a way to stop his hunger. Actually, An XuMo doesn't need to think. Every day he counts the c.u.mulative days ----- last time, he and Zhou JinChen met last year. Three hundred and seventy days later, the date can finally become zero, start counting from scratch.

When Tang Tang directly calls his phone, An XuMo's tongue felt numb. He tried not to lose it, "I'm sorry but there is something very important going on at home. I'll make up practice when I get back."

Fortunately, he was a.s.signed to a manager today, the curriculum hasn't been approved. After Tang Tang says a few words, An XuMo doesn't dare to make him wait. He pulls the T-s.h.i.+rt hem and hurried to leave the company.

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A black Bentley stopped in front of the bank. An XuMo glanced at it and realized that it was the car from home. He hurried over, grazing the back of a middle age man who is opening the car door. An XuMo thanked him softly, trying to calm down his rushed breathing before sitting in the pa.s.senger seat.

A driver and butler are sitting in the front seat. In the pa.s.senger seat, there is the man who had him counting until three hundred and seventy. The interior of the car was s.p.a.cious and the atmosphere elegant with a noise barrier between the front and rear seats. An XuMo was afraid that his voice will come out rude so he could only try to suppress his rushed breathing.

But the other person's sentence easily broke his calm disguise.

"Why didn't you go to school?"

An XuMo is thinking about whether or not to talk about his contract with JinDian. But was taken back by surprise at the man's question. Zhou JinChen flips the tablet in his hand and a cold screen light pierced An XuMo's eyes.

That is his contract with JinDian.

Zhou JinChen apparently not only found out about the contract, his long fingers swiping the screen, An XuMo saw several thumbnails of his information. His performance, music range a.n.a.lysis, course forms, all are in there.

Zhou JinChen's appearance definitely gives his career a huge boost, however, he was able to gain great resources as soon as he debut because of Zhou Jia's investment in the JinDian Group.

Within a few minutes, Zhou JinChen got all of the information about An XuMo.

The admission notice that was magnified is full of both sorrow and joy. The emblem of a prestigious university is on top and displayed An XuMo's name is in the first row.

"Explain," The man's voice moves people, even though he only said two words. [2]

An XuMo clenched his pants, his voice uncertain, "I become a star."


[1]: "Jin Dian" is the company's name

[2]: "Explain" in Chinese is two characters.

Man God Is Chasing My Brother Chapter 3 Part1

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