Marielle Clarac’s Engagement Marielle Clarac's Engagement Chapter 5

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In aristocratic people marriage arrangement, age wasn’t a really important matter.

If the bride could bore a heir, then there's no problem. The requirement was only about that much. Even so, I did see such situations where many engaged people were separated with a parent-child age gap.

Going with that concept, my 9 years of age difference with Marielle isn't something unusual; it’s not something I particularly care of.

However, as people's life span goes about eighty years in average, that tenth of time is more than enough to afflict us. Considering with just that difference, it might not be a triviality.

When I talked to Marielle, I felt many sense of discrepancy. Even though I’m still in my twenties, I considered myself to be young; but for a girl on her teens, I must be an oji-san, right. On the contrary, I might have lacked youthfulness compared to the men my age; though about this I wasn't aware.

I don’t enjoy myself with the exception of the occasions where I meet Marielle, and I’m completely disinterested with the trend of the world. What I had in mind was my work in the knight order and the territory management, diplomacy in government affairs, the situation of the various countries and information about people who I need to be cautious of and so on and so forth, and things that are strictly brutal. Even if I go to parties, I couldn’t sufficiently keep up with the topic that were exchanged among young people. Popular actresses and songstresses, or young misses who could boast their beauty or the many loves of the widows and so on and so forth; I didn't know any in the least and I wasn't interested. When I said so my superior said:

“You. What to do, you’re already this withered at this age.”

 And so, he faced me with an amazed face. I am aware that I lack youthfulness, but I haven't withered, you know. It’s just that I’m not concerned by women with the exception of my fiancé.

 ――However, the relations.h.i.+p with that fiancé was the problem.

 I don’t have the confidence to say that when I met with Marielle we were spending the time like how any lovers would. The moments where I ended up unintentionally scolding and preaching her were many; and I never thought of providing an enjoyable conversation.

  I wonder what Marielle thinks of me.

 For an eighteen years old girl, am I an awkward and tedious companion? I worried about it over and over again. I don’t know many ways to make a woman enjoy herself or delighted. For the time being, since women who disdain being given presents were minority, I brought things like flowers, confectioneries and accessories, but I understood that such action was probably not necessary.

Since the engagement with Marielle, I keenly realized how much of a boring person I am. Even if I could do my job well, other than that, I am a completely uninteresting man. As a person, I have no appeal. Though I was praised for my competence by the people around me, I feel embarra.s.sed by the fact that I felt that I was helpful as I was. Apart from “that”, I had nothing. Knowing that it wasn’t commendable, I couldn’t help but feel depressed.

However, nothing would change if I worry endlessly or felt troubled alone. If I don’t, for the things I haven’t learnt, there’s nothing better than being taught. What shall I do? What kind of conduct did she seek? I gave up on thinking and asked Marielle herself.

”――like this, I know you’ll think that I am pitiful but, please do tell me. What kind of thing do you wish for me to do? What point were you dissatisfied with? As detailed as possible, I would like to hear it concretely.”

Facing Marielle, I honestly spoke of my thoughts seeking an answer, but, for some reason Marielle was silently lying limp on top of the chair. Her hair slides off her shoulders habitlessly, covering her face. Her back trembled, in a state like she was trying to restrain her voice at the risk of her life, I got a little sullen.

“I admit that I said something shameful but, laughing like this neither is fine right. I’m seriously thinking about this”

“......That’s not it. I’m not laughing”

Her quivering voice interrupted my speech. Certainly, she doesn’t seem to be laughing. I had recollection of that sound. It was different from a laugher, and a strange pre-sentiment attacked me.

Marielle slowly raised her body. On the face that I saw once again, I realized that I wasn’t mistaken on the strange feeling I felt. Marielle’s eyes were sparkling. Twinkling like mult.i.tudes of imprisoned stars. Her cheeks flushed like ripened fruits, and her whole self was sprinkling delight.

This is――

“I’m going moe!”

… a certain cry, I held my temple as I felt something similar to a headache coming.

“Mou mou mou, do you intend to kill a person with moe! Why are you so lovely! No matter how, your appearance is that of a black bellied beauty, even though under that smile you seem to be scheming something like a suspicious fellow! In reality, scheming is your strong point that knows no bound, even though you’re strong and cool, in front of me you’re pure, honest and with such clumsiness….I’m on the verge of moe culmination! This gap is irresistible! The hidden pure side of the black-bellied officer! For the supreme delicacy, thanks for the meal!!”


I closed my eyes and resisted the urge to sigh. Right now, even if I were to say something it would be futile. The Marielle right now cannot hear me. There’s no other choice other than to let her cry out for a while and wait for her to calm down her excitement.

As expected, I can’t really understand the things that a young girl think. No, this isn’t a problem of age, is this a problem of Marielle as an individual? However the stories she wrote per hobby are being supported by many readers, so it has gotten much response, right. Was the reason that I can’t empathize with them because I lack youthfulness? …....It seems so, it looked decidedly different, yet I felt a complicated feeling that I can’t describe.

“.......So, would you let me hear your reply? What kind of action do you desire from me? What would be agreeable for me to do?”

When in one way or another after she managed to calm down a little, I asked once again, Marielle replied with a face full of smile.

“Equip a whip please!”

“I don’t want to hear about that kind of things!”

“Didn’t you say to voice my wis.h.!.+ Simon-sama is beautiful, cool and black belly-like, even without doing anything the moe will bundle by itself as it is, but if I can be greedy then I want a more diabolic component! I would like to see you threatening His Highness and Captain-sama while handling a whip!”

“Why those two people!? There’s no way I can do it!”

Without thinking I ended up shouting, Don’t say stupid things. Rather, as a subordinate, how do I threaten my superior and master? If I were to do such a thing, it wouldn’t end with just a scolding.

“Ee-, I mean aren’t you a powerful person in the shadow already? But as expected it would be bad for His Majesty the King? It’s better to use some discretions”

“It’s not even on the level of being bad. Like that it would completely be lésé majesté. Far from using discretion, that would be jumping over the line in one go”

In the end, it had become the usual preaching, and I harshly scolded Marielle. Even though I wanted to do more lovers-like conversations to make her happy, but it didn’t go well in any way. It must not be my fault only. I would like to insist that the majority of the responsibility lies in Marielle. Even if I am inexperienced regarding women, at least I know that It’s not a common reaction.

If I were to grant her wish, it would certainly make her delighted and enjoy herself. However there are requests you can ask and requests you can't ask. Even if I was to unwillingly give in and show myself with a whip, and then to threaten another pers――His Highness, it’s not like I can do it right?

……..I, even though I just wanted to do a more normal pair of lovers-like things.

But what is a “normal” thing to do? I, who don't understand what it is has problems as well, isn’t it…….

“You said a normal pair of lovers? Are you being sarcastic in asking me that? You boasting? Are you simply boasting of your happiness?”

Troubled, when in the end I decided to consult my master and best friend from twenty years, I received a freezing response.

“I'm not thinking about such things. I am seriously troubled”

“Then at least you should ask a person who sang praises of love. Have you thought of the result of the suggestion that a single man can offer you in such consultation?”

“If we are talking about love experiences, don’t you have a few already? Though mostly were about unrequited loves”

“As I thought, were you being sarcastic!? This is why you're a fellow who is in the contentment of his first love!”

While being indignant, His Highness violently signed the doc.u.ments in his hands. I rapidly scanned through those that were put back as trashed, and showed them to His Highness once again.

“You had properly looked at it, right? I think this section points out the flow of things which transported inside. Is it fine to let this amount of money pa.s.s as it is?”

“......If you had understood the inadequacy, you should have corrected it from the beginning!”

Dodging His Highness hands which tried to take the paper back, I kept the doc.u.ments at a distance.

“Like this, people who have time were appreciated. If you let me though, I will submit this at the finance office department”

“Wait. I will receive their complain like this”

“Since validation and permission are His Highness’ responsibility, it is only natural to receive a complaint if there is a problem”

“You, you purposely boasted for the sake of distracting me right!”

“Not at all.”

To my respected master, I behaved responding with a smile.

“It’s true that there are things that troubled me. Work is work, I'm just thinking about them separately. If I were to add one thing to another then, it would bother how Your Highness validated the ones I held without confirming; in a state where you were under the impression that they were okay. I'm grateful of your confidence but, it is by no means the correct decision. That thing is called negligence, and it would cause irregularity to spread. As the next king, please do not forget your duty; as it is the wish I state as a retainer of yours.”

After I finished talking, I ripped the doc.u.ment, took another sheet, and presented the correct record to His Highness.

His Highness who wore a grim expression on his face, this time went through all doc.u.ments properly with his eyes, and signed them slowly.

“......If you showed our present exchange to Miss Marielle, she would certainly be delighted. You don't have to worry, you guys suit each other plenty”

The beaten-up dog was unwilling to admit defeat and shrugged his shoulder at me. If it was really like this it would be good. With such an uninteresting and always preaching man, I wonder if Marielle is pleased?

“I'll ask you seriously. And you will also not go moe, answer me seriously please. Do you feel any dissatisfaction toward me? Like you want to do more of such things, or something you want to do, don't you have any wish?”

I had another chance to attack with the same question once again, and Marielle this time didn’t get excited but answered me.

“You are truly earnest, ne”

“I'm conscious of the fact that I am uninteresting. That's why, that's why I wanted to hear your true intention.”

“When I spoke I didn't mean that.”

Leaking a small laugh, she stood from her seat. Coming my way, she slid her body next to me.

“Simon-sama is interesting, you know. You are cool and lovely, and just occasionally seemed a bit off. But I am not bored at all. What are you worrying about is nothing but a wonder”


I could feel warmth from the portion where we made contact. Her body which softly leaned on me was unbearably adorable, and that tenderness made my chest beat faster.

‘What kind of action would be agreeable?’

I didn't know, and my face ended up stiffening more and more. I am surely giving a face with a fastidious coercing feeling, right.

Even though I thought so, I couldn't do anything by myself.

Aah, this is why I am no good.

 “What Simon-sama was thinking is that being accustomed to women is the dexterity of men who went to enjoy themselves, right? Certainly, that kind of men would have a thorough knowledge on the art of ensuring their companion doesn’t feel bored. However, it’s questionable whether you could trust them. On the contrary, if the people who were their companion weren’t really accustomed to play around, they would feel insecure. As a marriage companion, it would be rather good to avoid such men, right”

“.......Well, there are such men”

“Besides, such men would never chose me to start with. To be frank, they are people I have no fate with”


I was lost as to what would be good to answer Marielle who had flatly a.s.serted the truth. Honestly, I couldn’t deny it. If I were to talk about the conversation exchanged between men, they are all about who's the prettiest young miss or who's their type. Girls with plain appearances like Marielle, were already decided to be ridiculed.

That’s right. Those who glorified youth, were more attracted towards the exterior appearance than the content. If it’s the companion you'll have to be close with in your lifetime, then you should give more importance to their personality. The balance of the family status and fortune may also be important; but more than anything else, isn’t the disposition of the person in question the most important thing?

Without a question Marielle is a weirdo, but she has a gentle heart too. If you talk to her, you'll unexpectedly find her playful and charming side, and you'll understand that there are no shallow personality and mediocrity that’s just on the surface. If you a.s.sociated with her even just for a little while, you would notice that the fact is that the fellows who disregard people by judging purely on appearance are many. Some times ago, I wouldn’t even notice her existence. While it may be true that her appearance is easily forgotten, that she is skillful in blending in the scenery or that she erase her presence on purpose――……Well, to a certain extent, you can say that it can't be helped? Since Marielle's ability can pa.s.s on the level of an intelligence agent…….

That is Marielle who observes society. She may excel in the ability to judge a character more than anyone else. She seemed to not minding the fact that she had no bond to men who could only see people’s outward appearances.

…….nh? Then, the fact that she is fond of me, does it mean that I pa.s.sed as a fiancé?

…...No, the fondness is an effect of the “moe” right. In which part I am a black belly is still a mystery that I had to reluctantly accept, but it looked like it's exactly to her liking.

But if so, is it fine if I don't worry about the possibility of any dissatisfaction…...?


When I was indulging in my thoughts, I was called back by Marielle's voice. Remembering that we were having a talk, she smiled sweetly towards the fl.u.s.tered me who had overlooked it.

“Please hug me.”

“.......Excuse me?”

“Please embrace me.”

While saying that, she circled her arms into embracing me. ‘It doesn’t have any chain of reasoning’ and so I thought while being bewildered.

“What is it?”

She asked, looking at to me while still hugging me. While smiling and looking shy with dyed red cheeks, she made my reasoning shook again.

――Cute. That’s cute! Plain or whatever, I declare that she is the cutest!

My heart was already in a big turmoil; but even though I still somehow managed to keep my reasons, my cute fiancé mercilessly attacked me.

“I've told you what I wanted. That’s why hold me please. Other than pursuing my lover, there's nothing else that I want”


――Aah, is there anything more blissful than this?

I trapped Marielle inside my arms, and gathered the hair which slid on her cheek. Adorable. Her warmth is pleasant. Knowing how interesting and cute she is, I wanted to praise myself for finding Marielle's existence inside the scenery. How skillful of me to have discovered her. Even if I am not an interesting man, I do have eyes for things that have value.

I think that continuing to worry is stupid. Like His Highness has said, we are certainly a well-matched pair right. Thus, it was destiny that brought us together.

…..Yes, just being happy.

I am satisfied by just doing this.

.......It should be like this but.

“.......Marielle, what are you doing?”

I felt a strange sensation, and could not stop myself from asking. Marielle's arm that stretched to their utmost on my back were moving without stability. The little hands that were moving about on my back and waist weren’t a fl.u.s.tered ‘where should I place them’, those movement evidently holded intentions. With a *sawa sawa* sound, she caressed to trace my physique.

“U~n, I knew that you firmly trained but, this way when I circle my arms it’s wider than I expected. I cannot reach it at all. Your chest is surprisingly thick, your waist too is tough and…..”

“That's why I am asking what are you doing!?”

‘Are you a pervert?’ is what her action made me want to say. Didn't thought that she would be the one to separate from me first. However Marielle didn’t intend to let loose and clung again.

“Please stay still for a bit. I want to make sure of the sensation of when embracing each other, what kind of angle the arm turn and to what extent I can reach”

“Are you collecting data!? Is this the reason you said you wanted to be hugged by me!?”

“I mean, I can’t possibly ask this wish to another gentleman right? My onii-sama is a bean sprouts, so I wanted to know a response from a trained men. Oh, but I wasn't just collecting data. Of course it’s my wish as a lover too. Yes, truly.”

I don't want to hear this falsehood, I teared up in my mind. It was clearly as a postscript! Your number one reason was to collect information!

“It’s quite tiring to continue to hug. More than the palpitation, I am more concerned about the muscle pain…..I wonder if this kind of description would be amusing”

 It’s not amusing. It’s not one least bit amusing.

I couldn't hold a sigh from coming out. I feel like an idiot for seriously worrying.

My fiancé who nestled between my arms is someone who made you think that she doesn't have any presence, the one who hides her personality to other people. A strange oddball who seemed to have fun at all times and everywhere.

She definitely found amus.e.m.e.nt at her own convenience no matter how boring of a man I am. Rather than being troubled, I should be grateful. Perhaps, that's likely to be fine. We are well-matched, as we are.

                    * * * * * The end * * * * *

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