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In the night when New Year approached; where intimate friends gathered and merrily celebrate the time of the year. Every year my father, mother and older brother respectively went to their friends’ houses.

Of course children got a house-sitting role. While looking forward to tomorrow feast and special confectionery, they were lulled to sleep by the nursemaids. Even though I had become 15 years old and finished my social debut, my New Year Eve hasn’t changed much from when I was a child.

To me, something like pa.s.sing the night of New Year together with a friend was almost impossible, ne. Even though I had my debut, because I had always been quiet, inconspicuous and a.s.similated with the scenery, n.o.ble society had no recognition of my existence. Julienne, who was also a relative, is my only best friend in aristocracy. However, this year she is laying in bed with a cold. In the long-awaited New Year, Julienne who welcomed me while having a violent coughing fit was of course the most pitiful; so I left her a book which she might liked so as to let her enjoy herself even while in bed.

It looked like Turan Tour would hold a party for New Year’s Eve. Since it’s a day where many good frequent customers come, the G.o.ddesses had no spare time to keep me company. I promised that I'd play together with them once I wasn’t busy; but tonight was another story.

That's how I am going to spend this New Year’s Eve all alone.

“Even though it would've been fine to spend it with Simon-sama”

Said my maid Natalie. When having nothing else to do, I was about to prepare to go to bed early. Unlike last year when Julienne was my only hope, this year there's the presence of a fiancé. It would certainly be wonderful to face the New Year together with Simon-sama.

“Simon-sama went to the Royal Palace. He is partic.i.p.ating in His Highness the Crown Prince's party”

“Well, then it would’ve been fine to bring ojou-sama too. Since you are acquainted with His Highness the Crown Prince, you wouldn't be an outsider.”

Though it was an unfeeling conversation, Natalie was feeling indignant. While I was grateful to her kindness I shook my head.

“That, you know, it’s an only men gathering. An annual party where it’s custom to be noisy without reserve between men”

He apologized and said that tonight only was prohibited to women, looking really sorry. There would be talks not permitted since it’s a no woman place. It can’t be helped.

“I'm going to sleep already, don't mind it and go downstairs. Just firmly close the door, please”

“Yes, thank you so much.”

The servant gathered themselves and enjoyed the night of New Year’s Eve with fellow servants. They probably already prepared a feast. So I quickly entered my sheets to let Natalie partic.i.p.ate earlier. I removed my and put then on a small desk near me.

“Good night.”

After turning off the light, Natalie went out of the room. Alone in the darkness, I shut my eyes.

Outside the window, the snow were falling. Every sound enraptured by the snow, and the silence of the night ruled over. I could faintly hear the laughter downstairs inside the house.

After a short while, my sheets lightly vibrated. Aah,  I thought you'd come. This cold thing I expected, now tickling my cheek. For the cat that wished to be touched on the tip of his nose, I raised my sheets.

The cat entered inside with a *rustle rustle* sticking to me and becoming a ball. Even when I stroked its soft body, it was still cold. But after a short while, it become warm, becoming a good subst.i.tute for a heater. It was the winter daily routine with one person and one animal snuggling and comfortably sleep together. This is plenty of happiness. I softly smiled in the darkness.

Surely when tomorrow will come, New Year’s congratulation will arrive. Handmade pastries from grandmother and cards from my few friends will most likely arrived, right. What would Simon-sama send, I wonder?

While thinking about my dazzling morning, almost sunk in the sea of dreams, I was brought back by the sound of the door that was opened without reserve.

“Ojou-sama…...are you still awake?”

Said Natalie with suppressed voice. I replied while fighting my drowsiness.

“What is it……?”

“I’m truly sorry to disturb when you were in the middle of resting. Actually, Simon-sama has came over”

“Who…..? In such a night, why…….”

“No, that's why I'm saying; it’s Simon-sama”



When my mind finally understood, that momentary sleepiness was blown away. I impetuously raised my body. The cat, surprised opened his eyes, and made a troubled face inside the sheets.  

“Aah, sorry! You can continue to sleep, good child good child”

I soothed the confused cat and fixed the sheets, and softly slided down from the bed. Natalie already prepared a gown for me. To wear something more I put on a shawl too, and hurriedly put my hair in order with my hands.

“am I okey? Is it improper?”

“Ojou-sama’s hair aren’t curly, it's all right”

“But with just an awakened and not make-up appearance…, more importantly, has Simon-sama really came? Why again”

‘I wonder’, said Natalie with a troubled face.

“Since he already dropped by in the light for appearance, when he expressively coming to visit by using the rear entrance. We were all also surprised however, he said that if ojou-sama was still awake then he would like to see you for a bit”


I would like to be in my perfect appearance if I meet Simon-sama. But when he expressively came to visit me in such a cold night, I would feel really sorry to make him wait. It might be an urgent matter too. After thinking for a moment, I decided to go down as I was in the end.

When I asked ‘where is Simon-sama’ I was told that he didn’t enter but decided to wait outside. When I pa.s.sed through the drawing room, there was no fire so it was chilly, the servants gathered and recommended him to at least wait in the room but he said ‘it’s fine outside’. It seemed that he said it to refuse. Not entering inside in the late of night to not fail manners――or something, it’s really too serious thing like Simon-sama.

When I went in a hurry towards the back of the house, the butler was waiting in front of the door.

“I'm truly sorry. I asked many times for him to enter inside”

“It's fine. It was Simon-sama who decided to wait outside”

At times like this, Simon-sama is very stubborn and won't listen to what you have to say. I ordered the butler and Natalie to go back. Simon-sama is surely sorry for interrupting them while they were having fun. That's why I told them to not mind and return, and opened the door myself.


As soon as I went out, I was engulfed by cold air. When I looked at the night scenery while breathing out a white cloud, the back figure that was looking at something turned his head.

“.....I've woken you up. I'm sorry, it's so late too”

When Simon-sama saw my appearance he apologized. I quickly walked by his side.

“What it is? Has something happened at the Royal Palace?”

The date changed right this instant. About this time, His Highness the Crown Prince’s party must be in the middle of the festivity, right. He must be the core of the party together with His Highness, why did he appear so ungently beside me? Rather than feeling strange I felt anxious.

It's not….like, an accident happened and he came to my place, right. Then, had he quarreled with his friend?

Appearing to have an anxious expression, Simon-sama face slowly softened.

“Nothing happened. It was the usual noisiness”

“Is that so? If so, then why……”

He scratched his head, and averted his eyes. Simon-sama’s reflected the light of the floating cold snow, giving an inhuman impression. However it was contrary to this atmosphere. I know. This awkward state is, him being shy.


“......Why, there wasn’t such a thing?”

When I repeated my question, Simon-sama opened his mouth looking to be having a hard time in saying it.

“The party where I was supposed to have fun every year felt strangely boring. No, not boring but, not sufficient I think?”

“Not sufficient?”


The breath that Simon-sama breathed out didn't become a white cloud. Coming from the Royal Palace in this cold to my house and waiting outside for me until I came, his body was already completely cold.

I snuggled closer to Simon-sama and stretched out my hands to hold his cheeks. He had an ice-like skin, so I transmitted my temperature and continued to remain in that position. When I thought ‘Is Simon-sama feeling the heat?’, he slightly inclined his head and brought together my hands on his cheeks.

His large body is adorable and lovely.  I felt heat raising inside me wrapping myself like an egg. But my pet.i.te body wasn’t sufficient, this was my utmost. The heat that I transmitted seemed to have been conveyed, standing in tiptoe I brought my face closer.

Simon-sama put his arms on my back, embracing me harder. I wonder who was the first to press the lips. Only our breath were sweetly entangled.

After the long kiss we exchanged, Simon-sama suddenly parted my lips and said.

“That mistletoe was on purpose?”

When we simultaneously raised our faces, mistletoe decorations overhead. Now that I think about it, the servants looking to be having a lot of fun did put various decoration on the garden tree.

“This is the rear entrance, I think someone within the servants wished to exchange kiss here”

“It must be like this”

While quietly laughing, we overlapped our lips again. I am sorry to the person who ornated those mistletoes. However, let us use it first, please. Said person, tomorrow will be all fidgety about how to invite outside the person in his mind. The footprint that we left would probably disappear by morning if it continue to snow.

So please do surrender it over for tonight. Our breath were bounded by the many kiss we exchanged. On the degree of not knowing whose temperature was it anymore. My heart was. .h.i.t by an alarm bell, and my cheek felt hot. The part where our body closely touched were warm but, our backs were cold. I was quite worried because the snow which continued to fall without stopping for a moment, was truly splendidly freezing. My hair and were seriously getting more and more wet.

Simon-sama who stayed outside for a long time was covered with snow more than me. After all I really need to get him to enter. I really am too cold in this get-up out in the evening, my feet are freezing too. I was just wearing indoors footwears, so the snow which wet my toes were unbearably hurt. My bare hands were also slowly began to hurt.

No matter how sweet the throbbing, there are still things you can't win against, ne.

“Simon-sama, please come inside. Let's divide a hot drink”

After turning my head and entwining my arm with his I began to pull him, and he had the face of someone that just noticed for the first time of the coldness.

“I'm sorry, I intended to just greet you and then go back”

He didn't begin to walk but nimbly unfastened the front bottom of his coat. As I was thinking ‘what is he doing?’ he already unb.u.t.toning his front. Inside the night view I got used to, his white uniform made its appearance.

He didn’t took it off, and wrapped me inside his open garment sweeping me again. I was given his warmth as we were even more closely glued than before.

“I'll be rude right tonight you know. I'm afraid you'll catch a cold. I'm truly sorry for coming suddenly in late hour”

“No, I am happy to pa.s.s the last moment of the year and the beginning of the new one with Simon-sama. To tell you the truth, I felt a little bit lonely being alone. But, is this really fine? In any case, everyone will make feast till late in the morning, right. I don't really mind if you go there for a bit you know?”

Facing Simon-sama who led me in front of the doorway, I tried asking him once again. And as I expected he shook his head.

“It’s a pity, but I will make do not going. I feel like it will be seriously bad if I don't send you back now”


 “It seem like I need to cool down my head”

He is already so cold, does he intend to chill himself? Simon-sama will end up catching a cold for sure. It would be terrible if he got pneumonia instead of a cold.

 “Much more, there is the option where you get even hotter?”


Simon-sama lovely face tightly frowned. That was the premonition of a scolding.

“That kind of thing, you don't even understand it!”

“Ara, don't take me for a fool. I am still a novelist you know. I know many things”

“If you truly did understood then you wouldn’t talk like this”

My protest was taken down and pulling me Simon-sama walked toward the rear entrance and opened the door. The faithful Natalie was in waiting inside, and made a startled face when the door abruptly opened.

“Then, Simon-sama, please do tell me”

“That’s why, I'm saying that it's about that!”

“As a fiancé, it's not strange right?”

“It's strange at the engagement stage! Those kind of conversation are from when you marry!”

“Unhー……so d.a.m.n serious”

Simon-sama who was sullen at me abandoned the coat which he threw away. I wonder where the sweet atmosphere of earlier went. I hastily tried to detain his quickly turning back.

“Please wait, I'll go take out your New Year present. I thought of made it be delivered to you once it’s morning but, since you came here with great pain I'll go fetch it now”

I turned my back on him without waiting for a reply. If I leave saying that, Simon-sama won't go back until I return. I left Natalie to take care of Simon-sama and dashed towards the second floor.

I took the thing that I first thought of delivering in the morning and descended to the lower floor again. Breathlessly came back to him.

“Ojou-sama, you shouldn't run improperly like this”

Natalie hurriedly fixed my disorded hair and clothes. It was already too late but I ordered my breath and put a composed face and handed out the budle I had inside my arms.

“Please, accept this”

“........Thank you”

He received it looking embarra.s.sed. Inside the soft bundle was something that could be easily guessed, and normally already possess. And then he stared at the other long and narrow, slightly heavy package in wonder.

“This is?”

“That bundle is a lap blanket that I have knitted…...honestly, it doesn't have really surprising workmans.h.i.+p, the other one I properly a.s.sessed it. I especially made it based on Simon-sama’s taste. By all means, use it please”

While a bit shy, and looking all embarra.s.sed, Simon-sama happily smiled.

“Thank you. They are both important things that I will gladly use”

He said so while carrying the two presents like they were treasure. I did hesitate wondering if he would be shocked at that unshapely knitted thing but, I think it’s really good that I was able to see such an expression. Happy too, I nodded with a large smile.

“I entrusted your present to be delivered here tomorrow, so right now I can't give it to you……”

“I'm looking forward to tomorrow. I'll anxiously wait for it and won't be able to sleep tonight”

“Keep yourself warm, so that you won't catch a cold”

Simon-sama who spoke gently turned on his heels. If I hadn't seen his retreating figure that disappeared in the snow with reluctance to part with, the numbed Natalie would have closed the door. Like that, I was pulled at the near kitchen and had my feet soaked in a bucket of hot water prepared by the housekeeper to warm me. I was given some really hot wine to warm my fingers too.

“Ojou-sama, what was inside that long and narrow pack?”

Asked Natalie while wiping the wet hair over my shoulder. Since at the moment it was delivered the inside was already packed up in a pretty box, I am the only one who knew the content.

“With that shape, is it a walking stick? The length seems about right too”

“Oh, is that so”

“Well, in any case he was delighted to receive it but I think that he would have been plenty happy with just Ojou-sama’s personally knitted lap blanket”

“Because love will make you saw anything as beautiful no matter what defect it has, ne”

I shrugged my shoulder to the servants who laughed without restrain, and drank the wine. The loneliness of being alone had disappeared somewhere. I felt like I will sleep really well tonight. About this time, the cat must be in the middle of the bed with its limbs greatly sprawled. I quietly slided beside it and although I can sleep in the small edge of the mattress, there is no mistake that I will have a great dream.

Once morning will come the gifts will arrive. But before that, I received a fantastic and lovely congratulation, my new year eve night weared on.

In the first day of New Year everyone tired for making feast and staying up late, mostly sleep at this time.

And then, on the second day the Royal Palace held an official celebration party.

Father, mother and my older brother will attend of course, however I will take a different course of action. Simon-sama will come to pick me, and we will ride a carriage together. The aquamarine on my ears that was delivered just yesterday swayed. With a necklace on the set too in reality it's a three piece set with another additional object. The last piece was a fountain pen that I carefully put inside my desk drawer.

“Wasn't the clerk of the shop also surprised that the third piece was a fountain pen?”

That was without doubt a custom made order.

Normally you wouldn’t have a writing instrument as ornament.

Simon-sama laughed and lightly shrugged his shoulders.

“If I think about an object you use the most, other than that there's nothing else. Since a writing utensil felt like a present to give to a child I had it made in this shape”

“I would be happy with either you know”

I softly touched my ears. The platinum support with a light blue stone was an a.s.sortment Simon-sama thought of. My throbbing can't stop when I think that I am wearing his colour.

Since the fountain pen was arranged with a piece of gem, I would end up thinking about Simon-sama even in the middle of writing. I can't be careless and end up turning all the heroes in Simon-sama.

I was in a good mood because of the fantastic present in the morning but, when I saw that Simon-sama left that object at home I felt a bit of disappointment filling me.

“You didn’t brought the thing I gifted you”

“......the lap blanket, I am using it at home. It's very warm and really helpful when I do office work”

“And. . .the other?”

“ what place can I take that along I wonder?”

Simon-sama’s smile stiffened. I retorted with clenched fists.

“Wherever you are! Always carry it please!”

“That’s impossible!”

“That's an indispensable item for a diabolik black bellied officer you know! Isn't that an important prop!”

“I am neither diabolic nor black bellied! I don't need that, I am a common adjutant! And more importantly, where did you get that kind of thing?”

“I was introduced to a shop for specialist”

I didn't know where I should buy it and consulted the director of the published company. And so I was informed of a shop that matched my needs. And over there, was a shop of expert that handled special tools that normal people wouldn’t use.

“It was an interesting shop you know. There were various tools like a wooden horse for adult use, or clothes that even though are made of leather perfectly adhere to your body, or big masks. There were a lot of whips too――I didn't know that there were so many kinds. For the time being I requested the standard one but will you come with me to see it together next time?”

Simon-sama held his head while thinking about that surprise like box of a shop. I wonder what made him upset now. The whip suit Simon-sama, even though I already asked for a long time that I would like him to carry it without fail.

“……please imagine just a bit my feelings in being conferred a whip at early New Year”

“Your fighting spirit flown in? By all means, mercilessly thresh your subordinates please. Don't you want to use a mask? Actually the clerk of the shop insistently recommended it, so I brought one. It's black and cool. Just by imagining Simon-sama equipping that I feel like dying from the moe”

“Just in what direction do you want to send me!?”

While we were getting along and talking on the board, the coach pa.s.sed through the Royal Palace gate. Behind the garden coloured by the snow was already expecting a crowded a.s.sembly hall.

A new year has begun. I'm sure that a lots of fun things are awaiting this year too.



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