Maou-sama no Machizukuri! ~Saikyou no Danjon wa Kindai Toshi~ Vol 5 Chapter 8

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Chapter 8
Chapter 8: The Promise with the [Time] Demon Lord



After checking on the progress of our ordnance development, led by Rorono, and our potion production, led by Aura, I left Avalon together with Kuina and Wight. Just as before, they were the strongest two I could bring in case of emergencies.

Our destination was the [Time] Demon Lord’s dungeon. His strength was going to be absolutely necessary in helping Marcho and for that reason, I took a gamble. I had sent him a letter whose purpose was to provoke him. Due to that, I had received a reply that only stated: come immediately.


I had already set up a Transfer array that led to his dungeon during my previous visit so heading over there wouldn’t take much time by using the crow monster that had delivered letters to and fro.



“We’ve been expecting you. [Creation] Demon Lord Procell-sama, Dantalian-sama is waiting for you.”


The moment we arrived in a room within [Time]’s dungeon, a male monster with crow wings growing out of his back lowered his head and said so.

My guess was that it was the next rank variant of the crow monster that was given to me.


Kuina had her guards up toward this monster and for Kuina to do so, it meant that this monster was unmistakably strong.

For such a monster to be posted near the Transfer array, it seemed like [Time] was greatly anticipating my arrival. It seems he’s dismayed that I hit his sore spot.

With things going as it was, I predicted that the negotiations would go smoothly. However, I knew I still couldn’t let my guard down. Since I did provoke one of the three strongest Demon Lords, even if he thought I’m prepared to receive any punishment for attacking a new Demon Lord, I really couldn’t complain.


It was a situation where even my life was at risk so I knew I must brace myself.



The monster with the crow wings guided me into an audience area prepared for the [Time] Demon Lord’s throne room.

This was my second time in this place.

Marcho, [Dragon], and [Time] all had these really impressive rooms. Perhaps it’s the Demon Lord look?

Avalon didn’t have such a place nor did it really need one since only a few ever go to my crystal room and the city above the ground was where most activities happened.

But then again, if it is really part of the whole Demon Lord look, I guess it’s better to prepare one once this ordeal is finished.


When I neared the throne, my freedom to think about such things vanished in an instant.

The [Time] Demon Lord, the master of this room, had his back resting on his throne, his face somewhat hidden but not enough to mask his quiet anger.


Standing beside him was a lone girl who was in the first half of her teens.

Her appearance greatly resembled Kuina’s except this girl had white hair and ears and tails that belonged to a wolf rather than a fox. Also, her tail was a size smaller than Kuina’s.


She might look like Kuina but the expression on her face and the atmosphere around her were cold and calm. If Kuina was fire, this girl was ice.


With my current power, I wasn’t able to see the status of a high-ranking monster but with the amount of her magic power and with her presence, I had doubt that she was a being that exceeded A rank. She’s an S rank monster that’s probably made using my [Creation] medal.


“So, [Creation] Demon Lord Procell, you dared send to me, the [Time] Demon Lord, such a ludicrous letter, have you? I wonder, are

you prepared to die?”


Concealing his anger, the [Time] Demon Lord calmly asked so.

He was calm and yet the intimidation I felt was tremendous enough to shake my soul. Still, drawing away was not an option. Thinking that, I put on as resolute as a face I could and spoke.


“Ludicrous? I only stated the truth. And I’ll verbally state so here again. Do you intend to be quiet and be just a spectator while the woman that you love is in danger!? That sort of incompetence is why Marcho has rejected you. I am giving you this chance at redemption so help me, [Time] Demon Lord Dantalian.”


I spoke out loud the contents of the letter I had sent him. He was in love with Marcho and he probably thought I was too so I decided to challenge him using the sense of rivalry that he felt. Will he let his rival keep looking down on him?

I thought he was going to lash out but his reaction was actually quite the opposite. He took a deep breath and exhaled it grandly. Rather than lashing out, he placed his right hand on his face and revealed a light smile.


“Don’t talk to my master like that!”


The wolf-eared girl that looked like Kuina angrily shouted so. The furs on her white fluffy tail stood on end as she looked down on me with a cold yet furious expression on her face.

A cold wind then blew as though it was gathering around her.


Kuina sensed something and went closer to the girl to sniff at the air until she was right in front of the wolf-girl.


“Oto-san, this girls smells just like Kuina does!”


Kuina’s innocent voice diffused the tension in the air.

After she declared so, perhaps because of her curiosity about that girl, Kuina got closer still and alternated between sniffing and staring at the girl.


“Stop, stop it!”


The wolf-eared girl swung her hand as she protested but…


“Calm down. Celestial Wolf, do not embarrass me. And, [Creation] Demon Lord Procell, keep your subordinate under control.”

“Uuuu, alright, Father.”


[Time] reprimanded the girl that looked like Kuina, or rather, the Celestial Wolf. I was a little surprised that it called him Father. A rather good preference, I thought.


“Kuina, get back here. Don’t be rude to the [Time] Demon Lord’s monster.”

“Alright, Oto-san. But, that girl, she’s definitely Kuina’s little sister!”


I resisted giving a wry smile for that remark of hers. It amused me that Kuina intuitively recognized the true nature of the Celestial Wolf which was a monster born out of my [Creation] and undoubtedly Marcho’s [Beast] medal.

Up until this point, the medals used were same as the ones I used for Kuina. The last medal, the point they differed, was surely [Time]. Although Kuina called the girl her little sister, it was a being that was almost like Kuina.


That said, I was sure that the existence of the Celestial Wolf was more due to his wish of having a daughter that was made using his and Marcho’s medals rather than an aim to make the strongest monster possible.


“Now, [Creation] Demon Procell, let’s return to our conversation, shall we? I believe you were in the middle of provoking me. I have seen through your plans. You’re first going to provoke me and make lose my composure by inciting my sense of rivalry, followed by making me understand something. Enough with the act already; tell me your real objective.”


I see, so the reason why he became strangely calm after hearing me was because he has indeed seen through everything already.

As expected of a veteran Demon Lord, it was a simple thing to see through my acting, such as it was.

But if so, I realized that there wasn’t much of a problem and thus decided to proceed as planned.


“If things go on as they are now, Marchosias-sama will be defeated. In order to help her–”

“Hmm. You might not be aware of this but we, the three strongest Demon Lords–”

“Have a non-interference agreement, correct? And you have sworn so to the Creator, making it absolute.”


It was only for a moment but he definitely was surprised.


“So that stubborn old man has told you, huh? Not that it matters. If you know about that agreement, you should also know that there is nothing I can do for you.”

“I know and that’s why my request to you is not to defeat the enemies that are attacking Marcho’s dungeon.”


The moment the [Dragon] Demon Lord explained to me about their agreement, I had given up on fighting alongside them.


“Ohh. Then, what is it that you request of me?”

“My request is for you to protect my dungeon, my Avalon, until the fighting ends. That’s all. If you protect Avalon for me, I can give my all in helping Marchosias-sama.”


I chose to not worry about the consequences of this in the future and requested it of him.


The plan I had thought up was that while the [Dragon] Demon Lord dealt with the one pulling the strings thus causing the enemies’ offense to slow down, the [Time] Demon Lord was to guarantee the safety of my dungeon.

All that was left for me was to focus all my power into defeating the ones directly assaulting Marcho’s dungeon.

Plus, this way, both Demon Lords didn’t have to violate their non-interference agreement.


“Wait, are you planning to attack the many Demon Lords attacking Marchosias by your own?”

“Yes. I can do it on my own.”

“With conceit like yours, I’m astonished you’ve made it this far.”


He said so as he smiled slightly.


“Be that as it may, what do I stand to gain from all this?”

“The peace of mind that the woman you love is alive and well.”

“Even if I helped, she will still only have less than half of a year left to live. So, for that half year, tell me why I should cooperate with a rival.”


I had expected such a response so I had an answer prepared.


“If you truly love someone, I believe you will want them to live longer, even if for only half a year more. I truly do believe that and that’s why I’m willing to risk my life as well as bow my head to you. If someone thinks that the half a year left to Marcho is meaningless, then I think that fellow doesn’t have the right to even say he loves her. I will never approve of him.”


I stopped bothering with polite speech and chose to be frank with my feelings in order to convey the truth.


Half a year might be short for someone who had a long life of three hundred years but I refused to believe that that span of time was meaningless.

I had only known Marcho for less than a year and yet even I thought so. There was no way that he who had loved her for centuries wouldn’t think that.


“You’re such a romantic Demon Lord, aren’t you?”

“I don’t want to be hear that from a Demon Lord that made a daughter using a combination their own and Marcho’s medals.”


From a while now, the Celestial Wolf that looked like Kuina was fuming as she sent menacing looks at me. It might have seemed to her that I was harassing her father.


“Really now, whenever I look at you, I am reminded of that fellow that isn’t here anymore. A man who is pointlessly confident and always collected on the outside but hot-blooded on the inside. Yeah, insufferable. But just the kind of man that Marcho is weak to. … Ohh, I see. Is that why that stubborn old man has expectations of you?”


He spoke so in a strangely nostalgic and somewhat lonely voice.


“[Creation] Demon Lord Procell, you’re on the right track—provoking me, riling up my emotions, and telling me of your resolve— but I’m afraid it’s not enough to change my refusal of helping you. ”


This stubborn man.

I gulped down such words before they got out of my mouth.

So finally it’s time to play the best hand I have.


“I see. Then, how about if I added another condition? If you cooperate with me, I can make Marcho live longer than that half a year left to her and therefore give you more time with her. I know that you’ve been extending your own lifespan and that you’ve been persuading her to do the same.”


On the day I last met with Marcho, I had offered her my [Rebirth] but her reply to me was: I’ll tell you what I told that guy. I have no desire for an immortal life.


Even back then, I was convinced that the other guy Marcho was referring to was none other than the [Time] Demon Lord.


“I see but I have always been turned down whenever I propose it. Are you saying you can somehow persuade her to accept my power when I have failed many times before?”


That was another way to go but one that I couldn’t really choose since Marcho had been adamant on turning down his offers.


“Not exactly but I am going to prolong her life. Just that it’s going to be through my own powers. After all, what’s important is the she’s alive and as long as she lives, you’ll have the chance to impress her. That chance is the best I have to offer to you. Now, choose, [Time] Demon Lord: will you cooperate with me or not??”


Ever since I got here, this was the first time the [Time] Demon Lord showed dismay.

He knew about my [Rebirth].

There was also no doubt in my mind that he had gathered enough intelligence to know that it was the ability I used on my [War] against the three Demon Lords.


“Are you sure you can make her say yes even though each time I asked she had said no?”

“If it’s me, I’m sure she’ll agree.”


I looked him straight in the eye and declared so.

This was a vow between men.

Marcho herself might not have wished to live longer but I did.


“Fuu, good grief. If maybe I was as pushy as you, she probably would have changed her mind already. I guess I should change in that regard. Anyway, if you can do it, I would indeed have more time with her. Very well, I will cooperate with you.”

“Thank you, Dantalian.”

“However, are you sure about letting me, a rival, into your dungeon while you’re away? You do realize I can do whatever I want, should I choose to.”


I smiled slightly at the scenario I knew he wouldn’t do.


“What I’m sure of is that you wouldn’t stand in the way of my attempt to help Marcho. Besides, I’m not really a rival. I love Marcho but not in a romantic way.”


We were similar but also different. Unlike him, my feelings were not of the romantic nature.

That being said, what I was offering to him wasn’t Marcho herself, only the chance to court her. I had no right on the former.


“I see. Well, whatever. Here are two gifts for you.”


He said so and handed a medal to me. Upon receiving it, I checked the details on the said medal.


{[King] medal: A Rank. Boosts (Medium) all abilities except for Special. Grants charisma and leadership qualities to the monster.}


“What’s this for?”

“That medal will work well with Marcho. I’m giving this to you to prevent you from using any strange medal on her. Now, the other one,”


He said so and then gave the back of the Celestial Wolf standing beside him a push.


“I’m going to entrust you with this Celestial Wolf. This child will surely be of help to you.”

“Wait, what about the previously imposed rule?”

“I’ll probably receive a penalty for this but no matter, this child is undoubtedly born for a situation such as this.”


In my previous [War] with other Demon Lords, because there were new Demon Lords that had been given monsters solely for them to gain advantage in the said [War], a new rule was put into effect.

Due to this, old Demon Lords were prohibited from giving monsters to new Demon Lords even if those new Demon Lords weren’t their ward. Violating this rule had corresponding penalties.

Even so, the [Time] Demon Lord was choosing to hand over his Celestial Wolf.


“Father, Ce-celestial Wolf is”

“Go, Celestial Wolf. Go and help your mother.”

“Understood! And after helping mother, Celestial Wolf is going to return to Father’s side right away!”


With reluctance on her face, she looked at the [Time] Demon Lord while she was heading my way.


“I’ll be in your care, [Creation] Demon Lord.”


After she said so, she pouted and turned away.

It seems it’ll be a little hard to handle this girl.



“Yay ♪! Kuina’s little sister!”

“Uu–, get away, get away from me!”


The moment the Celestial Wolf became my monster, Kuina came to hug her. It seemed Kuina was completely pleased with the Celestial Wolf.


“[Creation] Demon Lord Procell, I have tolerated you thus far but in the event that you fail to save Marcho and in the event that you break your promise, know that I will absolutely not forgive you. No matter the means, no matter the penalties, I will make you pay.”

“Of course. I’ll show you I can definitely help her.”


The [Time] Demon Lord and I both laughed. With this, I could focus with all of my might on helping Marcho.

After three days, I was set to head to Marcho’s dungeon with all of my forces. I’m definitely going to help her.

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