Marielle Clarac’s Engagement Marielle Clarac's Engagement Chapter 7

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Simon’s POV

The Marielle, who always slipped herself inside the scenery and gazed at people from the surroundings, didn't had many friends. Leaving behind the n.o.ble society, it seemed like she is closer to the people of the publisher company and also the entertainer from Turan Tours, but in the present state she doesn’t interact much with the young misses of her same position.

After she'd marry me and eventually becoming the wife of an Earl, that would be bad. It’s necessary to interact widely to make personal connections. Marielle understood that and said, ‘from now on, I'll do my best at social intercourse’. But, as expected, she looked to truly have fun by talking to people whom disposition she knew of. When she is with Miss Julienne, her relative and close friend, she seemed to have so much fun that I can't cut in the conversation.

At the corner of the garden, sometimes they raised their laughter while enthusiastically talking together with each having a book on their laps. Are they excited in exposing their impression, I wonder? At the time when I was a young boy, I seemed to have talked in that way with His Highness. I feel bad in interrupting the young girls who looked to be having much fun, so I didn't called out and decided to gaze at them from a bit farther place.

“Aren’t you going?”

Noticing me, His Highness has walked my way. I put a finger over my lips, requesting him to lower his voice.

“They look to be enjoying themselves”

His Highness shortly nodded, and like me, he turned his eyes towards the girls under the shade of a tree.

“That’s an unusual scene. She always looked like a girl that would have fun at any times and at any place but, I feel like it's the first time I've seen her getting excited like that with a fellow young miss”

He said in a whisper, and I nodded.

“Yes. It seems like they have a sister relations.h.i.+p where they don't have to use reserve as Miss Julienne was close to her since very young”

“Ah I know, they look like normal young misses like this”

I ended up laughing a bit at His Highness amazed words. Usually she was on the degree that you wouldn't even notice her existence, however when she is so merry like how she is right now, you would definitely notice her. That was surely a 「normal」 young girl figure.

  …….but only where the eyes can see.

That's an appearance you’ll find anywhere, really. It’s like a scene that a painter could draw for a little bit of practice. Two young ladies who cuddled together under the shade of trees in a garden with flowers in bloom. An ordinary and beautiful composition. If their actual talk was about pastries, fas.h.i.+ons or a possible love that is yet to come……...then, I will be reminded of another common thing again.

Truly, only where the eyes can see it looked quite good. There is almost no one who noticed them and hold any interest, right. Actually each person who pa.s.sed near this path only paid attention to His Highness and me. They didn’t see Marielle and the other girl.

No one hold any deep concern about the content of their conversation. I dare say, I am probably the only one who can accurately predict what they are saying.

“Why don't you try to go there for a bit? You would be interrupting a conversation between ladies, but I want to try talking to Miss Julienne”

The figure of the girls enjoying themselves was really lovely, and His Highness as a young man, couldn't help but be drawn by it. However I couldn't bring myself to recommend it.

“Stop. You'll regret it”

“Why? I will just go there to greet them”

Ignoring my attempt to stop him, His Highness quickly stepped forward. ‘It can’t be helped’ I thought and followed after him. We walked as we were approaching the bustling voices. They were talking as if in a trance, and still hasn't noticed us coming closer.

“He was stabbed waah~.......! Right now that’s the best moe…..G.o.d, truly a G.o.d!”

“After all, Marielle went moe for the antagonist prime minister, right. The easy to understand black-belly, ne”

The content of their conversation become audible, and His Highness’s feet suddenly weakened.

“Because! That hypocritical courtesy tone! The way that even though he looked to be kind, the moment he opened his mouth, ice-chilling words are poured, it is irresistible! The loyalty of that straight prince was so deep and hot, and when he got to feel the taste of a proper person, that's excellent!”

“However, based on age and appearance, the general would match more. The twin Akira and Isamu aren’t a sure thing. And so, with those two accompanying the prince, it would become a perfect picture you know”

“Perfect you say? Isn't that almost as it was right now. Well? It would’ve been best if the prince who was just a bit s.a.d.i.s.tic with his cute face, was trampled down by the prime minister and the general”

“What are you asking out of a beautiful twelve years old young boy. But I understand, I am of the same opinion, I'll very much would like to see this”

The two enthusiastic person still hasn’t noticed us. They would not notice us until we call out to them, right. Completely lost in their own world. While she usually has the habit to hide her appearance, once she gets excited about a conversation she would end up forgetting about her surroundings. It's their bad habit. It might not be a suitable subject to talk about so loudly in a public place.

About what kind of talk they are having, His Highness probably doesn’t really understand. However the eccentric heat that came from them made his expression falter and completely stop his feet.

Marielle's conversation continued further.

“The thirty years old prime minister with the twelve years old prince, ne…….that combination is somewhat lacking. I can't resist my favorite person though”

“Julienne is surprisingly fond of cla.s.sic, ne. Well the child are a bit out of my hobby range, though. The female knight Jeanne is good as a love interest as she remained loyal to the Prince to the bitter end.

“Rather than Jeanne, Princess Madeleine has more point of contact though?”

“I don't hate the Princess, but that route is so weak that I can't go moe”

His Highness turned around to look at me. As if seeking an explanation, and I returned it with a shrug of my shoulder.

The female knight and Princess Madeleine, and on the enemy side there's the Prince with the prime minister and general? In other words the book over there is「The Dawn of the Rose」. I haven't read it but I know the name of the main entry characters. I heard it several times from Marielle. And I also knew that the protagonist wasn’t the female knight and the Princess.

The two leading love interest in that story were a mercenary (man) and a young king (of course man).

 ――In short, it’s a love novel intended for women who has that kind of hobby.

Still, according to Marielle, it seemed like it's a subject that the people that even men and women who love straight relations.h.i.+ps would love to enjoy. The side characters that appeared, all have real individuality; with each connection dwelled inside, made the book a worthwhile read. Her usual speech and conduct can lead to misunderstandings but, it’s not like Marielle herself prefer men love stories. Her speciality in to picture normal stories of men and women love. Just by listening to Miss Julienne talks, she seemed to have acquired some knowledge from the novel recommended. In my eyes, I can't see anything else other than Marielle just having fun but it seems like it's totally different from an addicted reader.

Such a Marielle and Miss Julienne were in a faction, that the novel they both supported was「The Dawn of the Rose」. Women characters were as many and even the side characters love could make you go moe. (Marielle's talk earlier)

 ――And, His Highness that had no prior knowledge of this must have not understood almost everything, right. However having percepted the suspicious indication, his face looked lost in wherever approaching further would be good.

“.......That, is that a talk about a play or something?”

“It's a novel. They are having wild delusions about the love relations.h.i.+p of the main characters of the novel they are interested in, at their convenience.”

“Aren't those relations.h.i.+p written in the story?”

“I don't know in detail, but at the very least I'm sure that the Prince didn’t had those tendencies”

With a face that was saying ‘I don't really understand’ His Highness looked at Marielle again. ‘It's better not to hear more than this’, I sighed.

Between a novel and another novel, there are considerably unique realms. A man shouldn’t inadvertently approach. To not receive a heavy shock to your spirit, you should only gaze at it from afar.

 ――Ah, right. That’s a lesson I learnt based on true experience. Even I had suffered a severe damage! The first time I heard those two conversation, I felt dizzy. I'm not joking. And that made me realize that my insight was still not sufficient.

I won't deny it. If you like it, then it's fine. I won't stop them. However His Highness will certainly have the same reaction, right. But even when I warned him that it’s better to not approach, weren’t his curiosity won? And his feet advanced forward.

Should I call out to them first? So that those two will stop their unique conversation.

As an Imperial Knight, I need to protect His Highness’ spirit, so I opened my mouth. However Marielle was a step faster and took out a new book.

“And this too! It's an incredible thing I picked up! It hadn’t become a topic at all, and I found it by chance, hidden at the corner of the bookstore. But when I opened it, I got really surprised you know! To poke me exactly at my tender spot, I wonder if the author is my lifelong lost twin!”

Bringing up the book her cheeks flushed. Did it enter her target more than the wicked prime minister? Do you meant to say that the protagonist used a whip?

“What is……………...huh?”

Miss Julienne received the book and her eyes persisted on it. She quickly flipped through it and her expression undoubtedly praised it.

“I think it's not bad――but, the offense and defense are reversed. The setting has some problem”

“What do you mean!? That’s not spot on!”

“Offense and defense?”

His Highness twisted his head. I felt something like a headache coming and started to held my temple.

“Your Highness, let's leave it be and go. I think it's better not to get involved “

“Well, but……..”

Even without knowing the content of the book, I understand what those two are talking about. Honestly, neither should attack nor receive. This is a topic that a man can't follow.

“What kind of story is that book? I'm interested It's unusual”

“In any case that's a love novel. You shouldn't think about it anymore”

“I wonder why in a romance novel, the talk of offending and defending party would come out. Is it about war?”

“In a sense it's a war, ne. It's a war that we will never understand in our lifetime. Now let's go already”

I don't want His Highness to listen to any more than this. We know quite well the dirty stories and ugly disputes but in regard to women they are quite pure and naive. I didn't want to stain His Highness ears’ with this wicked and evil delusion talk.

I pulled the arm of the reluctant Highness, forcibly taking him away from that place. Turning my back to the girls who were fighting for their views, ‘let's quickly go to a place where we can’t hear their voices’ I hurried. His Highness also began to walk while showing reluctance.


“Wherever you think of a sword and a whip the sword would be the attacker right!? Isn't the strength difference evident!”

“It’s more moe than a striking power! If we are talking about whips then that's the symbol of a diabolic black-bellied officier! Other than the attacker, there's no other role!”

“Just what kind of talk is this!?”

Without thinking I turned back and ended up responding. Wasn't that a romance novel!? No, that was without a doubt a love story but, why did a sword and a whip come out from there!?

“.......Ara, Simon-sama?”

“Kya~a, His Highness!?”

Finally, they noticed us. Miss Julienne sprang up at His Highness’ figure, became small and hid behind Marielle.

“Maa, iyaa, since when were you here? Have you been eavesdropping all along?”

“Even if we didn't conceal ourselves, your voices could be normally heard without the need to strain our ears”

His Highness talked back to Marielle's complaint

“You are the ones who conversed in a trance without noticing that we approached right. You seemed to be having really fun, what were you talking about?”

“We were simply expressing our impression about a book”

Marielle who had already revealed her true character to me and His Highness, seemed to not mind to hide it as of now and openly answered. She showed us the book that earlier was the target of their discussion.

“You found a wonderful work but, that diverged from Julienne's interpretation”

“Is that such a difficult story? If you are reading it, I thought it would be a romance novel?”

“Yes, it's a romance novel”

With only a black front cover and t.i.tle written in silver letters, it was quite a cold format. What kind of content lied inside? I couldn’t bring myself to peek through the front cover.

“You did mention a sword and a whip but, are those the weapon the protagonist use?”

It would’ve been better to not ask. Even though I understood this, I couldn’t help but ask out of curiosity. I couldn’t leave this place without probing the words from earlier that I had the impossibility to understand.

Marielle smiled sweetly to such a me and answered.

“No, that's the protagonist”

“Excuse me?”

“The sword and the whip are the protagonist”


Not understanding the meaning, me and His Highness looked at each other.

“What do you mean? The sword and whip are the nickname of the person?”

“No, the sword and whip are the things itself”


I don't understand more and more. Without being aware of it, my eyebrows creased. The sword and whip itself are the protagonist… this the tale of an on object that travel around? Like a cursed sword, is it this type of story?

“It's a realm called personification. The sword and whip chosen by a man would furthermore be the object of their love”

“I don't understand!”

“How do you fall in love with a sword and a whip!?”

His Highness and me responded at the same time. What’s that!? What kind of realm is that!?

“ Those aren't living things! Those are inorganic object, isn't it!”

“That’s why, try to imagine that the sword hold a will and personality like a person, same for the whip, and a tale based on the imagination will born”

“......Can you imagine it? Simon”

I had no choice but to shake my head at His Highness question.

“There is a fairytale about an animal turning in a person but, an inorganic object you say…...That’s out of my understandings”

“Right. That's right. It would be scary if a sword talked right”

“Mou, the two of you have no dreams!”

Marielle said sharply while looking displeased. Is this a problem about dreams? What kind of dream it is, if your sword becoming a person and loving a whip while at it?

“The whip that tenaciously approached the sword that if touched would thoughtfully pretended to cut. That's where moe will be born!”

No, I don't understand alright. I don't understand it one bit.

“It's the whip that gets tougher, right. The sword that if it being careful, it can slash you down at anytime, if not close moe won't be born”

Said Julienne without objection while still minding His Highness. We still don’t understand. And don't even want to understand.

“.......I don't really get it but, in any case it’s a love talk. So, which is the man and woman?”

While continuing to make a face as if my head hurt, His Highness earnestly tried to continue the conversation with great effort. However, such effort was unnecessary. That was something he should never ever hear.

“Oh my, isn't that obvious?”

Laughed Marielle. Don't say it, don't tell His Highness the rest!


“Neither of them”

Marielle answered readily. Betraying my prediction――that both were man.

“.....Excuse me?”


The girls exchanged glances and laughed in understanding.

“I mean, those are a sword and a whip. Those are neither men nor women right?”

“There, you can just imagine the individual as you like”

Even though they were disagreeing about the order of the attacker and defender, or is it that their point of view coincide there? Marielle and Miss Julienne said that with a matter of course face.

……..Aah, right. That’s exactly like that. Swords and whips have no gender. It would be worrisome if it has. What should I do if the saber hanged on my waist is a woman. Please don't make me imagine it.

I have the habit of answering with common sense, but then don't they harbor the question of wherever a sword and whip can love each other in the first place? But before the s.e.x distinction, they weren't even living things!

“......Simon, can you understand?”

Neglecting us who couldn’t follow the flow of the conversation, the two of them started to argue again. While looking at them in blank amazement, His Highness asked.

“Do you think you can understand?”

“No, if it's you, would you be able to follow Miss Marielle”

“Since the engagement I comprehended one thing about her”

I looked up at the sky once, deeply breathing out.

“We both have our hobbies, it's fine to not overdo it in trying to understand each other――there are things in this world that are good as it is without comprehending them”

I've planned to work only in what I could understand by reading the romance novel for women. However, it became a situation like, the more I know, the less I would comprehend. The world which I still don’t know was expanding.

Perhaps, it's better not to know. There is such a thing too.

“.......That's a deep concept”
“Right, ne…..”

Forgetting about our existence, the two of them become delirious on their conversation again. Us fellow abandoned men, silently left that place.

  …...Ah, the sky is blue.

  Today as well, is peaceful.

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